Redskins fans brave Sunday’s rain at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Only rarely does Washington seem to experience a night such as Sunday, a time for special appreciation of the warm comforts of home, while watching first football and then the World Series in defiance of the high winds and heavy rain raging outside.

As a gray afternoon turned night, the rain intensified, beading on players' helmets and glistening on ponchos at the Cowboys-Redskins game in Landover, Md.

Yes, it was "cold and rainy" at FedEx Field, said Tori Dudley, but it was "still fun." (Yes, Dudley roots for Dallas. They won. )

Winds gusted to 47 mph at Reagan National Airport on a night for giving thanks for the shelter of roofs and walls. And it rained, and rained.The total was .97 inches. It was more than had fallen for the first 28 days of the month. (Not much more, though. Just .01 inch more.)

It was not necessary to be a sports fan to revel in the environmental contrast between indoors and outdoors. For example, Cassie Alsfeld said "days like these call for fall soup" as well as "feel-good, uplifting, family-focused films"

Obstacles to comfort did exist; thousands lost power, and if you had been outdoors, you might have concurred in the observation made by Nehath Sheriff who called days such as Sunday part of the "wet sock" season.

But a commenter on The Washington Post's website put matters into perspective: "Blustery wind, steady rain, and falling temps are no match for a batch of chili."