Fox News host Chris Wallace was in the middle of a live interview on his cell phone while driving when he was pulled over by a D.C. police officer Thursday morning.

Wallace was discussing President Obama’s campaign with radio host Jamie Allman at the time of the traffic stop.

“I’m talking to you on a cellphone, and there’s a policeman here, and I probably shouldn't have been talking on a cellphone,” Wallace said, interrupting the “Allman in the Morning” host. ”So, uh. I’m about to get arrested. Goodbye.”

Wallace then hung up the phone .

“I think the whole cellphone ban is outrageous to begin with,” said Allman. “They must have a law in D.C. Knowing D.C. they probably do. They like to take people’s guns away and everything else, so it’s not a surprise they’re going to go after phones.”

Chris Wallace. (FOX NEWS/FOX NEWS)

Fox News confirmed that Wallace was not arrested, reports WTOP.

Listen to the audio clip. (03:13)