A Falls Church boy’s apparent world record time for a half-marathon for a 10-year-old, has been rejected by the Association of Road Racing Statisticians because the Alexandria course was altered after its length had been certified.

Reinhardt Harrison ran the supposed 13.1 miles of the Alexandria Running Festival’s half-marathon on May 25, and his time of 1:35:02 was two minutes better than the existing record for 10-year-olds set earlier in May. But at some point after the length of Alexandria course had been formally certified, the course was altered, “apparently in response to park officials,” according to Ken Young, the founder of ARRS. Even if the course was longer than 13.1 miles, it was not certified as run, so the time cannot be accepted.

In addition, Young noted, a new record for 10-year-olds was certified over the weekend: 1:34:53, run last year in Austin, Tex., by Hunter Perez and submitted after Harrison’s time was publicized.

Harrison retains his world record for the 10-mile run for 10-year-olds, set and certified in April during the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in the District.

Harrison’s father, Dennis Harrison, said he appreciated the diligence of the ARRS, and that “at his age, Rheinhardt doesn’t need to be chasing world records (less than 10 seconds off). If he decides to run another half-marathon as one of his training runs during the fall cross-country season, we won’t discourage him...but our intent will be to build his endurance for his shorter 3K cross-country races, not to set an age group half-marathon world record.”