When a long dry spell ends, literally or metaphorically, the wish is to see it concluded by some great gushing deluge, a dramatic sign that circumstances have changed.

But on Sunday, when Washington's long string of days without measurable rain came to its conclusion, it was barely wet enough to notice.

By day's end on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service, .06 inches of rain had fallen at Reagan National Airport.

But that was enough to ring down the curtain on 23 days without measurable rain in Washington. Six one hundredths of an inch is not much in an absolute sense. It is obviously a trifling amount when compared to the Niagara-like downpours that accompanied recent hurricanes elsewhere.

It is expected to rain more substantially on Monday.

On Saturday, a trace of rain WAS reported. Just a trace, not enough to measure.

And now, although many might have hoped for a more vividly memorable conclusion, it is over. The streak that went back to Sept. 14 has concluded.