A Fairfax County police officer shot and killed a stabbing suspect in the Springfield area Friday after the man brandished a weapon and refused to drop it, police said.

Police did not describe the weapon, but a witness said the man charged at the officer with a knife.

The incident occurred about 5:45 p.m. in a commercial area on busy Backlick Road. A man with blood running down his face came into a tire store and repair shop in the 6600 block of Backlick and said he had been stabbed by an assailant who was outside, according to the store’s manager, Gabe Guarino.

While the wounded man hid behind a store counter, Guarino said he went to the door to try to lock out the assailant. But the alleged attacker pulled open the door, drew a knife and “started swinging it around,” Guarino said.

He asked for his apparent victim and was told that he had locked himself in a bathroom. The man then left and someone called police. Guarino said he followed the man and pointed him out when an officer arrived.

The officer asked “multiple times” for the man to drop the knife and lie down, Guarino said.

But, he said, “the guy with the knife started charging the police officer.” The officer backed away, and as he did, the man “tried to stab him also,” Guarino said.

Authorities said the man who was stabbed was taken to a hospital for treatment of wounds described as not life-threatening.

It was not clear why the original stabbing had occurred.

An owner of the tire store said she understood that the man was on his way home from work and was attacked at a bus stop.

Police said Friday night that the incident was under investigation.