A 34-year-old Fort Washington man who forced his way into a Bethesda home, sexually assaulted a housekeeper and terrorized two residents at gunpoint was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison plus 220 years.

Kevin Darnell Ray was convicted in April of 14 crimes in the case. 

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge David A. Boynton called Ray “a citizen’s worst nightmare” and said: “He’s the monster that’s lurking in the darkness.” The judge said the “only appropriate sentence” was one without the possibility of freedom.

“He certainly isn’t a candidate for rehabilitation,” Boynton said, adding that he found it “shocking” that Ray had served so little time for past offenses, including manslaughter and armed robbery.

The defendant had an attorney during his trial but sat alone at the sentencing, having chosen to represent himself. Broad-should­ered and with a beard and shaved head, Ray sat impassively while the judge expressed disgust at the crimes. Ray spoke briefly, questioning the prosecution before telling the judge: “I’m good. You can go ahead and impose the sentence.” Afterward, he was led away by several sheriff’s deputies.

Kevin Darnell Ray (Courtesy of Montgomery County Police )

In their sentencing memorandum, prosecutors Peter Feeney and Eric Nee wrote that Ray has cases pending in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties and the District on charges that include armed carjacking, rape, assault and bank robbery.

The prosecutors also made their case as to why the events that unfolded in a Bethesda home on Jan. 11, 2012, were so horrific.

About 6:45 a.m., the housekeeper arrived at the home, just north of the National Institutes of Health. She went inside, got a parking permit and opened the door to return to her vehicle. She didn’t get far. Ray, wearing a ski mask, put a semiautomatic handgun to her head and forced her back into the house.

Then, according the prosecutors’ filing, he forced a female resident of the house, her 14-year-old son and the housekeeper into a bedroom. He pointed his gun at all of them. He ordered the teenager to tie his mother’s hands using a bathrobe belt. The boy purposely did a poor job, according to the prosecutors, which angered Ray, who tied the woman’s wrists himself. He also tied the boy’s hands with a karate belt. 

“The defendant then shouted that he would shoot them if they talked,” the prosecutors wrote.

Ray stole debit and credit cards. He then forced the housekeeper into a bathroom, where he ordered her to perform oral sex on him, according to prosecutors.

In their court papers, Feeney and Nee cited “overwhelming evidence” from the trial, including DNA analysis and video surveillance of Ray using one of the victim’s stolen debit cards to get money from an ATM at the Bethesda Metro station.