Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in April was provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Boulevard View, 6606, No. C2-Diane C. Reidy to Cassandra L. Eichner, $288,000.

Devonshire Rd., 7119-Clayton J. and Elizabeth H. Richards to John Bingham and John Perez, $690,000.

Potomac Ave., 6502, No. B2-Melissa Rosario and Steven Zweifach to Jameson E. and Inna V. Hamilton, $250,000.

Stafford Rd., 7221-Andrew T. Crooks and Sophie Marie J. Crooks Nowicki to John Howard Spittell and Maria A. Plishka, $855,000.

10th St., 6524-Brooke and Braxton Apperson to Claire Harmon Banta Moran, $390,000.


Ballycastle Cir., 5283-Samuel C. and Arlene M. Hunt to Michael Celli, $627,500.

Castlefin Way, 6415-Joshua P. and Janet K. Holtzman to Tracy Diane Jones, $568,000.

Cornish Way, 5617-Beverly Ann Watson to Matthew Robert Mikalsen and Nicole Leslie Whitiak, $569,000.

Duvawn St., 4102-Kristi Kubista and Scott Kubista Hovis to Benjamin and Emily McIntyre, $575,000.

Ellingham Cir., 7034, No. 18-Maria De Fatima Andrade to Alfredo A. Rodriguez Suros and Daniella C. Bustillos, $335,000.

Franconia Rd., 6034-Nicholas and Sara Simms Bracco to William and Crystal L. Moore, $857,000.

Grange Lane, 6555, No. 404-David A. Wanamaker to Alex Chun Wai Wong, $390,000.

Joust Lane, 6104-Christopher Greene and Patricia Manning to Yigereme Belayneh, $515,000.

Lavinus Lane, 6605-Daniel J. Skuce to Andrew S. and Sadia A. Heil, $531,021.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6904, No. L-Jason A. Lefowitz to Teresa K. Sakai, $311,000.

Morning Brook Terr., 6809-James C. Reaney to Andrew Lane Portnoy and Tzu Chun Kuo, $760,000.

Oldham Way, 7502-Constance L. Brogan and Constance L. Teat to Habteselassie Mered, $545,000.

Patience Ct., 6400-Alberto Segura and Maria Elena Nazar to Heather McElroy, $459,950.

Royal Thomas Way, 6741-Brian N. and Lauren B. Krulick to Nathan Anderson IV, $580,000.

Sullivan Way, 6745-Robert H. and Temaki N. Carr to Rokshana Parvin and Tanim Chowdhury, $552,000.

Trin St., 5501-John D. and Kloe U. Cella to William W., Leslie A. and Matthew Allen Tate, $589,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5812-Renata Kujawa Parrish to Lina Zilionyte, $380,000.

Wilton Rd., 5937-Charles Stanley Przybylek and Marilyn C. Baker to David and Meredith Hendrie, $811,500.


Althea Dr., 5102-Da Wei Shi and Zhiqiang Alex He to Sofanit Getahun and Henok T. Embibel, $640,000.

Americana Dr., 4943, No. 204-David and Irene Chang to Lorena Vanessa Nieto Marquez, $195,000.

Brentleigh Ct., 4645-Jose M. Gonzalez and Lucinda Quintero to Alyssa Ellen Ritterstein, $430,000.

Canterbury Dr., 8610-Andrew S. and Chloe D. Mara to Andrew M. Phalan, $675,000.

Donna Lane, 3712-Robert and Renita Washburn to Camden Marut, $578,500.

Greenberry Lane, 4335-Jennifer Cundiff to Katie L. Missmer and Kristina Dehart, $485,000.

Kay Ct., 8308-Robert Lee and David Mark Hull to Allison Lenore Hardesty, $813,000.

Launcelot Way, 3521-Paul B. Anderson to Margaret Mary and Matthew Dean Franke, $771,888.

Nero St., 8801-Alan F. and Robin H. Peterson to Charles M. Steele, Taylor Baroody and Charlie Steele, $675,000.

Red Fox Dr., 5016-Daniel T. and Eudoxia A. Kepler to Steven M. and Jennie D. Schatz, $670,000.

Vellex Lane, 7101-Bohee Ko to Jan Helfeld, $1.06 million.

Woodburn Rd., 3366, No. 23-Jindong and Wensi Wu to Joseph Minh Thien Lai and Phuc Hong Nguyen, $235,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3318-Fazel Kazem Aziz and Emily Ann Kong to Rabia Ahmed and Zain Ui Abidin, $250,000.


12th St. S., 5310-3sels Properties Corp. to Ami Germay and Misrak Gebremariam, $614,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2311N-Shawn M. Nishikawa and Chad A. Weddell to Sean Michael Phillips and Kelsey Ann Franklin, $335,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6147, No. 206-Tuwan Riffkan to Blanka Novotna, $201,250.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 810-Dorothy Joan Paczosa to Robert Edward Register, $159,190.


Annaberg Ct., 10307-Benjamin Alvarado to Kim Gia Do and Quyen Truc Tran, $350,000.

Candleberry Ct., 9415-Thomas J. and Melissa D. Richardson to Susan Duncan and Victor Manuel Cervino, $495,000.

Crayford St., 6486-David H. and Stephanie A. Lynch to Tony Ray and Jenny Lim Roberts, $775,000.

Gatecross Pl., 9500-Marshall Wilkerson to Edward and Heidi C. Aponte, $605,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 9523-Scott W. and Kathryn S. Pappano to Matthew Gregory and Jill Ann Speed, $680,000.

Meyers Landing Ct., 6038-Frank P. and Kari L. Nieto to David S. and Anastasiya A. Kunz, $439,900.

Oakland Park Dr., 5933-Robert L. and Michele R. Gee to Peter A. Griffiths Sr., $715,000.

Peter Roy Ct., 9372-Patrick T. and Jennifer L. Collins to Daniel Fuerente and Lauren Gilligan, $510,000.

Turnbuckle Dr., 9772-Brent D. and Janise L. Harral to Karen Anne F. Landale and Goedon Landale, $743,500.

Windward Dr., 6218-John C. and Joanna L. Stewart to Joshua Ryan and Jin Jung Detrick, $735,000.


Astilbe Ct., 13714-Whan H. and Jean S. Lee to Sungbum Park and Younjung Moon, $800,000.

Batavia Dr., 14613-Mark T. and Caroline D. Regis to Zachary L. and Nicole Bowling Fettig, $395,000.

Clarendon Springs Pl., 5856-Eugenia Evelina M.C. Sozzi to Cuong B. Lam, $315,000.

Connor Dr., 13384-Jeffrey A. Kresge to Jenna Raye Matalon, $290,000.

Deer Hill Ct., 6083-Dong C. Yang to Kyong Shik and Seon Yun, $320,000.

English Saddle Ct., 6607-Keith A. and Betty P. Jarman to Rick and Maysa Saber, $675,000.

Glade Spring Dr., 14277-Nimish S. Shah to Ryan Richard and Megan Rae Rose, $444,500.

Grisby House Ct., 5920-Thomas A. and Sharon K. Imler to Janelle Gross, $411,008.

Hartwood Lane, 6735-William R. and Masha Joyce to Heather Bousman and Jaime Bousman Stanczak, $710,000.

Jenny Leigh Ct., 6751-Jason S. and Jennifer L. Herbek to Jungyeon Kang and Minjae Song, $436,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13565-Elangovan Kanagasabapathi and Easwari Elango to Timothy J. and Elana Gayeon Chu, $539,900.

Manassas Gap Ct., 14436-Barbar J. Lippa and Myra Musialkiewicz to Brian J. Delmolino, $402,000.

Old Mill Rd., 14531-Tanweer Bashir to Megan Elizabeth Terry, John D. Terry Jr. and Albert Jeremiah Kelly III, $759,900.

Rock Canyon Dr., 14115-Mark W. and Leigh C. Maier to Mely Do and Michael Alan Brittingham, $645,000.

Sammie Kay Lane, 5346-Im Soo and Won Nam Park to David M. Wolff and Laura N. Arellano, $725,000.

Smethwick Pl., 14830-Sabira Aboosaiedi and Ahmad Faheem Darab to Yoel Sanchez Canales and Katherine Sanchez, $330,000.

Strasburg Dr., 6125-Wayne M. Norwood to Dai Xuan Nguye, $225,000.

Turin Lane, 14423-Eric Miller to Jung Kun Park, $215,000.

Westwater Ct., 5826-Michael J. Cook to Sangmin Jung and Jin Han, $410,000.


Dawn Valley Ct., 4165-Jeni L. and Vickie C. Peters to Prem Prasad Subedi, $239,000.

Logwood Lane, 4722-Hung Viet Bui and Kim Nen Thi Dang to Kerem Baki and Miroslava Cetinbas, $900,000.


Beaver Creek Rd., 12125-Catherine Lynn Harwood to Brandon M. and Melissa M. Rushing, $1.2 million.

Harvest Pl., 13057-William C. and John E. Mears to Katherine Tavasti, $520,000.

Marblestone Ct., 14007-James R. and Kathleen C. Devey to Linda and Anthony Isaza, $695,000.

Orchard Dr., 13555-Jack R. Spencer Jr. to Kaitlyn Rose Hegaty, $282,800.

Rock Fall Ct., 6720-Scott W. and Marya J. North to Daniel Paul and Jin A. Allmacher, $785,000.

White Stone Ct., 13600-Mario A. Bezzini to Michael and Rachel H. Hodgkin, $662,500.


Anvil Ct., 5352-Georgi K. Ralev and Yali Lu to Jesse G. and Angela Ives Hill, $977,000.

Arlington Blvd., 9072-Imelda Torredes to Ahbiya H. Harris, $430,000.

Ashton Oaks Dr., 12911-David L. and Krista S. Stravach to Sarah Lynne Ducko Wood and Justin Wood, $620,000.

Bridgend Run, 12151-Lisa Nguyen and Au Dang to Khalil Mohamed Khalil Ibrahim and Howaida Soliman Mohamed Soliman, $630,000.

Canonbury Sq., 9427-Yi J. Shi and Hardeep Kaur Gandhi to Tong S. and Mine K. Park, $745,000.

Concordia St., 5114-Christopher F. and Jessica J. Cosgriff to Adam and Emily Elizabeth Oas, $645,000.

Farm House Lane, 4371-Matthew and Christine Bauer Halligan to Katherine Martin and Ross Engstrom, $660,500.

Garden Stone Lane, 8911-Wilbur Cuesta and Jennifer Leigh Rifareal to Hanna Tadesse and Dawit Getachew, $830,000.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12021, No. 102-Maryam Sabah Hussein to Kevin Mohammed, $291,000.

Greenway Ct., 12108, No. 240-Chanh Duong and Huong Ho to Elizabeth Brobeck, $295,000.

Hazelwood Ct., 4104-Rajesh Gopalakrishnan and Akila Subramanyam to Kavibhushann and Swati Kavibhushan Nawthale, $550,000.

Inverness Rd., 3838-Michele Q. Collins to Gurdial Saint and Dipti Gupta, $510,000.

Mantua Dr., 3329-Michael D. and Sara P. Kirby to David and Cristina Horne, $936,000.

Melville Lane, 12825-Joyce K. and Ellis Roby to Lucy McCartan Manheim, $560,000.

Modano Pl., 8860-Sae Ryang and Kyung Ok Kim to Zaher, Rannah Hakmeh and Nora Silk, $655,000.

Myrtle Leaf Dr., 5128-Kenneth E. and Maria F. Cole to Vrushali V. Gosavi and Rajeev A. Tuliapukar, $775,000.

Peakview Ct., 4216-Michelle M. and John C. Beeman to Ranjith Menon and Chandni Dinakaran, $595,000.

Pommeroy Dr., 5118-Earl N. Taylor and Leah J. Larson Taylor to Saurav and Anjela Shrestha, $658,500.

Quiet Hollow Ct., 12327-Larry V. Hartbarger to Kristin and Kevin McKenney, $530,000.

Sideburn Ct., 10509-David C. and Amy H. Gillies to Christopher Frederick and Jessica Joy Cosgriff, $836,000.

Superior Sq., 4520-Amanda F. Rondepierre to Brittany R. Linkous, $323,000.

Twinbrook Rd., 4800-Ernest B. and Bonnie C. Baldwin to Juana Mejia De Avendano and Fredy Avendano Gonzalez, $560,000.

Village Dr., 4600-Metropolitan Group Corp. to Walter F. Villarroel and Fabiola Mareno Camacho, $575,000.

Wedgeway Ct., 12148-Joanna Helena Parker to Rupesh and Anju Chaturvedi, $449,000.

Wild Horse Dr., 12211-Kelly T. and Nicholas A. Testoni to Andrew James Yeager and Tzu Ting Kuo, $1.36 million.


Chase Glen Cir., 8535-Jeffrey S. and Heidi M. Butler to Maxim L. and Oksana Kramer, $792,500.

Hampton Rd., 10872-Michael Stephen and Sandra Elaine Matt to Danny and Thelma Denton, $781,000.

Long Shadows Dr., 8100-Lee Roy and Sharon K. Vannoy to Bradley James and Autumn Brimhall Hinton, $940,000.

Timberidge Rd., 10613-Scott and Anne L. Davidow to Shane Michael and Jayme L. Stahl, $1.28 million.

Youngs Branch Dr., 6330-Frederic P. Bemak to Brian Scott and Sasa Mrak Hendrickson, $738,900.


Charing Cross Rd., 2901, No. 13-Katy and Meng Chun Chang to Brianna Sophia Aubin, $225,000.

Donahue Ct., 6822-Rachael E. Huddleston and Lakshitha S. Prelis to Gelson W. Caceres Gonzalez, $488,977.

Headrow Lane, 3148-Joseph A. Nguyen and Nanami Motoyama to Frank Aum and Laura Sung Ah Aum, $850,000.

Jefferson Ave., 6813-Armando and Mercedes Castro to Jonathan Jeremy Rode and Grace Ball, $715,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3015, No. 2105-Nancy and Anhtan Van Le to Zhanna Son, $289,000.

Rose Pl., 2906-Randall Wilder to Carrie L. and Michael Jospeh Petro, $742,000.

Sycamore Dr., 7909-John Daniel and Kara Ingrahm to Christopher and Blair Fiala, $651,000.

Westcott St., 2905-Allan G. Capon to Kathryn Naylor and Drew Howard, $730,000.


Elmhirst Dr., 6512-John W. and Joan L. Stoneburner to Gail H. and Frank Oliver Brown, $1 million.

Gilson St., 1821-James D. Herndon to Teofilo Saravia and Rosse Mary Tapia, $623,821.

Oak St., 7728-Christine A. Brown and the estate of Fayette Bryan Schanamann to Bernhard and Kathleen List, $700,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 713-Christian O. Bentzen to Svetlana Fomenko, $205,000.


Bainbridge Rd., 7915-Timothy George and Julie Christine McMorrow to Christopher S. and Monica Lynn Gerhardt, $680,000.

Macadams Pl., 1805-Michael D. and Lori J. Sundsted to Patrick James Mchugh and Hannah Marie McCracken, $715,000.

Revere Dr., 1603-Erik Bates to Joseph Beaudry and Jennifer Sampson Fienup, $879,000.

Yardley Dr., 8612-James P. and Elaine R. McKenna to Alexander M. and Lindsay A. Dyer, $680,000.


Carrwood Rd., 250-Peter and Jeanne Kurzenhauser to Jose R. Romos and Jodie Moxley, $1.2 million.

Maria Ave., 9108-Daniel W. and Constance R. Huthwaite to Sterling and Brooke Neblett, $1.8 million.

River Park Lane, 145-Donald V. Moorehead and Claudia A. McMurray to T. Christopher and Arianne D. Massey, $1.87 million.

Sherlin Lane, 799-Rajinikanth Pattabiraman and Anu Anand Ravilla to Sooim Sin and Michael Ochoa, $1.01 million.


Alan Shepard St., 3070-U.S. Home Corp. to Yu Bin BL and Qian Fang Chen, $687,906.

Applegrove Lane, 13111-John E. Elliott to Joseph L. Ceglinski, $687,000.

Brightfield Ct., 3402-Donald H. Ruzek Jr. to Gauri Zagde, $490,000.

Capstone Cir., 2039-David Jebo to Robert Cang, $460,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12901, No. 317-Hope SJ Corp. to Ryan Lawrence Braaten, $209,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12958, No. 121-David Armanious to David Tadros, $221,000.

Dardanelle Ct., 12529-Chad and Emmanielle Collie to Christopher Michael and Marta Layton, $592,000.

Feldman Pl., 13336-Anandhi Ganesan to Erik Advidson, $354,350.

Franklin Oaks Dr., 2860-Dennis E. Greene to Raman and Vanitha Raju, $1.09 million.

Hawks Nest Ct., 1458-Robert L. and Ada A. Turner to Jpshua David Metzger and Kathryn Elizabeth Schlieper, $650,000.

Horsepen Woods Lane, 13361-Gang Wang and Xiaoling Li to Kapil Bage and Anjalee Palorkar, $855,000.

Jeannie Anna Ct., 3011-Matthew W. and Margaret I. Sibley to Matthew and Erin Gazda, $785,000.

Lillian Chase Lane, 104-Merdith and Evette Hyder Davis to Ellen Denice and Michael Gardner, $645,000.

Meadow Hall Dr., 2659-Jonathan L. and Janet K. Scherer to Xiangsheng Li and Keyu Huang, $776,000.

Mustang Dr., 2819-Jiaqi Huang to Ankur and Tamanna Chopra, $955,000.

Pinecrest Rd., 12538-David H. and Mitsuyo O. Sprague to Mark Alan and Hailey Samantha Deluca, $630,000.

Reston Ave., 1158-Jie Gao and Feng Yan to Kari Ellen and Shane P. Cashdollar, $1.18 million.

Schwenger Pl., 13300-Joseph Gordon and Rosalind Raymond Gann to Hari Prasad Mainali and Taradevi Gautam, $355,000.

Sterling Ct., 905-Christopher and Katherine A. Rader to Robert J. Hoffman and Aileen Jen Ju Mavity, $546,500.

Westwood Hills Dr., 12109-Robert N. Deanglelis Jr. and Jennifer Amanda Deangelis to Robert N. Deangelis, $640,000.

Young Dairy Ct., 907-Michael H. and Cheryl Jakobsen to Megan Elizabeth Struttmann and Sean Paul Butler, $597,000.


Albemarle Dr., 2716-Keri Lewis to Matthew Amitrano, $501,000.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 902-Angela Antonopoulos to Paul F. Greenbrrg and Cynthia M. Orth, $153,825.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 711-David M. Dominguez to Laura Ann Fisher, $230,000.


Davis St., 7012-Paul Curtis Bottorff and estate of Rosaria P. Bottorff to Maria Posada, $522,500.

Flintstone Rd., 4515-Robert E. and Betty P. May to Samuel Oleve and Marci Elaine Bonner, $550,000.

Hollindale Dr., 1506-Travis Rose and Deblina Biswas to Kasey D. Keeler and Ashley M. Blandford, $675,000.

Range Rd., 7504-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Peter J. Braun III and Cecelia R. Leto, $653,888.

Stover Dr., 7214-David McGee to Jennifer Jane Sinibaldi, $418,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2569-Hector G. and Clara J. Campos to Victoria D. Eduardo, $431,000.


Eagle Ridge Lane, 6327, No. 46-Richard P. Diamond to Ora L. and Stephen C. Cruzado, $435,000.

King Duncan Rd., 4604-Eric Randall and Margaret Anne East to Lacey A. Lomax and Jordan Dunbar, $565,990.

Saucon Valley Ct., 4515-Woldesemait Properties Corp. to Joshua Aaron Must and Donrude Thinngamdee, $530,000.


Barrow Furnace Lane, 8534-Michael J. and Deborah A. Stewart to Timothy D. Harmon and Nancy J. Kernbach, $715,000.

Cherwek Dr., 9429-US Bank and LSF11 Master Participation Trust to Mekuria Gebremariam, $425,000.

Enochs Dr., 8506-Ula Ruddock to Saqib Naeim and Hemna Chaudhri, $435,000.

Fitt Ct., 8312-Bany D. and Mary P. Brown to Jon K. and Samantha L. Reynolds, $635,000.

Grandwind Dr., 7778-Steve M. and Julie M. Forde to Daniel Gerard and Rikki Jean Holcomb, $660,000.

Henry Knox Dr., 7653-Stephen P. Hyland to Bryan Scott and Tiara Pietangelo Guy, $600,000.

Lagrange St., 8814-Felix Aranha to Meron Demessew Berhane and Ermias Tigistu Worku, $465,000.

Osprey Ridge Lane, 9100-Virginia S. and Thomas W. Burden to Brian and Sherri Olson, $975,000.

Silverdale Ct., 8426-Carol A. and Carol French to Brandon Lewis and Lisa Michelle Weyand, $595,000.

Sylvania St., 8820-Cherie A. Smith to Elanor J. and Christopher A. Winchester, $550,000.


Elsinore Ave., 1307-Srean Yim Lor to Cynthia Marie and Patrick Morland Malone, $920,000.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 1018-Carolyn A. Heier to Todd H. Pavela, $410,000.

Forest Villa Lane, 1553-Joanna M. and Sean B. Cunningham to Erum Siddioui and Dean Fischer, $1.29 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 304-Zan V. Maynard and Lucrecla Bagnoti to Emily Xiaoning Wang, $365,000.

Highwood Dr., 1515-David M. and Sarah J. Maria to Rafael Elster, $1.43 million.

Linway Terr., 6431-Sharon K. Higgins to Nathan and Allison Clarke Stratton, $880,000.

Montvale Way, 7805-Peter V. Treibley and Richard A. Tanzillo to Dennis Wayne Peery and Anushree Saxena, $2.33 million.

Peacock Station Rd., 938-Hany Guirhuis and Hania Iskandar Guirguis to Xiang Lan, $5.5 million.

Rector Lane, 1059-Margaret G. and James A. Hanson to Iman K. Kholderabrin and Ehsan E. Kholdebarin, $900,000.

Teague Dr., 1496-Barbara A. Moran to Robert Tipton and Marsha Moore Osterthaler, $1.57 million.

Youngblood St., 1822-Karen Lee and William Daniel Joseph Gonzalez to Wei Hu and Ying Niu, $1.66 million.


Engleside St., 8523-Bethany J. Power to Daniel Bauman, $346,000.

Grist Mill Woods Ct., 8913-Muhammad and Abida Munir to James Michael and Elizabeth W. Boggs, $906,000.

Laramie Pl., 3801, No. 121B-Marco Fuentes to Szuming Chu, $230,000.

Mount Vernon Cir., 9346-Clyde S. Smithson Jr. to Michael Piccione and Michele O’Connell, $750,000.

Orange Ct., 8312-Shelley P. and Daniel G. Arzola to Benjamin and Christine Iverson, $643,000.

Roxbury Lane, 3701-Temesghen Ghebretinesae and Tirhas Berhane to Basel Amad, $410,000.

Sonora Pl., 3900-Kenneth R. Bennett to Deloise T. Worrell, $185,000.

Wessynton Way, 3200-Laura J. Sims to Linda A. Ennis and Cateryn Vucina Benjamin, $725,000.


Avon Ct., 5503-Sklyar J. Moore and Christina Prat to Marissa and Elizabeth Tonelero, $600,000.

Easton Dr., 5421-Robert L. Cook and estate of Clifford Grey Pash Jr. to King Street Properties LLLP, $426,000.

Trafalgar Ct., 8811-Maddury Somavazulu and Arundhati Javarao to Brooke L. Brown, $625,000.


Bushman Dr., 10218, No. 102-Christopher R. and Brittany E. Fortier to Amirarsalan Khalilian and Zahra Abdollahi, $300,000.

Foxvale Dr., 3205-Joanna W. Walker to Nolan T. McCann, $752,500.

Latigo Lane, 11803-David El and Amy El Naggar to Jeffrey Allan and Carol Cha Harris, $800,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10009-Wolmi Kim and Wolmi K. Parsons to Long Phi Van, Phuong Anh Nguyen and Brandy Bao Van, $325,000.

Timbermill Ct., 10903-Davaoud Zadehmohamadi and Maryam Jamali to Warren R. and Germma White, $870,000.

Valentino Ct., 3146-John D. and Sara M. Skeed to Michael James Ward and Thi Hong Thi Do, $578,000.


Ascot Way, 1709, No. A-Mark G. and Cheryl H. Carrier to Emilly Hargreaves, $305,000.

Brenton Point Dr., 2539-John and Robin Billings to Enrique and Elizabeth Grant Lara, $725,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2233, No. 21C-Airleen Corp. to Hanan Younis, $236,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1405-Katherine Elleen Rosenberger to Anthony James, $353,000.

Earnshaw Ct., 1401-Vikki R. and Alberto J. Morales to Kathleen Koeck and Brian Francis Ellis, $640,000.

Garden Wall Cir., 1353-Robert Bradley Davis to Megan Elizabeth Walters, $288,250.

Golf Course Dr., 2058-Ashok Kumar Banerjee to Mahak and Vivek Kumar Gupta, $460,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11549-Barg Inc. to Marcos A. and Lauren E. Ponce, $465,000.

Hollow Timber Way, 11428-Tommy F. Day to Cynthia Ann Wallace, $665,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1700, No. 11-Sukhyun Baik to Jonathan B. Bernstein, $350,000.

Links Dr., 11416-Andrew and Sarah Ball Gonyo to Julie McConnell, $550,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 413-Kevin M. Tripler to Samantha Ritz, $325,000.

Northgate Sq., 1364-Christopher Byrum and Courtney A. Bqutte to Jennifer Ann Rafer, $335,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1441-Jianhua Wang and Yawen Xu to Rebecca Blackman and Emily S. Tjelmeland, $575,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1671, No. 100-Darrell W. Jones Jr. to Mark Hawkins, $236,000.

Purple Beech Dr., 11411-Mary A. Valentino to David and Barbara Okerson, $1.6 million.

Royal Fern Ct., 2030, No. 11A-Deanna L. Lyons to Jeffery Steven Butler, $225,500.

Silentwood Lane, 11300-Katharine G. Goodwin to Katherine Eileen Rosenberger, $405,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1851, No. 211-Roy J. Spencer to Daniel James and Song Hai McGown, $490,000.

Sunset Hills Rd., 11800, No. 601-Joshua A. Kovolenko to Cloyd Buenaventura, $245,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12001, No. 21-George B. Reed to Kevin R. Benson, $238,000.

Upper Lake Dr., 1934-William L. Chadsey to David R. Gill, $1.58 million.

Weatherstone Ct., 1206-Philip Hassell and Maryam Ovichi to Sydney and Garrett Holland, $569,900.

Winstead Lane, 11915-Eric Fahr to Peter A. and May L. Coppernoll, $847,000.


Celadon Lane, 3117-Emily A. Timmerman and Emily A. Ruschau to Adrienne Rose Marie Raynor and Austin Raynor, $787,500.

Manchester St. S., 3101, No. 821-John D. and Eileen F. Thomas to Alis Marachelian, $225,000.


Amelia St., 5821-Daniel L. Hogan and estate of Lois P. Hogan to Samantha Leigh Cormode, $680,000.

Bloomington Ct., 7349-Mark A. and Judith A. Kintner to Joseph Benson and Christine Kim, $591,250.

Cliffside Ct., 7807-Jeremy M. and Gretchen Larchick to Rachel and Julio Patricia Jerez, $600,000.

Dinwiddie St., 6113-Tidewater Relocation Services Corp. to Michael R. Doyle, $550,000.

Falmouth St., 7311-Peter Pham and Thu Tram T. Pham to Syeda Sobia Gilliani, $440,000.

Gavelwood Ct., 9042-Petra G. Esseling and Nadir E. Dalal to Jennifer and Thomas Eybl, $537,000.

Hibbling Ave., 6315-Daniel B. Riordan and Christina Diane Cooper Riordan to Rizwan Shah, $545,000.

Lake Pleasant Dr., 8103-Selden J. Fritschner and Mary Anne M. Fritschner to Kevin E. and Paula M. Cooper, $545,000.

Moline Pl., 8331-Stephen J. and Elizabeth McGovern to Josephus D. and Emily Ruth Ferguson, $385,000.

Raindrop Way, 8299-Romella J. El Kharzazi and Mohammaed El Kharzazi to Wade Anthony and Jodi Lynn Fenwick, $460,000.

Rockefeller Lane, 9119-Peyton H. and Kristen R. Russell to Yung Il and Soyong Kim, $658,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8478-Raian T. Pearce to Grace Pascual, $395,000.

Tower Woods Dr., 7813-Matthew David and Julia Wright to Lindsey Marie Conrad and Joshua Andrew Kovalski, $585,000.

Zekan Lane, 6317-Sumeet Erry to Stephen and Downer Begg, $825,000.


Battle St. SW, 217-Venna Development Alliance Corp. to Nicholas A. and Melanie Corbett Simons, $1.6 million.

Brookside Lane, 1761-Benjamin and Lacena Carson to Elizabeth Mary and Alan Lewis, $1.35 million.

Chestnut Farm Dr., 9507-Thomas and Kathryn S. White to David Keith and Jennifer Gewertz, $971,500.

Delancey Dr., 9430-Dewitt Allan and Paulette Hogroian Fesser to Joshua B. Smith, $87,500.

Falcone Pointe Way, 8426-Samir and Shirley Patel to Manj Phillip Kevitigala and Sunithi Roman Kuruppu, $1.34 million.

Higdon Dr., 8807-Jean T. and Harry H. Harp to Ricardo and Katie Kiresich, $782,000.

Kingsley Rd. SW, 514-Timothy M. Larson and Quan N. Luu to Quan N. Luu, $307,563.

Locust St. SE, 302B-Kelvin Joseph Funes to Justo Pastor Fernandez Paez and Laura Mary Rachel Poncelet, $366,000.

Montmorency Dr., 1602-Samer W. and Ragheda M. Zeitoun to Heidi and Matthew Shirley, $870,000.

Orchard St. NW, 401-Randall G. and Susan L. Williams to Mike Yoo Kim and Claire Yo Kyung Kim, $915,000.

Upham Pl. NW, 707-Robert and Leona T. Hammond to John and Kristina Oliver, $827,000.


Bardu Ave., 6110-Jacqueline Booth Waldron to Rodrigo Siles Alba, Wilber Apaza Garcia and Vladimir Fernandez Garcia, $575,000.

Colony Point Rd., 8110, No. J-Russel M. Smith Jr. to Jennifer Wokeck and Dylan Hinzman, $203,500.

Forrester Blvd., 8307-William and Veronica Navarro to Matthew and Dana Cain, $520,900.

Glen Oaks Ct., 6125-Donald O. Grimm Jr. to Ashlee N. and Roberto M. Benavides, $597,000.

Hollow Hill Lane, 6063-Ney H. and Yung Park to Isaiah Lee, $470,000.

Kings Charter Lane, 8231-B-Jessica D. Segura and Jessica D. Almendares to Joshua McCave, $260,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7837-Chanelle E. Johnson to David G. Longenecker, $555,000.

Rivington Rd., 6504-Brandon and Rebecca Bender Marrs to Cody Aaron Carden and Meredith Susanne Snipes, $610,000.

Torington Dr., 5825-Henry C. Howard III to David Andexler and Remi Annunziata, $285,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Ashby Rd., 9712-Thomas P. Dodson to Joseph T. Leckert III, $525,000.

Charles Dr., 10822-Colleen and Drew Lewis to Victoria and Dimitri Ethan Aronson, $530,000.

Fairfax Blvd., 9459, No. 202-Janet H. Montes to Kali Begum, $212,500.

Randolph St., 3717-Douglas Edward and Jeannette Padgett Lemasters to Vikram Kumra and Carolina D. Morell Perez, $585,000.

Vanderbilt Ct., 4100, No. 302-Willam D. Pitchford to Brian A. Chen, $365,000.

Falls Church

This sales data was recorded by the City of Falls Church Real Estate Assessment Office.

Broad St. W., 502, No. 307-Shannon C. Somerville to Andrew and Stephanie Longosz, $600,000.

Jackson St., 412-Donald A. Fagnan III and Jennifer N.G. Fagnan to Peter McCone, $897,000.

Maple Ave. N., 200, No. 515-Ellen Shultz to Alvaro Bustillos and Erin McDonald, $275,000.

Rosemary Lane W., 407-Demetra V. Collia to Alexander Collia and Sarah Boggs Koning, $1.25 million.