Canada geese fly near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall early on Feb. 14, 2013. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

With all the recent security enhancements around the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool, one type of threat has gone unchecked: the Canada goose.

Or, rather, what the goose leaves behind.

“More than a nuisance to pedestrians, the droppings damage the pumps and filters of the Reflecting Pool; degrade the park’s natural and cultural resources,” the National Park Service said in a statement Tuesday.

“And their feces have potential to create a public health hazard,” the statement said.

The Park Service is asking the public to comment on a plan to recruit border collies to “haze” the geese to move away from the memorials and the John F. Kennedy hockey fields.

The dogs, “which are bred to herd sheep and have a natural instinct to round up flocks of geese,” would be used to irritate the birds. “The geese will be encouraged to abandon the lawns and water in these areas and relocate elsewhere,” the Park Service said. “No birds will be physically harmed.”

The Park Service stipulates that, if the project goes forward, dog handlers must have five years of experience with dog harassment of Canada geese.

Comments on “goose harassment”are being accepted online through April 22.