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Fairfax County

Manchester Way, 6318-Martin J. McDonald and McDonald Family Trust to Wai Yee Lee, $580,500.


Radcliffe Dr., 6833-Dean H. Mason and Ronald G. Mason to Equity Trust Co. and Meredith McCullough, $220,500.


Beech Tree Dr., 6118-David Dawson to George H. Rodis, $60,500.

Cool Valley Ct., 6203-John A. Moody Jr. to HG4 Corp., $217,000.

Essex House Sq., 6070B-William Boitey to Daniel R. Desolis, $240,000.

Gentele Ct., 6325-Helly Ahmadyar to Michael W. Anderson, $399,900.

Harbor Court Dr., 5353-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Paul A. Lund to Helmand Investment Corp., $195,100.

Irwell Lane, 7000, No. B-Thomas N. Dupree and Dupree Family Trust to Rahkia A. Nance, $187,500.

Lensfield Ct., 7210-Jonathan Lindley to Michael D. Brennan, $383,590.

Marjoram Ct., 4331-Stacie A. Thompson to Edward P. Farquhar and Janis C. Finelli, $435,910.

Mayor Pl., 4612-Gary W. Sierk to Mark R. Takehara, $359,000.

Paulonia Rd., 6205-Diversified Investments Group to Douglas W. Szalla, $394,900.

Pleasure Cove Ct., 5215-David J. Dailey to Karawan Suqi, $314,900.

Sharon Kay Ct., 6486-Abdoulaye Toure to Abdulahi Omer, $440,000.

Victoria Dr., 6915-John E. Ruszkowski to Paul Pullin, $189,950.

Wild Valley Ct., 6199-Kimberly M. Marshall to Steven Trifu, $305,000.


Americana Dr., 4309, No. 4309I-Surety Trustees Corp. and Thuy Lai to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $130,000.

Americana Dr., 4941, No. 111-Lois A. Byrne and estate of David R. White Jr. to Seung W. Hong, $155,500.

Chanticleer Ave., 5024-Dorothy M. Havens to Gonzalo M. Camberos, $405,000.

Dassett Ct., 7811, No. 304-Keisha B. Mahoney to Michael Kuk, $158,000.

Indian Run Ct., 6840-Branislav Mikasinovich to Adhemar A. Orellana, $379,900.

Kingston Dr., 5005-Promontory Interfinancial Network to Stephen J. Kinner, $240,307.

Masonville Dr., 7210-John D. Sullivan to Kelley M. Milligan, $446,000.

Tobin Rd., 8318, No. T3-Dorothy J. Daughtry to Karuna R. Sharma, $159,000.

Viscount Ct., 3225-Kyaw Zan Tha to Li Ming Feng, $345,000.

Woodland Rd., 4022-Lawrence V. Derks Jr. to Seung Hyeong Lee, $320,000.


Munson Rd., 3814-Thomas J. Oles to Cartus Financial Corp., $746,000.


Dahlgreen Pl., 5122-Ksenia and Andrew Frick to Sang Ly, $275,000.

Hemlock Woods Lane, 10006-Shuxing Van to Andres Torres Ramos, $339,777.

Kings Grove Ct., 5109-Marilyn Lavery to Florian Dimashi, $400,000.

Old Blacksmith Dr., 6656-Mien H. Tran to Thanh N. Pham, $465,000.

Split Oak Lane, 10850-Tamim Kakar to Stephanie L. Robert, $393,500.


Baton Rouge Ct., 13975-Ivan A. Lebin to Jingui Hwang, $273,000.

Bodley Sq., 14834-Donald R. Berger to Xiaohui Xu, $265,000.

Carlbern Dr., 15015-Gustavo Ortiz to Peter S. Lee, $330,000.

Cochran Pl., 4729-Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association to Qing Feng, $606,000.

Creek Valley Ct., 14616-Martin A. Stolmack to John A. Voxakis, $395,000.

Granville Lane, 14579-Sherry Curran and Blake Warren to Paul V. Ford, $319,000.

Montverd Ct., 14312-David Orloff to Trevor P.E. Williams, $350,000.

Rocky Way Ct., 6126-Margio A. Luna to Wilfredo J. Torres and Maria Del Pilar Machuca, $253,500.

Saint Germain Dr., 14716-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and David P. Small to Venus Properties Corp., $300,300.

Stonepath Cir., 6171-Cheryl J. McLean to Qaisullah Barkzai, $320,000.

Turin Lane, 14443-Xuyen T. Ong to Young Kuk, $178,000.

Wood Home Rd., 14828-C and C. Design and Remodeling to Carmen Bere, $270,000.

Woods Run Ct., 13910-Gita Kumar to Alfred M.J. Reilly, $390,000.


Lees Corner Rd., 4311-Thomas E. Berglie to Hung Ngoc Nguyen, $350,000.

Mason Dixon Dr., 4000-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Marco T. Recinos to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $239,540.

Sand Rock Lane, 4625-Kevin M. Clinton to Aaron Ong, $500,000.


Compton Heights Cir., 6834-Cissy C. Ayona to Daniel Mack, $615,000.

Marblestone Dr., 14014-Ronald E. Tressler to Ajit Sowdas, $579,900.


Aristotle Ct., 3851, No. 1-402-Belina Givargis to Mary Mansourimoaied, $240,000.

Castlecary Lane, 4151, No. 105-Okatthong Mekhagnomdara to Amena Hamidi, $252,000.

Friendship Ct., 10285-Surety Trustees Corp. and Jose Cespedes to Venus Properties Corp., $343,000.

Nicholas Ct., 4006-Robin Ingenito to Kim Oanh Thi Nguyen, $430,000.

Persimmon Cir., 3748-Mi Cha Evans to Kyong Cha Lee, $275,000.


Heron Pond Lane, 8515-Saad F. Mahdi to David Hughes, $720,922.


Brook Dr., 2903-Katherine R. Ferris to Bryan Wright, $385,000.

Cofer Rd., 3111-Beckwitt and Associates and Blue Financial Corp. to David Roden, $355,000.

Gouthier Rd., 6736-William R. Smith to Amritpal S. Chase, $342,000.

Inversham Dr., 7757, No. 238-Joseph A. Khoury to Sarah C. Wojtylak, $340,000.

Lester Lee Ct., 2834-Wells Fargo Bank to Wei Chen, $286,800.

Marshall St., 2907-Frank A. Hamel III to Christopher A. Lindsay, $517,000.

Parkview Ave., 7137-Nexb Holdings 7131 Corp. to Jonathan Melendez, $485,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 3115-Citibank to Moe Houdaigui, $395,010.


Burnside Ct., 7540-Robert D. Oskey to Abolfazl Soltani, $390,000.

Hillside Dr., 1911-Jeffrey A. Reynolds II to Sulochana D. Nunna, $465,000.

Patterson Rd., 7438-Chanida V. Prasitboon to William J. Baroody, $575,000.

Royal Lodge Dr., 2159-Marc L. Van Hoose to Mary A. Donner, $1.48 million.


Culver Pl., 8518-Jeffrey W. Poole to Asset Partners Corp., $599,900.

Morningside Lane, 1212-PHH Mortgage Corp. to New Spring Corp., $440,000.

Triumph Ct., 8702-Tracy A. Luke to Alexandra Butron and Sergio Velez, $665,000.


Arnon Chapel Rd., 9720-John R. Dye to Amer J. Mushtaq, $1.8 million.

Colvin Run Rd., 10200-Nest Estates Corp. to Brightview Great Falls Corp., $2.7 million.

Forest Lake Dr., 10213-David W. Hess to Michael Riedlinger, $760,000.

Kenmore Dr., 1266-Jim W. Jung to Ken X. Zhang, $720,000.

Rolling Holly Dr., 910-WSHB Companies Corp. to Mark L. Minutillo, $835,000.

Utterback Store Rd., 937-Paris M. Rasnic Jr. and Edith R. Saville to Helene Zoghbi, $450,000.


April Way, 1339-Maurice Sharpe to Brian J. Humphrey, $349,950.

Caroline Ct., 13227-Tony O. Yeh to Vinod Kumar Vasudevanthottikkatu, $552,500.

Cherry Branch Lane, 2871-Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co. and Terri L. Ashley to Rama K. Chennupati, $760,501.

Dakota Lakes Dr., 2403-Donald F. King to Dwarika N. Mishra, $505,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12849-Vikas R. Mehta to Adam Young, $371,600.

Florida Ave., 525, No. 204-Harry P. Koutrouvelis to Leo Raymond Trust, $173,000.

Highcourt Lane, 2109-H. Francesco Mustafa to Chunyun Pan, $140,000.

Magnolia Lane, 1225-Roberto F. Deasis to Gustavo A. Rivera, $235,000.

Nicklaus Ct., 1069-Carl Junco to John Schucker, $352,000.

Queens Row St., 408-Cathleen J. Butler to Alejandro J. Riesco, $400,000.

Safa St., 1092-Foreclosure Express Corp. and Christopher M. Finan to Beeren and Barry Investments, $211,000.

Society Dr., 12714-Jonathon S. Kegan to Joshua G. Guenther, $380,000.

Thurber St., 1507-Terrance L. Stowers to Gary R. Smith, $615,000.

Willow Falls Dr., 12423-Ruth A. Lawson to Naveed Khan, $545,000.


Campbell Dr., 3206-Jarrett M. Nicolay to Trevor J. O’Neill, $280,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5637-Stars Home Corp. to Lansing S. Cookson, $315,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 409-H. Robert Saldivar to Renee Boncella, $309,000.

Wyomissing Ct., 5832-Patrick R. Otero to MSR Holdings Corp., $295,000.


Hampton Ct., 3715-Gareth R. Williams to Gonzalo L. Coca, $265,000.

Lenclair St., 6702-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Anne Khanh-Van Do, $290,000.

Ransom Pl., 3648-Lisa J. Lintecum to John K. Kerr, $409,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2609-Nectar Projects Inc. and Brian T. Merchant to Zap Real Estate Corp., $236,000.


Cherokee Ave., 5118-Ray Thorkildsen to William S. Still, $250,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 107-DRW Inc. to Marion Latta, $362,400.

Helen Winter Terr., 4678-Sun Choi to Shirley Thompson, $530,000.

Meeting House Way, 6344-Frances M. Lunney to Raymond Shum, $340,550.

Summer Leaf Lane, 5454-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Travis N. Reinold, $490,000.


Birch Bay Cir., 8971-Mona Kim to Binh Xuan Tran, $565,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9262, No. 101-Stacy N. Lofty to Jaime C. Phair and Ian Hill, $212,500.

Flowering Dogwood Lane, 8703-David W. Barton to Robert L. Suthard, $730,000.

Hagel Cir., 9795-Anthony L. Jackson to Tien T. Ngo, $158,000.

Ox Rd., 9401-Sylvia Parker to Patricia A. Thomson, $350,000.

Peace Lily Ct., 8435, No. 310-Pulte Home Corp. to Kathleen E. Oldenborg, $314,345.

Stargazer Lily Ct., 8417-Al M. Flournoy II to Gary A. Porter, $523,000.


Allendale Rd., 1204-Joseph M. Finnigan to Rupsha 2013 TG2 Corp., $750,000.

Beverly Ave., 6612-Colleen A. Greer and Betty F. Greer Trust to Guoqiang Yu, $695,000.

Bulls Neck Rd., 710-Clayland G. Gray to Roger Mody, $5 million.

Chain Bridge Rd., 1781, No. 102-Richard H. Houtary to Nahla Shihadah, $670,000.

Divine St., 6448-Cary L. Acker and Virginia C. Acker Trust to Yingjun Zhang, $360,500.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 323-Azar and Niko Enterprises Corp. to Rose Araghchy, $260,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 412-Yvette P. Taylor to Audrey Y. Hu, $485,000.

Kirby Rd., 1628-Vauda H. Love to Peng E. Yap and Kooi Leng Ooi, $700,000.

Longfellow St., 1609-Vincent M. Cannistraro to Arlette D. Johnston, $200,000.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 313-Roana J. Owens to Brenda S. Pennington, $279,900.

Spring Vale Ave., 1539-Sondra Harvison to Travis P. Brown, $760,000.

Valleywood Rd., 1941-Daniel A. Mulvey to Bruce Major, $1.57 million.

Wilson Lane, 1935, No. T2-Trinh Dickey to Nof Adel Al Haj, $195,000.


Brockham Dr., 8381M, No. 29-Equity Trustees Corp. and Joel Wynter to Venus Properties Corp., $55,000.

Hocking Pl., 8212-Stone Financing Corp. to Maria R. Luna De Umanzor and Mayra Cordova, $330,000.

Neptune Dr., 4720-Brian A. Rich to Douglas W. MacCleery, $1.15 million.

Ramsgate Terr., 3404-William J. Cachinero to Stone Financing Corp., $486,900.

Saint Annes Ct., 8065-Demian R. Wolfe to Hayat Rhalem, $252,500.


Bradwood Ct., 7037-HSBC Bank to Matthew G. Brooks, $325,299.

Trafalgar Ct., 8815-Bernice C. Stern to Paul J. Fadoul, $445,000.


Dominy Ct., 3200-John M. Kloman III to John M. Kloman IV, $658,000.

Hibbard St., 2887-Mary A. Bennett to Sarah W. O’Connor, $850,000.

Oakleigh Lane, 2964-Dohtem Enterprises Corp. to Scott Quirico, $390,000.


Alsop Ct., 2433-Marie A. Mulumba to Adam Strickhart, $335,000.

Bishopsgate Ct., 11051-Laurence Gration to Brian A. Dutton, $677,000.

Cedar Hollow Way, 1681-Lawson Baker to Archana Kollaram, $556,000.

Fairway Ct., 11310-Jeffrey A. Lehman to Jan E. Conner, $643,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1401-Carol R. Storey and estate of Joan B. Humphreys to Joseph R. Zanona, $370,000.

Howland Dr., 11028-Edward S. Meinel to Michael P. Garnett, $571,000.

Insha Ct., 12005-David F. Connell III to Rajeev Bhat, $387,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 250-Charles Meike and Beverly J. Meike Trust to Brian Dinwiddie, $467,000.

Old Brookville Ct., 11601-Rose C. Pribilovics and estate of Josephine Cardinale to Paul N. Smith, $680,000.

Ridgehampton Ct., 2406-Douglas R. Boetker to Wissam El Hage, $270,000.

Sentinel Point Ct., 11954-Michael P. Garnett to Christopher Checco, $420,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11607, No. 67-Benjamin B. Boraas to Parisa Tafreshirad, $150,501.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 11016-Elizabeth R. Disney and James G. Disney Jr. Trust to Mary L. Griffin, $570,000.

Washington Plaza W., 11443-Joan P. Watkins to John H. Andrews, $559,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2204-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Amir H. Fazilat to Kenneth Mak, $226,800.


Cavalier Cir., 6339-Emile A. Merzoug and Hadesh W. Mahmoud to Jason McKitrick, $1 million.

Federal Hill Dr., 3029-Kent C. Christian to Elizabeth Szydlo and Michael Rowden, $505,130.

Stoneybrae Dr., 3422-Richard A. Mirsky to Edmond F. Tipton, $715,000.


Augusta Dr., 5915-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Helly Ahmadyar, $302,310.

Castine Lane, 6505-Randy L. Porch to Terri S. Miles, $396,000.

Crystal Creek Ct., 8141-Gary Bowser to Brian J. Daniel, $312,500.

Frontier Dr., 6001-Isidro Diaz Del Cid and Joel Lopez to Ruby N. Nunez Guimbard, $300,000.

Golden Iris Ct., 7302-Alice C. Schalz and Anne L. Farrer Trust to Mosley Shubair, $330,000.

Jovin Cir., 8420-Fahiem Usman to Matthew Foutz, $410,000.

Middlesex Ave., 6207-Aino E. Pulles to Ryan P. Bowen, $395,000.

Pioneer Dr., 6218-Anwar Hussain and Mohammad Younus to Hao Vinh and Minh Duc Tran Nguyen, $314,000.

Rolling Knoll Ct., 8111-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Alex Walter to Federal National Mortgage Association, $522,533.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8518-Alicia Wilson to Daniel Hamilton, $319,900.

Westmore Dr., 7350-Vinny Nguyen to Gustavo Iriarte, $425,000.


Balliett Ct., 2814-Eleni Kanakos to Vijay A. Kumar, $436,000.

Brookside Lane, 1749-Charles A. Briggs and Holly Hills Trust to Donn R. Milton, $275,455.

Glenridge Ct., 8850-Stephanie Truong to Alex Nguyen, $751,680.

Hunter Ct. SW, 709-Edward Radgowski and Nicole Clovis to Ling Shan Zheng, $459,000.

Lakeside Dr., 9435-Lixin Xu and Yaru Wang to Hagen McHenry, $1 million.

McNeil St., 8224-William F. Grant Jr. to Matthew D. Tully, $619,415.

Merry Oaks Ct., 8013-Ashish Mehra to Ashok K. Goyal, $458,100.

Old Courthouse Rd., 9409-Ronald L. Orr to Michael G. Daigneault, $984,000.

Schubert Ct., 9302-George F. Bean to Matthew R. Phillips, $707,000.

Trevor Pl., 8010-Theodore N. Kraemer to Tracy J. Thomas, $596,000.

Walker Cir. SW, 1106-David Volk to Robert J. Torongo, $575,000.


Garden Rd., 6312-Surety Trustees Corp. and John Burson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $484,443.

Lee Brooke Pl., 6102-Harvinder Singh to Zahra Malik, $389,000.

Squirrel Run Rd., 8110-Merle B. Elliott to Kyung Min Cho, $385,000.

Torington Dr., 5800L, No. 841-Marian L. Baker to Noel M. Atienza, $144,900.

Wintercress Lane, 7809-Steven J. Neuschulz to Justin H. Campbell, $380,750.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Addison Rd., 4103-Christopher C. Cobb to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $420,599.

Cambridge Ct., 3200-William C. Inman to Kristen Flanagan, $382,000.

Linden St., 4226-Mark C. Dinsmore to Rachel E. Harvey, $441,000.

Ranger Rd., 10309-Bradford R. Martin to Brian C. Steed, $500,000.

Wilcoxson Dr., 3919-Issakha Diallo to Zijun Cai, $350,000.

Falls Church

Broad St. W., 444, No. 223-Waterford Falls Church II Corp. to Rami O. Naser, $355,900.

Great Falls St., 205-Joanna S. Nicol Trust to Gwenda Wilson, $631,125.

Tyson Dr., 217-Estate of Eunice M. Whitney and Eunice W. Thomas to Constantine Vassilopoulos, $592,000.