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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4343, No. 203-John Moss to Hannah Kim, $150,000.

Ashley Glen Rd., 7810-Edward Shin to Emil D. Engels, $440,000.

Captain Hawkins Ct., 8210-William Martin to Andrew Aman, $400,000.

Donnybrook Ct., 7710, No. 207-Hee Kim to Hyun Pak, $139,000.

Garbo Ct., 4527-Kimmoy Y. Matthews to Tri Kim Nguyen, $280,000.

Highcliffe Ct., 8302-Roy E. Hylaman to Atirath Aich, $356,800.

King Arthur Rd., 3719-Genette M. Moore to Quentin Horneman, $519,000.

Mangalore Dr., 4106, No. 403-Kaymi Le to Kay A. Nguyen, $103,000.

Poe Ct., 3815-Richard J. Tobin to Martha M. Kem, $558,800.

Royston St., 7712-Karoline Duffy to Felix Puyal and Nelsy Terrazas, $397,500.

Willow Woods Dr., 4432-Steven A. Studabaker to John Laffey, $450,000.


Bay Tree Ct., 6532-Anne K. Hosford to Charles Armentrout and Jaya Tiwari, $870,000.

Glenwood Pl., 3209-Kenneth R. Henard to John Nguyen, $1.27 million.

Munson Rd., 3722-Demaris Coley to Julio Henriquez, $361,000.

Whispering Lane, 3600-Scott K. Miller to Claire E. Sheahan and Christopher Hockley, $635,000.

Wheat Ct., 3911-Jan Kester to James P. Reed and Ashley E. Levato, $510,000.


Boulevard View, 6604, No. A2-Flora Foster to Todd Maceira, $170,000.

Park Terrace Dr., 7115-Robert E. Manaker to Whitney Dibella, $780,000.

Villamay Blvd., 1203-J. Ronald Reeves to Lawrence Laub and Kristen Bogenrief, $870,500.


Beacon Pond Lane, 10004-Norval Hillmer Jr. to Jerry D. Foster Jr., $530,000.

Burke Pond Ct., 9867-Justin D. Salerno to David Coyle, $372,000.

Compass Ct., 7300-Raymond R. Flores to Catherine Vel, $510,500.

Harford Lane, 5126-Thuy Luong to Sanh Phu, $275,000.

High Water Ct., 9767-Jiwan Giri to Kevin C. Murphy, $330,000.

Poplar Spring Ct., 9303-Ernestine B. Gormsen to Michael Hudson, $615,000.

Spring Oak Ct., 10702-Leah R. Muccio to David Eimers, $265,000.

Walthorne Ct., 9713-Steven D. Bolton to Michael Smith, $630,000.

Windward Dr., 6108-James M. Roberts III to Daren Krellwitz, $490,000.


Ashmere Lane, 6602-Justin D. McCarthy to Jeffrey Serbu, $609,000.

Baton Rouge Ct., 13972-Robert Marin to Juan M. Guillen, $299,900.

Bolton Rd., 14829-Jacob C. Perkins to Liming Liao and Feng Pan, $220,500.

Castle Harbor Way, 5114, No. 133-Kitina Hall to Jonathan Butry, $265,000.

Cochran Pl., 4739-Young Suh to Young Jun, $630,000.

Creek Bed Ct., 6410-Chi Hua Saulsbury to David E. Weand, $489,900.

Farrahs Cavalry Rd., 6803-P. Michael Manion to Chung Pang, $531,000.

Grumble Jones Ct., 14017A-Bretton E. Zinger to Sunny Kaur, $252,900.

Insignia Ct., 6505-Chad A. McLaughlin to Lei Huang and Yuning Wu, $289,880.

Lightburn Lane, 13980-Joshua A. Rosenthol to Maria Kasilag, $331,000.

Meherrin Dr., 15459-Dean M. Evasius to Gregg A. Lindskoog, $619,900.

Old Centreville Rd., 6510-Stone Financing Corp. to John Henien, $600,000.

Ridings Manor Pl., 5806-Michele O. Neill to Rehaan Ahsan, $930,000.

Rosy Lane, 14301, No. 103-Muhammad Mallick to Pamela Azar, $198,000.

St. Germain Dr., 14473-Indu Dhanjal to Arun Panicker and Praveen Siddu, $132,000.

Stillfield Pl., 15179-Stuart L. Lowrey to Christopher Hocutt, $639,900.

Tanners House Way, 13977-Chul Kim to Laique Arif, $380,000.

Water Springs Ct., 13688-Everett S. Diez to Alfred E. Cook, $240,000.

White Post Ct., 15052-Cynthia Kochendarfer to Nicholas Maison, $474,900.

Winding Woods Dr., 5105-Jonathan R. Hunter to Sergio Torres, $372,000.


Cub Run Rd., 4403-Rishi R. Bhatia to Matthew Curran, $399,000.

Khalid Lane, 13993-Reza S. Vesal to Jeong Kim, $290,000.

Lightfoot St., 3850, No. 157-Syed Hussain to Heping Gao, $218,000.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 4159-Kimberly T. Campbell to Seung Yu, $205,000.

Stream Valley Dr., 13471-Scott Saylor to Baiju Thomas, $480,000.


Clifton Spring Dr., 12213-Leonard J. Pearson to Harold Pyon, $942,514.

Harvest Pl., 13022-Seung Moon to Jaewon Nam and Kyung Lee, $420,000.

Little Brook Ct., 6028-Nicolas Maison to Wan Ji Lee and Minji Lim, $305,000.

Orchard Dr., 13581-Steven Sieb to Lisa Castor, $228,000.

Sandy Point Lane, 5409-Viet Nguyen to Fariborz Madani and Taban Hojjat, $635,000.


Dusty Wheel Lane, 12603-Jerome W. Drummond to John M. Purcell, $740,000.

Heatherstone Ct., 4038-Stuart A. Levy to Manuel Vargas Madrigal, $474,000.

Suede Ct., 9118-Frances V. Crean to Tamthu Nguyen, $397,000.


Brimstone Lane, 6825-Luis F. Eljaiek Jr. to Jamie Fullinwider, $750,000.

Community Lane, 10140-Gary E. Payton to Kyle G. Manikas, $1.07 million.

Hannora Lane, 5810-Carolyn Deliman to Steven Projain, $729,000.

Mary Fairfax Ct., 5604-Kiyou Hooshiar to Darric L. Milligan, $732,500.

Spout Lane, 6805-Donna C. Bull to Mark Addio, $705,000.

Youngs Branch Dr., 6304-Jeffrey E. Noyes to James M. Roberts III, $694,900.


Annandale Rd., 3140-Vladimir Vallejos to Shahim Formoly, $370,000.

Blundell Rd., 3223-Joseph T. Daly to Philip W. Young Jr., $222,000.

Chummley Ct., 7438-Anne Konig to Christine Ryall, $459,900.

Donahue Ct., 6821-Louis M. Berra to Antonio Uriarte, $355,000.

Fairmont St., 3005-Michael Deremer to Neville Martin, $419,000.

Herrell Ct., 2548-Miriam G. Kurtyka to Ashley Messenger, $370,000.

Hughes Ct., 7309-Matthew B. Finarelli to Jason A. Marshall, $490,000.

Kerns Rd., 6641-Lawrence Rosen to Dana M. Leuthold, $489,000.

Mallory Ct., 2352-James F. Drummond Jr. to Peter Hu, $696,800.

Middlecoff Pl., 2777-Heather Konkal to Nazira Abdukhalilova, $435,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3009, No. 4101-Celeste D. Wallace to Eugene Kim, $330,000.

Rockford Dr., 7306-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Matthew Reed, $495,000.

Spring Terr., 6448-Robert R. Sparks Jr. to Charles F. Williams, $685,000.

Waldorf Lane, 7106-Amanda Summerson to Michael Bracken, $560,000.


Backlick Rd., 9042-Fannie Mae to Nong Nguyen, $295,000.


Croton Dr., 1022-David Leduc and Lauren Nassikas to Geoffrey Kahn, $599,000.

Fircrest Pl., 8822-Alfred P. Duncker to Paul H. Evans, $735,000.

Wellington Rd., 7919-Edward Staples to Christopher Kesling, $469,900.


Abbottsbury Row, 6225-Gustavo Thorn to Timothy Peltier, $400,000.

Birchleigh Cir., 6404-Daniel Kratz to William J. Newmeyer Jr., $360,000.

Buxton Ct., 5315-Lynn Marie Nagle to Ali Zaki and Layla Aldabagh, $420,000.

Collins Meade Way, 7447-Michael C. Hoffenberger to Darren McCue, $438,000.

Curtier Dr., 6014A-Daoud Jalal to Tai Moore, $220,500.

Dorothy Bolton Ct., 5949-Ryan Schaefer to Bradley Buswell, $750,000.

Elk Park Ct., 6632-Joyce M. Wood to Nicholas Bansal, $272,000.

Founders Crossing Ct., 5921, No. 204-Ellen M. O’Donnell to Rahul Vachhani, $285,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7466-Eric J. Lauternschlager to Joshua Larson, $405,500.

Gladys May Lane, 6400-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Hale Taghavi, $499,000.

Hayfield Rd., 7809-Richard Edwards to Kurt Lewis, $567,000.

Javins Dr., 3900-Lewell P. Nemir to Donald Merz Jr., $439,000.

Marjoram Ct., 4336-Timothy P. Hannaway to Michelle Acevedo, $400,000.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6001A-Mark D. Potter to Dorothy Robey, $213,000.

Ridge View Dr., 5753-Monir F. Weed to James L. Conner, $390,000.

Scottswood St., 6657-Kerry R. Rose to Michael R. Geraghty, $565,000.


Constellation Dr., 855-Legacy Builders Group to Robert E. Daley Jr., $1.11 million.

Mountain Hope Ct., 1103-Jinhwa Jeng to Ravi Soodan and Pinki Agrawal, $1.12 million.

Sterling Montague Dr., 9226-Michael C. Morgan to Amy W. Knight, $1.13 million.

Utterback Store Rd., 929-Juan Torres to Wesam Musa, $350,000.


Branch Dr., 815, No. 303-William Garnett to Branch Drive Condo Corp., $250,470.

Burrough Farm Dr., 13408-Hayley Sherwood to Venu Pulugujju, $400,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12900, No. 206-Jacob Rinker to Jie Bi, $179,500.

Criton St., 1102-William G. Mattheis to Sabara A. Rahman, $420,000.

Dornock Ct., 13626-Gilbert H. Baron to James Hagstrom, $580,000.

Framingham Ct., 12822-Wayne Lux to Christopher Bowen and Amanda M. Morris, $422,000.

Kinross Cir., 3118-Paul R. Stark and Jill Hoko to Nirmal Pitchai, $555,000.

McDaniel Ct., 914-David C. Liess to Scott N. Greges, $414,900.

Rounding Run Cir., 13165-Thomas M. Machak to Jason J. Schneider, $550,000.

Scotsmore Way, 13378-Jeffrey A. Dallos to Makesh Pitchaipillai, $585,000.

Sycamore Ct., 803-Soeun Sum to Sara Villavicencio, $270,000.

Venturi Lane, 13705, No. 250-Gaurac Khanna to Swarupa Cherukuri, $335,000.


Elmwood Dr., 3401-HSBC Bank to Emily Head, $360,000.

Fairview Terr., 2336-Gregory Carpenter to Tsung Tsai, $269,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901-Robert M. Schwaner to David D. Bathrick, $440,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 316-Jeanne Heyden to Teresa She, $250,000.

Wagon Dr., 2620-Delores C. Downing to Ana C. Medrano, $125,000.


Carter Farm Ct., 2730-David W. Williams to Deborah Bentley, $347,000.

Harrison Lane, 6705-Bonnie J. Cote to Zeidie Morales, $325,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 1617-Howard P. Harrison to Hala Khattar, $560,000.


Arcadia Rd., 3924-Kha T. Vu to Oanh Vu, $310,000.

Burgundy Leaf Lane, 6343-Huseyin Dogan to Thomas Tinsley and Kathryn Tucker, $485,000.

Crestwood Dr., 6208-Mary Johnson to Danielle Paxton and Timothy Dlugasch, $345,000.

Independence Cir., 5663-Men Huynh to Badia Daamash, $268,000.

Medinah Lane, 6625-Greg Mallon to Ashraf Hassan, $365,000.

Teton Pl., 4119-Brian Miller to Robert Stapleton, $333,000.


Aspenpark Ct., 9108-National Financial Corp. to David G. Prahl, $309,000.

Dutchman Dr., 9654-Belinda F. Cooper to Peter M. Voorde, $364,888.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8549-Dwight Van Tassell to Ramon M. Montes and Lyanne D. Luna, $260,000.

Hagel Cir., 9861-Anwar Mahadik to Hong Phuong and Tung N. Nguyen, $162,500.

Hundith Hill Ct., 9327-Kerry Yoakum to Deron S. Burba, $435,000.

Silverview Dr., 8529-Ronald D. Walker to Jay L. Cooper, $738,250.

Wilma Lane, 7422-Sanghyn Lee to Nahom Binega and Zebib Tafesse, $316,900.


Birnam Wood Dr., 8008-Clarissa D. Moore to Jeremy Kahn, $790,000.

Calder Rd., 1319-Frances D. Rock to Eric Bovim, $2.35 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1802-Park Crest Building Corp. to Steven Pann, $1.24 million.

Dryden Dr., 6506-Joy L. Simpson to Dongmin Gu and Yaning Liu, $630,000.

Forestwood Dr., 1215-David Ray Kitsmiller to David Miao, $760,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 523-Carol Phelps to Altan Targut, $272,000.

Hallcrest Dr., 7385-Benjamin Camins to Patricia H. Velander, $577,000.

Kensington Rd., 1101-Patricia Griffiths to Carol Stoker, $270,000.

Lewinsville Mews Ct., 1352-Edward C. Hall to Yuping Zhu and Yuhong Wen, $1.56 million.

Macbeth St., 1354-Robert Windus to Kelly Colingo Fahlberg, $925,000.

Mayhurst Blvd., 1465-John J. Forch to Fariborz Malek and Sonia Meli, $1.65 million.

Peter Pl., 7305-Sanjeev Kapani to Mahmoud Tabassi and Soolmaz Abooali, $2 million.

Southridge Dr., 6919-Ronald J. Paras to Omar Samad, $724,000.

Valley Ave., 1653-Kathleen N. Wilson to Keith Tetter, $522,500.

Wilson Lane, 1935, No. 102-Jay R. Rodgers to Helaluddin Wardak, $200,000.


Dolphin Lane, 4520-William J. Gard to Christopher Cooke and Rita M. Mattia, $68,700.

Falkstone Lane, 8725-Daniel A. Yuhas to Harold Neil, $460,000.

Lamberts Lane, 8237-Mia R. Franken to Alejandro Beltran, $350,000.

Mcclelland Pl., 8212-Donald Schaier to Jamila Taylor, $290,000.

Neptune Dr., 4749-L. Brent Bozell III to Charles Bolden Jr., $950,000.

Radford Ave., 8523-Marshall Heilman to Steven L. Evans Jr. and Amanda J. Eure, $425,000.

Union Farm Rd., 8919-Valerie L. Rouillard to Angela G. Janysek, $460,000.


Blackford St., 7408-Terry J. Cheramie to Gualberto Delboy, $340,000.

Elgar St., 7708-Jon W. Marker to Edward Geraty, $445,000.

Inverchapel Rd., 5503-Martin J. Smith to Janice O. Brien, $325,000.

Miles Ct., 5525-Sandra B. Triveri to James Scoyoc, $345,000.

Viceroy St., 7725-Byron G. Jorns to Travis Plank, $416,900.


Bradford Wood Ct., 3116-Ana Baltar to Deniz Mehmed, $468,500.

Cobb Hill Lane, 3201-Marcus Kellogg to David Liess, $525,000.

Hannah Farm Rd., 10595-Alexander Post to Gary A. Castellaw, $1.26 million.

Miller Heights Rd., 3411-Karl Ytterdahl to James Friedlander, $1.22 million.

Rutherford Ct., 10201-Catherine Burnett to Ismet Hajrovic, $960,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3178, No. A9-Summit Condo Corp. to Katie Cole Kelly, $260,400.

Waples Mill Rd., 11700-Donna A. Dennis to Gregory Scogna and Ling Tong, $533,000.


Autumn Ridge Cir., 1519-Susan E. Black to Brian Crane, $383,000.

Beacon Heights Dr., 2030-Syed S. Zaman to Patricia Lucas, $912,500.

Briar Mill Lane, 11820-Mark Burtschi to Andrew Rabb, $754,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 1986, No. 15A-Emmanuel Kim to Hejong Kim, $415,000.

Fawn Ridge Lane, 11872-Jeffrey S. Clark to Keith E. Brennan, $820,000.

Gatesmeadow Way, 1314-Tedd M. Schwartz to Gaurav Khanna, $810,000.

Golf Course Dr., 2061-Letitia V. Lock to Graham D. Mayer and Kimberley D. Larsen, $439,000.

Gunsmith Sq., 2250-Kevin Marshall to Miriam Banks, $290,000.

Indian Ridge Rd., 11789-David Hausmann to Jasbir Sarao, $420,000.

Jonathan Way, 1793G-Kimberly Campbell to Daniel A. Pitcher, $239,000.

Lima Lane, 12351-Louis R. Nagy to Karla M. Meola and Jeffrey E. Traasdahl, $480,000.

Old Brookville Ct., 11617-Keith E. Brennan to David J. Ray, $675,000.

Park Lake Dr., 1409-Lisa Bowling to Shawn H. Chon and Olivier F. Soubias, $690,000.

Point Dr. N., 1516, No. 203-Michael Aderholt to Poonacha Maneyapanda, $297,000.

Roundleaf Ct., 1464-Lawrence M. Ley to Leslie Tanner, $433,000.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1617-Stuart Rockowitz to Jason J. Frank, $276,000.

Spyglass Cove Lane, 11297-Laurent P. Conein to Steven P. Hays, $799,000.

Sundance Ct., 12109-Catherine Clause to Steven M. Grachan, $337,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1231-Robert D. Faktorow to Robert J. Moran, $1.55 million.

Upper Lake Dr., 1942-Joseph F. Hering to Bruce McCarty, $1.38 million.

Washington Plaza W., 11430-Herbert Uberall to Terry Joos, $193,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2196-David W. Nash to Saida Dim, $323,000.


Castle Rd., 3039-Steven Miller to Jeffrey Scott, $565,000.

Valley Lane, 3125-Scott Madsen to Mark D. Fangmeyer and Lauren McCausland, $539,000.


Ballston Dr., 7791-Richard Kadunc to Christopher Suda, $490,000.

Briarcliff Dr., 7208-David R. Walker to Paul Richardson, $393,000.

Craig St., 6001-Leona H. Jones to Andrew Rozario, $417,900.

Eagle Rock Lane, 8810-Terry C. Gordon to Kayla Castillo, $424,900.

Falling Leaf Rd., 8489-Roy K. Judy to Michael Furman, $530,000.

Gambrill Lane, 8400-Ashish Masih to Fahim Moin, $500,000.

Gwynedd Way, 8556-Donald Singleton to Amanda Wedige, $294,000.

Highland St., 7212-U.S. Bank to Carolyn Nguyen, $535,000.

Kitchener Dr., 8433-Ahmed Kamal to Hafiz Homes Corp., $270,000.

Lois Dr., 6901-Mitch M. Lasat to Christopher Koelbi, $355,000.

Pioneer Dr., 6218-Bank of America to Anwar Hussain and Mohammad Younus, $245,000.

Spring View Ct., 7314-Nathan Smith to Evan Geiger, $355,000.


Arabian Ave., 9210-John R. Poulsen to Kent Miller and Heidi M. Ramsay, $672,000.

Bois Ave., 9207-Sandra G. Sanderson to Lionel Cave, $662,500.

Cashel Lane, 2991-Gerrit Tysse to Devendra Natekar and Anfrea J. Falkenhagen, $446,000.

Casmar St. SE, 113-Daniel S. Zwicker to Craig M. Fried, $460,000.

Cinnamon Creek Dr., 9615-Douglas Lawrence to Thomas Dockery, $675,000.

Creek Ct. E., 502-Arunjit Singh to Musa Ghani, $875,000.

Elmar Dr. SW, 100-Vahid Pourkhalkhali to Prashanth Mally, $1.18 million.

Freda Dr., 2106-Suhad Keblawi to Marianne Kompa, $635,000.

Glyndon St. NE, 216-Stephen G. Shelesky to Matthew Vaughn, $1.33 million.

Hunting Crest Way, 1666-NVR Inc. to Siamak Monjazeb and Naghmeh Tebyanian, $1.6 million.

Lawyers Rd., 10376-Cathy J. Stryker to Maryam Nasehzadeh Tabriz, $1.01 million.

Nanterry Cir. SW, 505-Battle Street Builders to Paul Moloney, $1.21 million.

Oakton Glen Dr., 2663-John A. McNulty to David G. Kinton, $655,000.

Shady Dr. SE, 904-Robert L. Kellogg to Daniel F. Howard, $650,000.

Snowbound Ct., 9852-Christine P. Casale to Stephen C. Corsi, $436,200.

Timber Valley Ct., 8101-Scott W. Vanderbilt to Luther Morris and Lynda Leib, $585,000.

Virginia Center Blvd., 9480, No. 224-Baibhac C. Devkota to Farshid Joubin, $327,500.


Brentford Dr., 6411-Terrence L. O’Sullivan to Gregory Wood, $556,000.

Forest Creek Lane, 6189-Bich Thuy Vu to Jason O. Moore, $389,000.

Harrowgate Cir., 7822D-Mirwais Shpoon to Monica Rodriquez, $150,000.

Lorcom Ct., 6108-Charles I. Kratz to Jeffrey Lange, $580,000.

Rolling Forest Ave., 7135-David Kincaid Jr. to Kyle Lim, $445,000.

Springfield Village Dr., 7915-Donald Ritenour Jr. to Molly Alonzo, $470,000.

Tiffany Park Ct., 9062-Mohammad Mojaddidy to Tracy Cunningham, $309,800.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Allison Cir., 4210-Donna L. McConnell to Jessica Doll, $289,500.

Country Hill Dr., 3517-Bentio Gutierrez Luaces to George Nelson, $430,000.

Courtney Dr., 10454-Judith A. Potter to Theodore Trier, $590,000.

Madison Mews, 3903-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Gavin L. Jackson, $710,562.

Madison Mews, 3911-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Timothy Roemer, $678,693.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10028, No. 232-Van Vo to Taher Sinnawi, $128,000.

Roberts Rd., 4015-Jennifer Pumphrey to Karen McCarthy, $382,500.

Roberts Rd., 4031-Frank T. Cambria to Joshua I. Alexander and Kira L. Camargo, $290,000.

Woodland Dr., 4028-Jeffrey A. Messenger to Juan M. Agudelo, $330,000.

First St. W., 10828-Emlak Investors Corp. to Sudhir Hinduja, $610,000.