With freezing temperatures, biting winds and the threat of snow in the forecast, staying warm is priority number one. Here are some tips to help you stay toasty.

Heat wraps

Air-activated disposable hand warmers (available at sporting goods stores and on Amazon.com) are good choices to keep your hands warm. But if you want to take it a step further for total-body warmth, buy two adhesive Thermacare heat wraps intended to treat lower-back pain ($5-$8 at CVS). Strap one to your back and one on your front. It will feel like your own personal furnace.

Long underwear and tights

The season for thermal underwear is almost over, so the racks at Target are more likely to be stocked with bikinis than winter wear. Try sporting goods stores: City Sports carries several options, from pricey SmartWool to a lower-end line with pants and tops for $25 each; REI Outfitters (several area locations) has offerings ranging from the inexpensive to ultra-warm silk. For women who don’t want extra bulk under their clothes, H&M carries tights made of thick cotton rather than nylon ($17.95 for a two-pack) and angora-blend ones that make your legs feel like they’re wrapped in a sweater ($12.95).

Faux-fur trapper hats

With flaps that extend beyond the ears and awkward tufts of fur that cover about three-quarters of your face, trapper hats invite others to point and snicker. They also prove effective at blocking the chill.

Ugg boots

They might be derided as the ugliest footwear ever invented – yes, even worse than Crocs. But you know what? Uggs are incredibly warm. As they say: Haters gonna hate. Wear them in sub-freezing temps and the fashion police will give you a free pass. Same goes for any type of insulated snow boot.


The best – and cheapest – way to generate some body heat is to get moving. Andrew Killion, owner of District Crossfit, recommends 30 reps of air squats: a deep squat, almost low enough for your rear to touch your ankles. “It will help you get some blood to your legs, since you’ll be standing all day,” he says. If you’re in an area with a little extra space, Killion says that burpees, a squat-to-plank move, will also do the trick, especially when performed while wearing multiple layers of clothing. ”If you did like 20 in a row, you’d be warm for sure,” Killion says. “Tired, but warm.”

Maura Judkis, Lavanya Ramanathan and Maggie Fazeli Fard contributed to this report.