Takoma Wellness Center is a family run medical marijuana dispensary in Washington, DC. As the center opens on a Sunday in 2015, people line up outside. Their ID cards are checked as they enter. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

Gunshots were fired but no one was injured Sunday morning in an attempted robbery of a D.C. medical marijuana dispensary, police said.

D.C. police responded to the sound of gunfire in the 6900 block of Blair Road Northwest at about 10:30 a.m.

Wil Manlapaz, commander of the police department’s Fourth District, wrote to neighbors early Sunday afternoon, announcing on a community email group that the commotion was an attempted robbery of the Takoma Wellness Center.

Two suspects were involved, Manlapaz said.

The center is one of only three authorized medical marijuana dispensaries in the nation’s capital. It was started by Jeffrey Kahn, a rabbi, who has become a fixture in lobbying for less restrictive marijuana laws in D.C.

Takoma Wellness Center sells marijuana varities such as Merry ’n’ Berry and Blue Kush. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

Khan said the incident occurred about an hour before the dispensary was scheduled to open.

Two men wearing masks approached the entrance and “said something like, ‘we want weed,’ ” Kahn said. When they were refused entry, one pulled out a gun and fired at the dispensary’s security guard.

The guard, a former police officer, was not struck. “We are so thankful, given that he was shot at at such close range,” Kahn said.

Kahn’s son and other employees were at the wellness center at the time. An employee triggered a panic button and police arrived quickly, he said.

Bullets damaged the entrance, but Kahn and others eventually opened the dispensary later Sunday.

It was the first robbery attempt since the center opened almost four years ago, Kahn said.

In 2015, a Washington Post reporter who visited the site noted that the center always keeps the front door locked, that a former police officer often works the front desk and that each arriving customer must present an official D.C. Department of Health medical marijuana card and a second photo ID before being let inside.

Manlapaz asked anyone with information to contact D.C. police at 202-727-9099, or by text at 50411.