Friday the 13, or at least the period around sunset was described as perfect. Who would argue? (photo by Dan Lawrence)

It may have been Friday the 13th, but many in the Washington area probably acknowledged that when it came to the weather, our luck was anything but bad.

Shortly before 9 p.m. as the sun sank behind the ridges of Arlington, one District resident viewed it from his rooftop and tweeted: “It is *perfect* outside in DC right now.”

Although this is a city of bureaucracy and caution, many might not have voiced an objection or issued a caveat.

In fact, despite fears possibly induced by its date, Friday turned out to be the sort of day for acts such as spontaneous humming of a few nostalgic bars of “In the Good Old Summer Time.”

Weatherwise at least, it seemed to be a storybook summer day; certainly it was a warm one, but the kind more likely to provoke pleasant reminiscence rather than sweat-soaked grumbling.

In Washington, the high temperature, as measured at Reagan National Airport, was 89 degrees.

That, according to National Weather Service data, is precisely the normal reading for July 13.

And the low temperature of 71 degrees was also exactly normal for the date.

It was dry, and we have gone without rain for a while, which may be worrisome. But, on the other hand, no dark thunderclouds kept us from seeing the sunset.