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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4921D-Roberto Henriquez and Maria Olmos to Kim Lien Le, $130,000.

Brentleigh Ct., 4655-Bank of New York Mellon to Edsson Mazariego, $260,000.

Bristow Dr., 4817-Caroline Jana Coogan to Holly J. Meyers, $425,000.

Exeter St., 4612-Deborah A. Kaye to Hoang K. and Thanh V. Co, $340,000.

Holyoke Dr., 6451-Kelly Phuong Ngo to Garrett West Fahey, $460,000.

King Arthur Rd., 4004-Elizabeth J. Dodds to Michael A. and Joanna E. Verdi, $530,000.

Launcelot Way, 3440-Roger F. Shanzer to Kimberly S. Bird, $519,700.

Norfolk Ave., 8704-Dorenda Hubbard and Stanley J. Hubbard to Paul A. Lukas and Kirsten Lukas, $625,000.

Perry Penney Dr., 6746-Lona M. McVeay to Christopher King Corp., $216,000.

Rose Lane, 3715-Thomas J. Brzoska to Huchen Zhang, $400,000.

Taleen Ct., 3360-Abuzar W. Bhatti to Habib Chaklader, $510,000.

Zanuck Ct., 7452-Mamta Kukreti to Sidrak G. Sahlu, $315,000.


Glenmore Dr., 3322-Gulzar Hussain to Abdul G. Khan, $330,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6139, No. 602-BankUnited to Abebe Gugsa, $140,000.

Sixth St., 5892-Cornelius Manthe to Michael Hoskin, $500,000.


Foxcroft Rd., 6212-Thomas J. Cooper to Charles T. Wolf, $849,000.

Potomac Ave., 6305-Ryan J. Dunn to Charles R. Davis, $925,000.

Tally Ho Lane, 6200-Wade H. Rice and Carol M. Rice to Brian R. and Cynthia Brown Willson, $525,000.

10th St., 6620, No. A1-John Crowder to Lee E. and Linda C. Redenbo, $186,000.


Byron Terr., 9219-E. Gordon and Patricia S. Hagewood to Paul P. Smith Jr., $565,000.

Clerkenwell Ct., 6009-Guy M. Hughes to Joel G. Bosch, $349,900.

Crownleigh Ct., 5786-Margaret A. Slagle to Edward R. Fraedrich, $340,000.

Fox Lair Dr., 9025-Quentin A. Bearse to Charles G. Reyes, $435,000.

Liberty Bell Ct., 6010-Keumho Oh to Maria Delaflor Musso, $309,000.

Midship Ct., 5406-Eric A. Polonsky to Elizabeth M. Christensen, $400,000.

Onion Patch Dr., 9441-Jasson C. and Karen J. Cwiekalo to Elisabeth L. and John D. Rickards, $537,500.

Robins Nest Lane, 5825-Guillermo De Zarate to Robert N. DeAngelis, $325,000.

Stoneway Ct., 6574-Paul R. and Janet F. Pressman to Timothy R. and Megan M. Davis, $546,000.

Wallingford Dr., 9514-Robert J. Murrin and Jo Ellen Shook to Gary S. White Jr., $445,000.

Wyeth Lane, 9210-Norman J. Brand to Thomas E. Carranza, $550,000.


Beddingfield Ct., 6117-Eugene and Maria Ana Robinson to Christopher Fraser and Marlania Compton, $549,900.

Brass Button Ct., 6427-Elizabeth Bachorik to Bryan J. Kim and Eun M. Han, $310,000.

Clay Spur Ct., 6086-Lisa Albright to Sirous Najafinia, $280,000.

Creekstone Lane, 6005-Elie Tambou to Jeff Zhu, $266,500.

Fallscliff Lane, 14462, No. 37-Hendren Thornton to Patrick A. Riddlemoser, $245,950.

Glen Meadow Dr., 5256-Kristopher and Ellen Kelderman to Gagandeep Singh, $295,000.

Grumble Jones Ct., 14024B-Carlos W. and Laura B. Fischler to Chengan Jiang, $225,900.

Johnny Moore Ct., 14343-Thomas C. Ervin to Noah A. Keen, $189,000.

Lambeth Sq., 14879-David B. Chrisley to Kyung J. Lee, $232,000.

Lynhodge Ct., 14858-Nathan C. Smith to Bryan J. Koenig, $250,000.

Pelhams Trace, 6613-Michael Preberowsky to James R. Walkling, $710,000.

Rustling Leaves Lane, 14462-Rosario Villanueva and Jorge Curo to Krupa Shah and Rajal Patel, $140,000.

Selby Ct., 6450-Francis J. Hernandez to Nhan Thuan Nguyen, $248,000.

Stargazer Terr., 13530-Mohammad Hasnain to Yiyun Huang and Yi Shen, $340,000.

Surrey House Way, 15247-Leon P. and Teresa J. Hillers to Roy and Michelle Thompson, $584,500.

Truitt Farm Dr., 14794-Eric and Ariana Larson to Sarah J. Free, $349,000.


Cub Run Rd., 4331-Michael J. Kopecky to Kevin J. and Stacy L. Petrinjak, $424,900.

Fallen Oak Dr., 4410-Sung D. Kim to Rajesh Gopal, $558,500.

Pennsboro Dr., 13715-Helmand Investment Corp. to Francisco Moreno, $351,000.

Poplar Tree Ct., 4391-Albert and Lorna Francis to Kirk D. and Selene T. Knoll, $625,000.

Winter Harbor Ct., 4121-Matthew M. Burns to Susan Mozingo, $160,000.


Cavalier Woods Dr., 13405-Linda L. James to Allard J. Beutel, $540,000.

Gosling Dr., 5607-Farshid Assadzadeh to Amy P. Gallagher, $390,000.

Marblestone Dr., 13942-John H. Orem to Bruce A. Cafurello Sr., $660,000.

Orchard Hill Ct., 5823-David W. Walter to Cecelia A. Hunt, $180,000.

Whetstone Manor Ct., 13926-Roger J. Klinker and Juanita M. Klinker to Joseph W. and Brandy J. Cronin, $610,000.

Wycklow Dr., 12809-W. Scott Thompson to Joseph M. Mikrut, $1.3 million.


John Turley Pl., 10752-Robert J. and Marion H. Lamb to Mark Magliocchetti, $619,000.

Savoy Dr., 3111-Helen G. Calloway to Capitol Project One Corp., $380,000.


Braymore Cir., 9373-Brian Jones to Gregory E. Schwab, $680,000.

Chardon Ct., 7911-Ralph and Meehwa A. Turner to Timothy C. and Colette H. Featherly, $692,500.

Havenner Rd., 11640-Stanley E. Field to William W. Clark, $700,000.

Larkhaven Terr., 8607-Glen and Danielle C. Sharkowicz to David R. and Jennifer S. Iverson, $762,350.

Park Point Ct., 7101-Andrew J. Maybo to Kenneth J. Oscar, $640,000.

Timberidge Rd., 10609-Lawrence J. Starnes to Howard D. Reitz Jr., $708,000.

Winslow Dr., 10609-Michael J. and Karen F. Sterling to William M. and Molli J. Cahill, $799,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 11020-Stephen E. Johnson to Kimberley A. Murphy, $635,000.

Emma Ann Way, 9079-Jerome F. Rollandini to Mitchell H. Stevenson, $865,500.

Hampton Rd., 11110-Bank of New York Mellon to Max S. Green, $735,000.

Oak Chase Cir., 8613-Michael R. and Donna K. Skidmore to Kevin and Pamela Kachinski, $670,000.

Sycamore Ridge Rd., 8959-Stephen Amos to Brian P. Steele and Barbara J. Muzzi, $540,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6816-Momentum Systems Corp. to Songtham and Panida Pinyolaksana, $399,987.

Carol Lane, 7224-David C. Barker to Xuan H. Huynh, $400,000.

Flagmaker Dr., 2834-Janet S. Chafin to Melanie C. McCabe, $555,000.

Mildred Dr., 3475-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Robert and Nakeima Dorr, $489,999.

Rosemary Lane, 2863-Reginald D. Carnochan to Lynn Do, $250,000.

Walnut Hill Lane, 7515-Doris N. Newcomb to Anphung and Chris K. Lien, $710,000.

Yarling Ct., 2958-Corey C. Nguyen to Christopher Mawdsley, $387,500.


Regional Inlet Dr., 7022-Joseph E. Dunleavy to Scott A. Olson, $519,000.


Concord Pl., 1605-Michael M. Clarke and Joseph M. Sozio to Devin G. Fisher, $384,900.

Crown Court Rd., 8303-Thomas J. Herthel to Thomas Edward Posch, $660,000.

Darton Dr., 921-Charlotte A. Smith to Alabama Avenue Corp., $405,000.

Ingram Pl., 1911-William S. Meares to Nathan D. Klatt, $470,000.

Shenandoah Rd., 1809-Linnea Olsen to Chad Vossen, $479,500.

Yorktown Dr., 8101-William A. Cole to Samuel E. Belt, $570,000.


Brindle Heath Way, 6825, No. 296-Kidest B. Ayele to Shellee R. Goldberg, $270,000.

Captains Cove Ct., 7108-Patricia A. Remele to Suzanne M. Lewis, $435,000.

Cross Gate Lane, 7582-Steven J. Garrett to John R. Faron, $369,000.

Effingham Sq., 7700-Christopher J. Byrnes to Jeffrey S. Campbell, $439,950.

Florence Lane, 6126-Edward J. Meehan to Michael K. Lempke, $760,000.

Gildar St., 6444-John R. Corasdale II to Bryan C. Bernys, $360,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5749-Joshua A. Shaw to Kenneth W. Jensen, $540,000.

Jane Way, 5900-Jane Anne W. Fuller and Michael L. Fuller to Giovanny and Mariela Garcia Maria, $510,000.

Lake Cove Dr., 7147-Ashok K. and Rohini Verma to Edward T. Hogan, $360,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6917J-Deutsche Bank to Andy Lopez, $245,199.

Netties Lane, 6612, No. 26F-Sharon M. Marshall to Rowdy C. and Laura M. Griffin, $287,500.

Patent Parish Lane, 6657-David and Denise Emery to Krister K. and Sheri H. Anderson, $495,000.

Sandyford St., 5311-Thomas R. and Joni A. Metz to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $595,000.

Southward Way, 6001-Laura Little to Samuel B. Bondurant, $467,000.

Westridge Ct., 5919-Catherine A. Leisher to Jack C. and Christina A. Crutchfield, $433,000.

Yadkin Ct., 6528-Mary S. Nelson to Abbaynesh K. Bryant, $280,000.


Galpin Ct., 10302-Albert Calland III to Rahel Zubairi, $855,000.

Inglish Mill Dr., 11258-Randall P. and Amy C. Spruill to Erika N. Hendzel, $1.05 million.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1121-Liming Wan and Dewei She to Chen Huang and Jingli Hu, $650,000.

Walker Rd., 723-Michael J. and Joyce L. Toia to Hong Li and Wei Gao, $665,000.


Bennett Rd., 12116-David D. Bettinger to Raad Alkadiri, $1.08 million.

Centre Park Cir., 12921, No. 102-Abbas Moazzami to Saghar Bashir, $290,000.

Copper Bed Rd., 13524-Richard V. Reppert Jr. to Varuna Panchapakesan, $695,000.

Emerald Chase Dr., 3007-Stone Financing Corp. to Daniel Keefe, $476,000.

Ferguson Pl., 2122-Reflection Lake Town Houses to Kimber L. Green, $61,380.

Harrison Hollow Lane, 3117-Gerald and Frances A. Tucker to Yongming Lin and Hua Huang, $661,000.

Kensington Pl., 508-Terry W. Thornton to Eugene J. Benick III, $445,000.

Madison Manor Ct., 402-Mazin Hallaj to Nikolaos Ipiotis, $700,000.

Middleton Farm Lane, 13264-Nandakumar Perumalsamy and Veena Veerappan to Sundararajan Vaidyanathan, $870,000.

New Parkland Dr., 13011-Yuehong Chen to John E. Marszalek, $499,000.

Piney Ridge Ct., 3328-Fannie Mae to Linda M. Trochim, $351,000.

Ridgegate Dr., 12526-David J. Lewis to Ashwani K. Malhotra, $675,000.

Shaker Woods Rd., 1310-Richard C. Rouse to Brandon McKelvey, $755,000.

Turberville Lane, 12814-Garrett H. and Nancy K. Teselle to Rebecca M. Gentry and Michael K. Meyer, $516,000.

Williams Meadow Ct., 12874-Greg A. and Karen A. Mladineo to Mark A. and Joan A. Delcoco, $685,000.


Jefferson Dr., 2622-Janice Bell to Chandiwana Sithole, $331,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1008-Lois M. Delaney to Walter C. Davis Jr. and Barbara Davis, $390,000.

Norton Rd., 5700-New Spring Corp. to Raymond A. Taylor, $437,000.


Bedrock Rd., 7025-Bruce D. Moran to Doyne Clem, $460,000.

Derek Rd., 2812-Carlise A. Barnes to Jeffrey L. Smith, $328,000.

Lantern Pl., 4531-Timothy M. Dunham to Prudential Relocation Inc., $430,000.

Spring Dr., 3212-C&C Design to Troy T. Moore, $403,500.


Arcadia Rd., 4011-William M. Porter to Gregory A. Hutton, $329,900.

Park Rd., 4413-Vera C. Wood to Potomac Reserve Investment Corp., $500,000.


American Holly Rd., 8140-Anthony L. and Verneatrice K. Winns to Huy D. Nguyen, $710,000.

Dolly Dr., 7716-Donald Dere to Kathleen Meeker, $166,600.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8509-Janice Boudreau to Patricia L. Younger, $250,000.

Jenerio Ct., 9454-Fannie Mae to Rahel Weldegebral, $265,000.

Pollen St., 7508-SRE Properties to Chad Thomas, $375,000.


Audmar Dr., 1425-James L. Fulton III to Joseph J. O’Rourke, $725,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 749-Renato A. Scozia to Krishna Tayal, $809,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 115-Park Crest Building Associates to Shawn H. Shahriari and Neda Saadati, $425,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1405-Park Crest Building Associates to Richard A. Comstock Jr., $665,000.

Enterprise Ave., 7113-Stephen L. Shupack to Suzan S. Young, $815,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 406-Sae Y. Kim and Jin C. Ku to Victor Manley, $307,500.

Hooking Rd., 7307-Brian J. and Diana K. Sullivan to Alan Smith, $1.1 million.

Langley Lane W., 6510-Robert Feinstein to Jerry H. Kuo, $1.4 million.

Loch Raven Dr., 6225-Mary H. Spencer to Zongfu Zeng, $655,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1409-Glenn L. and Susan M. Frost to Anne Marie Kotschwar, $690,000.

Portland Pl., 8482-William Wolfe to Chaman Puri, $980,000.

River Oaks Dr., 6924-Middleburg Associates Corp. to William and Maria Eck, $2.52 million.

Spoleto Lane, 7710, No. 56-Young C. and Hae Y. Kwon to Alessandra Kim and Kihoon Lee, $720,000.

Terri Knoll Ct., 6595-Daniel E. Klein to Arnold V. Gore, $1.22 million.

Weaver Ave., 6808-William B. Stallsmith to Jonathan A. Schwabish, $675,000.


Becherer Rd., 3614-Alan R. Goozner to Peter C. Fejeran and Kelly L. Richards, $665,000.

Central Park Cir., 7933-Khalid M. Akhtar to Veda Grimes-Barton, $282,500.

Jackson Pl., 4408-George W. Callaghan Jr. to Robert J. Wysocki, $424,500.

McNair Dr., 9107-Olga H. Dryer to Howard H. Piepenbrink, $537,000.

Radford Ave., 8429-Snow Goose Homes Corp. to Daron M. Hartvigsen, $460,000.

Woodlawn Ct., 8598-Charlynne M. Bowers to Gregory N. Rice and Sharron M. Smith, $342,900.


Boulder St., 7605-Cuong T. Lien to Charles W. Bills Jr., $375,000.

Jervis St., 7711-Joseph M. Rizzi III to Timothy Williams, $399,900.

Southampton Dr., 5206-Ngoc N. Nguyen and Toan D. Pham to Khang D. Tran, $440,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. E4-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Melissa D. Craig, $264,900.

Capperton Dr., 9983-Michael J. Springer to Weichert Inc., $335,000.

Marshall Lake Dr., 2801-Mark Logan to Eric Van Herbold, $1.44 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10092-Pamela M. Franklin to Matthew McCall, $319,900.

Stratford Ct., 3150-Benjamin I. and Young J. Chang to Xiangyang Meng, $440,000.

Thaxton Lane, 2836-Edward T. Smithline to Thomas C. Downs, $644,500.

Watermill Ct., 10903-Michael J. Lemond to Joseph Jenkins, $860,000.


Edgar Ct., 2020-Charles W. Peterson to Amelia E. and Harold A. Rojas, $400,000.

Grayson Pl., 2113-Charles F. Sweeny to Charles F. Sweeny, $813,000.

Magarity Rd., 7527-Madeline Delisle to Tony Nguyen, $350,000.

Rockford Dr., 7323-Robert L. Merrill and John R. Mellor to Charles A. Pruett, $511,000.


Bennington Woods Rd., 11673-Steven Slepian to Martin Kube and Mina Rath, $950,000.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2215-U.S. Bank to Bum J. Cho, $472,500.

Crosswind Ct., 11914-David A. Silver to Steve M. Bridges, $295,000.

Fountain Dr., 1830, No. 1008-Kamel M. and Kay D. Makar to Lawrence T. and Mary P. Wright, $735,000.

Goldenrain Ct., 1524-Mark Maguire to Eric A. Skrzypek, $368,000.

Heritage Oak Way, 1355-Bonnie R. Mckenna to Jacquelin B. Norell, $495,000.

Links Dr., 11352-Celeste N. Williams to Jason M. Holler, $461,500.

New Bedford Lane, 1270-Ernest B. Brant to Thomas J. Wolfe, $875,000.

Park Overlook Dr., 1609-Peter and Michelle Arena to Mark M. Whitney, $396,000.

Purple Sage Ct., 12102-Rebecca M. Gentry to Thomas J. Loyd, $278,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 328-James F. Rutherford to Michael Pietrzyk, $115,000.

Spyglass Cove Lane, 11290-Michael V. and Debra A. Tisler to Jaime N. Clark, $599,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1851, No. 301-John B. Mowinski to Andrew M. Fregly, $484,500.

Sundial Dr., 1310-Aleksander Milutinovic to 1310 Sundial Corp., $575,000.

Tommye Lane, 11133-Andrew Robinson to David D. Merritt, $980,000.

Walnut Branch Rd., 12016-Terrence D. Jones to Jamshid A. Damanpour, $735,000.


Creswell Dr., 3126-Paul R. and Mary K. Small to Moises and Santiago Lanzas, $450,000.

Shadeland Dr., 3101-Noureddine Krichene to Ardeshir Parvizi, $490,000.


Bath St., 7417-Angela M. McHale to Jose A. and Laurinda M. Ribeiro, $350,000.

Castine Lane, 6517-Janice R. Moore to Syed H. Hasan, $427,000.

Dina Leigh Ct., 6858-Haitham Abdelgadir and Huda J. Gasmelseed to Anthony Nguyen and Ngoc Hoang Tran, $260,000.

Forest Path Way, 7918-Anita C. Mudgett to Bobby L. Evans III, $320,000.

Glendower Ct., 7326-Steven S. and Lisa R. Rhodes to David C. and Laura K. Simons, $380,000.

Lauralin Pl., 7512-Mai Thy Nguyen to Robert Zimmerman, $439,900.

Meriwether Lane, 6409-Katherine Ann Kihl to Michael G. Hoffmann, $430,000.

O’Dell St., 7800-Sara Jame to Nisar and Daniel Faizi, $435,000.

Reservoir Rd., 7115-Nicholas T. and Jane C. Glakas to Chi Tho Nguyen and Michael Truong, $357,000.

Sunset Terr., 6312-Thomas A. Benedick to Suzzanne Yuhasz Wike, $239,000.

Waynesboro Cir., 6004-Inwood Properties Corp. to Saud M. and Shaheen M. Shah, $468,000.


Battle St. SW, 121-Stephen C. Karcha and John J. Karcha to Michael A. Wernig, $385,000.

Brenner Ct., 9449-James C. Flynn and Joanne M. Flynn to Sean P. and Terri W. Dennehy, $1.15 million.

Centerboro Dr., 2791, No. 91-Dejuan D. and Jacqueline R. Stocks to Debbie W. and Scott C. Seguin, $189,000.

Cinnamon Creek Dr., 9727-Michael D. Grill to Rolf W. Hanson, $820,000.

Dellwood Dr., 9104-Patrick J. Clerkin and Dana P. Clerkin to Michael F. and Catherine C. Plichta, $617,500.

Elaine Cir. SE, 3-3 Elaine Circle Corp. to Malini B. and Jaysankar K. Iyer, $1.15 million.

Fawncrest Ct., 1807-Michael Passman Devisee and Rachel Jackson Devisee to Issam and Peria Al-Shayeb, $667,000.

Glengyle Dr., 2463, No. 209-Fannie Mae to Kenneth A. Foster, $260,000.

Hillcrest Dr. SW, 913-Sarah E. Libeau to Alain P. Chaboud, $537,000.

Journet Dr., 2229-Katsuhide and Fumiko Miyazawa to Gaurav Sarin and Neera Panchasra, $598,000.

Knoll St. NW, 424-Sakir R. Elci to Guohua Zhang and Wen Song, $850,000.

Meredith Dr. W., 2537-Joseph W. Humphrey to Adam I. Nadel, $700,000.

Merry Oaks Ct., 8004-Benjamin B. and Megan J. Britton to Priyo K. Mazumder, $592,500.

Shouse Dr., 9426-Sarah C. Hill and William T. Hart to John T. Halacy, $605,000.

Sutton Rd., 2729-Shawn A. MacDonald to Brian Young, $650,000.

Tysons Trace Ct., 8402-Robert Madison to Aladdin Barkawi, $1 million.


Bayshire Rd., 5906G-Kristin L. Yakel to Patrick J. McDonald, $210,000.

Burling Wood Dr., 8614-Marion K. Avolt to Carlyn E. Floyd, $372,000.

Charnwood St., 6318-Samuel S. Pak to Sterling N. Croft, $439,888.

Duntley Ct., 6208-James H. and Elizabeth S. Burow to Gregory C. and Sin A. Viggiano, $449,900.

Forest Creek Ct., 6152-Gerrie Bjornson to Andrea M. Palermo, $385,000.

Garfield Ct., 8326-Judy P. Lyons to Derek B. Larson, $400,000.

Greeley Blvd., 6204-John T. Robinson to Nguyet M. Ton, $375,000.

Holford Lane, 6621-New Spring Corp. to Dennis Young, $456,000.

James Creek Dr., 8626-Maria R. Saravia to Richard F. Kelley, $700,000.

Kingsford Rd., 5905G, No. 390-Peter Lee to Angel Pocai, $130,000.

Linden Tree Lane, 7265-Matthew E. and Karen D. Heneghan to Mark C. and Teresa M. Kelly, $436,000.

Lobelia Lane, 7926-Francis X. McCullough to Juergen Schumann Jr., $639,900.

Red Jacket Rd., 6702-Seth J. and Kendra Wilson to John E. Dobes, $486,250.

Reynard Dr., 6601-Lynn A. and Carol S. McIntosh to Richard L. Stubblefield, $450,000.

Shamrock Ct., 8917-Nicolina Cowley Frederick to Joon Seok Song, $350,000.

Stream Way, 7359-Anne M. Heffernan to Ruth Steele, $256,400.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Barristers Keepe Cir., 3454-Clifton A. Martin to Brian D. Knapp, $650,400.

Barristers Keepe Cir., 3465-Brian D. and Mary Knapp to Aaron and Oanh Fox, $645,000.

Breckinridge Lane, 10460-Kim Kahn to Nenjiang Li, $548,950.

Brookwood Dr., 3411-Barbara R. Barnes to Raymond A. Williamson, $449,888.

Chain Bridge Rd., 3915-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Francis J. and Vicki L. Balint, $731,981.

Chain Bridge Rd., 3917-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Brian C. Collins, $688,000.

Country Hill Dr., 3534-Century Ventures Corp. to Robert A. Herrick and Jana M. Tilinger, $474,900.

Fairfax Blvd., 9465, No. 101-Brandon C. Driver to Srinivas Dasari, $150,000.

Great Oaks Way, 9900-Gerald P. Pease Jr. to Henry H. Zoller, $625,000.

Heritage Lane, 3610-Jeffrey W. Morrison to Augusto Wayar, $435,000.

Heritage Lane, 3629-Miguel Cotto Baez to David P. Jones II, $450,000.

Lexington Ct., 4113-Caroline K. Diedrich to Wei Qin, $315,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3901, No. 201-Jaime M. Boninhi to Apkis Corp., $145,000.

Maple St., 10904-Juddson C. Floris to Norman M. Angus, $425,000.

Mc Lean Ave., 3717-Walter L. Buckley to Sreeram R. Byru, $429,000.

Preserve Oaks Ct., 3313-D.R. Horton Inc. to Srinivasa Nadar, $744,135.

Roberts Rd., 4125-Cecil D. Facemire to Rohana Mahalekamge, $420,000.

Scott Dr., 10914-Sheila M. Fay to Mark J. Hill, $430,000.

Sherwood St., 4109-David A. Friello to Coleby D. Cyrtmus, $310,000.

University Dr., 3882-Robert E. Worst to Christopher D. Dellafranco, $425,000.

Warwick Ave., 10925-Philip C. Stone to Thomas F. Manley III, $423,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 529-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Nan G. Barrera, $485,000.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 612-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Paige Whitlock, $517,500.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 313-Myung Sin Choi to Elizabeth A. Quinn, $306,500.

Jefferson St. E., 112-Roland M. and Mary Jo Binker to James Wilson Kerr and Jemmifer Nicole Barnett, $875,000.

Kent St., 230-Amos C. and Josephine B. Good to Andrew D. Crawford and Monica C. Stassen, $575,000.

Lawton St., 213-Karen Olink to Richard P. Ziegler Jr. and Genevieve Catherine Oudar, $1.05 million.

Park Ave., 412-James Smaugh Jr. and Bonnie H. Smaugh to David J. and Claudia I. Wicks, $886,000.

Randolph St., 503-Philip George Hannum and Dorothy G. Hannum to Patrick and Carolyn Angus Hornbuckle, $450,000.

Villa Ridge Rd., 816-Robert D. and S. Diane Cameron to Daniel L. Sevier and Kathleen A. McCray, $769,000.

Whittier Cir., 124-Fernando A. and Antonia Torres Ramos to Shaun and Pemmaraju S. Dakin, $713,000.

Wrens Way, 316-Patrice McKenney and Terrence Magrath to Langdon Project Corp., $660,000.

26th St., 6935-Kathryn L. Oakley and Lois R. Hanbury to James R. and Theresa M. Twiford, $510,000.