I apologize for taking so long to tell the faithful readers of this blog that the Post is doing some remodeling and moving my columns from this page to a new one, which can be reached at http://www.washingtonpost.com/pb/page/jay-mathews.

I like the design of the new page. The headlines appear to me to be in larger type. I hesitate to suggest what the significance of that might be, but I suspect I am not the only person reading this who is having to squint at some things in the paper, and online.

I will make sure everything I write for the Post is posted on the new page. Your comments will still be welcome. As usual I will be writing my own comments on your comments. The vigorous discussions we have had on this page are one of the things that get me going in the morning. I promise to continue them.

If you have any problems with the new page, let me know in a comment or e-mail me at mathewsj@washpost..com or jay.mathews@washpost.com. I bless the Internet for giving me an opportunity to communicate with readers in a way I wish I could have in the earlier years of my career. I love criticism. Keep those good thoughts coming.