These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Fairfax County

Bedlington Terr., 5202-Malcolm MacKinnon III to Michael T. Jones, $515,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1403-Bryan Lee Martin to Allison Schott, $230,000.

Foxcroft Rd., 6205-Kevin S. Pryor to Justin Andersen, $746,000.

Popkins Lane, 2112-Barbara Knight to James Hayes, $658,900.

Rollins Dr., 2116-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Anthony Anoia, $383,250.

Sweetbriar Dr., 2219-Kirk D. MaConaughey to Miguel Montanez, $252,000.


Abbottsbury Row., 6213-Brian A. Stewart to Gaurav Relhan, $413,000.

Ashleigh Manor Ct., 7037-Constance Briddell to Jason H. Alexander, $452,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6860, No. 201-Carl D. Egner to Benjamin Hurwitz, $215,000.

Caprice Ct., 4320-Elizabeth Doyle to Anthony Rivera, $343,000.

Dijohn Court Dr., 7111-Jesse Harvey to Jennifer Olsen, $333,000.

Dunwich Way, 6608-Nancy Newton to Adam C. Vance, $510,000.

Fallen Tree Ct., 3310-Kay N. Perkins to Kevin L. Mattoch, $659,500.

Franconia Forest Lane, 6011-Alicia Boyd to Kevin Callahan, $465,000.

Gillingham Row., 7402-Bruce Sutherland III to Tracy Michael, $475,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5658-Michael Capps to Christopher L. Chin, $535,000.

Harbor Court Dr., 5314-Ronald Gambill to Dirse Palacios, $315,000.

Hunter Creek Lane, 6612-Christopher Cirino to Christopher Klejdys, $435,000.

Judith Ave., 7100-Brian O. Hara to Michael Ables, $760,000.

Larochelle Dr., 5320-Alison K. Tepsic to Emily Havrilla, $305,000.

Lynley Terr., 6113-Wafaa Benghuzzi to Songvuth Intavong, $420,000.

Norham Dr., 5945-Anthony Massoud to Christine Wilson, $495,000.

Piedmont Dr., 5825-Equity Trustees Corp. and Tara L. Ronzetti to Helmand Investments Corp., $276,676.

Riefton Ct., 6502-Timothy W. Heacock to Scott Hoffner, $329,900.

Royal Crest Lane, 6214-Neighborhoods VI Corp. to Casa Royal Properties Corp., $584,990.

Suffolk Ct., 7807-Holly C. Russell to Muhammad Muyeed, $440,000.

Terrapin Pl., 5902-Eugenia Kocher to Sarah Belaustegui, $304,000.

Upland Dr., 4701-Norman H. Starler Trust to Fadwa Nassar, $530,000.

Walkers Croft Way, 6269-Timothy E. Wolfe to Thomas J. Brodowski Jr., $436,650.


Aspen Hill Ct., 4612-Wells Fargo Bank to Cuong Tran, $516,000.

Brenda Lane, 3908-Emily Logan to Gregory Moore, $429,000.

Chapel Dr., 8500-Veronica Lim to Vinh Dang, $350,000.

Elan Ct., 4403-Waldo Humerez to Rafael Moscoso, $315,000.

Horseshoe Dr., 4116-Willy Suarez to Daniel Forsyth, $599,000.

Ivydale Dr., 3713-Marsha Guerrant to Ryan Obermeier, $450,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7717, No. 12-Gradon C. Kam to Ky D. Nguyen, $231,000.

Mangalore Dr., 4106, No. 102-Quang Truong to Cui Wu and Weimin Li, $125,000.

Parkman Ct., 4712-Potomac Group Corp. to Thang Nguyen, $246,000.

Ridgewood Dr., 7820-Chi Truong to Son Nguyen, $370,000.

The Midway, 8248-William A. Summerson Trust to Ronald A. McKean, $525,000.


Courtland Dr., 3443-Christopher L. Graham to Christine Keller, $474,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6137, No. 109-Donna L. Breeden to Harold Silva and Andreina Acuna, $120,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 513-Gordon Cannon to Gerard Para, $119,900.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 213-Suburban Property Inc. to Sara Mazaheri, $296,000.

Washington Dr., 3500-Andree T. Fouant to Foundation Residential Corp., $320,000.


Burr Oak Way, 10862-Michael Kish to Rupert Manley and Shea A. Buckman, $617,000.

Georgian Woods Ct., 10002-James S. Schisser to Marc K. Boysworth, $484,000.

Hollins Lane, 5585-Patricia Caceres to Norka Fernandez, $290,000.

Natick Rd., 9829-Terry M. McGovern to John D. Pak and Susan A. McMeen, $515,000.

Ormandy Dr., 6207-Quan K. Luu to Greg Mueller, $540,000.

Roberts Common Lane, 10210-James T. Trudeau to Caroline Tran, $369,499.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10105-Kabir Shafik to Kevin Toomey, $330,000.

Sutherland Ct., 5629-Jason Mount to National Residential Nominee Services, $325,000.

Wood Grouse Ct., 9941-Carlos Alarcon to Wilhelm Maida, $530,000.


Antonia Ford Ct., 13998-Do H. Yin to Deniz Tasar, $335,000.

Basingstoke Loop, 14820-Rossana Macher to Neha Jain, $187,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14116-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Susan Tran and Kheng Sor, $261,000.

Brookmere Dr., 14329-Marc N. Debrody to Edward McCarthy, $490,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14305, No. 101-Surety Trustees Corp. to Venus Properties Corp., $110,000.

Cool Fountain Lane, 4996-Suburban Property Inc. to Rajeev Rajolu, $410,000.

Elkheart Ct., 5212-David R. Herbstreit to James T. Trudeau, $490,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14473-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Burak Suzai to Federal National Mortgage Association, $352,719.

Glen Meadow Pl., 5275-Hong Mo Hong to Une Lee and Nam Suk Kim, $280,000.

Gunners Pl., 14006-Barry Michael to Tam Vo, $265,000.

Indian Summer Ct., 14610-Issa Bannourah to Hung Nguyen, $355,000.

Lady Madonna Ct., 14932-Stephanie Herrera to Ebram Garas, $260,000.

McCoy Rd., 6441-Suburban Property Inc. to Avinash Srinivasan, $315,000.

Oak Rock Ct., 6603-Thomas L. Hong to Mai Thy Nguyen and Jeffrey Bryant, $623,000.

Powder Flask Ct., 6309-Millenium Gateway Corp. to Fatoumata Sow and Mohamed Bah, $370,000.

Rockton Ct., 6017-Karen E. Stockbridge to Anthony Weber, $324,990.

St. Timothys Lane, 6345-Surety Trustees Corp. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $316,000.

Serviceberry St., 5464-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Sang Sung, $476,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14710-John A. Lake Jr. to Thomas W. and Katie E. Kaiser, $332,500.

Tree Line Dr., 5452-Virginia L. Anderson to Pamela J. Draper, $460,000.


Autumn Vale Ct., 13722-Kathy Isaacs to Krishna Chudal, $226,500.

Flagg Ct., 3997-Ricardo A. Dutton to Arun Sapra, $193,200.

Sand Rock Lane, 4607-Young J. Choi to Caza Property Ventures Corp., $400,000.

Waverly Crossing Lane, 4531-Thomas D. Henley Jr. to Ken Pachmayr, $530,000.


Caswell Ct., 13307-Dominion Station DC Corp. to Edward Snider Jr., $651,500.

Orchard Dr., 13693, No. 3693-Robert Hoffmann to Ixchel Fuentes, $161,000.


Albion Ct., 3401-Brian Terrebonne to Albion Court Project Corp., $450,000.

Byrd Dr., 11022-Fatma Bennett to Yolanda Camberos, $340,000.

Deer Hollow Way, 2921, No. 316-Hyung Cho to Chung Pak, $334,900.

Halsted St., 4103-Christopher T. Viselli to Faisal Parwani, $568,000.

Middle Ridge Dr., 4200-Michele S. Velasco to Sandra Crews, $500,000.

Rippon Lodge Dr., 10908-David L. Allwine to Cartus Financial Corp., $560,000.

Superior Sq., 4654-Atlantic Trustees Services Corp. to Helmand Investment Corp., $227,100.


Canterberry Rd., 10611-Alan R. Szymkowik to Dwight Hamilton and Shirley Zebovitz, $575,000.

Clifton Rd., 7543-Richard N. Watts to Dale North, $550,000.

Hampton Rd., 9830-Jamison Francis to Fahlem Usman, $710,000.

Periwinkle Pl., 8311-Vinay Lamba to Saurabh Thakrar, $710,000.

Timberidge Rd., 10601-Robert J. Lerch to Stephen Luminati, $780,000.


Barrett Rd., 6648-Ryan Fubini to Brenton Franklin and Jennifer M. Pena, $490,000.

Cedar Hill Rd., 3016-Dan G. Prock to Leo G. Stevenson, $606,000.

Devonshire Garden Ct., 2784-Rod C. Hughes to Mark C. Turner, $649,000.

Hewitt St., 3210-James Martin to Thomas Oostdyk, $385,000.

Lawrence Dr., 2853-Connie L. Riggins to Marco Pineyro, $470,000.

Nealon Dr., 3221-Debra R. Shelley to Lawrence Sefcik, $364,000.

Roosevelt Ave., 7312-Elizabeth Barrantes to Rene A. Melendez, $354,000.

Sherry Ct., 3228-Estate of Arthur Brookes to Khanh Tran, $450,000.

Summerfield Rd., 2836-Wayne W. Hosier to Peter M. Soliman, $365,000.

Westmoreland Rd., 6932-Mitchell Schanke to Jose Revollo Salazar, $402,500.


Armand Ct., 1916-John P. Duffy to Lee Carrol Morris, $1.14 million.

Eastman Dr., 7102-Talbot Chubb to Christopher Carpenter, $596,000.

Haycock Rd., 6810-Stephen Sperling to James O’Donnell, $710,000.

Kirklyn St., 2622-Patricia Gonzalez Campos to Devin Hines, $510,000.

Lisle Ave., 7720-Carole L. Herrick to William E. Bahre, $300,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7790-Margaret Cohea to Emily Young, $474,900.

Nottingham Dr., 2408-Karen J. Yang to Richard Costa, $525,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 1109-Elahe Farahmand to Mohamed Hameededdin, $300,000.

Savannah St., 7608, No. 8-Venus Properties Corp. to Mohammad Islam, $138,000.

Stockwell Manor Dr., 6792-Son Nam Nguyen to Liang Xu, $918,000.


Blakiston Lane, 8421-Greg A. Newlin to James A. Merklinger, $630,000.

Chancery Ct., 8204-John McCandless to Eunkeu Oh, $460,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 7810-Stefanie Ackerman to Andrew J. Jonas, $450,000.

Priscilla Lane, 1131-Jerome E. Kelly Jr. to Alison Santore, $750,000.

Washington Rd., 8032-Amelia Arnhart to Evergreen Companies Corp., $600,000.


Dara Lane, 9101-Maria Retter Corp. to Vijayalakshmi Menon, $1.4 million.

Fox Forest Dr., 10557-William K. Wells to Timothy Peterson, $1.2 million.

Kettle Pond Lane, 1156-E. Gene Giles to Daniel C. Tsai, $773,000.

Millwood Rd., 1015-Equity Trustees Corp. and Thomas V. Sjoblom to ACM Maple Road Capital Inc., $2.25 million.

Walker Rd., 704-Calvin R. Follin to William G. Wieand, $257,520.


Ballou St., 900-Positive Plus Investments Corp. to Hooshang Jaber, $357,000.

Cheviot Dr., 12032-Carlos Venini to Steven P. Keefe, $445,000.

Clover Field Cir., 2427-Dong T. Nguyen to Durga Kuchipudi, $343,100.

Dower House Dr., 3111-Lawrence P. Navin to James H. Timberlake III, $610,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12652-Jeffrey A. Dorman to Thomas Robinson, $436,000.

Florida Ave., 561, No. 203-Date Ji to Claudina Ghassemieh, $174,500.

Iron Forge Rd., 2463-Elena Kolgan to Prashant Tanavade, $690,000.

Mansway Dr., 2783-Michael Kalogeropoulos Tr. to John J. Sweeney III, $636,000.

Merlins Lane, 525-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Walter A. Ramos Romero, $349,900.

Nureyev Lane, 12710-Patrick McLain to Predrag Djokic, $400,000.

Park Crescent Cir., 13113-Chi H. Chiu to Rajashri Ranadive, $422,500.

Rock Ridge Rd., 12530-James D. Thompson to Wagma Barekzey, $527,000.

Stanton Park Ct., 1013-Wells Fargo Bank to Emlak Investors Corp., $460,000.

Tayloe Ct., 3229-Platinum Investments Corp. to Gregory Krisanda, $324,900.

Turquoise Lane, 13510-Abid Ali to Ghanim Ullah, $265,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 217-Federal National Mortgage Association to Surender Edla, $192,300.


Arlington Terr., 2233-Danell Castro to Jackline Ndege, $285,000.

Edgehill Dr., 5839-Joshua J. Delmonico to Christopher Knutti, $375,000.

Farmington Dr., 2810-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to George Criswell III, $380,000.

Fort Dr., 2406-Classic Cottages Corp. to Bruce Bolden, $375,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5900, No. 101-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bruce Heide, $195,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 216-Maria Hyson to Scott E. Bechtle, $245,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 708-Myron Hirniak to Kay N. Perkins, $385,000.


Arundel Ave., 3121-Efrain Romero to Stephanie Levac, $435,000.

Fairfield Ct., 7181-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joseph Mirabella, $278,000.

Harrison Lane, 7129-Patrick Jansen to Jacqueline Jackson, $499,500.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7113, No. 44-John Gillette to Kalley Phillips, $350,000.

Mason Hill Dr., 2113-Patrick J. Young to Matthew McCaffree and Lilia Gerberg, $735,901.

Woodlawn Lane, 2609-Patricia Hennig to Alexander Lazo, $410,000.


Braddock Rd., 4009-Salvatore P. Dicuffa to Jennifer Iudicello, $400,000.

Gwyn Pl., 5510-Aaron J. Sanders to Isam M. Al Ayoubi, $359,000.

Tartan Vista Dr., 6566-Anna Kim to Richard B. Dormido, $420,000.


Blackfoot Ct., 8572-Kathryn Norton to Juan Lopez, $247,000.

Chapman Rd., 6103-Thomas R. Webb to Salvador Egea, $899,000.

George Fox Pl., 8011-Jeffrey A. Monhart to Bennett Ford, $570,000.

Kernon Ct., 8506-Deutsche Bank to Trung Duong and Camtu Pham, $320,000.

Mooregate Ct., 9522-Mandran Properties Inc. to Edgar Kisembo and Pamela Ogweng, $239,000.

Pink Carnation Ct., 8914-Steven L. Orton to Andrew G. Gembara, $455,000.

Sheffield Hunt Ct., 9191-Manirath Srishord to Firezar Wakene, $290,000.

Timarand Ct., 7943-Ira McNeal to Robert Lovett, $170,000.

Whitly Way, 7620-Thong Sengthongkham to Elizabeth Jones, $275,000.


Addington Dr., 7231-Sherman J. Glass Jr. to Shogo Ishii, $1.98 million.

Birch Rd., 1841-Michael E. Devito Trust to Allen L. Messer, $750,000.

Brookhaven Dr., 1540-Dawn M. Copland to Tricrest Homes Corp., $825,000.

Carper St., 1051-Jane D. Espinosa Trust to Commonwealth Principals Corp., $755,000.

Chesterfield Ave., 6611-Bank of America to Surendra Chauhan, $1.25 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1607-Park Crest Building 4 Association Corp. to Paula Verdun Trust, $890,000.

Delf Dr., 1027-Rebecca Orabona to Clyde Woltman Jr., $925,000.

Evers Dr., 1607-George Miller Jr. to Stuart K. Duncan, $835,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 904-Matthew S. Loeb to Matthew A. Kelley, $275,000.

Ivy Hill Dr., 6612-George Conomos to Chandraskhar Edara, $670,000.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 111-Carlos Mendez to Sabad Corp., $325,000.

Maddux Lane, 1601-Garry Lyle Brown to Phil W. Park, $1.45 million.

Mulroy St., 6527-Lilia G. Banzon Trust to Marelize Prestidge, $585,000.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 103-Andrew Lipps to Abdolhossein Ejtemai, $266,800.

Spring Gate Dr., 1601, No. 1408-Brian D. Brown to Laurence Rosenfeld and Jennifer R. Weiss, $230,000.

Swinks Mill Rd., 827-William H. Casterline Jr. to Acme Real Estate Corp., $577,000.

Westbury Rd., 7107-Karen Kierce to Douglas Levey, $714,500.

Woodland Terr., 6025-Gary A. Bell to Eric J. Bendickson, $935,000.


Boothe St., 9326-Albert Ellett to Kieran Baker, $600,000.

Central Park Cir., 7909-Thomas Esmacher to Adam Walesiewicz, $290,000.

Credos Ct., 8402, No. 2-Seema Gupta to Nibia Ortez, $122,500.

Gibbs St., 3831-Fannie Mae to Gustavo Jeolas, $350,000.

Mount Vernon Landing, 9514-James H. Lynch Jr. to John Hall, $1.25 million.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4365, No. 50-Joanne Kinder to Thelma Dixon, $136,900.

Roxbury Lane, 3747-Atlantic Trustees Services Corp. and Cynthia M. Pearson to Venus Properties Corp., $196,600.

Seven Woods Dr., 7950, No. 129D-Russell Poe to Syed Kamal, $135,782.

Southlawn Ct., 8560-FFC Properties Corp. to Debra Armstrong, $280,000.

Walutes Cir., 8724-Rashonda Richardson to Lester Jacobsen, $111,000.


Dublin Ave., 5407-Hade Corp. to Christopher M. Ray, $455,000.

Heming Ave., 5742-James Sheridan to Tufar Mehr, $405,000.

Kings Park Dr., 5506-Hade Corp. to Astrid Ramirez, $465,000.

Perth Ct., 5222-David A. Nixon to Yung C. Chan, $375,432.

Victoria Rd., 8902-Nicholas L. Konchuba to Luis Mayorga Otoya, $430,000.

Weymouth Dr., 5402-Dwayne E. Campbell to Derek S. Schmidt, $429,000.


Bronzedale Dr., 11418-Kirby A. Brendsel to Craig Timm, $688,000.

Jermantown Rd., 2817, No. 309-Susan Tate to Carolee Egan, $295,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10041-Daniel C. Greenberger to Juan Chen, $325,000.

Palmer St., 2964-Daniel H. Marti to Gregory Fowler, $1.04 million.

White Flint Ct., 3226-Jordan C. Crandall to Sarah Stewart and Scott Beerbower, $430,000.


Abercromby Ct., 1708, No. 1708C-United Bank to Hongjun Wang, $213,000.

Beaver Cir., 1700-Bruce Leathwood to John W. Edgemond IV, $400,000.

Captiva Ct., 12130-Anna Kasior to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $210,198.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2241-Alan L. Weinberger Trust to Michael Young, $525,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11232, No. 233-Wells Fargo Bank to David Jones Jr., $214,959.

Emerald Heights Ct., 2359-Ahmad Almosallam to Anthony A. Squaire, $275,000.

Harbor Ct., 11276, No. 1276-Catherine Montero to Simone Busso, $385,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2234-Jacqueline Fay Trust to Richard Agee, $255,000.

Ivy Oak Sq., 1758, No. 34-Esther S. Daniels to Juan Amezaga, $350,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1701, No. 31-Rachel L. Stutts to Ravikumar Ganta, $300,000.

Middle Creek Lane, 2327-Victoria L. Hux to Sara E. Brandland, $375,000.

Northgate Sq., 1403, No. 3-Katherine Padilla to Sunil Nandamudi, $158,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1304-Kenneth Park to Emilia Bakopoulos, $525,000.

Pyrenees Ct., 2465-National Financial Corp. to Cynthia Gunera, $299,900.

Silentwood Lane, 11255-Siavash Farvardin to Megan E. Godek, $325,900.

Stoneview Sq., 11611, No. 70-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jonathan Hyland, $162,500.

Summerchase Cir., 11730-Adrienne Hall to Lillian Brodeur, $221,000.

Valencia Way, 1672-Christine M. Cating to Behrooz Goudarzi, $300,000.

Waterhaven Ct., 11508-Yvonne Estime to Richard Faillace, $575,000.

Whisper Way, 2129-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lorenzo Maneechai, $239,000.

Woodhollow Ct., 11565-Evan R. Greenacre to Jack Lu, $400,000.


Ravenwood Dr., 3149-Kenneth D. Ackerman to Benjamin Freshman, $500,000.

Waterway Dr., 6364-Stanley A. Cohen to Lance Young, $530,000.


Bark Tree Ct., 8291-Nicholas Pyzowski to Vickie Cheng, $270,000.

Creekside Way, 8850-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Bernard C. Coleman III, $455,000.

Edgebrook Dr., 6908-Tai Quach to Jamal S. Jumah, $400,000.

Euclid Way, 7770-Glasser and Glasser and Reyna Recinos to Federal National Mortgage Association, $436,975.

Frontier Dr., 6312-Jorge A. Alfaro to Ricardo Trejo, $340,000.

Hill Stream Ct., 7914-Abdul Ahmadi to Aaron S. Lax and Rosario M. Mendez Lax, $425,000.

Kitchener Dr., 8433-Hafiz Homes Corp. to Gregory A. Cody, $334,000.

Odell St., 7812-John T. Conway to Matthew Irish, $432,000.

Revenna Lane, 8015-Mimi Dinh to Kimchi Wong, $300,000.

Rocky Forge Ct., 8320-Salica Nourzadah to Yanira Portillo, $259,500.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8013-Surety Trustees Corp. to JLG Investments Corp., $237,000.


Adahi Rd. SE, 302-Penelope Austin to Clydesdale Custom Homes Corp., $455,000.

Carpers Farm Way, 1219-Pauline L. Hedges to Ashish Sarin, $810,000.

Coral Crest Lane, 9480-James McLeish III to Gregory Haldeman, $1.46 million.

Dale Ct. SE, 904-Burton H. Nason to Warhawk Development Corp., $479,500.

George St. SW, 315-Rupsha 2012 Inc. to Benjamin Blackwood, $1.11 million.

Kingsley Rd., 109-Ayrhill Homes Corp. to Eileen Paduano, $675,000.

Laurel Hill Rd., 1445-Henry S. Jeng to Jingjing Xie, $741,000.

Moore Ave. SE, 225-Judy L. Stouts to LRS Properties Corp., $1.28 million.

Riesley Lane, 9156-George A. Evanko to Dal Chun and Jennifer Lee, $1.15 million.

White Pine Dr., 1606-Stewart J. Smith Jr. to Gohar Qureshi, $530,000.

Second Ave., 8250-Erine Ogutcu to Steven Boms, $660,000.


Blarney Stone Ct., 6405-Daniel Voss to Senait Berhe, $325,000.

Cameo Sq., 8820-Michael J. Connelly to Ross A. Berntson, $349,000.

Gillings Rd., 6917-Joshua Staats to Christine Grispino, $412,000.

Harrowgate Cir., 7802, No. 132-Andrew J. Hill to Metea Wright, $197,000.

Lexton Pl., 7700E, No. 64-Barbara L. Jay to Patricia Sweeney, $205,000.

Roxbury Ave., 6155-Gloria J. Trogdon to Yong Wang and Yu Chen, $435,000.

Tiburon Ct., 6502-Florence Stewart Trust to Frank Zachar, $575,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Adams Ct., 3230-Sarah S. Pease to Jae Yoon Hwang, $386,500.

Breckinridge Lane, 10428-Bank of America to Solaiman Aman, $526,000.

James Wren Way, 10537-William G. Foster Jr. to David Ford, $605,000.

Maple Trace Cir., 9782-Helen Brooks to Amit Hickman, $649,888.

Roberts Rd., 4011-Beeren and Barry Investments to Nathan A. Fisher, $350,000.

Singleton Cir., 3136-Shirley Strong to Philip Shibly, $475,000.

Falls Church

Broad St. W., 444, No. 413-Waterford Falls Church II Corp. to Vivian W. Gans Trust, $469,900.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 716-Waterford Falls Church II Corp. to Brittany G. Wismer, $384,900.

Great Falls St., 428-Jill Hartzler Warner to Michael Kamal and Robin Lee Yaghmour, $1.22 million.

Park Ave., 322-Shreve Associates to Rebecca A. Womeldorf, $650,000.

Smallwood Way, 107-Godfrey B. and Grace N. Tumusiime to Gloria Clement, $725,000.