A house in Howard County was the site of two activities, the county police said: a licensed day-care center and a marijuana-growing operation.

Police said Friday that they had received a tip that large amounts of marijuana were being grown in a house in the 9000 block of Baltimore Street in the Savage area.

They said an investigation led to a search in which detectives found a room under the house that contained what they described as a hydroponic growing operation.

Police said the room was insulated and had high-intensity lighting and piping to vent heat to the outdoors. Scented materials in the vents masked odors, they said.

The police said in a statement Friday that David Geoffrey Anderson, 31, of the Baltimore Street address, was charged with manufacturing, production and distribution of marijuana.

They said his house was also the site of an “in-home” licensed child-care center. However, police did not say that Anderson operated the center, and it was not immediately clear who held the license.

Public records indicate that at least one other person lives at the house. No one there could be reached by telephone Saturday.

Anderson was released on $35,000 bond, police said. They said an investigation was continuing.