Washington’s weather offers much to complain about, but it also provides days such as Sunday, and it might be reassuring to recognize that, according to the figures, Sunday was not strange, odd or peculiar.

By appealing to history, it could be said, in fact, that Sunday, in all its exhilarating autumnal glory, was nothing special. In fact, Sunday’s temperatures were shown by National Weather Service records to be exactly what Washington should expect on the 21st day of October.

The normal high temperature at Reagan National Airport for Oct. 21 is 67 degrees. The high temperature at the airport Sunday was just that, 67. The normal low temperature at the airport for the day is 49 degrees. As of 5 p.m. Sunday’s low temperature was precisely 49 degrees.

It might be thought , as autumn’s golden leaves glowed in the afternoon’s golden sunshine, that the day matched some Washington standard of meteorological perfection.

On the other hand, it was a bit breezy.

The Weather Service recorded a northwest wind as strong as 18 mph. A gust reached 23 mph. People’s picnic napkins fluttered and flew away.