Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Boulevard Vw., 6508, No. B1-Pamela M. Delongchamp to Jennifer N. Schleter, $305,900.

Park Terrace Dr., 7406-Charles R. and Lisa R. Spies to Tera Denise and Seth Michael Womack, $1.12 million.

Smithway Dr., 6813-Joy J. Norris and Karl Dale McKenney to Collin Rodino, $405,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6641, No. 501-Earle L. and Carol M. Rudolph to John Knapp, $130,000.


Brickleigh Ct., 6452-Christopher L. and Airielle D. Hansford to Barry, Mary Lou and Jennifer Moore, $477,500.

Chicory Pl., 6011-Denise S. Pope to Rebecca Rose Novak, $441,000.

Dorset Dr., 6420-MJ Financial Investments Corp. to Apryl Dawn and Jeffrey Brian Shue, $518,000.

Gene St., 7417-Paramount Investments Corp. to David Ball Estrada, $507,000.

Ivanhoe Lane, 3813-Joseph A. Marston to Christine and Philip Broadbent, $825,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6552-Christopher H. Bass to Ginger L. Wilson, $550,000.

Liverpool Ct., 7268-Deborah Monroe to Eric G. Bustamante, $400,000.

Piedmont Dr., 5825-Helmand Investment Corp. to Eric Lynn and Claudia Ivonne Samiec, $500,000.

Scottswood St., 6709-Thanh C. Nguyen and Huyen T. Vo to William and Tracy Carter, $620,000.

Tipton Lane, 4613-N&S Del Cid Investments Corp. to Kevin Soo and Evelyn Yarzebinski, $499,000.

Wayside Pl., 6500-Robin S. and Melissa Eisenstein to William and Patricia A. Sullivan, $900,000.


Americana Dr., 4333-C-Hiep T. and Mimi Tran Ly to Nae K. and Eun Ho Han, $195,000.

Braddock Rd., 7416-Annette M. Monsour to Tho Xuan and Phuong Xuan Nguyen, $555,000.

Dassett Ct., 7800-Lydia Estes and Sandra L. Myrick to Almaz Jamankulov and Zhanara Zhorobaeva, $280,000.

Jayhawk St., 7107-Steven J. and Alejandra M. Paulovich to Jeannine L. Fargis, $625,000.

Red Fox Dr., 4929-John L. Connor to Matthew Adam and Arna Carlock, $595,000.

Tarheel Way, 4916-Sean Michael and Katherine E. Williams O’Donnell to Brian and Kira Michelson, $730,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 1703N-Joyce M. Deanell to Yan L. Schall, $240,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 706S-Mulugeta Tesfakiros to Misbah Ullah Mahmood, $322,000.

Madison Watch Way, 3676-Kristine L. Svinicki to Stephanie J. Xu and Yong Q. Zou, $550,000.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 101-Hugo G. Collazos to Sun H. Kim, $217,000.


Covered Bridge Rd., 6231-Carl D. and Bernadette Vaughn Farley to Charles Erich Carlton Jr., $619,000.

Kendrick Lane, 5534-Rita H. Thakur to Gloria Justice and Kalun Lee, $500,500.

Oak Thrush Ct., 10655-Harminder Pal Singh to James Michael Boggs and Stephanie Smith, $412,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9622-Jose Galvan and Nicole Ortega to Louis Travan Jr. and Deborah Marie White, $624,900.


Cedar Key Landing., 14367-Chang Xu and Jun Deng to Donald Park, $453,000.

Connor Dr., 13357-M-Kyoung S. Kim to Tae Hoon Kim, $226,000.

Farm Pond Ct., 14613-Jennifer Lynne and Ralph T. Heymsfeld to Zachary Eric Leuschner, $545,000.

Kerrywood Cir., 6911-Katherine L. Roll to Colin Daniel and Hanna Clair Framinan, $423,000.

Matthews Vista Dr., 13428-Kerem Cetinbas to Hyun Joo Lee, $606,000.

Prince Way, 6311-An Hong and Thanh Tam Nguyen to Robert L. Park, $322,000.

Royal Oak Lane, 14206-Chang Chin Ko to Jacob J. Delgado and Joshua A. Maloof, $350,000.

Silo Valley Vw., 14383-Farhad Jassor to Kurt T. and Katherine M. Wagner, $447,000.

Watery Mountain Ct., 14363-Hong Zheng to Hui Feng Pan, $365,000.


Elmwood St., 4108-K. Hovnanian at Rockland Village Green to Adriana Carolina Cartaya Mollejas and Omar Javier Delgado Garcia, $730,029.

Ridge Rock Dr., 13618-John P. and Masako Huibregtse to Sunwook Kim and Haein Jung, $756,000.

Weeping Willow Ct., 4147-Scott E. and Donna L. Sabis Burns to Saman Eskandari, $295,000.


Orchard Hill Lane, 5867-Michelle Noble to David Thomas and Gretchen Ann Anderson, $220,000.


Alcoa Dr., 3995-Van Thanh Ho and Thoa Kim Luu to Shelie A. Brooks, $520,000.

Argonne Dr., 4305-Thomas T. and Dorothy Waldbillig to Ebenezer and Roberta Dadzie, $565,000.

Battenburg Lane, 4652-Avilo Oliva Jr. and Symone Costa Da Silva Mendes to Hazem Radwan Hower, $449,950.

Buckeye Lane, 3328-Lawrence S. Jacobs and estate of William W. Giroux to Michael and Miranda Stine, $400,000.

Cedar Grove Dr., 3104-Mary A. Horton and Elizabeth Z. Snyder to Magen Dargon, $482,000.

Delsignore Dr., 11411-Mohammed Sadiq Hussain Khalid and Mohammed Sadiq Hussain to Stella J. Tamayo, $576,000.

Fairfax Hunt Rd., 12112-FNM Investments Corp. to Scott Pedrick and Rebecca Howard Pittman, $742,000.

Friendship Ct., 10286-Rosemarie S. Johnson to Gary and Eleanor Shumaker, $509,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12891, No. C-Jennifer W. Crist to Lakshmi Prasanna Alaparthi and Sravan Kumar Kongara, $295,100.

Hayes Ct., 12461, No. 302-Elman Vagif Krinker and Vagif Enver Abdullaev to Laura Ogborn and Ryan Krolick, $330,000.

Inverness Rd., 3807-Rongtao Xu to Rula Salih, $582,000.

Legato Rd., 4157-Gary Petitt and Janice Tellier Coleman to Hasan Ogun Heporen, $667,500.

Long Boat Ct., 5413-Michael Malferrari to Adrian Hanson and Louis Arnold Theriot, $499,900.

Memory Lane, 13116-Michelle L. and Michael A. Stevans to Sylvia Ndumu Nunyi, $490,000.

New London Park Dr., 5409-Pamela K. Bellafiore to Amanda Lee Kirschner, $435,000.

Ox Hill Rd., 12320-Jamie W. Gallagher to Francine Rosemary Carl and Amy Hudson Bowman Cammarata, $600,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 127-Benjamin Geib to Kaitlyn Parry, $362,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 425-Charles C. Foreman and Dahianna V. Salazar Foreman to Mary Kathryn and Mary Kay Svedberg, $495,000.

Readsborough Ct., 3177-Richard S. and Doneen A. Whitaker to Zachary George Colon and Karlee Sposa, $545,000.

Safe Harbor Ct., 5411-Trovena Lynn Trussel to James and Amy Plumlee, $450,000.

Shooters Hill Lane, 5540-Tahereh F. Yazdi to Erik D. Pierstorff and Trish E. Kaiser, $710,000.

Talking Rock Dr., 3017-Vivien Hastings to Blake Harvey, $475,000.

Wheatstone Dr., 4909-Susan A. Ordakowski to Leah Ayoung Chang, $626,000.


Meadow Crossing Way, 9400-William T. Gibson to Randy and Devin Caldwell, $787,500.


Arthur Dr., 7221-Shivaram Shanmugam and Meera Natarajan to Kurt Richard and Alexis Roosth Hassell, $1.25 million.

Chanute Pl., 8002, No. 15-Edward S. Soga to Seung Hyun Kim and Sherri L. Lee, $197,000.

Conifer Lane, 2348-William J. and Cheryl D. Horton to Justin and Kaley Diaz, $605,000.

George Mason Rd. W., 2754-Joel J. and Laurita J. Oliva to Hillary Anne Robertson and Grant Owen Jones, $765,000.

Hickory Hill Rd., 7103-S. Dianne and Robert Dale Cameron to Gillian and Christopher Lyerla, $489,000.

Johnson Rd., 2917-Jeremy David and Lauren Glass Carpel to Rachel Elizabeth and Wyatt Akston Baron, $625,000.

Locust St., 6607-Maurice A. and Dolores M. Drury to Meghan and Ross Elliott Goodwin, $806,000.

Trail Run Rd., 7605-Lindsay A. Morris and Michael A. Janicke to Marc Egan and Juline Kaleyias, $745,000.

Yarn Ct., 2866-Jose C. Soares to Thomas L. and Judith H. Irving, $630,000.


Falls Reach Dr., 7000, No. 201-Roya Amirghaffari to Kelly Lorraine Hudspeth and Logan Jane Gradison, $468,000.

Hutchison Grove Ct., 2134-Scott J. Allen and Victoria Y. Wei to Soksophoin Choeung and Vathana Seourn, $640,000.

Montivideo Square Ct., 6814-Gediminas J. and Sonia M.R. Mosinskis to Donald Jacobs, $620,000.

Reddfield Ct., 7316-Honeyview Corp. to Shivaram Shanmugam and Meera Natarajan, $1.64 million.


Bluedale St., 8731-Fink Solutions Corp. and Florida Limited Liability Co. to Jeffrey and Margaret Little Pearson, $780,000.

Empress Ct., 826-Brian R. Claydon and Janice C. Shuster to Mark D. and Shauna M. Hamilton, $791,000.

Priscilla Lane, 1128-Stephen M. and Laura R. Bache to Dennis Wayne and Eleanor May Bartow, $845,000.


Jeffery Rd., 8936-Jeffrey A. and Fionnuala G. Thinnes to Andrea Henningsen and Daniel Paul May, $1.37 million.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1002-Catherine M. Haymans to Scott Robert and Lauren Danielle Hertling, $795,000.

Walker Woods Dr., 10109-Richard B. Buchanan and Julie E. Andrews to Walter Herbert and Svetlana Foster, $875,000.


Amber Oaks Ct., 2906-Talmadge C. and Lynne M. Jones to Cheng Guo and Sisi Ji, $950,000.

Brightfield Lane, 13511-Thomas G. Visco to Fei Shan, $495,000.

Coat Ridge Rd., 1544-Chelsea E. and Damien J. Ettere to Travis R. Von Schmidt and Danielle Allen, $548,000.

Florida Ave., 551, No. 201-Alvin and Elise Cosmo to Ansar and Jahanara Zaman, $222,000.

Kingsvale Cir., 1421-Agl Properties Corp. to Ryan Alvarado, $505,500.

Myterra Way, 12314-Michael W. Haney to William Nathaniel and Malika Maria Evans, $610,000.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1485-Jane E. Holz to Thomas P. and Jennifer A. Whitney, $595,000.

Senate Ct., 311-Timothy J. Barber to Domingo Mendo Rodriguez and Maria Esther Campoverde Davalos, $674,950.

Thomas Young Ct., 12505-James A. and Debra K. Vosburg to Bryan W. and Angela M. Christian, $657,500.

Viking Dr., 2747-J. David and Kathryn A. Ault to Michael Vincent and Shannon Elyse Hawn, $560,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5837-Robin Kramer and estate of Harvey Greenberg to Anthony Antonio and Tanyetta Adams, $490,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5653-Meeka J. Thomas Paramore and estate of Robert W. Clark to Lien Nguyen, $350,000.

Kings Cross Rd., 3507-John Tregoning and Maureen Wehrhahn to Brendan M. and Bethany J. Conway, $675,000.


Cobblestone Ct., 3823-Thomas J. and Gabrielle M. Page to Sara Virginia Kinsey and Amanda M. Fallon, $615,000.

Green Spring Lane, 7009-Rigoberto and Elsa Luis to Paul and Lynn Lou Beran, $660,000.

Mason Hill Dr., 2114-Linda S. Benson to Nathan Skavdal and Rebecca Wallace, $802,100.

Stover Ct., 7227-Julia Elena Garcia to Jones R. and Lana L. Harrison, $432,572.


Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 306-Andrew Grant Williams to Christopher Joshua Rossman, $276,000.

Independence Cir., 5714-Kevin E. and Christine A. McLeary to Stephanie L. O’Hara, $370,000.

Winter View Dr., 5274-Megan E. Thomas to Nataliya Arno and Tamara Morris, $920,000.


Hampton Station Ct., 8818-Samuel J. and Linda L. Goodwin to David Otto Bynum, $825,000.

Peace Lily Ct., 8425, No. 111-Steven C. Buhneing to Rajeev Sharma, $375,000.

Whitehaven Ct., 8433-Kristin L. and Michael W. Devick to Marco Antonio, Judith Del Carmen and Rosenda Judith Rosasco, $675,000.


Balsam Dr., 6018-Debra E. Finkel Fields and estate of Norman J. Finkel to Steven Barry Wasserman, $975,000.

Candlewick Ct., 1531-George W. Winkel and Adeline Cioffi O’Connell to Dov J. and Rachel H. Rhodes, $751,000.

Chesterbrook Rd., 6000-Carol A. Dennison to Chantalle Carles and Stefan Parker Schropp, $950,000.

Evers Dr., 1541-Braj K. and Archana Sharma to Ralph Joseph and Barbara C. Kyttle, $1.29 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900, No. 401-Signet Residential Corp. to Nancy Bernard and Samuel Marcus Chappell III, $1.45 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 701-Hela B. Finberg and estate of Donald R. Finberg to Marilyn Elaine Rice, $619,000.

Jerry Pl., 6601-Abhishek Bhasin and Amy Kotecha to Jose L. and Beatriz Gonzalez Hernandez, $1.03 million.

Lincoln Way, 1534, No. 102A-Raad Humadi and Mariam Suleyman to Maurice Lyden Nee III, $230,000.

Nelway Dr., 6212-Shervin and Caroline Shafa to Mark and Tiffany Bittenbender, $905,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 603-Kristin Coventry Toms Albaugh and Courtney Moylan Toms Beck to Aref Erfani, $460,000.

Snowpine Way, 8003-Samuel J. and Heather E. Waldon to James and Adriana Chastain, $1.02 million.


Benecia Ct., 8422-Manpreet Kaur and Sanjiv Nehra to James Boadi Okyere, $232,000.

Gateshead Rd., 8714-Mary and Joseph K. Pham to Clinton and Stephanie Robins, $620,000.

Mount Vernon Hwy., 8162-Munther Alraban to Muhammad A. Khan, $525,000.

Roxbury Ct., 3813-Dawn Pettit to Rhiannon A. Walsh and Julia C. Singer, $405,000.


Axton St., 7431-Johnny D. and Carolyn G. Braden to Amelia Iriarte, $380,000.

Foxe Pl., 7311-Jon Kirk Mukri Jr. and Samantha Margaret Batko to Katelyn R. Blakley, $492,000.


Bushman Dr., 10206, No. 411-Christopher Caufield to Praveen Jyothi Kumar, $231,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10043-Steven C. Osvatics Jr. and Claire M. Murphy to Yolaina Guiomar Montoya, $325,000.

Welbourne Ct., 2784-Frank J. and Marlene M. Puschauver to Robert Kenneth and Natalie Revoe Sjoberg, $1.01 million.


Breton Ct., 11844-Wesley A. and Jennifer M. Schindler Ruwisch to Christopher Mark and Kristin Lynn Bertelli, $340,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 1976-Hasan Siddique and Hala Imam to Matthew R. Evans, $625,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1413-Eugene Patrick and Betty A. Sullivan to Anneka G. Freeman, Lauren Farnsworth and Jeffrey Letcher Freeman, $460,000.

Lakeport Way, 1942-Lola J. Miller to Richard Shelton, $620,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 281-Aldrin W. Leung and Hang F. Ho to Alexander Ryan Dy, $415,000.

Millennium Lane, 2345-Patricia A. Downes to Robert Charles Meidlinger and Shauna Marie Davies, $425,000.

Roland Clarke Pl., 1987-Jarrett R. and Rella A. Jones to Libo Wang and Weihong Li, $886,757.

Sarazen Pl., 2005-Sarah Ramos and estate of David Finn to Robert T. Ferguson Jr., $325,000.

Summer House Ct., 11436-Gene M. Remmers and Cecile T. Batchelor to Richard S. and Cathleen K. McCabe, $705,000.

Sunset Hills Rd., 11800, No. 1209-Leon Jacob Kaplan to Benjamin I. Olderman, $340,000.

Villaridge Dr., 1928-B-Jason and Meghan Park to Ah Reum and Hyoungsun Park, $293,000.


Crosswoods Cir., 6300-George William Erikson Sr. to Eric T. and Karen Y. Sasaki, $1.55 million.


Beverly Park Dr., 7103-Asim Butt and Noor Ui Huda Sheikh to Manizheh Eskandari, $360,000.

Flora St., 7419-Somboun Sengkeothai to Somphone, Amalee and Sonexay Aphayvong, $440,000.

Gutman Ct., 8909-Wilhelmina M. and Bernando San Juan Jr. to Kashif Ali, Iris Talebi and Ibrar A. Ali, $435,000.

Inverness Dr., 6831-Gregory G. Yost to Katharine Lillo Zavala, $509,999.

Lemoyne Lane, 7706-Louis Joseph Travan Jr. to Londi Patricia Guerra, $402,500.

Oriole Ave., 7507-Taurus L. Glover and Christie L. Byard to Jad S. Shaban, $565,000.

Ridge Oak Ct., 7409-Allieinc Corp. to Daniel Remington Douglass and Wenli Yan, $555,000.

Seabrook Lane, 7586-David Lynn and Tokyim Hong Bragg to Jonathan L. and Katherine A. Fairgrieve, $675,000.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8029-Judith Dalie to Sarah Lynn Fong, $406,222.

White Stone Lane, 8211-Spencer Terry and Candace Thomka to Erin and Bradley Kilkowski, $335,000.


Black Stallion Pl., 8403-Gail Elizabeth Donohue and Christine M. Varner to Kathryn Guccione and Runjit Gattu Chandra, $1.2 million.

Clovermeadow Dr., 1825-Nathan and Melanie Rothstein to Michael and Brenna Clark, $740,000.

Grovemore Lane, 2774-Michael J. and Ekaterina N. Downey to Antonios and Dimitra Louloudakis, $515,800.

Laurel Hill Rd., 1513-Ralph J. and Barbara C. Kyttle to Brian and Page Crane, $949,900.

Manhattan Pl., 2665, No. 305-Ilya Breyman and Ekaterina Sukhova to Brendan D. Young and Zoe E. Arndt, $597,500.

Orchard St. NW, 436-Salman Hawa and Fadia Al Kahazali to Khader Abuelhawa, $655,000.

Silverberry Way, 8152-John K. and Christina E. Shin to Christophe Leighton McCray and Florence Rasheedat Jinadu, $1.01 million.

White Pine Dr., 1643-Kumudini K. Attanagoda to Aarti Bakshi and Mehul Desai, $1.34 million.


Alberta St., 6314-Linda M. Schaffer and Thomas J. Hyra to Elias Demoz, $580,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8139-Benjamin R. Conley to Nadine D. Valentine, $400,000.

Galgate Dr., 7019-Richard A. Vaaler Jr. and Nancy Vaaler Wyatt to Carlos H. Santana, $502,000.

Kousa Lane, 7239-Sundar and Prasansha Thapa to Thanh Hoang and Kim Nhung Thi Nguyen, $405,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7870, No. 3301-Judith H. Brandt to Charles Mugno, $475,000.

Smithfield Ave., 8235-Matthew S. Suttmiller and Ashleigh M. Wright to Bethany Lyn Case and Edward William Wojciechowski, $635,000.

Whitlers Creek Dr., 7239-Philip Van Den Hout and Jilan A. Fawzy to Kimberly Michelle Arnold, $463,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Berritt St., 4220-Joseph W. and Bonnie H. Stowell to Jong Eun Kim and Sukyung Chi, $478,000.

Fairfax Blvd., 9459, No. 101-William S. Gaskins and Andrew J. Biggers to Darrius J. Reese, $210,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3991, No. 201-Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. and JP Morgan Chase Bank to Lisa and Conrad Peter Schmidt, $157,520.

West Dr., 10720, No. 202-Gregory L. Kelley to Michael, Tara, Julianne and Sophia Porter, $200,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Parker Ave., 404-HGPT Corp. to Giuseppe Aniello Lion and Maria Daniela Barrios Quintana, $905,527.

Welcome Dr., 2706-Thomas Richard and Gladys Fattori to Len L. and Robyn L. Kedrow, $880,000.