As the 9-year-old girl left the store with her godmother, a strange man grabbed her by the hair and whispered that he wanted to have sex with her. The attacker immediately threw her to the ground on H Street NE and tried to make good on his threat, authorities said.

The assailant, Demetrick Littlejohn, of Northeast Washington pleaded guilty Friday to one count of attempted second-degree child sexual abuse in the July 26 incident, officials from the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

During the attack, the child’s godmother screamed and another man pulled Littlejohn off the girl. Littlejohn then fled from the scene at 7th and H Street NE. A short while later, police found him just a few blocks away.

After his arrest, Littlejohn, 27, told police that he was high on PCP and did not remember assaulting the girl, prosecutors said.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 18.