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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4965, No. 101-New Spring Corp. to Dung Phan and Nam T. Huynh, $125,000.

Brook Hills Dr., 4915-Alfred J. Broadbent to Deidre Doyle, $1.38 million.

Dade Dr., 3816-Hasan Zia to Mohammad Hemmatian, $800,000.

Gallows Rd., 3826-Eduardo L. Feller Co. to Andrew Remuzzi, $465,000.

Heritage Woods Way, 7729-Lynne M. Mayo to Thang D. Phung, $455,950.

Kimscott Ct., 5172-Mary Frey to Nan Z. Crowther, $405,000.

Murray Lane, 6841-Ghislaine R. Jacks to Kathleen McCloud, $465,000.

Pleasant Way, 7509-Myrtle M. Sharp to Dan Cao, $485,000.

Roslyn Rd., 5000-Fannie Mae to Sherri Stanley, $399,990.

Van Masdag Ct., 4918-Fannie Mae to Linda M. Trochim, $336,700.

Willet Dr., 4516-Joseph E. Mokher to Homer Hawkins, $509,000.


Aura Ct., 6113-Jacqueline Bratcher to Jamal Abusamhadaneh and Manar Alawawdeh, $440,000.

Dockser Terr., 6366-William M. Yoder to David M. Parker, $625,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6143, No. 506-Ruben Pascual to Pushkar Panta, $135,000.

Madison Crest Ct., 6132-Michael H. Doherty to Will Nelson, $411,500.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 106-Caron L. Shake to Humaira Hotaki, $258,500.


Boulevard View, 6408-George Mason Mortgage to Waldon Jue, $515,000.

Edgewood Terr., 6026-Marciann Grzadzinski to Nelson L. Huldin, $1.29 million.

Marlan Dr., 7113-David T. Tidmore to Anne Marie Turner, $750,000.

Sweetbriar Dr., 2227-Christopher S. Newton to Mahrya O’Connor and John Delaney, $303,000.

13th St., 6416-Ralph L. Zehring to Derek W. Inabinet, $390,000.


Bunker Woods Ct., 10091-Hade Corp. to Tiffany Koch, $357,000.

Caulking Pl., 7202-Kadija Corp. to Vivian Furber, $495,000.

Debra Spradlin Ct., 9525-Carter P. Swenson to Andrey Mikhalchuk, $570,000.

Goshen Lane, 9422-Harris A. Quesnell Jr. to Kathryn Thoet, $415,000.

High Water Ct., 9756-Kevin L. Cummings to Maple Leaf Investments Corp., $260,000.

Oakland Park Dr., 5950-Matin Hackleman to Timothy Deady and Kroistin A. Merrigan, $645,000.

Pierrpont St., 9632-Andrew W. Saffron to Thomas J. Moran, $326,000.

Spanker Dr., 6911-Kim Dillard to David W. Courtney, $599,950.

Veering Lane, 7006-William Adams and Maria S. Kitomilis to Robert Copes, $590,000.

Westport Lane, 9639-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Min O. Kyaw and Thidar S. Wymint, $220,000.

Wyeth Lane, 9204-Samuel W. Lillard to Christopher Campbell, $585,900.


Ann Grigsby Cir., 13506-Charlie B. Mojica to Jason Law and Thanh Tran, $545,000.

Batavia Dr., 14628-Thomas C. Szybowski to Stefanie Fauber, $399,000.

Blue Aster Cir., 5351-George Kollar to Sunkyung Lim, $480,000.

Cabells Mill Dr., 13767-John A. Cassara to Enrique Aceves De Alba, $470,000.

Coble Laskey Ct., 14162-Richard L. Eller to Roy W. Speaks and Catherine Todahl, $576,000.

Cranoke St., 14824-June Yamayoshi to Devin Cote, $325,000.

Eagle Tavern Way, 15261-Gulraiz Hassan to Rifat Ikram and Sophia Cheema, $568,000.

Grogans Ct., 6112-Matthew Ridolfi to Tai Do, $340,000.

Hoskins Hollow Cir., 6114D-Fannie Mae to Afework Hagos, $235,000.

Kyle Dr., 5623-Byoung Jo to Diane Condrey, $590,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13639-JLG Investments Corp. to Julie Lee, $400,000.

Meadow Glade Lane, 6301-Christopher Garito to Jae Lee, $359,500.

Oakmere Pl., 15340-Michael B. Davis to Michael Schlink, $599,900.

Purple Dusk Ct., 13437-Jay S. Lee to Samuel S. Ham, $485,000.

Rosemallow Cir., 5298-Chau Ly to Christopher Neofotis, $405,000.

St. Germaine Dr., 14361-Samie D. Culpepper to Lawless Investments Corp., $145,000.

Sully Lake Ct., 14517-Michael L. Schlink to Su Hong, $339,850.

Westwater Ct., 5850-Masoumeh Masouleh to Elyse Walker, $315,000.


Claret Ct., 4235-National Financial Corp. to Joel Jandreau, $234,000.

Granite Rock Dr., 13504-Louis F. West to Joseph Siddall, $553,000.

Leith Ct., 13531-Linda Alkire to Tammy Lagrange, $400,000.

Novar Dr., 4136-Kenneth R. Mussen to Navin Shukla, $230,999.

Star Flower Dr., 4636-Michael E. Brooks to Scott Spaulding, $601,000.


Clifton Rd., 6501-Stephen C. Pierce to Arthur Spenard, $1.8 million.

Little Brook Ct., 6017-Stephen H. Rice to Cyrus Leghvan, $300,000.

Marleigh Lane, 14017-Taghi T. Arani to Rinsy Matthews and Alexander M. Alexander, $540,000.

Regal Crest Dr., 13340-Bob B. Yu to Srinivas Rangaraju and Haritha Devulapally, $550,000.


Penderview Terr., 12157, No. 835-Comstock Penderbrook Corp. to Jaclyn Racicot, $214,900.

Sayre Rd., 2926-Pushpa R. Lavezzo to Stephen Kim, $1.1 million.


Bellingham Ct., 8106-Aubrey A. Schultz to James J. Cutting, $800,000.

Cogswell Pl., 10706-Charles A. Miller III to John P. Drago, $620,000.

Hampton Rd., 10418-Bruce Boynton to Benjamin Ryder, $610,000.

Little Ridge Lane, 8110-Kenneth Hardy to Michael E. Franco, $630,000.

Spanish Oak Ct., 9712-Aniruddha Bhattacharyya to Thomas Cleary, $576,000.

Woodwren Terr., 8602-Francisco Barros to Eric B. Christian, $820,000.


Anna Ct., 8109, No. 20-Bradley Vankirk to Ramzi Asmar, $360,000.

Beechtree Lane, 3336-Kim Pagotto to Joseph P. Brier, $590,000.

Boxwood Dr., 2212-Joseph W. Gelven Jr. to Joshua Tenuta, $670,000.

Eppard St., 6444-G. Philip Hughes to Chung Kim, $825,000.

Haycock Rd., 7023, No. 708-George G. Lizama to Samuel A. Nugent, $600,000.

Kenney Dr., 3229-Janice Spillman to Gregory Starm, $365,000.

Meridian St., 2240-Darrell C. Valdez to Rosse Tapia, $500,000.

Metropolitan Pl., 7015-Soo K. Kwak to Aaron Stewart Raddock, $355,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 510-Anne G. Styles to Kashi Farms Inc., $160,000.

Rosemary Lane, 2939-Anicetas Vaichekauskas to Henrique Fernandez, $575,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 6714-James F. Parker to Michael Wiant, $350,000.

Westmoreland St., 2135-Mark A. Culp to Charles Sethness, $505,000.


Buckboard Dr., 8514-Warren Ortland to Richard Tanner, $615,000.

Crossley Pl., 8503-Anette M. Emery to Alabama Avenue Corp., $422,000.

Waynewood Blvd., 907-Michael J. Sommers to David Leduc, $782,000.


Churchman Ct., 4412-Timothy S. Reed to Timothy Lindler, $429,000.

Cobbs Rd., 6188-George Naumovich to Robert M. Collette, $579,500.

Curtier Dr., 6011E-Joshua Mecham to Sung H. Kim, $270,000.

Digby Green, 7461-Wilmon W. Hartman III to Jon C. Comottor, $424,950.

Edgewood Lane, 5955-Teresa Priddy to Danielle Milinski, $379,000.

Estates Dr., 6051-Gary M. Fletcher to Adam M. Felder, $455,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7412-Roy C. Spivey to Tanya Lansley, $395,000.

Gildar St., 6530-New Spring Corp. to Mayson A. Alkinani, $397,000.

Harbor Court Dr., 5225-Melinda A. Watters to Meghan Phillips and Nolan Mullins, $374,050.

Jane Way, 5907-Irene C. Tillman to Shaw Fici and Emily A. Olhoeft, $415,000.

Latour Ct., 7114-Craig R. Rice to Daniel Haggerty, $327,900.

Manorview Way, 5974-Joshua R. Katz to Priya Bulsara, $638,500.

Masondale Rd., 6009-Emmett J. O’Meara to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $735,000.

Ridge View Dr., 5617-David J. Pincus to Adam M. Diament, $374,900.

Rolling Creek Way, 6887-Amanda L. Brownfield to Jason Hwa, $580,000.

Sandlin Ct., 6211-Daniel Flores to Peter Chau, $320,000.

Telegraph Rd., 6317-Venus Properties Corp. to James Ludwig, $347,000.

Wilcox Ct., 6408-Sheila Thomas to Anthony Clements, $325,000.

Yadkin Ct., 6575-Anna Ellis to John M. Wright, $279,900.


Colvin Run Rd., 10020-Mary Alice Dean to Nicholas Dean and Jacqueline Corcoran, $800,000.

Kenmore Dr., 1260-William W. Chenault to Harinder Singh, $615,000.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1002-William Fitzgerald to Catherine Haymans, $756,000.

Springvale Rd., 632A-Mark O. Decker to Nuhad Karaki, $1.12 million.

Trotting Horse Lane, 1212-Christopher Tuite to Priyavadan Mamidipudi, $899,500.


Alton Sq., 12901, No. 202-Christopher Beebe to Mei Shih, $158,000.

Birch Ct., 703-Denise L. Fitzgerald to David Chen, $250,000.

Builders Ct., 1703-Daniel J. Jenkins to Ann Marie Tropiano, $350,000.

Cherry Branch Lane, 2858-Jin Bee Yong to Jing Shi and Michelle Guo, $910,000.

Colewood St., 12508-Wells Fargo Bank to Hicham Younes and Mariam Kahzziuri, $685,000.

Dominion Ridge Lane, 1379-Charles Malphurs to Mohit Sudhakar, $544,000.

Foxlease Ct., 13480-Traci L. Griggs to Robert Laskey, $322,000.

Glen Taylor Lane, 13350-James A. Tingley to Robert J. Osterried Jr., $585,000.

Kingstream Dr., 1482-Michael D. Urbach to Annette Ishee, $515,000.

Leefield Dr., 3008-Melody Hanamura to Jeffrey Boulier, $555,000.

Magnolia Ct., 413-Fannie Mae to Ryan Patten, $270,000.

Mother Well Ct., 2963-Jonathan J. Sleep to Ryan Sobel, $800,000.

Parkstream Terr., 12201-Cartus Financial Corp. to Lisa J. Tribuce, $535,000.

Ramesses Ct., 3163-Roy McCullough to Yongjoo Whang and Yangsook Kim, $565,000.

Rounding Run Cir., 13154-Richard A. Williams Jr. to Joseph Sanchirico, $660,000.

Sugarloaf Ct., 2105-Joseph R. Zipay to Larry S. Bird, $389,000.

Tuckaway Dr., 13148-John A. Bartolomeo Jr. to James Edwards, $574,900.


Breezy Terr., 2907-Matthew Warncke to Duy K. Bui, $370,000.

Evergreen Knoll Ct., 5712-Edith Lam Nardone to Stephen Glasscock, $346,300.

Gladden Ct., 5706-Bonni Jean Cazier to Hannah Millick, $359,500.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1604-Rakesh Saluja to Benjamin Hightower, $404,500.

Redcoat Dr., 2648, No. 98-Sara Lee Taylor to Jorge Aponte, $154,900.


Blue Slate Dr., 4020-Pamela L. Frugoli to Noradel Barcelo, $495,000.

Chimney Wood Ct., 6373-John P. Agosta to Brian P. Downey, $300,000.

Franklin St., 3112-Daneila Rodriquez to Matthew Funk, $385,000.

Popkins Lane, 2601-Jue Wang to Foundation Residential Corp., $220,000.

Woodstone Pl., 6700-WMH Investments Corp. to Peter A. Nuwayser, $520,000.


Bren Mar Dr., 6219-Malebage Sigera to Zain Malik, $325,000.

Cozy Glen Lane, 5252-Gavin P. Gamber to George Mckenzie, $555,000.

Hazeltine Ct., 4508E-Arthur F. Phinney to Elizabeth Ostrander, $277,900.

Mayhunt Ct., 4641-Michael Rothschild to Cheryl L. Hall and Brian Douville, $356,591.


Cockburn Ct., 8187, No. 8187-N. and N. Investmewnts Inc. to Hamed Heider, $195,000.

East Hill Dr., 9954-Paul D. Vail to Abdulrahman Aljousaid, $570,000.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8548-Evan R. Weathersbee to Mary Jane Hill, $255,000.

Middle Ruddings Dr., 8371-Thang Do to Courtney Abraham, $570,000.

Ox Rd., 9209-Wesley E. Speer to Maura Keaney, $439,000.

Shirley Woods Ct., 8500-Jonna K. Kerns to Joanne M. Jackson, $365,000.

Whitsell Way, 8907-Clara R. Simpson to Mario Rodriquez, $300,000.


Aynsley Lane, 7316-Daryl A. Kreml to Nasser Gramian and Minoo Lari, $820,000.

Byrnes Dr., 6612-Linda B. Regan to Jamal Jaroudi, $670,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1419-Robert B. Greenberg to Katherine Heffelmire, $490,000.

Dryden Dr., 6500-Bemjamin Arquesa to Benedict Arquesa, $590,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 222-Theodore Caras to Ye Tao and Jing Chen, $346,000.

Hickory Hill Ave., 6919-Craig J. Names to Jin Cao, $1.32 million.

Kellogg Dr., 6300-Barbara Dibble to Cameron Chen, $795,000.

Lincoln Way, 1538, No. 104A-Daniel M. Crane to Iris Yen, $230,000.

Mayhurst Blvd., 1443-Wen H. Huang to Albert C. Hu and Penny P. Chen, $1.65 million.

Pathfinder Lane, 1405-Priscilla R. Urner to Ahmed Pasha, $682,000.

Ramshorn Dr., 6136-Seth H. Lundy to Daniel C. Rhodes, $940,250.

Sorrel St., 6705-Jennifer Camel Toueg to Rajeev Aggarwal, $3.7 million.

Tucker Ave., 6535-James Testrake to Veeral Majmudar, $600,000.

Wilson Lane, 1906, No. 202-Freddie Mac to Kelly Kidwell, $207,500.


Allwood Dr., 9321-Michael E. McCormick to Michael Bonnaure, $609,000.

Brevard Ct., 4403-Maria G. Davenport to Maelaf Zewdie, $220,000.

Frye Rd., 8105-New Spring Corp. to Comfort Gyamfi, $362,000.

Mariposa Pl., 3890, No. 49E-David Sterrett to Reina Portillo, $139,000.

Neptune Dr., 4740-John Valdivieso to William Gard, $1.32 million.

Pickering Pl., 4214-John D. Moran Jr. to Marciann Grzadinski, $660,000.

Woodlawn Manor Ct., 5526-Haluk Kocaman to Enrique Pisfil, $246,700.


Dunston St., 7512-Jessy A. Jackson to Omar M. Bashir, $342,000.

Gosport Lane, 7907-Karen M. Renz Malloch to Mui Duong, $370,000.

Husky Lane, 7313-Son Nguyen to Anthan Tran, $271,600.

Leewood Forest Dr., 7050-Buddha Homes Corp. to Yared Addisu, $329,900.

Rolling Rd., 5511-Khanh Hoang to Michael J. Carney and Kellie E. Legrand, $400,000.


Baltusrol Ct., 10220-Alma Hajrovic to Nadia Khar and Faiz Bashir, $460,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 2915-Emine E. Sandi to Courtney Chambers, $475,000.

Hannah Farm Ct., 2604-Steven W. Bancroft to Scott A. Morehouse, $1.7 million.

Jermantown Rd., 2817, No. 305-Deanna L. Allee to April Sawin, $249,500.

Red Granite Terr., 10457-Andrew T. Pribe to Nelson Boj, $399,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. A6-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Pedro J. Fernandez, $199,900.

Walnut Creek Ct., 11300-Kyong Kim to Omar Zuhairi, $966,000.


Antiqua Ct., 2370-Fannie Mae to Qadir Ahadi, $260,000.

Beacon Heights Dr., 2026-Thomas Jones to Peter L. Coughlin, $900,000.

Briar Mill Lane, 11803-Alger B. Doland to Stephen M. De Wees, $665,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11200, No. 302-Gayle Jurickovich to Jared K. Bench, $230,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 1946-Peter B. Magellan to Donna C. Henshaw, $400,000.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 102-Gordon M. Brightsen to Shannon L. Newman, $250,000.

Garden Wall Cir., 1371, No. 713-Shabnam Tabatabaei to Holly Buffo, $235,000.

Glade Bank Way, 2417-John W. Mayes III to Errol E. Ekener, $310,000.

Grovehampton Ct., 10865-Linghai Wu and Yin Jing to Yaroslav Vladimirskiy, $737,000.

Hunter Gate Way, 10879-Jocelyne Karaki to Kyeongsu Im and Eunkyeong Han, $792,000.

Jonathan Way, 1780A-Suzanne Medici to Sridhar Peddinti, $207,500.

Ledura Ct., 11737, No. 201-Potomac Relocation Corp. to Thomas M. Cardman Jr., $215,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 133-Anthony Wilkins to Megan Lubina, $294,000.

Moorings Dr., 1692-Michael J. Villalas to Frederick Schroeder, $530,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1451-William Gamon to James Jaxtheimer, $360,000.

Pegasus Lane, 2514-Consuelo B. Carver to Stone Financing Corp., $520,000.

Rosedown Dr., 2403-Michael J. Ferrari to Samuel A. Alcantara, $510,000.

Sentinel Point Ct., 11958-Cheryl A. Regan to Lisa Sharp, $420,000.

Sloane Ct., 11906-Robert A. Shannon to Minoo Jalili, $317,000.

Summer House Ct., 11402-Craig J. Taylor to Michael Seifert, $515,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1215-Stephen R. Whitt to Mark Grasmeder, $957,000.

Upper Lake Dr., 1933-Andrew M. Gillmer to Sarah McCue, $640,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1760-Susan R. Campbell to Benjamin Skinner, $361,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2097-Jamie B. Maines to Jeffrey Olewinski, $329,000.

York Mills Lane, 1633-Christa Lynch to Matthew Buchanan, $619,000.


Patrick Henry Dr., 3155-John A. Daugherty to Joaquin Lazarus, $517,500.


Attleboro Dr., 7820-Crispulo Alzona to Kristen Hancock and Michael Naughton, $415,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6807-Melissa Napoli to Kathryn A. Smith, $334,000.

Constantine Ave., 7208-Louis Lamannis to Thang Truong, $427,500.

Dunn Ct., 6336-Fannie Mae to Andrew D. Lindsay, $445,000.

Evanston Rd., 7226-Felicia Word to Sunil Sharma, $220,000.

Franconia Rd., 6490-Crystal Wilson to Crystal Wilson, $134,495.

Groveland Heights Ct., 7718-Deborah Geary to Marissa Naspinski, $295,000.

Highland St., 6925-Fannie Mae to Inderjit Sandhu, $355,000.

Kedron St., 5954-Robert S. Kirk to Mursch and Rico Corp., $320,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8417-Sun K. Park to Thomas A. Haid, $264,000.

Pebble Brook Ct., 7908-Frances L. Stites to John H. Teetsov, $322,000.

Ridge Rd., 7444-Raymond R. Flores to Catherine Vel, $510,500.

Sontag Way, 7144-Mark J. Mullen to Shawn P. Purcell, $462,000.

Stagg Ct., 6394-Bank of America to Daniel McCarthy, $305,000.


Beulah Rd., 1319-Francis A. Arnold to Enayatullah Qasimi and Suhila Yousufi, $839,900.

Carpers Farm Ct., 10005-Mary Berry to Philip Nitowski, $895,000.

Chestertown Dr., 2213-Ryan T. Tewell to Sean Mcdonald, $605,000.

Country Club Dr. NE, 1015-Richard Dunbar to Joseph A. Castro, $675,000.

Echols St. SE, 1005-David M. Redman to Louis M. Berra Jr., $565,000.

Fairfax Metro Lane, 2912-Bancha Wonkittiwimol to Aravindan Sridharan, $550,000.

Hidden Hill Lane, 1406-Bassel Haidar to Stanley Idiculla, $1.26 million.

Langholm Pl., 2909-Tripat M. Singh to Raja Kaul, $810,000.

Marymount Lane, 2542-Audrey Reniere to Kwang Lee and Taesoon Oh, $560,000.

Myers Cir. SW, 904-Robert James to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $578,000.

Oak St., 8003-Grant R. Berning to Bahar Rowhani, $685,000.

Oakledge Ct., 2602-Edmund Hardy to Yuan Jiang, $635,000.

Pieris Ct., 2057-Suresh R. Limaye to Nima Binara and Pema Tulotsang, $557,000.

Regency Crest Dr., 9416-Chungyuh Chow to Hoa Nguyen, $659,000.

Rockport Rd., 9511-R. William Thomas to George A. Sacco Jr., $787,000.

Virginia Center Blvd., 9480-In Joo Sohn to Jong Lee and Hyo Yi, $325,000.


Blarney Stone Ct., 6466-John W. Griffith Jr. to Andrew Amis, $261,000.

Forest Creek Ct., 6186-Steven E. Bassler to Jeffrey Pwu and Lun Yeh, $375,000.

Grenoble Ct., 8422-James B. Streets to Daniel M. Marposon, $370,000.

Lobelia Lane, 7931-Timothy H. Courington to Lore Anne Ponirakis, $175,000.

Phillip Ct., 6386-Leonard Korm Jr. to Denise Maier, $625,000.

Ridge Hollow Ct., 8775-Chartwell Inc. to Steven L. Rainey and Selamawit Fisseha, $335,000.

Sweet Birch Ct., 9011-Naoma A. Stager to Min Ki Kim, $391,100.

Winslow Ave., 8308-John O. Gauthier to Mark E. Bishop III, $460,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 421-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Sandeep K. Shukla, $419,900.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 521-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Liping Feng and Guo Suei Fang, $410,500.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 631-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to John D. and Eileen G. Williams, $428,000.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 634-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Haywon Yi, $320,000.

Lee St. S., 212-Shaw H. Cohe and Miriam R. Cohe to Philip Newbold and Courtney Brkic Newbold, $699,000.

Lee St. S., 217-Paul S. Hurwit and Susan T. Raynor to John Eden and Ellen Gray Heather, $545,000.

Parker Ave., 800-Michael C. and Nicole A. Tramonte to Michael G. and Patricia M. Ferrick, $605,000.

Noland St., 215-Joseph A. and Rosaura Aguerrebere to Alexander Montalto and Carrie Warburton, $1.03 million.