Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Belle Haven Rd., 1615-Christina Nielsen and Thomas D. Crowley to Thomas L. and Elizabeth C. Regnell, $712,000.

Joliette Ct., 1908-Michael and Robert Wolk to Raul K. Montilla and Cheryl Lloyd, $755,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6631, No. 318-Walter F. and Julia H. Morrison to Daniel Vincent Paladino, $195,000.

Windsor Rd., 2105-C. Lopez Investments Corp. to Gay T. Soriano and Nello E. Caramat, $950,000.


Ashby Lane, 7503, No. F-Kelly Ann Foster to Steven J. Grayson, $329,000.

Buxton Ct., 5327-Ryan Burt and Lindsay Jagodowski to Sean Mahon and Courtney Marie Norjen, $515,000.

Chrysanthemum Dr., 5853-Ronald B. and Aubriana Doria to Olga Alekseyeva, $460,000.

Creek Point Way, 6609-Glenn and Bernadette M. Johnson to Cara A. Guzik, $525,000.

Desiree St., 7822-John Christopher and Dawn M. White to Timothy M. and Sabine S. Robinson, $535,500.

Fairview Farm Dr., 6107, No. 202-Christopher at Piney Run Corp. to Svetlana Trifu, $187,812.

Gourock Ct., 6937-James Christopher Hildreth to Heather Fluit, $512,100.

Heatherfield Lane, 7435-Kevin R. Bland to Justin Y. North, $590,000.

Hillary Ct., 6309-Jessica and Brett Petchenick to Carolina P. and Christopher David Klink, $398,000.

Joust Lane, 6066-Michael L. Johnson to Claren and Nicholas Jokela, $525,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5984, No. 301-Isamar Ramirez to Brittany Hibner and Arnell Jerell Guest, $360,000.

Leewood Dr., 6122-Romero Realty Group Corp. to Vandell R. Simpson, $525,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6916-B-Shaun M. Khalfan to John Michael Moskola, $199,900.

Old Stratford Ct., 6001-Ebony Yodora Wilkins and Ebony Y. Flowers to Ryan Michael Ulica, $405,000.

Picot Rd., 4500-Muhammad and Sarah A. Atif to Derek and Linsey Schwartz, $499,950.

Rolling Creek Way, 6891-Shannon Dale and Amanda Turner Huntley to Tahseen Almas and Sarah Shahid, $636,000.

Taliaferro Way, 6252-Daniel David and Katherine Ann Mitchell to Rosalyn Nacci and Gary Aron Brekher, $562,500.

Thetford Pl., 5410-Michael J. and Lisa L. Bevenour to Taylor C. and Cody Burgener, $730,000.

Victoria Dr., 6908-F-Toni Lynn and Michael Barrett to Connor Matthews, $275,000.

Wayside Pl., 6524-Peter M. and Noreen E. Bartley to M. Heidar Saleh, $940,000.


Americana Dr., 4209, No. 103-Trieana and Tu Kim to Ly Thao Nguyen, $182,500.

Beverly St., 7224-Thach and Be Thanh Le to Juan Carlos Sejas and Glydys Garcia Claros, $590,000.

Bristow Dr., 7813-Trieu Nghi Hoang and Dat Nguyen to Nghia T. Luong and Thao Beirne, $505,000.

Donnybrook Ct., 7746, No. 7-Joseph Ponte Jr. to Edwin T. Loureiro, $141,375.

Galahad Ct., 8204-William E. and Reen H. Lyddane to Hilary H. and Benjamin D. Mossberg, $780,190.

Ivydale Dr., 3907-Jennifer Warzecha Cave and Katherine A. Warzecha to Jennifer L. Perry and Miguel A. Zavala, $640,000.

King David Blvd., 4918-Wilmington Trust National Association and Mfra Trust 2016 1 to Abdullah Rahmanyar and Tammy C. Pham, $615,000.

Maris Ct., 7800-Reem Khaldi to Ryan J. and Isabella A. Laird, $587,000.

Peyton Forest Trail, 7930-Mirzabkhrom and Malkahen Mirganey to Lutydal Salimu, $458,500.

Red Fox Dr., 5121-Ryan D. and Elizabeth A. Geary to Leslie R. Fannon Zhang and Michael N. Chen Zhang, $661,000.

Whipple Ct., 3384-Janet P. Mackey to Molly Kathryn and Austen A. Barrett, $453,000.


Beachway Dr., 6144-David Carlos and Natalie Delaney Lago to Ryan and Hilary Sokoloski, $660,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1309S-Mohammad Qasim and Sohaila Hakimi to Diana Alves Oliveira and Henrique Pavao, $315,000.

Hardwick Pl., 6062-Theresa Hilsdon to William Freeman and Sheila Marie Mcadoo, $610,500.

Leesburg Pike., 6135, No. 302-Kaylor Nichols to Adeel Kadeer and Moududa Hussain, $235,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1605S-Linda J. Redding to Charles Howard Davis III, $435,000.


Andromeda Dr., 9029-Douglas Chu to Alicia Nicole Giezen and Frederick Daw Paxton, $510,000.

Birch Leaf Ct., 6435-Anita W. and Joel C. Huang to John, Deisy Belkis and Kelly Davis, $341,000.

Buffie Ct., 6355-Milissa Joy Plewes to Abdul Salem and Mariatu Kamara, $444,000.

Canvasback Rd., 5806-Kendal S. Moore and Joseph L. Bellofatto Jr. to Kevin Edward Dublynn, $550,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5825, No. 303-Daniel H. and Mary E. Kurtenbach to Claire Kurtenbach, $252,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5309-Jack Do and Phan Thi Nguyen to Jimmy Nguyen and Joo Yun Do, $500,000.

Garretson St., 6245-Jong Rim and Mi Lee Ju to Justin and Megan Roth, $690,000.

Hatches Ct., 6106-Ted and Mildred P. Benjamin to Joong P. and Sookhee Hong, $715,000.

Kirkfield Rd., 9525-Robert and Mary Winslow Marsh to Jocelyn Marie and Ryan Adam Mullins, $550,000.

Mantle Rd., 6128-David F. and Nicole D. Peterson to Ross V. and Elizabeth M. Romeo, $590,000.

Oak Leather Dr., 5924-Charles J. Pollaci to Diane G. Walter, $565,000.

Pine View Ct., 6345-Donald Q. Foy to Abbaker Mudir and Zahra Abdalla, $350,000.

Robins Nest Lane, 5817-Guy M. Borde and Guillermo M. Borda to William and Alexis M. Chau, $535,000.

Wilmington Dr., 6329-William N. and April M. Vinson to Jinhwan and Juliana Park, $919,900.


Battalion St., 6230-David Neil Miller to Manish Poudel and Deepa Acharya, $410,000.

Branham Ct., 13808-Shirley Lynn Thompson and estate of Lucy Ellen Thompson to Kyle and Emily McCleary, $471,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14325, No. 202-Paulette M. Abbou to Jerry Chang and Seonu Su Jo, $190,000.

Doyle Lane, 5107-Mitchell Lee and Megan F. Belger to Cameron and Kelly Stephenson, $800,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14412-Marcos J. Goldchain to Ivo Koytchev Koytchev, $340,000.

Heritage Crossing Ct., 5710-Patricia Ann Dasig and Patricia Ann Weldon to Dev Raj Dahal and Ishwori Acharya, $395,000.

Kendra Way, 6106-Nicholas R. and Rebekah P. Stone to Garrison J. Cole and Julia Ann Marie Newbold, $393,000.

Lightburn Ct., 6322-Eric Wallen to Justin Ahn, $342,000.

Netherton St., 6030-Erin E. Vaughan to Donald Q. Foy, $265,000.

Red River Dr., 14025-Beverly A. Popek to Yoon Jae Koh, $412,500.

Schoolfield Ct., 5602-Veronica Asafaylo to Christopher Dale and Arlene Peace Cole, $600,000.

Stilsby Ct., 14511-Constantine S. and Michelle S. Anthony to Diego and Kaitlin E. Gonzales, $393,000.

Sully Lake Dr., 5559-Andrew J. and Cynthia C. Rountree to Andrea Morrozoff Luna and Melba Rogers Morrozoff, $460,000.

Twin Creeks Ct., 15388-Lisa Ann Stanley Collins to Zackariah H. and Whitney R. Ghara, $775,000.

White Post Rd., 6703-Anthony F. Cascio Jr. to Adam Paul Henne, $649,900.

Windrift Ct., 14800-Mark J. Flanagan and Diane Hunsicker to Erdal and Emine Kilic, $719,000.


Autumn Glory Way, 4853-Jay R. and Tanya K. Black to Joseph and Hongli Mauck, $975,000.

Dittany Ct., 3821-Ronald H. and Nadine Lazarus to Karthik and Alejandra B. Sethuraman, $560,000.

Flowing Brook Ct., 13706-Ferozan Tina Mohammadi to Logan Wayne Stoodley and Jaylen Christine Schulte, $342,000.

Melville Lane, 13400-Leo Anthony and Kelly Dicarlo to Lisa Ann and Eric Michael Winder, $709,000.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13420-Daniel C. Katt and Virginia C. Junker to Tung Dao and Chinh Nguyen, $700,000.


Amkin Dr., 11705-Colin D. and Luann R. Hoyseth to Daniel and Beth A. Smith, $800,000.

Detwiller Dr., 7512-James E. and Veronica M. Waters to Mark B. Elfendahl and Leanne DH Elfendahi, $1.15 million.

Quartz Lane, 13040-Ernest E. Deconti Jr. to Christie Houy and David Benjamin Sakoda, $510,000.

Springs Ct. S., 13600-Charles Rayner and Anika Johnson to Reynold P. and Ellyn J. Navarro, $685,000.

Turtle Valley Dr., 7908-Larry J. and Susan J. Wyrick to Patrick S.o. Neal and Melissa A.o. Neal, $899,000.


Appleby Way, 4116-Joseph A. and Deborah J. Thomas to Jihun Kwak and Minkyeong Son, $633,000.

Billingham St., 4518-Eric Wong and Jenny J. Kim to Leonard B. Stallman II and Danielle H. Kaplan, $595,000.

Buckhorn Rdg., 4633-Michael Brancato to Kamlesh Kashinath Sawant, $580,000.

Carriagepark Ct., 10401-Richard A. and Dorothy M. Juchnewicz to Jeremy Montgomery, $510,000.

Cheshire Meadows Way, 5423-Matthew Thomas Donizetti to Nicholas Francis Duffield and Stephanie Lauren Schwed Duffield, $455,000.

Dorado Ct., 3621-Tricia Ferro and Jeffrey B. Murphy to Alex Esteban Camacho Vasconez and Diana Alexandra Alban Moreion, $787,950.

Fair Crest Ct., 12655, No. 91-Fairfax Cnty Redevelopment & HSNG Author to Zakary Awothgn Reda and Yetnbersh Assefa Dres, $105,656.

Fairfax Hunt Rd., 12120-Lisa D. and David E. Nyce to Nathaniel L. and Allison M. Hough, $691,000.

Farmview Ct., 9518-Julia R. Brown to Eduardo Miguel and Madlit Gasparri, $620,000.

Fox Lake Dr., 4263-Robert and Joyce Leggat to Nick Frederick Anderson and Samantha Claire Armentrout, $521,000.

Glen Alden Rd., 11961-Phuoc H. Nguyen and Thanh T. Pham to Wanda J. Reed, $469,900.

Guinea Rd., 4802-Tatiana Helen Prokrym and Gennady E. Platoff Jr. to Roeddel B. and Katherine V. Dioquino, $660,000.

Hummingbird Lane, 4640-Randa E. Folensbee to Arezu Abdul and Fereshta Abdul Khaled, $600,000.

Lavery Ct., 5111-David S. Johnston and Kathy S. Miller to Nicholas John Higgins and Karla Maritza Morena Orellana, $600,000.

Luxberry Dr., 4604-Daniel H. Squire and estate of Neil L. Mark to Young in Kim, John C. Kim and Hyo Jung Ko, $495,000.

Maximilian Ct., 3918-Kristen M. and Marsden A. Peabody to Ann Planeta and David P. Lund, $565,000.

Modano Pl., 8851-James Y. and Michelle X. Adams to Nicholas R. Molthen and Kellie M. Ruffer, $690,000.

Moylan Lane, 4403-Daniel A. and Harold D. Slover to Rodney Parker, $600,000.

Olley Lane, 4614-Anh Nguyen to Khoi Vanand Vy Hong Nguyen, $977,000.

Penderview Dr., 3906, No. 731-Teresa O. Wolcott to Awuse Tama, $280,000.

Piney Grove Dr., 9008-James Paulo Sunga to Jacob Ryan Lucarelli, $486,600.

Portsmouth Rd., 5022-Suzanne T. Carmack to Chi O. and Matthew T. Odriscoll, $639,900.

Quiet Hollow Ct., 12308-Mariash Realty Corp. to Shoukat Ali and Urooj Fathima Turabi, $528,900.

San Juan Dr., 4317-Adam L. and Luana Debernardis to Kapin Tan and Rong Pan, $560,000.

Skyview Lane, 3909-Thomas W. and Robin S. Hoffman to Matthew L. and Denise A. Kelleher, $1.16 million.

Swanee Lane, 2892-Richard P. Sherman and Diana L. Perfect to Kevin Thomas McNamara and Brooke Aleece Wright, $875,000.

Tydfil Ct., 4911-Shari Dropik and Jorge Hernandez to Allyson Marie Follett, $881,000.

Whittemore Pl., 4573-Joung Sik Kim and Joung Ae Song to Yichuzi Liu and Yong Liang, $426,500.


Beechnut Ct., 10735-Joseph K. and Amy L. Zajic to Jacobus C. and Nicolene Michele McKenzie, $909,000.

Cherry Ridge Rd., 8207-Sherri and Brian Olson to Matthew K. Wilder, $655,000.

Daingerfield Way, 5739-Stephanie B. Danahy to Brett H., Emily B., Brian W. and Shawn C. Wilson, $1.1 million.

Mallard Vw., 8611-Brian G. and Anne D. Morgan to Timothy P. and Stephanie J. Farrell, $835,000.

Ravina Ct., 9400-Ayr Properties Sep Corp. to Christopher Jung and Daniela Sykes, $657,800.

Winterway Lane, 11726-M. Allison Schelberg and estate of Howard H. Danford to Amanda and Theodore Sharp, $880,000.


Beechwood Lane, 3107-Sandra Christine Ammons and estate of David R. Oglesby to Daniel Paul and Lubomira Zimanova Beardsley, $879,000.

Chambray Way, 3507-Fahad Al and Sarah Al Bawardy to Hanna E. Achour and Norma M. Chamma, $780,000.

Dye Dr., 3207-Charles S. Murphy and Catherine L. Maricle to Manuel A. Guiracocha and Darling N. Palacios, $525,000.

Freehollow Dr., 7937-Timothy P. Ngo to Heidi Millet, $699,000.

Holloman Rd., 3311-Malachy T. Minnies to Ryan A. Milot and Camila J. Ruiz, $930,000.

Kingwood Dr., 6911-John M. Lamar and estate of Mary G. Early to Edgar Fiel Soliz, Bertha Lazarte De Fiel and Magail Fiel Lazarte, $525,000.

Locust St., 6640-Alfred J. Horvath and Last Will & Testament of Annamaria Horva to Darren and Cortney Achord, $650,000.

Stuart Dr., 2912-Allen P. and Marsa M. Bintz to Zachary Clemens and Lindsey Meluso, $659,131.

Westmoreland Rd., 7201-Edgar E. and Sandra P. Flores to Tyler Bell, $600,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7718-Denise Louise and Denise L. Betke to Brendan Murphy, $372,000.


Gordons Rd., 7305-Susan M. Robinette to Peter J. and Monica S. Kapitan, $775,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2144-SNU Corp. to Kimberly Erin Schrimsher and Kiet Trung Nguyen, $1.43 million.


Point Replete Cir., 7119-Christopher M. and Tansy M. Schindler to Brian Simmons, $580,000.


Cavendish Dr., 2211-Seamus and Christine H. Curley to Helmut Gerhard Mertins Jr., $800,000.

Eden Ct., 819-Alfred J. and Jean C. Poole to Robert C. and Jenna S. Hyatt, $865,000.

Noral Pl., 1604-Daniel Kohler and Leslie Albright to Joseph D. and Trysta Wall, $965,000.

Westfield St., 2002-Joseph Prince Teeples to Kimberly Stabile Teeples, $652,400.


Crews Rd., 803-Harlan S. and Sarah F. Foster to William O. Black, $1.5 million.

Golden Woods Ct., 270-Jeffery S. and Heidi L. Warrington to Franzuha Byrd and Christina Rodriguez, $1.32 million.

Nalls Farm Way, 621-Larry W. Albert and Lisa Robenseifner to Vizma L. Dzilna and Mark E. Dahncke, $1.32 million.

Walker Rd., 451-Siddhartha Chowdhary and Leigh Marie Marjamaa Chowdhary to Lisette E. and Steven P. Kvortek, $1.85 million.


Alfred Mill Ct., 13424-Parvin Soltani to Savitry Krishnamurthy and Lokeshwaran Narayanasamy, $735,537.

Bennett Rd., 11913-Yolanda F. Garcia to William H. Truslow, $608,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12905, No. 412-Sharolli Aslam Corp. to Pedro Xavier Vazquez Rosario and Ruolin Ping, $319,500.

Dakota Lakes Dr., 2454-Randall T. Carter and Fiona Candlish to Nidal Tarek Sarsour and Ghadir Hani Quran, $785,000.

Dublin Pl., 1195-Stanislaus and Mary Cynkar to Matthew W. and Christine K. Pitera, $319,900.

Fortnightly Blvd., 117-Edward R. and Robin P. Lester to Anthony M. Nardei, $595,000.

Hedgetop Dr., 12907-Jason W. and Deborah S. Bryant to Imran Riaz and Amna Imran, $933,500.

Jeff Ryan Dr., 1005-Parvin D.G. Chiniforoushan and Parvin Delpazir Chiniforoushan to William and Aubrey Maria Santosa, $550,000.

Lyme Bay Dr., 12913-John L. and Deborah V. Phillips to Thomas Scott and Kayla Porter Bernier, $629,500.

Marmion Dr., 1061-Eva Maria Theodosiadis to Raymond and Katlyn Regnier, $1.18 million.

Parkstream Terr., 12230-Adolph Martin Essigmann Jr. to Evan N. and Valerie Carroll Hansen, $516,000.

Queens Ct., 1012-Sylvia Panfil to Antonio B. Leiva Recinos and Fermin M. Mora, $345,000.

Rock Chapel Rd., 1300-Annette K. Delaney to Michele M. Ament, $532,500.

Spring Knoll Dr., 850-Edward M. Brinkley to Jozsef T. Kovacs III and Lindsey Ellen Beall Kovacs, $570,000.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2428-Shibao Feng and Runli Xu to Nisha Mehra, $495,000.

Wilbury Rd., 3344-Michael J. and Kathy J. Rigo to Alexander Hoskins and Barbara Steacy, $1.1 million.


Elmwood Dr., 3609-Fadwa Safar and Jan Eshow to Kathleen M. and William J. Buttry, $499,000.

Fort Dr., 2728-Azael C. Gonzlez Jr. to Christopher Suenram, $474,900.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1202-Kathleen F. Bergin to Christopher B. Cianfrone Adams, $350,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 1206-Jerry L. and Kitty K. James to Jeana M. Stright, $379,500.


Amlong Ave., 6724-Nathan and Julie Hartenbach to Abraham Sha, $500,000.

Frances Dr., 7712-James G. and Hitomi Macomber to Alex Lichtenberg and Abbey E. Schneider, $610,000.

Lantern Pl., 4500-Method Realty Co. to Derek Richard and Stephanie Serhan Molyneaux, $585,000.

Woodstone Pl., 6809-Frances Levis to Robert A. Formica and Sandra M. Praxmarer, $600,000.


Everglades Dr., 6226-Enrica Maria and John Allen Frost to Joseph W. Boston, Giovanna Boston and Robert Burch, $439,900.

River Tweed Lane, 6516-HSBC Bank USA and Nomura Asset Acceptance Corp. to Maten A. Shafik, $435,000.

Tayack Pl., 6500, No. 301-Steven Scott Tiefenthaler to David A. and Amie H. Rowe, $322,900.


Arch Hall Rd., 9078-Romulo H. Delmendo and Dong Hee C. Delmendo to Charles NMN Chung and Carmen Chen, $500,000.

Blackfoot Ct., 8577-Hanki Lee to Shaden Maraoa, $350,000.

Crossbrook Ct., 8210-B-Galam A. Khan and Nasima Afsari to William Labarthe and Zenaida T. Steele, $242,500.

Furey Rd., 9197-Poly and Annie Pen to Richard E. ST John and Maureen M. ST John, $530,000.

Henry Pl., 7713-Thuan Minh Ly and Thao Yen Pham to Kelsey Herrick and Sophia Jeanete Therriault, $370,000.

Lorraine Carol Way, 9758-Samuel and Michelle M. Perez to Jacob Matthew and Athena Salvador Plichta, $655,000.

Seafarer Way, 7886-Tiblets Yacob and Darrell R. Ware to David Tao and Kelly Du, $462,000.

Whitly Way, 7612-Garrett R. and Lynsey Carter McGuin to Antonio and Alisha Donna Saldana, $332,000.


Ballantrae Farm Dr., 1285-Theodore John Georgelas and estate of Angelina Floor Georgelas to Abolghassem and Efat Miamee, $1.83 million.

Bellview Rd., 1051-Thomas L. Poe and Elizabeth R. Lawson to Holly L. Nolting, $1.5 million.

Brook Rd., 8959-Unique Design Homes Corp. to Said and Asmaa Rachidi, $2.85 million.

Dillon Ave., 6819-Harold Frank and Leslie B. Vorndran to Peter C. and Kataneh Lohman, $785,000.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900, No. 411-Signet Residential Corp. to Chloe Parisa Yazdani, $293,650.

Hampton Park Ct., 6652-Miriam S. Keeler to Matthew John and Stephanie Ann Marchant, $965,000.

Kennedy Dr., 1948, No. 101-Adam and Denise Devine to Mikaela Beth Burns Goldrich, $262,000.

Madison McLean Dr., 6629-Heejung Oh and Heejung Woo to Alyssa Leigh and Adam Carl Rice, $889,900.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 803-Stephen J. Shannon and estate of Barbara S. Shannon to Glenn Edward and Misun Pak Fedzer, $465,000.

Rail Ct., 916-Shaun K. Smith to Daniel Joseph and Andrea Michelle McNamara, $1.31 million.

Rupert St., 1723-Paul W. and Cecilia C. Kalish to Sean Patrick and Emily Cooper Elliott, $805,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1581, No. 5208-Marie Y. Herrera and Clyde G. Staples to Kelvin W. Si, $476,000.

Woodgate Lane, 1909-Kieran and Kathleen Fallon to Craig and Jennifer Flemingloss, $950,000.


Ayers Dr., 3424-Nicholas R. Shively and Meghan R. Cameron to Sarah Horton, $402,000.

Central Park Cir., 7931-Ethel L. Coleman to Robert Coleman, $227,850.

Ferry Landing Rd., 4602-Eileen M. Simoes to Nicole and Gregory K. Gray, $670,000.

Hunter Murphy Cir., 8308-Kim Alan and Sharon Dee Devoto to Josephine T. Nkansah, Ebenezer K. Ellis and John Badu Anang, $399,900.

Laurel Rd., 4417-John D. and Susanna Wheeler Boland to Abbaynesh K. Bryant, $495,000.

Mcnair Dr., 9115-Michael P. Murphy and Anh Chi P. Murphy to Donald V. and Evelyn C. Phillips, $755,000.

Olde Mill Ct., 5707, No. 110-Michelle R. Williams to Andres David and Joyce Subala Hoven, $237,000.

Sausalito Pl., 7905-Edward P. Dorneles and Hannah G. Garber to Ratna Kumar Mendis and Adriana Guadalupe Chavez Torres, $230,500.

Volunteer Dr., 9209-Mary K. Latif to John M. Schilling, $650,000.


Hogarth St., 7419-Barbara Burdett Serage to Jessica M. Gomez and Franklin E. Hernandez Lopez, $460,000.

New Hope Dr., 6704-Samath Yi to Anthony and Shirley Nguyen, $501,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8315-Eric T. and Kirstin L. Orr to Matthew Benjamin Zerolnick and Julia Kristine Smith, $434,900.


Fox Glen Dr., 11696-Mary Jane McManus to Andrew Walter and Lisa Barbara Kaleczyc, $850,000.

Latigo Lane, 11819-Mark Bartholomew Adams to Valentin and Suzanne Nicole Almetica, $880,000.

Miller Heights Rd., 3221-David D. Meyer to Bianca Taruselli Sanchez and Robert Laurence Simon, $880,000.

Sorrel Ridge Lane, 11235-Higher Standard Property Solutions Corp. to Thomas and Jennifer Naughton, $925,000.

Vale Rd., 11921-Iontaobhas Corp. to Amirmassoud Aboutaleb and Parvaneh Jahani, $770,000.


Angel Wing Ct., 12273-Benjamin Thomas Poling and Monica Renee Jaworski to James and Jacquelyn Cottom, $535,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2220-Mark L. and Ricki Elaine Marion to Molly Claire Matuszak, $383,000.

Club Pond Lane, 2333-Shenhua Wang to David Ian Goehrig and Haiyi Chen, $619,950.

Embers Ct., 11591-Timothy I. Mannin to Bryon E. Glass, $449,900.

Gas Light Ct., 11653, No. E-Jose Luis Femat and Mary Elizabeth Lambert to Julia A. Braxton, $230,000.

Granby Ct., 11042-Bruno and Natasha S. Petinaux to Nicholas Jerome and Jazmine Monique Harris, $445,000.

Harleyford Ct., 2326-Stephen J. and Marjorie A. Grubic to Brittany Anne Hilbert, $452,000.

Heritage Oak Way, 1369-Lindsey Stem and Jonathan D. Dawes to Zahir Ahmed Baig and Iqra Javaid, $693,000.

Insha Ct., 12011-John M. McGraw and Diane Lee Jackson to Rachel Muncrief and David Weir, $501,011.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1704, No. 14-Danylo K. Gaspar to Nikki L. Maticic, $270,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 427-Raven A. Voora to David Leonard Marsee, $479,000.

Middle Creek Lane, 2306-Dale and Kathryn Brooks to Michael Dominic Venezia, $425,000.

Orchard Green Ct., 11402-Nancy L. Steele to Jonathan David Moore, $423,500.

Purple Beech Dr., 11427-Kenneth R. Nysmith and estate of Carole R. Nysmith to Deja Petrovic and Lisa Q. Harrison, $800,000.

Ridgehampton Ct., 2476-Wendy L. McCutcheon to Weifan Wu and Amy Katherine Osborne, $337,700.

Royal Fern Ct., 2066, No. 1B-Coleman and Tera Osborne to William Campbell Heese, $245,000.

Sarazen Pl., 2005-Robert T. Ferguson Jr. to Bryan J. Farley and Nicole G. Golliher, $475,000.

Southgate Sq., 2440-Yin Du and Simon Shuyang Xuan to Harris Allgeier and Sydney Irene Sznaider, $395,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 301-Sharzad Tajbaksh and Katayoon T. Precht to John C. Person, $602,000.

Swans Neck Way, 2046-John L. and Elizabeth A. Schwarzman to Ruth Campbell Catlett Priest and Alexander Braden Catlett Priest, $535,000.

Valencia Way, 1609-John R. and Jami S. Ojala to Matthew Michael and Rachel Elizabeth Clasen, $489,900.

Whisperhill Dr., 1701-Michael E. and Mary Ellen Spencer to Danielle Nicole Tilford, $419,900.


Barger Dr., 3409-Shawn and Kristen Battle to Melissa R. Handrigan, $950,000.

Declan Way, 3020-Beazer Homes Corp. to Guillaume John Antoine Laffitte Smith and Jennifer Anne Foskey, $837,516.

Waterway Dr., 6200-Ronda Estridge to Samuel and Tammy Cox, $899,000.


Atteentee Rd., 5904-Arlene J. Hallman to Seth Weaver, $461,500.

Brian Michael Ct., 6884-Patricia Urban Utz to Vanessa Violeta Cuevas, $450,000.

Chester Grove Ct., 8571-Jared Beiswenger and Megan Elise Schneck Beiswenger to Andrew T. and Kelly M. Carr, $385,000.

Deercreek Pl., 8106-Mark and Bonnie Krysinski to Amber and Brian Mitchell, $760,000.

Field Master Dr., 6805-Hazel L. Young to Rory Fayne Erickson Kulas and Charles Henry Whitaker III, $624,900.

Hayload Ct., 8811-Gabriel and Kimberly J. Lopez to Eric T. and Emily B. Lizon, $660,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8407-Adriana Martinez and Adriana Martinez Vargas to Jorman V. Vasquez Martinez and Roxana C. Garcia Vasquez, $335,000.

Orange Plank Rd., 8002-Chara and Marco Torrey to Rachel Burnette and Adam Fitzgerald, $497,000.

Scarborough St., 7312-Willaim A. and Leslie L. Forsyth to James Thomas and Elizabeth Clark Demarino, $681,750.

Sterling Grove Dr., 7110-Mumtaz S. Saylab to Ubedullah Mohammadullah, $575,000.

Willowdale Ct., 8114-Joshua A. and Dana B. Smith to Vinh Phuoc Nguyen, $379,900.


Bellforest Ct., 2700, No. 410-Nathaniel Wentland to Emily Marie Olson Gault and Thomas Michael Gault, $450,000.

Carters Glen Ct. SW, 600-Rocky Anthony and Karen Lameo to Harry and Christine Branning, $1.27 million.

Clachan Ct., 1822-Daniel James Jenkins and Julie Anne Roling Jenkins to Bridget Mahoney and Jeffrey Mason Cooper, $899,900.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 111-Amin Investments Corp. to Kyung Sook Yu, $429,900.

Hollis Lane, 8417-Runjit G. and Kathryn G. Chandra to Jonathan Wayne Gei NG and Francesca Stella NG, $700,000.

Lakewood Dr. SW, 1113-Anthony M. and Kelly Sweitzer to Mark Guasch and Patricia Sever, $814,700.

Meadow Springs Dr., 2005-William Lanier and Trang U. Tran to Victor Hong and Dionca Winner, $720,000.

Percussion Way, 9515-Constance J. Weis to Sanjai and Deborah L. Kumar, $712,500.

Richelieu Dr., 2233-Michael Y.F. Chen and estate of Linda Y. Chen to Johann Marin Ziegler, $734,000.

Shahraam Ct. SE, 805-Charles W. and Mariellen Dorman to Ivonne Vargas Diaz and Carlos A. Melendez, $865,000.

Thistle Ridge Lane, 9600-Christian N. Grootaert to Mehdi Khoshand and Behanz Mohammadieh, $1.7 million.

Wheystone Ct., 2312-Louise N. and Rosemarie F. Leongson to Rosemarie F. Leongson, $148,939.

Yeonas Dr. SW, 401-Bryton Homes Custom Corp. to Alex and Gregory David Swierz, $1.45 million.


Bedstraw Ct., 7114-Michael James Hetle to Rocio F. Guzman Bolea and Nathaly D. Garcia Guzman, $429,000.

Etta Dr., 8506-Simon D. and Jennifer L. Bames to Laura D. and Neil Anderson, $649,000.

Glenister Dr., 7704-Jervis D. Kester and estate of Walter A. Viebrock to Khalid Alshami and Mohanad S. Al Zuhairi, $450,000.

Hall St., 5917-Ali and Waka Fotouhi to Namrata and Umesh Sinkar, $570,988.

Jewelweed Ct., 7769-Charles H. Ha to Philip L. and Lindsey A. Aubart, $525,000.

Langbrook Rd., 8105-Robert and Linda Lake to Cian Francis and Amelia Hankin Cashin, $700,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7846-Anne Marie S. Wehbe and Nicholas A. Wehbe to Phong Son Huynh Dang, $554,000.

Readington Ct., 8011-Pablo M. and Ana Buttrago to David Wang and Christina Chao, $565,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7870, No. 3401-Joan H. and Henry M. Botuck to Martha S. Daza, $485,000.

Springfield Village Dr., 8128-Patricia Anne Meixner and estate of Helen I. Perkins to Jonathan J. Campos Luna and Margaret Campos Azabache, $485,000.

Vancouver Rd., 6914-Jin Young Jun to Sung Hak Jun and Maria Katrina Juan Jun, $525,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Andover Dr., 3423-Susan K. Burgess to Morgan Lee and Alex Manuel Osborne, $610,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 3701-Michael Albert Pappas to Bradley Christopher and Elaine Wilks, $830,000.

Fairchester Dr., 10908-James R. Matheson to Zachary Joseph and Kathleen Margaret Good, $535,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3790, No. 202-Kathe Rice Stanley and Isabel Rice Roche to Zakia Seraj, $169,900.

Mosby Rd., 9903-Stonewood Corp. to Arush Gadkar and Moumita Bhattacharya, $1.22 million.

Spring Lake Ct., 3306-Jae and Kilku Lee to Berina Uwimbabzi, $665,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 331-Chris and Leo Dour to Olga and Troy Dodd, $550,000.

Hillwood Ave., 709-James H. and Terri S. Evans to Gabor and Henifer Anne Csaszi, $700,000.

Maple Ave. N., 200, No. 208-Adam C. Linn to Joseph B.J. Tarazi and Wafa W.H. Tarazi, $340,000.

Park Ave., 610-Hope in Northern Virginia Inc. to Andrew Saunders and Lauren M. Colangelo, $796,000.

Villa Ridge Rd., 826-Celebrity Homes Corp. to Geary C. and Edward M. Morris, $1.5 million.