Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in October were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Barrister Pl., 6313-Ted R. and Marcy M. Bates to Mary E. McNeal, $637,000.

Cornell Dr., 6608-Anna Elizabeth Lindahl to Vanessa A. Mose and Ryan S. Carnahan, $507,000.

Park Terrace Dr., 7419-Bosch Homes Corp. to Roger T. and Barbara J. Rufe, $1.15 million.


Alforth Ave., 6267-Abu Lehaz Abbasi to Ciara Ocampo, $455,000.

Austin Ave., 3437-Carolyn A. and Robert F. Lowstuter to Melinda Hollander, $675,000.

Bibbings Way, 6114-Alan E. Kopecki to Thuthuy Huynh, $510,500.

Castlefin Way, 6424-Laketia L. Carter to Katherine A. Harris, $505,000.

Curtier Dr., 6003-A-Laura L. Smith Kearns to Daeho Park and Sunhee Surrette, $225,000.

Eastchester Cir., 5002-John O. and Teresa D. Muterspaw to Kimberly Teboho Bertocci, $505,000.

Essex House Sq., 6101-A-Kyle Krzeski to Alexandra M. Bradley, $309,000.

Gardenia Ct., 6115-Matthew M. O’Connell to Brendan Tate, $475,000.

Habersham Way, 5721-Christopher N. Stephenson to Moises A. Paulino, $450,000.

High Meadow Rd., 5921-Sami Elkabir and Omsaad S. Sewehi to Aloncio Munoz, $480,000.

Jowett Ct., 5543-Frederick J. and Sherry E. Griefer to Daniel Berhe and Selamawit Gebremeskel, $560,000.

McKenna Way, 6558-Robert A. and Kelly W. Morris to Christopher Larry and Teryl A. Padgett, $639,000.

Penwood Dr., 4410-Heraj Mehrabian to Derya Temur, $508,000.

Rose Hill Farm Dr., 5031-Christopher at Rose Hill Corp. to Scott and Linda Smith, $942,528.

Signature Cir., 6825-Patrick K. and Paula M. Batt to Brittney Leigh Sullivan, $465,000.

Thackwell Way, 6609, No. 2303-Beverly A. Maynard Sims to Alicia and Benjamin M. Litts, $360,000.

Thomas Grant Dr., 7372-Beazer Homes Corp. to Dennis L. Winston and Sameeya N. Ahmed Winston, $634,878.

Valley View Dr., 5787-Hammad Hafeez to Rehana Rizvi and Ehtasham Akhter Qureshi, $650,000.

Waterfield Rd., 6475-Jeffrey R. and Charisma J. Lafleur to Christopher William Adcox and Lovisa Martina Losell, $655,000.

Wild Valley Ct., 6185-Kelci L. Burckhardt to Jack Leo Eichenberger, $345,000.

Yadkin Ct., 6505-William J. and Marjorie F. Hall to Nirjung Karki, $360,000.


Americana Dr., 4319, No. 203-Jeffrey L. and Jeanne M. Stevens to Quang Trong and Anthony Nguyen, $169,000.

Ashley Glen Rd., 7833-Victoria Lynn Scott to Wei Chih Chen, $500,000.

Broken Arrow Ct., 8457-Young Kil and Yoon Ja Yoo to Peter and Elizabeth T. McCauley, $635,000.

Colburn Dr., 6931-Massoud and Farzana Hasrat to Lukas T. Stanley, $689,900.

Exeter St., 4714-Nadine L. Gjurich to Alexander Veliz and Krizia Tan, $497,000.

Jayhawk St., 7425-Stephen Milne and My Hanh Thi Son to Ferdousy K. Imamuddin and Farzana Imamuddin Hossain, $434,500.

Lincolnshire St., 3927-Harold D. Hahn Jr. and estate of Mary E. Bumgarner to Anh Ngoc Nguyen and Tuyen Phan, $510,000.

Valiant Ct. S., 4305-Mary T. Mulusa to Thomas Hubert and Tracy Danos Healey, $635,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3328, No. 33-Nour Zein Corp. to Leila C. Riahi, $280,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2606N-Neda and Shahram Fanaeian to Zafar and Farah Hashemi, $330,000.

Kimble Ct., 5927-Helen Devlin and estate of Thomas V. Garceau to Thomas J. Vanek and Laura L. Parrish, $536,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 207-Hayat T. Mustafa and Mohammed E. Ibrahim to Richard Swezey, $183,000.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 106-Humaira and Ahmad Z. Hotaki to Tania M. Estrada, $315,000.


Britford Dr., 9689-Craig and Monique Fraedrich to Debra Ann and Ronald Edward James, $830,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5808, No. 102-Phillip E. Layne and estate of Mildred Layne to Samantha Madden, $289,700.

Fort Corloran Dr., 5629-Robert Thomas Skutinsky to Andrew Perez, $450,000.

Manet Rd., 9913-Shyam and Alaka Mathur to Joanna Rucker Pezzini, $634,000.

Pond Spice Terr., 10351-Shamima Islam to Fouad Mahdi, $430,000.

Simpson Lane, 10183-Chau Nguyen to Mary Tsindoli Mulusa, $1.04 million.

Winnepeg Dr., 6208-Thomas J. and Mary A. Reinebach to Karla E. and Derek D. Bathrick, $656,000.


Ausable Ct., 13871-Rebecca and Padmanabhan Raman to Long Phungand Lan Thi Ngoc Hoang, $442,400.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14023-Christine A. McBride to Recep and Melek Aksoy, $410,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14312, No. 101-Ajay Berry and Meenu Vohra to Teresa Black, $180,000.

Golden Oak Ct., 14402-Maria Angela Zorrilla to Karen Holland, $245,000.

Harvest Mill Ct., 6525-Susan L. St. Claire to Bipin Kumar Pathak, $502,500.

Laura Ratcliff Ct., 13867-Joe L. Quintana and Svetlana Sidorova to Alfredo L. and Yvonne A. Mirabal, $395,000.

Maidstone Ct., 14821-Craig McLaurin to Caitlin Nguyen, $345,000.

Old Mill Rd., 14551-Stephen B. and Joanne Clark to Samu Kumar and Saravanakumar Manickam, $746,000.

Rockdale Ct., 5805-Michael J. and Lucy M. Lukacs to Mony Say, $369,900.

Stone Ridge Dr., 5836-Matthew Anthony William and Danielle Allan to Stella D. and Joshua P. Serian, $550,000.

Waterdale Ct., 5806-Daoud Mojaddidi to Shiva S. Timilsena and Srijana Acharya, $415,000.


Beech Down Dr., 3636-Stephanie T. and Carlos M. Baez to Richard and Corinn M. Lindell, $561,500.

Galesbury Lane, 4417-Richard D. Bowles to Bipin Rajbhandari and Aruna Dangol, $565,000.

Meadowland Ct., 4177-William S. Mojica to Victor Pablo Rollano, $214,000.


Dunquin Ct., 7600-Brian Kaitz and Ryan Eve Smith to Davindar S. and Emily Sachdev, $1.05 million.

Quail Ct., 5511-Jonathan B. and Kellie Anne Zlab to Michele and Maxwell Hankin, $499,000.

Wildflower Lane, 13661-Jennifer R. Glahn and Jennifer R. Meckley to David Edward Von De Bur, $392,000.


Aristotle Dr., 11326, No. 4-402-Mohammad Hossein Shahabadi to Sarah Ann Lemaster, $275,000.

Ashvale Dr., 13201-Shawn J. and Betsy Wilson to Lan Anh Thi and Andrew Alan Aslinger, $669,000.

Braeburn Dr., 4508-Pamela Jean Kingdon and Virginia Leah Moravek to Omar Jaber and Nasreen Mustafa, $610,000.

Canonbury Sq., 9530-Nimish R. and Ami V. Patel to Jane C. Fayer, $740,000.

Chesham St., 2939-Brian Jason and Michele H. Sipes to Alice Sauhee Nistler and Susan Lee, $810,000.

Eakin Park Ct., 3154-Imam Xierali to Min Chul and Jimin Kim, $465,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12810-Muzaffar Mirzat and Zohra Musabay to Hannah Gombos, Casey Joseph Albino and Hannah Marie Gombos, $320,000.

Fireside Ct., 5509-Evala R. Bailey to Sungjin Cho and Soomin Ham, $770,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4137, No. 1-Gihan Ramadan and Jena Samman to Che Cochrane, $306,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12942, No. A-Andrew E. and Virginia O. Roesell to William and Sarah Woessner, $220,000.

Hayes Ct., 12451, No. 102-William U. Choi to James W. Nellis II, $309,562.

John Ayres Dr., 10691-Chanpen Thompson and Pakdee Suthamchai to Rungaroon Saengfah Hanwatananugool, $550,000.

Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy., 12805-Phung Phi Nguyen Luong to Surjeet Kaur and Daniel Bravo Becerril, $650,000.

Looking Glass Way, 8319-Daniel A. and Cynthia J. Schwimer to Vijay Johnny and Hayley Nainani, $867,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 416-Denise K. Poe and Debra A. Elsea to Belgin Erkan Hanson and David Fred Mullen, $420,000.

New London Park Dr., 5443-Daniel D. and Kara A. Caldwell to Nadi Abrar, Nurul and Nafi Yameen Haque, $447,100.

Pavilion Lane, 13123-Phandany and Vuthy Chheng to Alyssa Katz, $505,000.

Pergate Lane, 4314-Thomas W. and Marsha L. Todd to Jessica Frank and Bryan Groza, $534,900.

Piney Grove Dr., 9018-Nancy Jo and Timothy Charles Russo to Ana N. Ruiz Ramos, $453,000.

Poplar Tree Rd., 13210-Bonnie G. Eppert and estate of Chuck Eppert to Premkumar Anandaraj and Austerious Anitha Mahimaidoss, $480,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 442-Lori Amy Wang and Jin Jyu Chou to Rowland K. Coleman and Yunhye Sung, $345,000.

Ridgemist Lane, 12949-Charles Colaco to Guoyun Xue, $399,999.

San Marcos Dr., 4401-Sami Kacem to Darriel J. and Jocelyn M. Day, $520,000.

Spruce Ave., 4813-Avtallyon and Carola Ron to Holly Noonan and Victor J. Kozick, $590,000.

Swarts Dr., 11700-Antuanette Requejo to Suresh Kumar Lanka, $600,000.

Tydfil Ct., 4910-Robert B. and Margaret T. Fink to Edward C. Dahlberg, $692,500.

Willow Stream Lane, 13109-Son Van Pham and Quy Thi Truong to Husen Zhang, $470,000.


Chapel Rd., 11226-Danny T. and Sawvanee Wingler to Katherine P. Sue and Alexander J. McVeigh, $671,000.

Wolf Run Shoals Rd., 7815-Ralph C. and Janice L. Bowles to Daniel Allen McNulty and Megan Lynn Dunleavy, $358,900.


Barrett Rd., 6722-Danny Tu Duong and Chinensis Tuong Vi Lam to Anh K. and Quan K. Tran, $682,000.

Cavalier Trail, 6940-Joshua K. and Kristen M. Gary to Yao Chong and Colin Schloss, $855,000.

Frazier Pl., 7106-Gregory P. and Stephanie N. Robbins to Jonathan P. and Claire B. Moroney, $585,000.

Kennedy Lane, 6729-Bruce E. and Thai C. Kelley to Sean Michael Lewis and Marleigh Bounds Eure, $665,000.

Marshall St., 2923-Alice Joe to Riley C. Slitor and Brandon Robert Deland, $622,000.

Oak St. N., 2342-Karen Love to Geoffrey John Guska and Audrey Malia Yap, $865,000.

Rose Glen Ct., 3272-Paul Albert and Arthur Leo Giroux to Steven E. and Bonnie Riley Porter, $630,000.

Westley Rd., 3116-Kevin Frederick Kropp to Laurie M. Capen and Thomas G. Blakeman, $615,000.

Woodley Lane, 7107-Garett Rikard and Courtney Gibson to Bradley and Sarah Davis, $551,000.


Autumn Chase Ct., 1900-Anthony S. and Lisa S. Amatos to Jin Kyung Song, $745,000.

Herrell Ct., 2533-Scott Maran to Sunny Rose Wescott, $474,000.

Mayfair McLean Ct., 2003-Harold and Harriet E. Damelin to Hyun Cheol and Susan Jinyong Kim, $980,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 605-Monty H. and Harumi Westmeyer to Afshin Moalem, $289,000.


Baltimore Rd., 1703-David W. and Kimberly M. Johns to David Anthony Rife Jr. and Kendall Kernus, $455,000.

Emerald Dr., 1007-Donald S. and Joan Lee Irvin to Michelle M. and John L. McNellis, $780,000.

Northdown Rd., 7705-Bernard J. and Sandra A. Dimuro to James B. and Janis C. Smith, $1.6 million.


Riva Ridge Dr., 921-Nicholas T. and Courtney Noel Moraites to Michael Craig Baker and Gesheya Meierdierks Lehman, $877,500.

Timbercreek Trail, 1024-Vernon C. and Dawna L. Poyner to Nagender and Abhinaya Vedula, $1.41 million.


Alton Sq., 12907, No. 102-Bekim Veseli to Elena and Rustam Buriev, $205,000.

Ashnut Lane, 13115-Rickey and Anshu Kapani to Thejaswini Peddireddy and Pradeep Kumar Reddy Maddireddy, $507,000.

Carson Overlook Ct., 11696-Jimmie T. Davis to Harrison M. and Amanda C. Mudd, $880,000.

Cliff Edge Dr., 12517-George R. and Claudia R. Williams to Sean M. and Katherine M. Naquin, $524,475.

DaVinci Lane, 13526-Prasuna Thiruvuru and Srinivas Oduru to Olga Lombard, $387,000.

Fillmore St., 509-Moeen U. Islam to Marcel and Sarah Elizabeth Barwanietz, $481,573.

Forty Oaks Ct., 12507-David J. and Nimsy J. Emelio to Lawrence David and Maura T. Solomon, $530,000.

Graypine Pl., 12867-Lance R. and Samia Kashinsky to Susan Harper Shahidi, $485,000.

Highland Mews Pl., 13549-Leena and Aji Jacob to Ngoc Phuand Thi Thai Lien Ngo, $349,000.

Ladybank Lane, 13158-Jim and Catherine Dizes Nicopoulos to Aung K. Lin and Mya T. Lwin, $639,000.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1425-Robert M. Humphreys to Nancy and Dorothy K. Henry, and David B. Rockwell, $575,000.

Rose Petal Cir., 13086-Jean A. Derrig to Vincent Zhu and Linh Ly, $630,000.

Springtide Pl., 1340-Cina S.H. Dabestani and Fatemeh Allahdoust to Raymond Rozario, $306,000.

Tayloe Ct., 3252-Charles W. Poland to Michael C. and Marijke C. Hart, $385,000.

Yeager Dr., 3230-Chandra Sekhar Immadi and Lakshmi Sowjanya Innamuri to Sowjanya Kodali, $455,000.


Evergreen Knoll Ct., 5723-Matthew D. and Megan D. Bisenius to Lenora A. Slattery and Darcy A. Niles, $430,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 319-John J. Daigle and Matthew T. Cuenca to Traci Lee Wallace, $464,800.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 901-John W. and Deborah W. Oelschlager to David and E. Noreen Freeman, $308,163.


Colonial Springs Blvd., 7802-Joseph F. Heath to Brittany Leigh Darling, $391,000.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7126-Sahara N. Harrington to Kristy Brown, $404,900.

Stoneybrooke Lane, 6821-Joseph M. Mineff to Joshua Lee and Julia R. Riker, $555,000.


Bermuda Green Ct., 6566-Margaret Blaney Jackman to Tanner B. Quigley, $470,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 103-Nasreen and Inam Hussain to Louise Alicias Aguarin and Pepito Bustos Alvaro Jr., $270,000.

Medinah Lane, 6584-Robert Joseph Coatney and estate of Judith Ann Justusson to Anjali Mohindroo and Edward Lee Koschmider, $415,000.


Blackfoot Ct., 8580-Mark Steven and Maren Alyssa Bealby to Salah M. Riad, $356,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9292, No. 302-Cynthia Thomas to Asif Nasri and Nasreen Kazmi, $265,000.

Derwent Valley Ct., 8369-Shaunte C. Newby to Vu H. Huynh, $507,000.

Hanson Lane, 6705-Abed Hmaid and Yusra Mahmood to Stanley and Elizabeth Voigt, $805,000.

Marie Ct., 9100-Michael K. Knigge to Damodar Thapa and Samragi Basel, $415,000.

Power House Rd., 9101-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to William O. Scouton, $1.01 million.

Power House Rd., 9161-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to William Joseph and Irina Kammerer, $579,467.

Saint Delores Dr., 7902-McShay at Royal Ridge Corp. to Justin P. Lobo, $588,154.

Susquehanna St., 8731-Walter X. and Fatima J. Lozada to Luis R. Maldonado and Rosa M. Aguilar, $311,000.


Baron Rd., 6817-William G. and Christine H. Carr to Albert Paley, $1.9 million.

Buena Vista Ave., 1520-Des Vienna Corp. to Maria Manchester, $713,800.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 301-Rena M. Brendes to Mustafa Zamani, $735,000.

Emerson Ave., 1450, No. 104-Robert F. Gross and estate of Janet Smith Gross to Charles W. and Elizabeth K. Bray, $830,000.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900, No. 405-Signet Residential Corp. to Steven M. and Maria I. Fine, $1.07 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 603-Chan H. and Hae Ryong Chung to Santosh Suresh Shirurkar and Sneha Suryakant Lakeshri, $440,000.

Live Oak Dr., 632-H. Jason Gold and estate of Charles T. Chiang to Manoj and Apexa Amin Kalath, $987,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 617-Gerald K. Gimmel and estate of Jack A. Rogers Sr. to Eli Dabagian and Mehrangiz Ghassemi, $271,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1570, No. 7115-Joo Yoon Chung to Taylor Wilson, $287,500.

Tremayne Pl., 7720, No. 204-Brittain K. and Carina L. Bennett to Gail Lerch, $445,000.

Youngblood St., 1807-Lamya Norton to Mehdi Adili, $790,000.


Ferry Harbour Ct., 9508-Richard G. and Joyce M. Tami to Robert G. Kirk and Kathleen Anne Basinski, $980,000.

Mary Evelyn Way, 3773-Daniel Barr and Victoria Barasch to Antonio Ramon Kennedy, $615,000.

Orange Ct., 8335-Andrew and Rebekah Lovorn to Jesse Phillips, $649,900.

Village Way, 8606-F-Om P. Bansal to Antonio S. Montiel Sr. and Talisha Carrington, $179,000.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8520-Glenn M. and Susan K. Hayes to Elizabeth R. White, $536,000.


Flag Run Dr., 5618-Carol Fisher and estate of Jean C. Cresswell to Viet Tang, Vy Thanh Ngoc Nguyen and Vinh Quoc Tang, $530,000.

Leebrad St., 7021-Justin and Jennifer B. Edwards to Erik Glynn and April Lafever, $455,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 5323-Patricia Ruth Erney and estate of Virginia R. Erney to Jose Carlos Pacis and Yan Yan D. Sanchez, $472,000.


Conestoga Ct., 11153-Gigi G. and Mark Steven Litalien to Jyh Ming Lien and Shao Jung Chang, $735,000.

Oakton Meadows Ct., 3007-Heather M. and Gabriel C. Reis to Matthew J. and Jessica Michetti, $635,000.


Blue Smoke Trail, 11719-Mark S. and Rozanne Gooding Silverwood to Noelle Nicole Malley and Tod Joseph Xelowski, $850,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2206, No. 22C-Kamran Investment Corp. to Naser Rahban, $231,000.

Chimney House Rd., 1606-Renee L. Kirkpatrick to Stuart Cudaback and Glenn Cudaback Cox, $216,900.

Cranberry Lane, 1805-Jose Rodrigo Vielmann Deleon to Michael P. Lyons and Rachel Y. Palenski, $597,700.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 602-Edward S. and Amanda L. Fritts to Angelina Bao Quyen Le, $341,250.

Granby Ct., 10976-Stephen Andrew and Caroline Marie Robertson to Mary D. Antley and Sean C. Herpolsheimer, $445,000.

Hemingway Dr., 11514-Timothy A. and Susan Stein Lascko to Quiang Lai and Yi Sun, $851,000.

Lake Newport Rd., 11593-John S. and Andrea W. Bolus to Stephen G. and Dana M. Wheeler, $765,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1218-Kuo Fung Frank and Meimon Grace Wu to Vikas Mehta and Min Zhang, $378,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 231-Stephen Iannucci to Denise Mine Bakar, $260,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 704-Morteza and Maryam Salehi to Maria W. Mercer, $567,500.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 312-Veda Gurram and Gautam Ijoor to Jiadong Lin, $242,500.

Turtle Pond Dr., 2002-Kathryn A. and Randy Hinton to Elaine Christine and Matthew James Pruis, $890,000.

Weybridge Lane, 1953-Fereshteh Mafinezam to Judson Maclane, $659,900.

Woodhollow Ct., 11564-Kenney Inc. to Callye Keen, $500,000.


Kilmer Ct., 6233-Timothy J. and Sweta Alberta to Shayan Abadian and Ava Oshidari, $671,500.

Prince Charles Ct., 3322-Leyla Mai Lon and Deniz Dai Mon Babaoglu to Cassandra and David Trombley Shapiro Jonas, $760,000.


Belinger Ct., 7229-Udo Mba and Roseleen Mba Kalu to Rastra Pal and Ami Barua, $440,000.

Custer St., 6614-Myriad Corp. to Chan Mean Seng and Vichet Chon, $449,000.

Flanders St., 5902-Cynthia R. and Mario F. Colorado to Sham L. and Subhashini Wadhwa, $450,000.

Gwynedd Way, 8568-Janet Cote to Marco Antonio, Khatira Teresa and Carlos Fernando Alvarez, $385,000.

Julian St., 6417-Judson B. and Lisa C. Wheeler to Jeremy Kowalzek and Bianca Briscan, $550,000.

Meriwether Lane, 6004-Daud M. Barakat to Marcelo A. Davila, $560,000.

Northern Oaks Ct., 7654-Kirsten W. Rowell to Cynthia Costas Navia and Diego Mostajo, $365,000.

Roundabout Way, 7820-Ralph J. and Bonnie A. Cassano to Cheng Wen and Jennifer Soo Jung Lai, $627,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8509-Marc Saint Victor Jr. and Gillian M. Charter to Shaleem Sabir Bhatti and Minha S. Husain, $400,000.

Steven Irving Ct., 9114-Philip and Christina Davin Smith to Daniel M. and Lisa I. Naughton, $585,000.

Treasure Tree Ct., 8010-Donovan L. and Tara K. Routsis to William I. and Carol Thurasavin, $625,000.

Zekan Lane, 6301-Marietta Robinson to Robert and Sylvia Desrosiers, $600,000.


Ayr Hill Ave. NE, 334-John C. and Ingrid Olivia Thompson to Mark Andrew Bulkeley, $2.2 million.

Bethany Ct., 8506-Rajiv and Nalini Khanna to Bradley L. and Danielle V. Stewart, $855,000.

Cherry St. SW, 209-Kevin J. and Yu Zhang Krisko to Ryan Barnoski and Taylor Chapman, $663,000.

Drake St. SW, 1112-Patrick Lawton and estate of Dixie Lee Lawton to Jay Roy and Sharon Gower Miller, $625,000.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8438-Richard J. and Barbara C. Mayerick to Thanit Baker and Katie Ngoc Thao Truong, $792,500.

Locust St. SE, 201C-Martha Jo Nichols to Alexandra Hadley, $430,000.

Middleton Ct., 1289-Joan S. Bucher to Ramtin T. Bidgoli, $955,000.

Park St. NE, 368-Rebecca Clare Hoffman Conry to Robert and Jennifer Morgenthaler, $655,000.

Quinn Terr., 8138-Michael J. Masciola to Brett Daniel and Jennifer Lynne Kruger, $720,000.

Snughill Ct., 1509-Jack W. and Stephany P. Crosby to Zheng Yin and Jun Zhao, $918,000.

Ware St. SW, 802-Diane E. Clark to Nathan R. Hernandez and Erica B. Cottingham, $755,000.


Sandburg St., 2183-Gustavo Rosario Benitez and Jennifer Castro Chabrier to Qamar and Tehmina Raza, $900,000.


Blarney Stone Dr., 9142-Adrienne C. Doctor to Xiaochen Yang and Jayden Luo, $444,808.

Flax St., 7005-Joseph G. and Joanne H. Swick to Kristen Walden and Sean Patrick Thomas, $740,019.

Lexton Pl., 7707-S. Kenneth and Phyllis Lane to Kelly El Yacoubi, $285,000.

Park View Ct., 6515-Carroll R. Hill to James Etro, $470,000.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5816-G-Joseph Haldeman to Marco Rene Alconini Mendoza and Nikoletta Csanyi, $170,000.

Sweet Spice Ct., 9106-Evan and Katharine L. Hawker to Monica and Christopher W. Seger, $430,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Assembly Dr., 10557-Robyn Lindsey to Andrew An Quoc Tran, $490,000.

Cornell Rd., 3538-Charles T. and Patsy Anderson to William Monroe McCarthy, $520,000.

Oak St., 3965-Ebony Gautier to David C. and Hyo S. Shin, $725,000.

Raider Lane, 10225-Ruben and Julieta J. Angulo to Nicholas Tamostsu and Rosemary Fujiwara, $605,000.

West Dr., 10722, No. 101-Luis Malpartida and Carmen R. Thorndike to Tuan A. Vo and Lanh Thi Do, $205,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 430-Tracie K. Lester to Gerald G. and Jane A. Geder, $535,000.

Highland Ave., 2363-ASR Designer Homes Corp. to Mark and Rebecca Lee Skerry, $1.29 million.

Randolph St., 802-Jonathan and Katrin Boneau to Susan B. and Mark C. Johnson, $877,000.