Hispanics and the American Dream

Hispanic Americans are more likely than others to identify education as the path to achieving the American Dream. Nearly two-thirds see a college education as very much part of the plan and four in 10 see it as the best way to get ahead, well above whites and African Americans. Still, only 15 percent of Hispanics have graduated from college, and their incomes remain far below average. Read related story.

Source: This Washington Post-Miller Center poll was conducted by telephone Sept. 6-12, 2013, among a random sample of 1,509 adults, including land lines and cellphones. The results for the full poll have an error margin of plus or minus three percentage points. The error margins is 10.5 points for 120 Hispanics, 3.5 points for 1,170 whites and 11 points for 114 African Americans. Sampling, data collection and tabulation by Abt-SRBI of New York. Income and education statistics based on Pew Research Center tabulations of Census Bureau’s March 2012 Current Population Survey | The Washington Post January 30, 2014
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