Board approves agreement with state to remove illegal signs

At its Feb. 26 meeting, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors authorized the county to enter into a legal agreement with the state to remove illegal signs from public rights of way.

Once the agreement is signed, the county will have authority to take down signs as an agent of the Virginia Commissioner of Highways.

The county plans to remove signs three days a week from Tuesday through Friday. Illegal signs, including political signs and advertisements, would be removed by the Sheriff’s Office Community Labor Force. Signs would be cleared only from highways designated by the board, not neighborhood streets.

The removal program will begin this year after the county finalizes operation details.

Under state law, some kinds of signs are permitted in public rights of way. These include no trespassing signs; Red Cross stations; signs at the intersections of two or more roads giving the distance or direction to a church, residence or place of business; signs denoting only the name of a civic service club or church; and signs advertising or providing directions to a special event.

Reston Outdoor Lighting Task Force seeks new members

Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) is seeking members for the Reston Outdoor Lighting Task Force.

The group will look at lighting needs around the Metrorail station at Wiehle Avenue. The station is scheduled to open late this year and will change travel patterns around the community.

The task force explores streetlights in the Reston community and has met periodically. To participate, call 703-478-0283.

— Fairfax County Times