Giant Panda, Bao Bao eats bamboo at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

The Smithsonian Institution said Thursday that its museums and the National Zoo will be open this weekend, even if there is a government shutdown Friday night.

If there is a shutdown, the zoo and the museums be closed starting on Monday.

"The Smithsonian also has two museums in New York City that will be closed — the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and Heye Center, a branch of the National Museum of the American Indian," the Smithsonian said in a statement.

The zoo's live-animal cameras, including the panda cam, will not be broadcasting in the event of a shutdown.

"All the animals will continue to be fed and cared for at the National Zoo," the statement said. "A shutdown will not affect the zoo's commitment to the safety of staff and the standard excellence in animal care."