Washington stepped into a sort of meteorological time warp on Saturday, experiencing on Sept. 19 exactly those temperatures that we would expect to enjoy a full month later.

Saturday’s high of 67 degrees was Washington’s normal Oct. 19 high. And Saturday’s 49-degree low proved a perfect match for our normal 49 degree Oct. 19 low.

So, indulging in a bit of weather-watching whimsy, we could say we spent Saturday exploring our future, sampling in advance the attractions of a bright and bracing day in mid-autumn.

As if any more could be asked, Saturday showed visible advantages over its thermal counterpart: It stayed lighter for longer.

At this time of year, our quota of daylight diminishes daily. Oct. 19 provides little more than 11 hours of it. Saturday offered 12 and a quarter.

Clouds did populate Saturday’s blue skies. But but no rain fell to impair the enjoyment of a mid-October day that showed up in mid-September.