“You leave snow on the roof for added weight,” the reader said. This is especially important with a rear-wheel-drive car, she added. (Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)

She was cold. That’s the only word to describe her.

“You must not be from around here,” began the chilly message she left on my work voice mail. “You must be from Texas or Florida.”


She was calling to set me straight about people who don’t clean the snow off the roofs of their cars. I happen to feel these people are hazards. They drive around with a frozen mattress of snow on their vehicles, an icy mattress that can fly off on the highway, potentially smashing into another car.

In a column last week, I wrote: “Why are some drivers too lazy or clueless to clean their cars completely? Who knows. When it snows again, maybe I’ll ask them.”

I didn’t need to ask. She was happy to tell me.

“You leave snow on the roof for added weight,” she said. This is especially important with a rear-wheel-drive car, she added.

Yes, the snow can fly off the roof, she said, but never fear. “If you’re not following closely, you don’t have to worry,” she said. You’ll only be hit by a plummeting chunk of ice and snow if you’re tailgating.

Her tone of voice suggested that if that happened, well, you deserved it.

She proudly stated that she has a Volvo station wagon with 320,000 miles on it. “You bet the snow gets left on top,” she said. “Instead of being such a dimwitted columnist, maybe you should go to the Bridgestone Winter Driving School.”

And thus ended her message.

Sadly, the Bridgestone Winter Driving School, in Steamboat Springs. Colo., is closed for the season, but the winter driving tips on its Web site did include the admonition to “clear all snow and ice,” adding, “Snow left on the roof will blow off and obscure the rear window and the windshield of the car behind you.”

I spoke with AAA’s John Towsend, who pointed out that several states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts, have laws on the books that penalize drivers who don’t clear the snow — all the snow — from their vehicles. He refers to the frozen snow that flies from vehicles as “ice missiles.”

I told him about the woman’s theory that roof snow helps with a car’s handling and doesn’t fall on other law-abiding drivers anyway.

“That’s foolishness,” he said.

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