Beginning Monday, D.C. Superior Court jurors will receive a little more cash for their service.

Court officials said the daily payment is rising by $10 to $40 a day. The court also announced it was boosting jurors’ transit subsidy to $5 a day, up from $4. The payments apply to jurors who are on trials that last more than a day.

The change marks the first increase the court has implemented in more than 19 years, court spokesman Leah Gurowitz said.

Even before the increases, D.C. Superior Court jurors were among the highest compensated in the nation, tying those in New York, Dallas and Las Vegas, Gurowitz said. Jurors in Utah, however, are paid $49 after the first day.

Locally, D.C. Superior Court jurors will now be the most highly compensated. Prince George’s County and Montgomery County pay their jurors $15 a day. Jurors in Virginia are paid $30 a day.

Last year, more than 117,000 residents were summoned for jury duty in D.C. Superior Court. The courthouse handled 292 jury cases last year, down from 303 in 2016, according to court statistics.

In recent years, the court has worked on developing ways to make life easier for D.C. residents who are called for duty. Last year, the court started a phone system that allows prospective jurors to call in the night before their jury duty begins to determine whether they are still needed, instead of traveling to the building and waiting to find out.

“We rely on adult D.C. residents to serve jury duty, to do their civic duty, in order to ensure that the justice system works as intended by our Constitution,” said Robert E. Morin, the court’s chief judge. “We understand that sacrifices are involved. This is a way of expressing our appreciation to those D.C. residents who come down to the courthouse to serve jury duty.”