These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit homesales.

Fairfax County

Paul St., 3609-Mohammad Zzaman and Mohammed S. Islam to Sebastian Chicas, $385,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1605, No. A1-Gary A. Miller to Michael J. Schweikart, $246,000.

Kenyon Dr., 6904-David B. Joyce to Roger H. Hale, $309,900.

Wake Forest Dr., 1210-Marsha Cox to Gunnar Lucko, $600,000.


Ashby Lane, 7513, No. E-Maria Anwari to Alexander Usyatinsky and Nadezhda Astakhova, $283,000.

Bitternut Dr., 6034-Kelly M. Robinson to Edwin G. Kichline, $500,000.

Budd Way, 3106-Barbara J. Gustine to Gary M. Drake, $467,500.

Dunman Way, 6328-Patricia R. Flynt to Barbara A. Shine, $495,000.

Fleet Dr., 6425-Fredis Villegas Chavez to Arifa Khan, $220,000.

Gentle Lane, 6278-Thomas P. Klotz to Jedd T. Sorenson, $685,000.

Heritage Hill Dr., 5753-Christopher L. and Parah L. Fishburn to Daniel S. Brody, $415,000.

Joust Lane, 6060-Haimnot Yidengitu to Michael Gebremedhin, $370,000.

Manchester Park Cir., 6108-Kevin Watson to Maria Anwari, $575,000.

Oak Hill Pl., 5720-Betty Balding and estate of Frank P. Higgins to Morris Construction Co. , $285,000.

Shaffer Dr., 6043-Thomas K. Arnold to Daryl Pritchard, $710,000.

Terrapin Pl., 5985, No. 303E-National Financial Corp. to Nanticha Sangsung, $305,500.

Wellington Commons Dr., 6197-Andrew Vozzolo to Peter Ellopoulos and Teresa Matthews, $379,000.

Worthing Ct., 7803-Elza P. Hisel to Luke Delaney, $415,000.


Americana Dr., 4913, No. 207-So J. Lee to Linda P. Han, $119,000.

Breckenridge Ct., 3354-Katharine V. Hansgen to Edward J. Bitzer, $370,000.

Chanel Rd., 3709-Equity Trustees Corp. and Wafa M. Abulaban to Venus Properties Corp., $565,522.

Dassett Ct., 7809, No. 301-Alice F. Ess and estate of Joseph F. Fulton to Woul D. and Yu Jin Han, $139,000.

Elan Pl., 4427-Gilles R. Girard Trust to John H. Ly, $339,000.

Holborn Ave., 4236-Robert B. Harvey to Amit A. Varde, $540,000.

Kloman St., 4008-Ha Dinh Ho to Ricardo Dinatale, $719,000.

Lake Blvd., 3815-Mehboob Rabbani to Daniel Klaus, $549,900.

Maxfield Dr., 4508-Mohamed Hussein to Imtiaz Hossain, $385,000.

Newport Glen Pass., 7862-Ronald M. Mirones to Thomas A. Robinson, $400,000.

Ramblewood Ct., 7506-Jeffrey A. Morrissette to Stone Financing Corp., $600,000.

Rowan Ct., 7715-Robert M. and Betty A. Wilson to Osorio Contractor Corp., $375,000.

Taylor Lane, 8300-Zharloemar Carbonell-Espiritu to Randall J. Fulk, $750,000.

Weber Ct., 7721-John F. Simpson and Jennifer E. Burt to Edwin L. Ulshafer III, $397,000.


Glen Carlyn Dr., 3402-Maria R. Sanchez to Fabian Ambrosio, $240,000.

Lakeview Dr., 6336-Edward W. Sauer Jr. to Michael D. Ward, $1.12 million.

Pinetree Terr., 3439-Andrea J. Palm to Reuben Cleetus, $759,000.

Sixth St., 5882-Diana M. James to Steven Vekony, $610,000.


Bridgetown Ct., 5906, No. 37-Edward W. Smith to Malcolm H. Squires Jr. and Parvinder Sodhi, $275,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5902, No. 203B-Peter M. Keefe to Elena Ponti, $208,000.

Edgewater Oak Ct., 5719-Robert D. Lyons Jr. to Jason L. Thatcher, $320,000.

Home Guard Dr., 8974-Clarence T. Lewis to Charles S. Coltson, $704,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6113-Jason Griffin to Mariya Chetyrkina, $349,900.

Quiet Pond Terr., 10265-Robert G. Meyer to Daryel R. Dunston, $350,000.

Todman Landing Ct., 10405-Kyle Schaefer to Stephen Pierce, $340,000.


Asher Vw., 14097-Jose Menjivar to Ramiro Matos, $220,000.

Bonham Pl., 6366-Ang Business Corp. to Ricardo E. Cruz, $297,000.

Compton Valley Way, 14154-Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia and John E. Banks to Venus Properties Corp., $263,900.

Creekstone Lane, 6023-Nicholas P. Efthyvoulou to Tanka N. Dahal, $284,000.

Gatwick Sq., 14738-Imran Ghaznavi to Rachel E. Shirey, $280,000.

Golden Oak Rd., 14464-Shankar Khepar to Emily Huynh, $166,000.

Hanna Ct., 14713-Anthony J. Beatty to Siu Man Chan and Shan Lu, $487,000.

Jenny Leigh Ct., 6731-Adam C. Maglich to Robert A. Corn, $313,500.

Kendra Way, 6166-Kevin S. Chang to Chungai P. Ko, $330,000.

Lynhodge Ct., 14820-Robert W. McEwen to Jung M. Park, $250,000.

Matthews Vista Dr., 13400-Matthew Godek to Rickey Kapani, $489,000.

Red River Dr., 14161-John L. Comey to Joshua A. Shelton, $310,000.

Sharps Dr., 6532-Jason Hart to Sean W. Nyhan, $345,000.

Spruce Run Ct., 5910-Yueh Tsun Chen to Seng N. Oo, $230,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14703-Eugene A. Goldlust to Megan E. Wittling, $305,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15138-Bettye S. Hieber to David H. Williamson, $599,900.

Woodland Ridge Dr., 14600-Thomas B. Taylor to Beth E. Sellars, $349,990.


Deerwatch Dr., 4680-Trang D. Nguyen and Thuong Q. Phan to Hien Q. Le, $326,000.

Lightfoot St., 3830, No. 127-Anne Rush to Raj K. Bhasin, $185,000.

Sand Rock Lane, 4605-Carlos O. Brinckhaus to Commonwealth of Virginia, $20,320.


Clifton Rd., 7233-Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia and Barbara L. Portman to Foundation Residential Corp., $407,000.

Quail Ct., 5524-Federal National Mortgage Association to Anupam Chatterjee, $386,900.

Wildflower Lane, 13679-James Barricelli to Charles J. Davis, $316,500.


Forestdale Dr., 4703-Ronald N. Koontz to Jim X. Chen and Susan X. Yin, $397,000.

Miranda Ct., 9516-Oscar Lopez to Frederick Mark and Esther Yeung, $358,000.


Flora Lee Dr., 11132-Sharon K. Matyskiela to Bonnie Packer, $300,000.

Housatonic Ct., 6100-Robert Busey to Chad J. Majiros, $665,000.

Rutledge Dr., 6640-Philip J. Rouse II to William T. Slaven IV, $1.34 million.


Cameron Rd., 2833-Kenneth L. Warlick to Bharathikrishna Lakshmanan, $415,000.

Fieldcrest Ct., 7805-Jeanne L. Hahn to Christopher Alvarez, $472,500.

Lee Hwy., 7340, No. 103-Vijaya Tamang to Guna Subedi, $131,300.

Lester Lee Ct., 2887-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Javier Rojas Fernandez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $305,356.

Meadow Lane, 2840-Matthew Mattingly to Adam Krumbholz, $610,000.

Princess Anne Lane, 6725-Richard Pham to Tuan A. Nguyen, $460,000.

Rose Lane, 3447-William F. Tomlinson to Robert W. Noah, $444,000.

Wayne Rd., 3209-Jefferson Miner to David Moya, $369,500.


Beacon Lane, 2243-Wells Fargo Bank to Rupsha 2013 Corp., $534,000.

Gerard Ct., 6443-Theodore H. and Mary F.C. Smith to David Edelson, $700,000.

Hollywood Rd., 2752, No. 52-Rivera Investments Corp. to Omar Serrano, $110,000.

Lusby Pl., 1850-Matthew Howell to Ralph Van Doorn, $489,000.

Olney Rd., 1712-LRS Properties Corp. to Patrick Campbell, $499,900.

Trevino Lane, 7733-J. Borden and Pamela Branson to Qunfen Yan, $385,000.


Camden St., 8505-Thomas B. and Margaret S. Wood to Joseph C. Windham IV, $575,000.

Hamilton Lane, 8006-Linda A. Baker and estate of Cleveland S. Baker Jr. to Scott J. Faucett, $360,000.

Ridgecrest Dr., 7603-Annie V. Continetti to Marcus R. Canzoneri, $801,000.

Yorktown Dr., 7817-Michael J. Pawlowski to Andrew Hutchinson, $550,000.


Locust Hill Dr., 9702-Carol H. Suhr to Qian Shen, $730,000.

Walker Rd., 634-Betty Kerns to Vedavathi Seelamneni, $450,000.


Alton Sq., 12915-Angie E. Kurtz to Jakarra Jones, $182,500.

Bluemont Ct., 1451-Waldo Murillo to National Financial Corp., $262,100.

Camberwell Ct., 2517-Richard T. Nielsen to Kevin M. Naylor, $675,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12909, No. 204-Phillip S. and Kevin C. Lee to Chakravathy V. and Lakshmi S. Kopparapu, $285,000.

Crestview Dr., 999-Connor C. Marsden to Paul Taylor, $460,000.

Ferguson Pl., 2149-Reflection Lake Townhouses to Hosam Atlam, $65,840.

Gatepost Ct., 12811-Timothy B. Coppage to Dae Y. Yoon, $417,000.

Highcourt Lane, 2107, No. 305-Stephen D. Tobin to Nikolas C. Namdar, $250,000.

Ladybank Lane, 13203-Christopher A. Johnson to Dominic Boucher, $560,000.

Merlins Lane, 609-Terry K. Baker to Robert R. Taylor, $425,000.

Piney Glade Rd., 13005-Russell G. Harris to Anish Sheth, $630,000.

Spring Rain Ct., 3218-Zarina Faruki to Bang Tran, $910,000.

Summer Pl., 12509-Ronald L. Wagner to Jue Wang, $692,500.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2495-Vaip Corp. to Anand Narayanan, $445,000.

Venturi Lane, 13624, No. 172-Russell L. Parker to Daniel L. Van Dyken, $358,000.

Wilshire Dr., 1230-Roger E. Fanning to Tika R. Poudel, $233,700.


Huntington Park Dr., 2445-Walter M. Knox II to Kimberly Manuel, $409,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1418-Scott R. Pilon to Ryan C. Cady, $263,000.

Norton Rd., 5715-Thomas C. Shackelford to Andrew Moch, $435,000.


Chimney Wood Ct., 6310-Robert D. Brown to Chad M. Rainey, $337,000.

Douglas St., 2911-Jimmy Weller to Sin W. Kiang and Lan M. Chin, $495,000.

Hopa Ct., 7420-Arthur B. Goodkind to Derek M. Norton, $760,000.

Napper Rd., 3207-Potomac Relocation SVRS Corp. to Derrick Williams, $338,000.

Woodlawn Trail, 2908-Sally J. Bohn to Abs South Valley Corp., $850,000.


Cypress Point Rd., 6610-Elizabeth Slanta to Harold Sklar, $364,000.

Gloucester Rd., 4704-Potomac Relocation Services to Mesha A. Cichon, $389,000.

Levtov Lanedg., 6392-Talley Neighborhood Properties to James T. Supple, $458,500.

Shackelford Terr., 6273-Charles C. and Alta K. Ware to Scott S. Sherman, $535,000.


Benham St., 8816-Potomac Relocation Services to Brian J. Fernandes, $363,000.

Catbird Cir., 8206, No. 202-Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia and Kent Peprah to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $203,800.

Dolsie Grove Dr., 9007-Ann K. Bulimo to Farris Investments Corp., $240,000.

Henry Knox Dr., 7665-Ayesha R. Ayubi to Dan McElroy, $589,990.

Lorraine Carol Way, 9756-Flavia Diaz Hays to Mesfin Taye, $525,000.

Masey McQuire Ct., 9601-Steven J. Hill to Basiony Hagar, $430,000.

Pohick Rd., 7422-Euclides E. Reyes to Rahman Bangura, $216,000.

Silvershadow Ct., 9147-John P. Solomond to Liesel A. Golden, $375,000.

Unity Lane, 9512-Asiatu Jalloh to Curtis Brickey, $290,000.


Alvord St., 8305-Joan M. and Steven B. Polk to Samad Oraee, $3.5 million.

Brook Rd., 8401-F. James and Suzanne L. Ahlberg to Jonathan D. Brightbill, $1.1 million.

Carriage Hills Dr., 7491-James J. Faris to Erin Hawley, $840,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 503-Blake Edmond Smith to Michelle Smith and Yie Chen Lin, $510,000.

Deer Dr., 1831-Donna M. Zimmerman to Kunpeng Hu, $660,000.

Enola St., 7837, No. 1-Benjamin D. Harmon to Janane S. Issa, $152,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 201-Amir Hadzimehmedovic to James Lewis, $620,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 605-Youjin Hur to Bijan Rassi, $351,000.

International Dr., 1625, No. 207-Corporate Management Enterprises to Julie Hale, $305,000.

Lincoln Way, 1505, No. 104-Mengyao Lu to Abdelghani Bellaachia, $315,000.

Lupine Lane, 6809-Garo Lachinian to Rajesh K. Bansal, $1.38 million.

Melrose Dr., 6720-Timothy E. Walsh to Joan M. Smith, $699,000.

Panarama Ct., 1823-Cartus Financial Corp. to Christopher B. Berendt, $1.22 million.

Provincial Dr., 7621, No. 304-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nilgiri Ventures Corp., $155,555.

Susquehannock Dr., 1737-Declan Shine to Erich Halley and Victoria Romero, $771,000.


Ashton St., 7833-Greener Ways Corp. to Karen and Teresa Cruz, $284,000.

El Soneta Pl., 3971-Deutsche Bank to Paarth Sapra, $80,399.

Kimbrelee Ct., 4207-Jeffrey M. Yates to Frank F. Sadler, $875,000.

Mount Vernon Hwy., 8614-Malcolm A. Swinbanks to Nathan J. Colodney, $490,000.

Segundo Pl., 3807, No. 22-C-Joseph M. Stearman to Alfredo Guardado, $63,500.

Welford St., 4811-MD Nayeemul Haque and Liaqat Ali to Nazim T. Arda, $383,000.


Elgar St., 7319-Evelyn Evans Estate to Minh Tran and Thai Nguyen, $370,000.

Jervis St., 7604-Christopher A. Kouts to Teo V. Pham, $315,000.


Ayreshire Rd., 11707-Ellen B. Son to Daniel M. Warner, $530,000.

Elmsway Ct., 10527-Barry L. Hildebrandt to Terrence R. Hardy, $515,000.

Miller Heights Rd., 3025-Edward F. Flood to Jeffrey D. Quigley, $675,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10136-Donna R. Schroeder to Timothy W. Haden Jr. and Pamela E. Robinson, $310,000.

Wheatland Farms Dr., 3203-Donald R. Celli and Yuk M. Ng to Edward F. Flood, $120,000.


Abington Hall Pl., 12190, No. 203-Saratoga Madison Corp. to Christopher S. Ambrose, $385,400.

Barrel Cooper Ct., 11979-Joseph Gal to John J. Dziak Jr., $320,000.

Breton Ct., 11870, No. 13B-Matthew J. and Danielle L. Debuchananne Rogers to Pai Fang Tsai and Chuck C. Hong, $325,000.

Chancery Station Cir., 12077-Peter K. Stevenson to Michael Chandler, $616,100.

Cocquina Dr., 2260-Glasser and Glasser and Charles J. Shaw to Federal National Mortgage Association, $261,500.

Farsta Ct., 1515-D. Brian Cameron to Adam P. Robbins, $395,000.

Glade Dr., 11144-John K. Bringman to Thomas Jacques, $374,000.

Hollow Timber Ct., 11451-Edward A. Wardwell to Tamara Catania and Randall Laudermilk, $535,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1712, No. 4-Paula Marcolin to Mohsen Ghafouri, $225,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 318-Elizabeth Martin to Scott J. Medeiros, $396,500.

Millennium Lane, 2341-Charles G. Kim to Joseph E. Zieja, $365,000.

Northgate Sq., 1531, No. 31-Nelson Y. Jones to Mersad Eftekhari, $150,000.

Owls Cove Lane, 2140-Kermit A. Sande to Mary Collins, $1.05 million.

Purple Sage Ct., 12114-W.C. Mayo Jr. to Joseph Canales, $260,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 319-William K. Ames to Joyce E. Franklin, $157,000.

Sourwood Lane, 11604-Elizabeth C. Battocletti to Michael Donovan, $575,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 403-Alfred P. Toussaint Jr. to Wei Xu, $300,000.

Valencia Way, 1662-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ross Eldridge, $324,000.

Wild Hawthorn Way, 1207-Jared M. Maples to Kevin Thomas, $490,000.


Crosswoods Dr., 6360-Scotty Silverman to Shannon M. Mitchell, $750,000.

Meeting St., 3046-Raul A. Cuervo to Bader Alkharji, $509,900.

Wentworth Dr., 3514-Nancy Rohrback to Mark L. Angelini, $825,000.


Backlick Rd., 7110-Mai Thy Nguyen to Nabeel Ilyas, $519,900.

Beverly Park Dr., 7255-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Fatana Barak, $262,000.

Colorado Springs Dr., 8008-Mark C. and Julie L. Mantooth to Maria M. and Jarrett M. White, $500,000.

Doncaster St., 7214-Reg Investments Corp. to Michael D. Bostick, $411,500.

Essex Ave., 7412-Stephen R. McEvily to Augusto P.G. and Leah Saulo, $365,000.

Gambrill Rd., 7406-Potomac Relocation Services to Thomas J. Smedley, $605,000.

Hidden Knolls Ct., 7354-Bonnie J. Myers to Sharon C. Witter, $420,000.

Kitchener Dr., 8479-Arash and Bijan Jamaleddin to Calvin L. Walters, $333,000.

Michael Robert Dr., 6367-Guoxing Zheng to Patitta Garver, $292,000.

Rolling Oak Lane, 7316-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Amber Weir to Venus Properties Corp., $271,400.

Sweet Gum Pl., 8830-Michael C. and Michael W. Schulte to Ronald B. Drinkwater, $420,450.

Tyrolean Way, 8573-Walter K. Kwiatowski Jr. to Hade Corp., $266,500.

Wind Fall Rd., 8320-Courtney Odom to Benjamin A. Sims, $260,000.


Beulah Rd., 1327-Kenneth L. Walker to Premanee Wongsangpaiboon, $800,000.

Chestertown Dr., 2201-William C. Van Meter to Hannah Woodley, $619,500.

Cottage St. SW, 1305-Susan S. Linn to Commonwealth of Virginia, $2,480.

Days Farm Dr., 9713-Bobby R. and Jill L. Miller to Murat Bayraktar, $790,000.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 1214-Christopher Robinson Trust to Kwang Kim, $285,500.

John Marshall Dr. NW, 605-Sharon Braun and Gary Katchmer to Dane C. and Jessica J. Hurst, $599,000.

Lewis St. NW, 131-Evaristus E. Ogu to 500 Spring Street Corp., $479,900.

Lord Fairfax Rd., 1954-Tae S. Yi and estate of Su Hwan Yi to Vladimir Jadrijevic, $850,000.

Moore Ave. SW, 128-Rupsha 2007 Corp. to Neville R. Javeri, $999,900.

Pollard Terr., 1814-Charles R. Luessenhop to John C. Peck, $630,000.

Rosewood Hill Dr., 1410-Allan S. Hammock Jr. to Robin W. Kime, $845,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7990-Ting Kuo Lee to Anhthu Chiang, $407,000.


Armendown Dr., 9013-Jesse R. and Nora G. Rogers to Luan Nguyen, $305,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8143-James R. Berry Jr. to Halee Whitman, $336,000.

Flax St., 7037-Mark S. Beardslee to Charanjit Singh, $512,000.

Holford Lane, 6702-John B. Gemma to Ismail B. Kerkeni, $140,000.

Kerrydale Ct., 9001-Saeed Aghajani to Simin Soltani, $300,000.

Queenston St., 5975-Sherry A. Janney to Aimee Martinez, $376,900.

Sherborn Lane, 6024-Cynthia H. Henderson to Dwight E. Dean Sr. and Wendy V. Walters Dean, $528,000.

Tiverton Dr., 7736-Kimberly Boudreaux to Marianne McAveney, $27,990.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Embassy Lane, 3607-WSD Capital Corp. to Sydney Gomes, $450,000.

Maple St., 4027-Willem A. Daman to Becky K. Cullen, $403,000.

Vanderbilt Ct., 4110, No. 302-William Richards to Laura A. Campbell, $310,000.

Falls Church

Birch St., 138, No. B2-Charles Paul Robbins to Marybeth Nascondiglio, $290,000.

Buxton Rd., 302-Martin Alan Braun and Kristel Schorr to Jennie A. and Louis F. Bono, $1.15 million.

Maple Ave. N., 329-Mary Louise Jones to Daniel S. and Kristen K. Ross, $662,500.

Spring St. S., 119-Presidio Homes Corp. to Robert David and Karla M. Brown, $1.02 million.