A biologist examines a mosquito Aug. 26 in Salt Lake City. Maryland health officials confirmed Tuesday the state’s first case of West Nile virus, borne by mosquitos, this year. (AP)

Maryland health officials confirmed Tuesday the first case of West Nile virus in the state this year.

A statement from Maryland Department of Health identified the infected person only as “an adult living in the National Capital Region in Maryland.”

West Nile is a mosquito-borne virus that does not cause symptoms in four out of five infected people, the statement said. Those who do get sick may develop fever, headache, body aches, skin rash vomiting or diarrhea two to 14 days after being bitten, officials said.

Fewer than 1 percent develop more severe infections, according to the release.

There were 45 cases of West Nile cases reported in Maryland last year, state health officials said.

Officials urged residents to avoid mosquitoes, eliminate standing water sources on their property, wear long pants and sleeves when outdoors, and use insect repellent.

Those seeking more information about the virus may visit the health department’s website.