The X2 Metro bus took a strange turn Wednesday night, as a young woman and the male bus driver fought at the end of the woman’s route. The woman ended up with an arrest for assault and wounds on her face. And there was plenty of bewilderment to go around.

The wild ride began when the young woman stepped onto the bus at Gallery Place in downtown D.C. and promptly assaulted the busdriver, said Philip Stewart, a spokesman for Metro.

The driver kept driving all the way to far Northeast Washington, Stewart said. Then, in the 3300 block of Benning Road, the woman apparently went after the driver again, as she was about to leave the bus.

This time, the driver fought back. According to Metro and D.C. police officials, he struck the woman in the left side of the face as he defended himself.

D.C. police and Metro Transit officers responded to the scene about 8 p.m. D.C. police arrested an 18-year-old woman for simple assault and took her into custody, said Officer Paul Metcalf, a spokesman. The bus driver was not charged.

Neither agency could explain late Wednesday why the woman attacked the driver.