A 26-year-old woman attempted to bludgeon an eight-year-old boy to death this past weekend, according to Prince George’s County police.

According to police, Helen Marie Newsome of Landover had broken into the home of a man she used to date, snuck into the young boy’s room, covered his face with a pillow and began beating his head with a weapon.

Early Saturday morning, the boy ran from his home to a neighbor, his head wounded, police say.

Andy Amaya, the boy’s father, said in an interview that he broke up with Newsome last week after an argument between them turned physical. But, he says, he never could have imagined she would attack his son.

“The only thing that I can make sense of is that because I broke up with her, is that maybe she was trying to hurt me, get back at me and hurt me more,” he said.

Helen Marie Newsome (Prince George's County Police)

Amaya said his son, Jacob Soliz-Amaya, “loved her like a stepmom.”

Jacob has been treated at the hospital for head injuries and released, authorities said.

Alan Clem, who lives with the father and son, said he was in a downstairs shower when the attack occurred, but that Jacob later described it to him.

“She first tried to smother him and Jacob head-butted her,” Clem said. “She took a dumbbell and hit him on the head with it. Jacob then said he karate chopped her, he takes karate lessons. So she then came with a knife at him and he kicked her off with his feet and ran.”

Clem said he thinks the attacker snuck in and hid in an empty bedroom upstairs, waiting for Amaya to leave for his job at a furniture store.

Newsome has admitted to assaulting the boy, according to the police. She is charged with first degree attempted murder and being held on a $500,000 bond.

Jennifer Jenkins contributed to this report.