Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in October were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


David Lane, 4102-John W. and Arlene E. Austin to Carolina A. and David J. Martinez, $600,000.


Cornell Dr., 6605-Derek M. and Sherri L. Oliver to Alan Watson, $555,000.

Marthas Rd., 1921-David S. Keir to Shira Michelle Helstrom, $675,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6641, No. 705-Lisa M. Zajack and Donna J. Horsman to Hamed Mohmand, $127,000.


Admiralty Ct., 5302-Timothy A. Eichholz and estate of James Christopher Eichholz to Ryan T. and Elizabeth Y. Nguyen, $392,000.

Ashleigh Manor Ct., 7055-N. Khan and Jainti Pramanik to Ravine Mangala and Ali Kassam, $510,000.

Belvale Dr., 7796-Piney Run Elm Investments Corp. to Patrick K. and Paula M. Batt, $762,982.

Buxton Ct., 5341-Kimberly Earley to June A. Hutchison, $502,000.

Crocus Ct., 6029-Yun Lee to Bonawyn Eison, $484,900.

Dunsmore Rd., 5402-Michael A. Alvarado to Kathryn and Michael McVay, $495,900.

Em St., 6320-James H. King to Mark A. Kufka, $430,000.

Franconia Station Lane, 6155-Maichi Dang to Jarad Keith and Caroline Navin Stout, $549,000.

Heritage Hill Dr., 5743-Alexander J. Garcia to Katelyn and Patrick F. Randolph, $445,000.

John Roccato Ct., 6003-Michael Aschenaki and Azeb Abera to Trung H. and Giang Thi Huong Chau, $627,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6921, No. L-Michelle N. Hudgins to Jan R. Carreon Sia, $277,500.

Olivet Dr., 6136-Van Metre Homes at Crest of Alexandria to Katherine A. Trombley, $872,005.

Terrapin Pl., 5995-C-Swathi Ramesh to Mark Brundage, $345,000.

Thomas Grant Dr., 7370-Beazer Homes Corp. to Fortuna Gyeltsen, $636,401.

Tower Hill Cir., 5676-Robert and Zahari Clark to Frederick D. and Shawanna L. Johnson, $833,000.

Walkers Croft Way, 6262-Christopher D. and Rachel L. Ryan to Emma Swaney and Jacob Waschko, $479,900.

Wigmore Lane, 6109, No. M-Christopher A. Hardin to Evelyn L. Prince, $327,000.

Worsley Way, 7251-Jayakrishnan Rajandra Prasad and Aswathy Balan to Workneh Wagayehou, $489,999.


Arlen St., 7624-Andrew DeGrandpre and Erin K. Sansone to My Hanh Thi Son, Vinh Sa Thach and Ngoc Phuoc Son, $560,000.

Briarwood Ct. N., 4415, No. 13-Tae W. Kim to James Suh, $177,000.

Chanel Rd., 3800-Christine Julia Nugent and Jean Ann Cavanaugh to Thomas Puppi and Rebecca Ryan Shapalis, $720,000.

Druid Lane, 3604-Peter M. and Carla J. Padovani to Louis A. and Kelsea F. McCracken, $715,000.

Glen Hollow Ct., 7264, No. 3-Amanda Jo Kenny to Ryan Satherlie, $350,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7707, No. 21-Edward Crowley to Sung Eun Kim, $280,000.

Merlin Way, 3713-Michael V. and Marybeth Piccinino to Eli N. Valentin and Nicole Digrazia, $749,000.

Ridge Rd., 3809-Danny N. and Celie L. Griffith to Karen Yesica Montoya Guerrero, Miguel Urso Labrin Vargas and Teresa Vargas De Labrin, $440,000.

Tobin Rd., 8510-Eric A. Lundberg and Noelle Montano to Dennis M. and Jeanne E. Veraska, $949,500.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3320, No. 24-Thang Hang T. Nguyen to Jason Sung Kul Choi, $222,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 1808N-Mahmood Bahraini and Khin Thet Maw to Kambiz Jahangiri and Touria Baskali, $160,000.

Kaywood Dr., 3323-Tim Do to Salvador Gutarra Juarez and Aurora Mariela Gutarra, $619,900.

Madison Overlook Ct., 6030-Anil Sezer and Safae Chouraichi to Ashwin, Ashok K. and Nisha A. Goyal, $519,000.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 303-Brendan Peterson to Irene Andrea Suarez, $240,500.


Arrit Ct., 5127-Alfredo J. and Libni Ortiz to Harold J. Wiltse and Mary K. Kreps, $360,000.

Chelmsford Ct., 5659-Barbara K. Couch to Marvin Gordillo, $420,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6338-George O. and Beth Wolicki Moran to Yasemin Palta, $275,000.

Lincolnwood Dr., 9634-Cathleen Schmidt Gormley to Mary G. Nolan, $542,500.

Poindexter Ct., 9683-Jerome Roland and Deborah A. Schultz to Robyn N. Santee, $420,000.

Windward Dr., 6144-Sharon Irwin and Kevin Bickmore to Isabel and Tom Bocanelli, $485,000.


Audrey Dr., 5201-Thao Duc and Nguyen Kim Dang to Kevin Thanh Dat and Nga Thi Do, $715,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14013-Barbara A. Sailhamer and Brian J. Helliwell to Sabih Ul Islam and Shaheen Firasat Sabih, $406,500.

Cedar Loch Ct., 6820-Andrew Kenyon Shumate and Ashley Lynn Lozano to Mucahit Sezgin, $445,000.

Darkwood Cir., 14142-Houzzbuyer Corp. to Eric K. Chan, $408,000.

Grobie Pond Lane, 14725-Adnan and Zehra Tekcan to Jonathan Allan Russell and Brittany Lyn Ledet Crow, $355,000.

Lady Adelaide Ct., 6837-NVR Inc. to Tarek and Chuhong Lahlou, $1.26 million.

Mackenzie St., 5715-Carmen S. Woodward to Anthony G. Iannarelli and Jennifer Sims, $585,000.

Netherton St., 6086-Pamela J. O’Neill to Tierra Campbell, $267,500.

Rock Forest Ct., 5855-John R. and Joyce S. Tufano to Ki Yon Kuk and Mi Sun Chong, $356,000.

Stargazer Terr., 13520-Glebe Property Corp. to Melissa Jessica Roth, $490,000.

Village Fountain Pl., 5085-Mohammed and Glenda Badi to Christopher D. and Chihiro T. Natividad, $474,900.


Autumn Vale Ct., 13752-Willian Alvarez and Cesar A. Lopez to Rafael Reyes and Martha S. Adriano Huerta, $335,000.

Edge Rock Dr., 4901-Michael G. and Patricia P. Laing to Elisha and Mandy Leblanc, $750,000.

Lightfoot St., 3850, No. 254-Jawaid Latif and Nabila Nafeez to Donnie L. and Elisabeth B. Turner, $275,000.

Sauterne Ct., 4227-William R. and Katrina M.B. Djelhi Yahot to Qing Feng, $275,000.


Covey Lane, 13502-Rosalind Steere to Xiaowei Han, $432,000.

Orchard Dr., 13527-Richard Salvatore Greco to Steven Joseph Dregits, $255,000.

Wildflower Lane, 13601-Mital A. Gandhi to Dong N. Le, Hoai Thuong D. and Thanh Loan T. Pham, $385,000.


Andes Dr., 4422-Nathan S. Epley and Margaret T. Harrelson to Christopher Lee and Erica Ann Shoemaker, $495,000.

Ashvale Dr., 13146-Roger G. and Pauline R. Weger to Lawrence M. and Laura G. Liff, $960,000.

Billingham St., 4514-Jee Eun Kim to Jae Pil and Jae Ran Ahn, $620,000.

Cabot Ridge Ct., 5403-Carol A. and Johnel Bracey to Brian A. Hawkins and Mariel A. Garcia, $425,000.

Cedar Lakes Dr., 12420-Scott W. Downing to Prit B. Pancholi and Keyuri Joshi, $500,000.

Dogwood Hills Lane, 12800-Stephen L. Perlman and Jo Anne Nakagawa to Sathishkumar Deivasigamani and Sumathi Palanisamy, $575,000.

Espana Ct., 2915-David C. and Linnett Alicia Rieger to Jared and Lilibet Elling, $329,264.

Fairfield House Dr., 12209, No. 511A-Dawn A. Matthews to Cesar Filipe Souza and Melissa Irma Becker, $370,000.

Fort Buffalo Cir., 12287-Elizabeth J. Snyder to Hossay Karim, $285,000.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12023, No. 447-Faraz Ashraff to Jungjin and Jin Seok Chang, $281,000.

Greenwood Ct., 12105, No. 102-Audrey and Marion Kan to Stephen B. Hommowun, $299,000.

Harbor Town Ct., 3747-Lien T. Tran to Sriram Hariharan and Shilpa Karthikeyan, $875,000.

John Ayres Dr., 10634-Mary G. Nolan to Clifford Charles Jacobs Jr., $603,000.

Lavender Keep Cir., 12795-Dina L. Cancho to Craig L. and Fatma Streett, $715,000.

Log Ridge Dr., 11457-Spiros and Olga Fotelargias to Jeffery R. and Kimberly D. Barker, $482,000.

Majestic Lane, 4444-Susan H. Custis to Henry and Marianne Murad, $545,000.

Mohr Oak Ct., 3858-Ricardo A. Sabroso to Mohammed H. Bhuiyan and Ruma Atker, $475,000.

Park Vista Blvd., 11602-Carlos and Ana Sequeira to Russell Francis Orf, $665,000.

Penny Lane, 2944-Beth L. and Jeffrey J. Gombala to Andrew and Kimcuong Mahan, $770,000.

Prince William Dr., 3613-Anne Meister to Fanny M. Gonzalez Ramirez and Ricardo Limes Rodriguez, $780,000.

Red Admiral Way, 4657-Thulasi Kalahasti to Calvin Daeseong Kim, $396,000.

Sperrin Cir., 11508, No. 92-William and Deyanne Nesh to Jung Sup Kim and Christina Soh Yun Jung, $382,500.

Superior Sq., 4602-Aisha F. Bhatti to William Mayo, $325,000.

Tractor Lane, 5305-Mahmoud Shahsiah and Afsaneh Ghahramani to Duc and Binh My Truong, $732,500.

White Dr., 12500-Robert W. and Lori K. Love to James A. and Andrea G. Jones, $785,000.


Cathedral Forest Dr., 8317-Mark D. and Elizabeth S. Swansen to Jason and Karen Perry, $882,000.

Manor House Dr., 7825-Barbara A. Dean to Yong Woo Lee, Kyung Mee Lee and Juheon Seung, $730,000.

Thorn Bush Dr., 9796-Mark M. and Maria Supko to William W. and Carolyn F. Bivens, $1.5 million.


Arthur Dr., 7201-MNC Corp. to Erik Lee Rosedahl and Colleen Patricia Hagan, $1.16 million.

Dover Lane, 2856, No. 103-Dennis G. Walker to Brenda Smonskey, $249,000.

Hughes Ct., 7301-Christopher J. and Audra E. Santucci to William Cullen and Vanessa Hughes, $789,000.

Marshall St., 2828-Nicholas G. Forte to Luke A. and Kelsey Victoria Hendrixson, $585,000.

Norfolk Lane, 3155-Carolyn J. Akers to Ryan David and Ashley Nacole Speck, $499,000.

Rogers Dr., 2905-Modesto E. and Erin L. Godinez to Kyle and Emily Bailey, $699,900.

Upside Ct., 3434-Tuyet Trinh and Joey Tien Nguyen to David Nathan and Kathryn Elizabeth Siders, $690,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 2825-Jo Marie Acosta to Khadija Sifelhak, $430,000.


Anderson Rd., 1915-William E. Bahre to Mark Christopher and Meghan Louise Sylvester, $850,000.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 1212-Cyrus Gerami and Saloumeh Ahmadi to Haitham Aljuboori, $360,000.

Marthas Lane, 7802-Shawn and Anne Donnelly to Lan Thi Tran, $915,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2121-Manoj and Apexa Kalath to Ghan Shyam Singh and Dipti Gujral, $865,000.


Inlet Cove Dr., 6912-Jean M. Jones to Michael and Valli Moore, $551,500.


Cyrus Pl., 8609-Kenneth J. and Christine M. Kopocis to Thomas W. Gross and Kristi B. Jamrisko, $600,000.

Northdown Rd., 7703-Bonnie R. and Robert L. Livingston to Gary and Catherine Anne Bachman, $1 million.


Air View Lane, 11610-H. Alexander and Jacqueline Geets Henry to Valarie Merrick and William Bradley Ney, $1.62 million.

Sunnybrook Dr., 9896-Behnam Pourbabai and Janet M. Meiburger to Michael Marinelli Jr. and Maila Droe, $800,000.


Alan Shepard St., 3048-U.S. Home Corp. to Shigang Zhu and Jinyu Xie, $734,387.

Blue Holly Lane, 2935-Chong Mok and Hae Yon Choe to Islam R. Younis and Haya J. Shajaiah, $812,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12957, No. 301-Michael D. Frawley to Yuge Wang, $320,000.

Cypress Tree Pl., 1179-Nurzhan Abenov and Mukhabat Raziyeva to Mary Theresa Rhea and Jose Edwin Silva Jr., $425,000.

Farthingale Dr., 13015-Daria T. Bessom to Roberto Santos Marrero and Monika Hazi, $600,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12336-James E. Carroll to Cameron E. Brigham and Sizhe Jin, $744,888.

Gilman Lane, 11678-Motoo Konishi to Sabrina C. and Brian T. McMullen, $669,000.

Hertford St., 1004-Robert and Gloria Vigil to Anayanci Tamayo and Yamil Tamayo Hechavarria, $455,000.

Kettering Dr., 12811-Linda K. Crume to Christopher Romano, $555,000.

Marmion Dr., 1051-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Alice Meiou Liu and Rui Han, $1.3 million.

Park Ave., 916-House Buyers of America Inc. to Getahune Kunbi Bedada and Belayenesh Tufa Alemu, $350,000.

Rolling Plains Dr., 2452-Prashanth Mugalihalli Devaraj to Daniel Kim, $555,000.

Silverway Dr., 21-Herndon Neighborhoods Corp. to Kimberly Feldmann, $659,990.

Westlodge Ct., 12609-Michael T. and Vaughn L.V.W. Terpak to Nhan T. Nguyen, $479,900.


Biscayne Dr., 5736-Basdeo and Khemrajie Dwarka to Charbel C. Makhoul and Rita A. Douaihy, $448,000.

Elmwood Dr., 3906-Tommy R. Cox to Kristen Magalis, $399,000.

Jefferson Dr., 2709-Taylor R. and Emily S. Powell to Christine Searles, $508,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 212-Michael R. Farabaugh to Vijaya Ramphal Lane, $252,000.


Brick Hearth Ct., 6509-Anneslee Lescovitz Jennewine to Matthew Coombs and Andrea Rodriguez Saravia, $390,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7512-L-Richard F. and Inma C. Dunston to Mondana Nicksolat, $238,000.


Beauregard St., 5105-John N. Eldridge to Cheri Mac, $477,500.

Cypress Point Rd., 6542-James Graham Leonard IV and Denise Heuze Castanares to Derek Tyler Hahn, $461,000.

Mayhunt Ct., 4627-Mohamed L. Abderrahmane to Danielle Tersaga, $533,000.

Sheldon Dr., 5514-Victorino and Dynorah Ledezma to Somsack Vongvirath, $463,000.


Blackfoot Ct., 8572-Juan C. and Lilian Lopez to Neil Moore and Katalin Klara Moore Bor, $335,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9286, No. 302-David J. Keller to Jennine Marie Brown, $271,900.

Cranford Farm Cir., 7863-Debra Gardner and Dacosto H. Evans to Asghar and Sofia Afzali, $570,000.

Halley Ct., 8195, No. 302-Abu Issa Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Thomas J. Rowton, $265,000.

Mahoney Dr., 7612-Jose R. and Wilfredo Chopin to Wayne and Shambrica Christian, $487,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9613-Eduardo Rodriguez to Milton Luna Rivera and Cristela Luna, $495,000.

Power House Rd., 9159-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Mildred Carter, $578,000.

Saint Delores Dr., 7898-McShay at Royal Ridge Corp. to Sarah S. and Kevin W. O’Connor, $549,800.

Stovall Ct., 7810-Frank and Duncan Carter to Emily B. Reyna Segura, $371,000.


Agin Ct., 8020-Mark L. Neal and Edward P. Karlson to Bandesh R. and Heenaben Bandesh Patel, $920,000.

Claymore Ct., 6625-Erin K. McGann and Zayne R. Tweed to Jiao Z. Gu and Xiping Zhang, $1 million.

Elsinore Ave., 1314-Austin and Stephanie Bozarth to Stirling and Maria Van Winkle, $1.12 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900, No. 217-Signet Residential Corp. to Gabriel A. Battista, $1.48 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 501-Ghobad and Minoo Sajjadi to Mamatha Sundaresh, $690,000.

Kurtz Rd., 1411-Robert S. and Laura C. Twining to Jennifer Elise and Ryan Michael White, $1.39 million.

Lincoln Way, 1541, No. 204A-Tanya Kelly Attal to Betul Ersoy and Atilla Ozdemir, $355,000.

McLean Dr., 6653-Sonya Y. and Thomas Leon Banks Jr. to Phong Phan and Wanyan Yu, $820,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 514-Heidi Ha to Leona R. Schuh, $350,000.

Rockingham St., 1933-Katharine S. Gunsalus to Emerson Free and Anne Kasper Bluhm, $3.21 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1570, No. 7110-Yi Pygn and Jui Ling Hsu Fang to Whitney S. Bremang, $295,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7680, No. 302-Mary K. Doherty and John D. Putman to John Thomas Yarmas, $333,000.

Woodmoor Lane, 1603-Walnut Creek Homes Corp. to Salim Khoury and Myriam Ferzli, $1.74 million.


Buckman Rd., 3505-Daniel Joseph and Kimberly Sue Anderson Gunia to An Do, $479,000.

Fernlake Ct., 8164-Noor Ullah to Sisopha M. May and Meng H. Kaing, $405,000.

Jackson Pl., 4324-William K. Lachance and Malia Gil De Rubio to Todd D. and Angela Marchese Mariano, $562,250.

Old Mill Rd., 4606-Cheryl N. and Thomas J. Cotterell to Ana Cifuentes Gonzalez and Myles Kanzer, $555,000.

Towne Manor Ct., 8516-Salena Askew to Deejin C. Macaraeg, $400,000.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8410-James A. Talley to Warren Smith and Sanchita Sharma, $560,000.


Derby Ct., 8411-Kenneth Earl and Jennifer D. Free to John L. Harrison III and Evelyn Monserrate Osorio, $617,000.

Lancashire Dr., 8519-Mark Ginise to Jonathan A. Rendon and Marcela A. Almeida, $505,000.


Borge St., 3031, No. 207-Manjeshwar Pundalika Kamath to Harry and Mithila Elanko, $306,000.

Oakton Manor Ct., 2825-Timothy J. and Alison W. Kaczmarski to Matthew P. and Elizavetta Madeja, $680,000.

Saddle Crescent Cir., 11731-John J. and Elizabeth M. Gillooly to Shaofei Qin, $975,000.


Blue Smoke Trail, 11715-Erwin T. and Judith R. Newman to Richard Christopher and Laura A. Higgins, $608,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2224-Sean A. Keck to Kelley Fitzgerald Hayes, $349,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11232, No. 136-Wilfred Owen Jr. to Eric Nicholas Payne, $225,000.

Copenhagen Ct., 12387-Eric S. Fink to Sabine Perrissin Fabert, $600,000.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 108-Irma Finn Brosseau to Monica Yvette Merino Villacorta De Cox, $490,000.

Golden Sands Lane, 12203-Glenn Reges and Ina Laemmerzahl to Sogol and Grid Gremi, $469,000.

Kinsley Pl., 12098-John Henry and Susanne Newell Wick to Timothy and Felicia Newland, $865,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1215-James C. and Ladonna J. Reagan to Jose Alberto and Sylvanna Catherine Trujillo, $850,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 424-Abtin Vaziri to Paul and Elizabeth Susana Claeyssen, $349,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1625, No. 200-George B. and Donna Zacko to Janel D. Avalos, $200,000.

Reston Station Blvd., 11200, No. 501-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Maureen L. Rogers, $660,690.

Stowe Rd., 1637-Steven B. Pollicoff to Mengqi Guo, $675,000.

Sundance Dr., 1742-Paul I. Kenney to Robert Joseph Goldstein, $390,000.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 11048-Charles C. Reith and Pinprapa Nurukka to Charles F. and Susan M. Miller, $690,000.

Weatherstone Ct., 1263-Daniele and Lauren Paladino to Frew and Tsega Negatu, $560,000.

Winterport Cluster, 1954-Ann C. Coleman to Lauren E. Sciacca and Michael J. Van Stan, $560,000.


Dearborn Dr., 6519-Kim Chi and Thanh Nguyen Dinh to Jose Raul Loya Jr. and Kelsey Jean Souleret, $1.25 million.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3043, No. 202-Harvester Investments Corp. to Alan R. Vargas, $165,000.


Bark Tree Ct., 8297-Raymond Dean to Joshua Marcello and Brooke W. Aliaga, $350,000.

Crestmont Cir., 8274-Kevin R. and Ann L. Schramm to Zain Mushtaq and Sahrish Noman Aziz, $330,000.

Eagle Rock Lane, 8862-James D. and Molly Jo B. Schlichting to Sabrina Rahman and Haseebullah Frahmand, $499,900.

Greenleaf St., 6421-Earl Brown Jr. to David C. Hoffmaster III, $547,000.

Inwood Dr., 6409-Edward J. and Paige A. Kreinar to Catherine Prahm and Robert Collin Charles Early, $525,000.

Macswain Pl., 9302-Donald and Debra Walker to Jay H. and Emily Sanson Blackman, $785,000.

Mulberry Bottom Lane, 7822-Christopher T. and Jessica Lee Young to Henry Dante and Catherine Perez, $619,990.

Rose Garden Lane, 7803-Jeffrey Pwu and Lun Han Yeh to Raymond Robert and Janice Jacqueline Tremblay, $850,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8476-James L. Gleaton to Cameron Krizek and Bridget Colleen Crowley, $400,000.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8044-Taoufik Hassine to April Fay Pinsonneault, $372,000.

Terry Dr., 6515-Pathway Homes Inc. to Stephen K. and Andrea S. Neff, $555,000.

Willowdale Ct., 8173-Arthur G. Jackson to Jaime Cabrera Ortiz, $320,000.


Ashgrove House Lane, 8861-Tzuyu and Neha Lin to Kourosh C. and Kristine Harirchian, $747,000.

Bellforest Ct., 2720, No. 107-Alexandra Blair Holcomb to Karl Lohse, $445,000.

Carnegie Dr., 8300-Gary and Nam O. Kim to Luke L. Yao and Carina P. Cheung, $690,000.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8411-Brian Joseph and Kate Suzanne Davis to Christopher A. Perkins and Kimberly K. Halbert, $852,000.

Liberty Tree Lane, 9503-Charleen A. Benge and estate of Florence M. Benge to Sean Sobiechowski and Nicole Irving, $775,000.

McNeil St., 8223-Michael K. and Dyanna T. Gerber to Alex Leo and Catelyn Thurman Niderberg, $850,400.

Palm Springs Dr., 1703-Richard J. and Barbara E. Mascis to Emily Blair Jaffa and John Peter Kiefer, $771,000.

Prelude Dr., 1809-Peter F. and Margaret A. Riehm to Christopher Luer and Brennan Leddy, $885,000.

Sereno Ct., 1600-Kevin R. McCarthy and estate of Patrick S. Gallagher to Mythili Bachu, $700,000.

Victoria Farms Lane, 1545-Stephanie Bowman and M. Christopher Alba to Quoc Kim Trieu and Anchalee Charlotte Vance, $1.15 million.

Woodford Rd., 2147-Vijay P. Kanodia to Marina and Mikhail Smolgovsky, $1 million.


Eastleigh Ct., 6401-Donald J. and Marlene F. Taggart to Thomas Brendan and Kayla Wilkinson, $510,000.

Lamont Ct., 6016-Monique Jolaine King and estate of Elaine Z. Mercer to Andrew C. Kovacs, $627,000.

Park View Ct., 6502-Jeanne Louise and James Bruce Holmberg to Lisette Imani Baylor and Nicholas Robert Chase, $665,000.

Stream Way, 7375-Joseph A. Wadalla to Chassidy Monique Reese, $430,000.

Wyngate Dr., 6411-David and Deniece Mayberry to Omar Ruiz Velazquez and Monyka Ruiz, $600,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Adams Ct., 3232-Javier M. Taboada to Natalie and Matthew Grieb, $480,000.

Cedar Ave., 10535-Jordan D. Stuart to Dariush Jamasb and Yalda S. Sangani, $900,000.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10114-Ying Wu to Xiaoyan Zou and Yaming Ji, $250,000.

Shiloh St., 10303-Eric N. and Jessica N. Caudill to Vito Su and Chialing Ker, $599,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 333-Randall A. Robinson to Katherine C. Malpeli, $550,000.