Do not be deceived. It may have seemed so, but not every day here in July was 90 degrees. In fact, on Friday it was only 80.

But Friday, July 31, was only the month’s third day with a high less than 90, and in a sign of its break with other members of Washington’s July family, it was 14 degrees cooler than Thursday’s 94.

Even so, it was not a day crisp with the bright promise of some far-off autumn. It did not depart completely from the often-uncomfortable ways of its July forebears.

It was a damp, humid, moist day, a gray day that frequently in summer suggests dampness, humidity, moisture and mugginess.

Nevertheless, July’s last day was by the thermometer its coolest. July’s other two non-90 days reached 87 and 86.

At 80, Friday was our coolest since the summer solstice and since it was 80 degrees on June 13.

When the day’s high temperature is 80 degrees, it’s a good bet that much of the day was even cooler. It was so on Friday, with hours of Washington’s afternoon characterized by readings in the unlikely 70s.

Just before 1 p.m. as light rain fell at the official measuring station at Reagan National Airport, Washington registered a most un-July-like 74 degrees.