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Family spots wild zebras of Prince George’s, according to dad’s account

A Grevy’s zebra, which has been part of the collection at the National Zoo.
A Grevy’s zebra, which has been part of the collection at the National Zoo. (Smithsonian Institution/National Zoo)

Sometimes old-fashioned desire, determination and sharp-eyes still reap rewards, as happened last weekend, according to a Twitter report, when a family managed to spot at least two of Prince George’s County’s escaped zebras.

“That’s it,” Joshua DuBois, a former White House aide, posted Sunday on his Twitter account. “We saw wild zebras in PG County.”

Five zebras had fled days ago from a farm in the southern part of Prince George’s. They have proved difficult to round up.

And apparently not that easy even to spot.

On Saturday, DuBois tweeted, the family had tried for a glimpse.

For the fun of it, he tweeted, his wife had dressed up their three kids in special outfits and taken them on a zebra hunt.

A photo he posted showed the three small children in what appear to be sweatsuits or pajamas, in a black and white pattern that could be described as zebra-striped.

Even so, DuBois said, the effort was not successful.

It was “no dice,” he said. No zebras.

But on Sunday, he said, before sunset, his son, August, 6, asked to go fishing.

On the way home, as DuBois recalled it, the boy quietly let it be known that he had seen the zebras.

DuBois turned the car around on Croom Road, he said. He pulled into a driveway.


His Twitter feed shows a brief video, of a view through a car windshield of a grassy roadside area. In the video can be seen two zebras.

They have four legs, black and white stripes and seem to be finding the wilds of the Upper Marlboro area relatively hospitable.

On his website, DuBois says that among other things he headed the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships under President Barack Obama.