This is August, the month known for vacations, empty offices and light traffic. For temperatures in the 70s, not so much. But Friday was Washington’s fifth day this month on which the mercury never made it to 80.

At Reagan National Airport, Friday’s high was 79. And the month’s five days in the 70s have outnumbered the three that had highs in the 90s.

And as a matter of American, Washington and weather history, on Aug. 28, 1963, the day of the March on Washington, temperature readings were closer to Friday’s than to the 90s.

In the recollections of many participants, Aug. 28, 1963, was a day of withering heat. Several photos have supported that idea.

But official readings as published in The Washington Post showed no hourly temperature that day above 83 degrees.

The heat index, which takes humidity into account, was not much higher.

However, it may have felt hotter. Many spent a long time in the sun. And many men wore coats and ties.