Fairfax County police warned Friday about a regional financial scam that involves suspects approaching victims in parking lots.

On Tuesday, a 68-year-old man was approached by two men in the Merrifield area Home Depot, police said.

The men asked for help and directions and eventually convinced the man to withdraw a large sum of money, which the suspects then took, police said.

In another case, a 30-year-old man was approached in the parking lot of a Seven Corners Home Depot, police said.

The suspects asked the victim for a ride to D.C. and showed him large sums of cash. During the drive, they convinced the victim to withdraw $9,000 from an ATM.

The suspects walked away with the money after the victim gave it to them, police said.

On Thursday, Montgomery County police warned residents about two similar scams there. Police said the incidents in Fairfax and Montgomery counties have not been definitively linked.