Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Beechwood Rd., 7204-Christian Paul and Antonina Moulin to Jeremiah J. and Tiffany A. Huth, $630,000.

Foresthill Rd., 2204-Steven R. and Jill T. Mote to Christopher and Kelly Ferenc, $1.88 million.

Roanoke Dr., 2226-William A. Crowe to William Mitchell Beebe, $315,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 919-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rita Amani and Abdul Basit, $160,000.


Ballycastle Cir., 5232-David B. Trenner and Taylor M. Gallo to Jennifer Marie Mantooth, $565,000.

Casdin Dr., 6260-Matthew Egan Johannessen and Molly Knowles Kennedy Thacher to Danielle Crayton, $620,000.

Curtier Dr., 6020-B-Abdelhamid Bertal to James Cho, $345,100.

Florence Lane, 6205-Daniel R. and Heather L. Manning to Joseph F. and William J. Bainer, $675,000.

Grange Lane, 6507, No. 404-Pierce Russell Schreiber to Dorcas N. Nzau, $375,000.

Heather Ct., 3709-S&W Real Estate Investment Corp. to Sarah E. and Keith M. Ludeker, $519,500.

Joust Lane, 6022-Randy Lee and Ouzana A. Morgan to Tanin and Tannaz Izadi, $520,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5972-Kifle Solomon to Queen Amina Ayobunmi, $358,000.

Saint Genevieve Pl., 5228-Roxanne Salata to Devon McNally, $385,000.

Victoria Dr., 6915-B-Meredith J. McCord to Jeniffer Gomez, $255,000.


Backlick Rd., 5024-Sicander and Camila Nasher to Shahab and Rohina Nasher and Alvaro E. Lopez Zaouick, $550,000.

Championship Ct., 4097-John R. and Caley S. Krug to Lauren E. McKinney, $492,500.

Elan Pl., 4402-Orlando A. and Virma H. Gamarra to Luis T. Paredes Ubillus, Ytala Jennifer Ciudad Carpio and Edgardo Tomas Paredes Angeles, $380,000.

Stone Gate Dr., 8421-Janet Samuelson to Amit Kumar and Twinkle Purshotam Pamnani Kumar, $700,000.

Webley Ct., 3327-Martin L. and Minh L. Nguyen to Victoria Ann Deen, $415,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1510S-Maria Christina A. Garcia and Juvenal C. Valenzuela to Rose Kristine Camacho Sia, $200,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3350-Maureen Kiser to Elizabeth Ann Olcese, $365,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 525-Deian Radev to Klara Se Wuo Cheung, $320,000.


Birch Leaf Ct., 6375-Joyce A. Lawrence and Carlos A. Romero to Brenda Renee Falkenstein, $277,000.

Kara Pl., 5878-John and Jennifer P. Gorkowski to Christine Marie Brun, $425,000.

Natick Rd., 9870-Susan H. Wilson to Eugene Fisher, $542,000.

Queens Wood Dr., 5083-Jeremy and Maria Richart to Nathaniel Elliott and Heather Mathews, $626,000.

Wheaton Dr., 6018-Duong Trung Vo and Lien K. Ma to Bibek Adhikari and Sangita Bashyal, $590,000.


Big Yankee Lane, 13991-Laurel A. Patton to Jessica Lynn Gonzalez and Kelley Thomas Love, $349,250.

Cardigan Sq., 14715-Robyn K. and Robert J. Murray to Kevin M. and Rebecca S. Braddock, $355,000.

Compton Valley Way, 14006-Michael R. Miga to William and Andrea Bennett, $410,000.

Cub Run Ct., 6717-Peter and Dominique A. Drown to Tungalag Mazzarisi, $426,000.

Early Autumn Dr., 6135-Jee Hyun Lee to Dennis Bernardo Lujan, Alba Cecibel Fuentes Ventura and Edwin Enrique Fuentes Ventura, $470,000.

Glen Meadow Ct., 5107-Upper Decker Properties Corp. to Grant E. Mulkey and Tina L.W. Mulkey, $400,000.

Hovingham Ct., 6910-Creamcup Properties Corp. to Maryam Nozary, $365,000.

Maple Creek Lane, 13276-Syed K. Hasan to Michael Jordan Barnett and Juan Carlos Lizarazu, $585,000.

Palmetto Pl., 6380-Francis J. and Kristen F. Angilletta to Choapel Lhundup, $385,000.

Rocky Run Dr., 5619-Jae Hyuk Choe to Thuan Trong Tran, $435,000.

Sharps Dr., 6504-Haridas Nambiar and Asha Ratnamma to Daniel Bamisile, $405,000.

Virginia Chase Ct., 14402-Raymond and Jennifer Davids to James L. and Kimberly Lawrence, $786,545.


Carroll Ct., 3907-Rodney P. and Nori C. Jones to Deepak Singh and Jaya Rawat, $577,555.

Lightfoot St., 3810, No. 409-David Siwen Chen to Franklin Lester Ryals, $285,000.

Weeping Willow Ct., 4128-Jeffrey and Johanna Zinn to Maria Teresa Rodriguez and Rosa D. Naranjo, $355,000.


Whetstone Manor Ct., 13919-Yong and Kyung Wha Choo to Cole J. and Madison R. Fenton, $575,000.


Apple Orchard Ct., 12219-Hee L. Kim to Isac Varghese and Chelsea Mary Kunnath, $489,900.

Blissful Valley Dr., 12466-Diala Hawa to Haider Sulaiman and Dahlia Juburi, $575,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11624B-Shelie Anne Brooks to Louise C. Goddard and Matthew B. Gries, $425,000.

Commonwealth Blvd., 10001-Daron and Maria Moore to Richard R. and Dora V. Colvin, $665,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12733-Mustafa Akbari to Kelley M. Blanchard, $372,500.

Fountainside Lane, 4138, No. 302-Bradley S. Yassine and Patricia M. Sotela to Swati Gupta and Anurag Srivastava, $353,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 9327-Synergy Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Joshua and Sienna Winer, $839,000.

Guinea Rd., 4022-Christopher F. and Susanna Ekvall to Robert Derrick and Maya G. Bonello, $545,700.

Herzell Woods Ct., 5237-Joan M. and William J. Jefferies to Dallas J. and Karissa J. Schumacher, $706,500.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9802, No. 202-Carey L. Crimmel to Akash Sangroula and Sujata Upreti, $283,100.

Lindenbrook St., 9623-Richard W. and Maria Paz Victoria S. Nelson to Thanh Thai Pham and Thi Thuy Phuong Nguyen, $455,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 607-Patrick David Cosslett to Peter J. Beddow, $319,500.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4210-L-Gail A. Bleach to Candy Shirai, $300,000.

Omar Ct., 9110-Richard Adolf Newcomb to Vladimir Olegovich and Maria Gennadyevna Lashko, $499,000.

Pheasant Ridge Rd., 5026-Ellen Alvino to Claudio A. and Mary Benedi, $774,000.

Powell Rd., 4843-David M. and Marilee Shade to Joseph Saffer, $690,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 415-Kiffin Bryan to Sudhir K.R. Sangia and Anju Singh, $475,000.

Quail Creek Lane, 13136-Bipin Rajbhandari and Aruna Dangol to Mayank Prasad and Rupa Srivastava, $480,000.

Rippon Lodge Dr., 10707-Richard W. and Theresa M. Holmes to Pedrum Farzad and Lindsay Wasson, $659,000.

Santayana Dr., 9223-Bryan Reed Fleming to Neil and Janee Juliano, $775,000.

Sutler Hill Sq., 4348-Doris J. Keller and Dianne Schindo to Zohreh Nikkhah Abyaneh, $382,000.

Timber Log Way, 4160-Kelly J. and Byung Min Rim to William James Templeton, $477,000.


Jeremiah Ct., 6800-Hans Paul and Maria Soledad Riede to David B. and Taylor M. Trenner, $750,000.

Windpatterns Trail, 6321-Andrew and Sherry Mitry to Cynthia Braddon, $1.43 million.


Camp Alger Ave., 7120-Kevin Fu to Serghei and Zinaida Potorac, $535,000.

Cherry St., 2901-Son Vu Nguyen and Philoan Thi Tran to Ananya and Kevin Price, $740,000.

Gallows Rd., 3511-Matthew S. and Alexis Bitzer to Nick M. and Jacqueline A. Lubovich, $595,000.

Greenway Blvd., 2805-Anthony M. and Pazia A. Colella to Brian Edward Higgins and Margaret Leigh Fletcher, $650,000.

Jefferson Ave., 6709-Charles W. Mock and estate of Helen D. Mock to Christopher James Mitchell, $425,000.

Lee Park Ct., 7000-Kerri Dey Madden and Joseph Murray to Bradford Tyler and Kathryn Holl Garmon, $593,000.

Roundtree Rd., 7022-Kevin and Jean Lafauci Schutt to Sean Feeney and Rema Shebaro, $622,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7604-Kung H. Suk to Curtis P. Barnes, $325,000.


Dale Dr., 2325-Mohamed Wafic Jaber to Hector L. Garcia Salgo and Adriana Garcia Puig, $1.3 million.

Gilson St., 1804-Daquan Zhou and Rong Cai to Shruti Rakesh Tiwari and Prasun Mishra, $1.38 million.

Hillside Dr., 1902-Judd L. and Jana B. Robertson to Jared L. and Krystal Workman, $610,000.

Lisle Ave., 7534-Bearing Point Homes Corp. to James Dandalides and Swapna Joshi, $1.23 million.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 1206-Sandra L. Scroggs to Mina H. Rezvani, $193,000.


Battery Rd., 8814-Valerie Barrett Crowther and Michael James Barrett III to Brennan T. and Rose Roorda, $530,000.

Cool Spring Dr., 1602-Alexander J. Logan and Christina M. Clausnitzer to Michael W. and Caitlyn S. Goodman, $815,000.

Hoover Lane, 2023-Margaret E. Keniston to Elizabeth and Spencer Rothermel, $620,000.

Washington Rd., 8032-Yuvraaj and Jill Guindon Nasir to Nicholas Christian and Sara Simms Bracco, $950,000.


Runner Rd., 312-Zachary P. Grayner to Nathaniel P. Ambler and Paul A. Herman, $1.3 million.


Alan Shepard St., 3108-Christopher and Jelissa Orcinolo to Sung Jae Chung and Seong Hee Cho, $712,000.

Berger Pl., 2103-Erik and Lourdes Holtje to Peter Choonghwa Shin, $354,999.

Center St., 615, No. T2-Roy A. Kopeikin Jr. to Bruno J. Pomar and Diana Ananyan, $204,500.

Endeavour Dr., 13740, No. 207-Lavan Kumar Gujjula to Pradeepraj Kunrathur Chandrasekaran and Ramya Sampath, $385,000.

Hutumn Ct., 3019-Raghavendra Raju Togi to Rabia Akbar, $345,000.

Juniper Ct., 352-Michelle Lisa and Aleksey Sergeyevich Kudrin to Hong Li, $327,000.

Mason Mill Ct., 1291-Gustav F. and Leanne C. Anies to Luke and Shannon Knapp, $699,000.

Pine Oaks Way, 3103-Andrew B. and Deanna Fiol to John C. and Diana T. Markowitz, $975,000.

Sadlers Wells Dr., 1503-Kim M. Asack to Jesse Knox and Hayley M. Russell, $460,000.

Sugarland Meadow Dr., 410-Donald P. Weber and Gail A. Weber to Todd Forris and Tamela Lynn Peters, $705,000.

Upper Wynnewood Pl., 3197-Barry T. Snyder and Ching Yi M. Snyder to Jason and Melinda Crowley Holler, $960,000.

White Barn Ct., 3263-Ghanashyam Prabhakar and Arti Manohar to Kerrin E. O’Connor and John Vincent Rafter, $630,000.


Farrington Ave., 2222-Jose H. and Martha I. Castro to Shahid Khan, $320,000.

James Dr., 2713-Maury Audet to Destin J. Moag and Rebecca J. Myhre, $800,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 504-Ernest V. and Helen R. Hamilton to Bonnie Jo Smith, $559,000.


Brick Hearth Ct., 6513-Jason D. Luebbers and Atefeh Alizadehbirjandi to Qian Ding, $405,000.

Fordson Rd., 8001-Elenilson B. Argueta to Oscar David Reyes, $330,000.

Huntley Manor Lane, 3572-Larry Thomas and Lisa Kay Congleton to Ryeker S. Schurtz, $585,000.

Shaw Park Ct., 3206-Gar Real Estate Investment Group Corp. to Carlos Andrew Manzanares, $431,000.


Beauregard St., 5141-Juan Carlos Gomez and Sylvia Herrera to Amanuel Degu Assefa and Rahel Haile Kebede, $489,000.

Minor Cir., 4726-Kyoung W. Han and Ok M. Lee to Asmare Ayele Reta and Hirut Tebeje Tibebu, $515,000.


Bellwether Ct., 7818-Michael J. and Dora L. Zack to Brigette C. Obra, $420,000.

Fallswood Way, 7665-Alma H. and David W. Ours to Rena and Poormanand Mohabir, $440,000.

Monacan Ct., 8601-Bank of New York Mellon and Structured Asset Investments II Inc. to John Coburn, $802,725.

Shannons Landing Way, 8229-Ben Bang and Renee Carsi Cruz Ong to Evan Martucci and Bridget Curley, $570,000.


Altamira Ct., 1309-Segundo A. and Dora V. Morillo to Neelam and Rajiv Singh, $1.14 million.

Brook Rd., 8630-Stephen Doon and Sheila Marie Foley to Ahmed S. Mansoor, $1.6 million.

Chain Bridge Ct., 1503-Ian and Catherine E. Gray to James J. and Suzanne L. Lawrence, $1.33 million.

Daleview Dr., 1210-F. David and Patricia C. Burgess to Anthony and Kathleen Schulien, $1.7 million.

East Ave., 1712-Focal Point Homes Corp. to Louise Campanale, $1.73 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900, No. 211-Signet Residential Corp. to Anthony Frank Guadagno and Marla Eve Diamond, $2.02 million.

Forest Villa Lane, 1522-John M. and Laura S. Hotaling to Thomas A. and Laura A. Bell, $1 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 109-Haksong Jin to Jisang Choi, $320,000.

Ingleside Ave., 1241-Louise Campanale to Brian and Caroline Weimer, $2.05 million.

Laurelwood Dr., 1113-Zygmund and Christina B. Lenchert to Kimberly E. and Peter M. Scott, $1.2 million.

McLean Ct., 6602-Timothy K. Donnelly and Moira D. Wickes to Nasuh and Zeliha Buge Onal, $750,000.

Noble Dr., 6438-Eric Hyun Kim and Jiyeon Oh to Ying Fu and Lihua Fang, $1.08 million.

Ridge St., 6500-Robert Bryan and Ann P. Jacoboski to Otto W. Hoernig III, $8.25 million.

Tremayne Pl., 7680, No. 310-Fausto M. Guerra Watson and Ross G. Polar to Brent George Gibbons, $243,000.


Cedar Rd., 5203-Nova Holdings Corp. to Kyle Z. and Melissa L. Godfrey, $448,000.

Keeler St., 8300-Sandra L. Caldwell and estate of Jack Fulton Caldwell to Susan Casu and Billy Bates, $260,000.

Manzanita Pl., 3886-Jose A. and Alcelma A. Ruano to Ingri Lisseth Gonzalez Mendez, Elmer A. Mendoza Chicas and Martha Mendez Montoya, $232,000.

Redondo Pl., 3809-Santos P. Medrano to Muhammad Munir, $212,000.

Village Way, 8605, No. D-Kelly Scruggs Palacios to Lance Eric Ekas and David Wayne Hebrank, $185,000.


Cromwell Dr., 8924-George Joseph and Deepa V. Dev to Zachary S. and Emily Roberts Jennings French, $590,000.

Hatteras Lane, 7919-Brian Zayid and Barbara D. Abdul Karim to Zhuo Chen and Lawrence Carl Li, $490,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8389-Chad and Melissa Kinslow to Dmytro Bezkorovainyi and Ekaterina Shalimova, $410,000.


Lariat Lane, 11712-Edwin A. and Gladys A. Berger to Christopher and Saori M.S. Choulos, $665,000.

Turnberry Pl., 10127-Richard P. Verrier III to Katelyn Boggs and Arturo Buzzalino, $600,000.


Ascot Way, 1702-A-Caitlin Mesich to Aaron Patron, $280,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11260, No. 139-Robin M. Tuczak to Ruthann L. Yates, $230,000.

Freetown Dr., 2505-Heather Nicole and Zachary Bernard Gregory Walters to John Norman and Waynee Legaria Ward, $698,999.

Green Watch Way, 2112, No. 300F-Brian D. Brown to Patricia Kay Cochran, $315,000.

Harvest Green Ct., 1618-Virginia W. and Erik Robert George to Yema Arian Latify and Vivian Sophia Howard, $376,000.

Ivystone Ct., 11612, No. 300C-Suzanne Marie Robertson to Shalini K. Vaid, $292,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 511-Deborah L. Cox and estate of Ira D. Cox to Paul and Joan L. Loizeaux, $675,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 444-Kyeongsook Oh to Michael Richard Cummings, $485,000.

Purple Beech Dr., 11413-Mark Wayne and Jill Ashley Nobles to Kevin W. and Margaret S. Schaar, $983,500.

Royal Fern Ct., 2073, No. 11B-Warren A. and Velma Henderson to Jonathan Gunston Lowe, $221,100.

Sloane Ct., 11926-John Flavin to Andrew Michael and Devin Leigh Dunn, $499,900.

Sunrise Square Pl., 11690-Reston Valley Corp. to John William and Stephanie Michelle Dean, $860,000.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 10991-Laura Lee Miles to Emily Sherra Weeks, $725,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. 317-Rosemary Zabel to Iyasu Haile, $247,000.


Bent Arrow Ct., 8693-Claudia R. Wilde to Patricia Karen and Sean Kenneth Grady, $380,000.

Dickenson St., 7309-Kathryn D. Mullinax and Karin Dirst Caffi to Pablo Cesar Condori Perlas and Roxana Flores, $412,000.

Durer Ct., 7749-Louise K. Whitt to Emily S. Cahill, $385,000.

Griffin Pond Ct., 7703-James M. and Mary V. Johnson to Justin Reeves and Jacqueline Kirk, $675,000.

Hanks Pl., 7109-Logan M. and Amanda A. Foley to Kevin T. Frantz and Ashley N. Maharaj, $587,520.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8487-Giancarlos A. Ananias Lopez to Jason Karl and Rebekah Stegman, $325,000.

Lowmoor Rd., 7761-Jack K. Trowbridge to John Dennis Newton and Catherine Christine Puhnaty, $535,000.

Revenna Lane, 7962-Rama Chiruvella to Raiza Vega, $450,000.

Rockefeller Lane, 9233-Michael S. and Carol A. Lovan to Logan M. and Amanda A. Foley, $630,000.

Spring View Ct., 7304-Anissa L. Craghead and Patricia Hackman to Nathan L. Hershberger, and Kimberly and Limhour Kheang, $447,000.

Wagon Trail Lane, 7715-Steven W. Olson to Keith Edward and Danielle Alexandra Aromando, $720,000.


Adelman Cir. SW, 504-Collin J. Sekas to Vijayanand Srinivasaraghavan and Lakshmi Sharmila Sudarsan, $1.44 million.

Bowling Green Dr., 2727-Ali Shaker and Laya Keyvan to Mariam Nusrat and Matthew W. Miller, $665,000.

Cedar Crossing Lane, 2761-Eric W. Meiers to Mubarak Ali Mubarak Hassan and Salma E. Eltahir, $670,000.

Frederick St. SW, 907-Sunline Custom Homes to Stewart Meny and Rachel Everett, $1.6 million.

Kibler Cir. SW, 502-Sarah C. Gustafson to Jason Gregory Frey and Elizabeth Katlyn Giffen, $690,000.

Locust St. SE, 314-Martin P. Thompson and Michael W. Robinson to Francisco Formoso Eiroa and Maria Angelines Bouza Pico, $865,000.

Ninovan Rd. SE, 913-Swan Homes Corp. to Hasan Siddique and Hala Imam, $1.59 million.

Westford Dr., 10209-Deborah L. Alcaraz D’Andrea and estate of Ernest C. Alcaraz to Ali Emadi Konjin, $586,800.


Jawed Pl., 2374-Rami and Eman Safadi to Kirill and Leah McConnell Dergachev, $999,000.


Birchtree Ct., 7931-Jeffrey G. Valliere to Jeremy Colleli and Lina Harfoush, $475,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8426-Eric M. Kidwell to Isabel O. and Joseph C. Duarte, $300,000.

Rockledge Ct., 7717-Janet Byrne Otto to Bradley and Danielle Adams, $635,000.

Shootingstar Dr., 7771-Leon J. and Jodi A. Vlahakes to Maria Carolina Bonnells Urbina, $533,000.

Sweet Dale Ct., 6010-William H. and Patricia L. McKay to Kristi Ann Tomhave, $259,900.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3830, No. 103-Ashley and Peter Mosca to George Sidrach and Elissa Arling Dolina, $182,000.

West Dr., 10723, No. 301-Thomas R. and Elizabeth Miller Roesel to Martin Nguyen, $210,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Virginia Ave. S., 420-Denise Vukmirovich to Fabiola A. Bellevue, $575,000.