Thousands of Central American migrants are setting up temporary routines in a new shelter in Tijuana.

The death of a Russian asylum seeker jailed for nearly a year raises questions about detainee care, advocates say.

In Mexicali, Central American migrants are hunkering down, eager for work and pessimistic about their chances in the United States.

The city said the threat to withhold visas has kept immigrants from enrolling in school and in health and other programs.

More than a century ago, Lewis Hine took pictures of newcomers from Southern and Eastern Europe when many Americans opposed their arrival.

Moving to stop the flow of Central American families, the president had tried to limit asylum claims to legal ports of entry. A federal judge said that’s illegal.

Advocates say the ban violates U.S. asylum law; the Trump administration says the limit is needed to protect borders.

Canadian crew members said they were let go after being told that the company could not obtain seasonal visas for them.

At his Senate confrimation hearing, Ronald D. Vitiello defended the controversial policy.

Although the first U.S. president often praised asylum in speeches and toasts, historians say it is unwise to apply his words to the modern debate about immigration.

A California woman is seeking class-action status for her civil liberties complaint.

Nearly half of Hispanics say life for people of their ethnicity has worsened since 2016, blaming the Trump administration for their increasing pessimism.

Twelve District residents were arrested in July; advocates say it was racial profiling.

About half of those cases involve deported parents who decided to leave their child to pursue asylum on their own and live with sponsors.

About 1,500 minors are housed at the facility in Tornillo, Tex., awaiting release to relatives or other sponsors.

Determined to stem crossings, officials are considering asking parents to choose between detention or separation.

Federal criminal courts have ruled that the crackdown on illegal immigration cannot ignore bail and speedy-trial laws.

The Senate candidate tried to hold a rally to support ICE; protesters had a different idea.

In one of the toughest House races in the country, voters say President Trump is the most important factor influencing their choice, and his approval rating is just 35 percent there.

Applications for citizenship surged when President Trump was elected, and wait times grew.

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