Three arrested after downtown carjacking

Three people were arrested after an armed carjacking Thursday night in the heart of downtown Washington, according to D.C. police.

The incident began about 10:45 p.m. in the 700 block of 11th Street NW, when a robber got into the victim’s vehicle, showed a gun and took both property and the vehicle, police said.

The site is about two blocks northeast of the Metro Center subway stop.

Within about five minutes of the carjacking, police said, the stolen vehicle was spotted. It went south through the 9th Street Tunnel, then onto the Southeast-Southwest Freeway and then onto the Anacostia Freeway. The chase continued onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, where the vehicle struck a retaining wall, police said.

Police said two people were arrested in the vehicle. The driver ran into the woods, but police quickly made an arrest, authorities said.

A police dog found what appeared to be the firearm used in the carjacking. It was located along the pathway over which the driver fled, police said. They said it was a BB gun that looked like a real firearm.

No injuries were reported, police said. They said car chases such as Thursday night’s are used only in cases involving the most serious crimes.

— Martin Weil

Driving lesson ends
in swimming pool

An amateur driving lesson Saturday started in a parking lot in Montgomery Village and ended when the car jumped a curb, crashed through a fence and landed in a swimming pool, authorities said.

The driver and instructor were uninjured — but soaking wet, said Pete Piringer, spokesman for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue.

“One was teaching the other how to drive,” he said.

Piringer said he did not know whether the man or the woman was behind the wheel of the Toyota sedan during the mishap, which happened about 12:45 p.m. He said both were described as in their 50s or 60s.

The pool where the car landed, North Creek Community Center Pool, 20125 Arrowhead Rd., was closed for the season.

Piringer said by the time rescue workers arrived, the man and woman were standing at the side of the pool.

“They had self-extricated,” Piringer said.

The car was another matter.

— Allison Klein