Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Clock Tower Sq., 24665-Anson Brown to Kenneth J. Solarino, $405,000.

Hummocky Terr., 25161-Chad W. Krick to Michael F. McGlynn, $400,000.

Laughter Dr., 25606-Clistene E. Acosta to Muhammad N. Khan, $455,000.

Lisa Terr., 25409-Thang Nguyen to Afra Dalil, $423,000.

Oak Medley Terr., 25556-Robert Welch to Kiran K. Tumma, $430,000.

Stone Station Terr., 24758-Justin Rand to Jamie C. Woolwine, $276,000.


Allegheny Cir., 47796-Dwight D. Condon to Bryan C. Bernys, $580,000.

Brandy Station Ct., 20516-Pierre E. Kassis to Hisham A. Shalhoub, $571,500.

Christopher Lane, 32-Michael S. McIntosh to Richard P. Donaldson, $484,000.

Esterbrook Cir., 46400-Victoria F. Cook to Ali Alzamani and Rana A. Alwachi, $640,000.

Hampshire Station Dr., 46459-Kevin E. Lehigh to Bhairivi J. Shah, $500,000.

Heather Glen Rd., 205-Karen G. Swain, trustee, and the Swain Family Trust to Dario A. Baratto, $532,000.

Lewins Ct., 20634-George E. Adair III to Mohammad Alabous and Rdalan Forouzandeh, $601,000.

Major Beckham Way, 47574-House Buyers of America to Irma L. Murray, $319,900.

Middlecreek Ct., 20603-Blake Cogbill to Ian P. Dunstan, $615,000.

Pembridge Ct., 20519-Christian A. Ruiz to Robert L. Hanson, $499,900.

Rhyolite Pl., 47682-John R. Vitikacs to Brian W. Gianfagna, $622,900.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47452-Intelligent Decisions Inc. to Naresh Vadloori, $403,000.

Smithwood Ct., 47013-Phillip Maxwell to Andrew P. Crossett, $674,900.

Tappahannock Pl., 20413-Lloyd H. Spencer III to Siamak Afsoos, $650,000.

Willoughby Sq., 20540-Scott A. Feigenbaum to Travis Mantiply, $387,000.


Ashburn Valley Ct., 20709-Douglas W. Ritter to Scott E. Curry, $900,000.

Belmont Station Dr., 20007-Ahmed I. Oureshi to Subhash C. Sharma, $1.05 million.

Branower St., 43085-Carmen Ramirez to Peter J. Finan, $625,000.

Chestermill Terr., 43227-Elizabeth R. Mortera to Michael L. Deibler, $375,000.

Comfort Ct., 20509-Deborah J. Rogers to Edward C. Sadowski, $605,000.

Deep Furrow Ct., 21106-William V. Murck to Mathew Palackavayalil, $470,000.

Difrank Ct., 43094-Thomas E. Lighton to Jason G. Steenrod, $607,500.

Farmgate Terr., 20387-Travis Green to Gurvinder Singh, $370,000.

Forest Farm Lane, 20008-Scott C. Lucchesi to Dino V. Lorenzini, $606,000.

Greyswallow Terr., 43358-Walter Strasser to Diana T. Pino, $295,000.

Hollywood Park Pl., 42840-Alan Sonnabeno to Sandra E. Hill, $400,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20278-Donald G. Morrison Jr. to Amna Ali, $885,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21812-John Choma to Eduardo J. Intriago, $363,000.

Laplume Pl., 20752-Donnir R. Brown, trustee, and the Donnie R. Brown Living Trust to Morni J.C. Noronha, $575,000.

Marymount Terr., 43302, No. 302-Virginia Housing Development Authority to Gregory Guzi, $225,000.

Northville Hills Terr., 20024-James S. Green to Edwin W. Gallahan, $480,000.

Paget Terr., 44111-Linda R. Ruble to Jeong O. Jeong, $381,000.

Pioneer Ridge Terr., 20932-Davis Anderson to Elaine Hussain, $360,000.

Roaming Shores Terr., 21022-Mohamed Benchaouch to Kaustubh Kashyap, $420,000.

Smith Cir., 19878-James R. Forsyth to Brian J. Rouse, $590,000.

Suscon Sq., 44190-Richard Lennon to Christopher H. Harr, $395,000.

Tioga Terr., 21042-JLG Investments Corp. to Andrew E. Stockel and Laura C. Welsh, $404,000.

Trowbridge Sq., 21519-Clifford E. Peterson to Lori N. Johnson, $455,000.

Winding Brook Sq., 21152-George W. Winters to Anthony E. Carter, $332,000.


Blueridge Mountain Rd., 18458-Mehrangiz Khanizadeh to Richard P. Hill II, $500,000.


Arbor Glen Ct., 21506-John R. Bell to Matthew W. Kelley, $540,000.

Callalily Way, 42614-Tommy Coleman to Amish Gandhi, $679,990.

Epperson Sq., 23491-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton to Pyong H. Chun, $499,000.

Fanshaw Sq., 22958-Kerri Scalea to Alexander Carr, $470,000.

Flowing Spring Sq., 22686-Stacy N. McFarland to Doo K. Jang and Scott S. Kang, $440,000.

Houseman Terr., 20941-Robert J. Pelletier to Daniel A. Keaton, $440,000.

Kitchen Prim Ct., 42667-David B. Burruss to Rajani Tirumala, $649,900.

Leithtown Mill Ct., 22630-Edward A. Toroc to Guirong Yuan, $675,000.

Mccroskey Ct., 22958-Donald E. Smiller to Mugdha Kolekar, $742,000.

Oatlands Grove Pl., 22790-Robert B. Booker to Joel Thomas, $678,600.

Quante Sq., 22846-Fred H. Daly to Leonard A. Zawistowski Jr., $521,000.

Royal Fern Terr., 43137-Rama K. Ghattu to Madhusudan R. Veeraraghavapuram, $442,500.

Sundance Sq., 42963-Nakayra Ramos and Jorge R. Cruz to John E. Lear, $539,990.

Tradewind Dr., 23382-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton to Manohar S. Bugge, $746,985.


Bears School Rd., 24095-Richard B. Gentry to Eric Smith, $375,000.

Freeport Pl., 43451-Lien Nguyen to Pratik Jha, $740,000.

Regents Park Cir., 21740-Joseph W. Monahan to Stephen L. Stout, $560,000.


Yorktown Ct., 10318-Kevin D. McDonald to Patrick M.a. Decker, $530,000.


Ivandale St. N., 40-Owen G. Abbe to Jonathan M. White, $387,500.

Stone Eden Dr., 38270-The Bank of New York Mellon to Angela M. Cross, $575,000.


Arroyo Terr., 19059-Restory Corp. to Reginald V. Green, $570,000.

Barksdale Dr. NE, 1311-The Bank of New York Mellon to Kulvir S. Saggi, $363,000.

Boyer Fields Pl., 19103-Beeren & Barry Investments Corp. to Iftikhar A. Khan, $770,000.

Coltsridge Terr. NE, 346-Kimberly J. Graham to Jose Granados, $294,000.

Ginkgo Terr. NE, 521-Paul Sniffin to David Kimemia, $345,000.

Hunton Pl. NE, 713-Scott J. McAlpine to Diana S. Moore, $490,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19350, No. 307-Kyle B. Bendus to Dean L. Beck, $260,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 265-Steve K. Pike to David C. Alderman, $260,000.

Montview Sq., 18449-Margaret Cappellanti to Michael D. McMaster, $395,000.

Phillips Dr. NW, 5-Scott W. Anderson, co-trustee, and the Anderson Family Revocable to Candace A. Retmier, $369,900.

Radford Terr. NE, 608-Ryszard Bialy to Daniel S. Hollowell, $320,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43956-MBB Real Estate Investments LL to Eric S. Williams, $770,000.

Rust Dr. NE, 818-Cheryl Owens to Kelly Eakin, $355,000.

Sherbrooke Terr., 43056-Meg Marie Ryan to Theodore Kelly, $355,000.

Snowberry Ct., 19005-Charles D. Cowan Jr. to Christopher L. Lentz, $577,000.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 428-Patrick J. Blair to Matthew C. Evans, $337,000.

Turning Leaf Lane, 16122-Charles A. Kuzma to Peter C. Thompson, $842,500.

Wildman St. NE, 220-Christopher A. Rizzo to Susan F. South and Kristin N. English, $396,000.

Woodberry Rd. NE, 116-Burton A. Hall to Peter W. Prusak, $485,000.


Binns Ct. SW, 504-Tony Pierson to Jason R. Thomas, $566,383.

Connery Terr. SW, 162-Marnie L. Castellano to Samuel T. Kiley, $342,000.

Dinah Pl., 22415-Ryan W. Sallade to Andrew M. Heller, $590,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 318-Alex Youstic to Jeffrey S. Huber, $382,000.

Gemstone Ct., 40669-Kenneth B. Grimsley to Timothy A. Bulman, $940,000.

Hillside Cir., 22792-William D. Kushner to Howard B. Wallace III, $1 million.

Laurel Springs Dr., 21140-Phillip D. Wargo to Michael J. Carscadden, $747,000.

Max Ct. SE, 118-Satyanaranyana Parimi to Caleb Olmert, $534,317.

Rockbridge Dr. SE, 599-James F. McKinlay to Calvin L. Brent, $253,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 504, No. 206-Robert Pace to Christopher M. Groves, $244,900.

Tall Oaks Sq. SE, 896-Mark Cichocki to Joshua P. James, $379,900.


Armistead Filler Lane, 11704-James E. Crockett III to Nicolas K. Martin, $510,000.


Leith Lane, 36658-Over the Last Corp. to Thomas P. Lemke, $2.82 million.


John S Mosby Hwy., 33688-Edward A. Stevens to Jeffrey C. Sneider, $4.4 million.


Cardigan Pl., 37059-Dominick J. Deangelo to William J. Knight IV, $657,000.

Daffodil Ct., 312-Cartus Financial Corp. to Seth O. Castellano, $438,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 109-Robert A. Kurzyna to Megan L. Peppard, $559,000.

Maple Flats Terr., 830-Stephen L. Fritz to Molly H. Wagner, $353,000.

Mountainhouse Lane, 12642-Brian J. Russell to Kamel Soliman, $300,000.

Russell Rd., 11298-U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to Francisco J.V. Moreno, $244,000.

Stonemeadow Lane, 36805-Virginia M. Bomhoff to Shaun M. Arden, $540,000.

Wright Farm Dr., 37934-David B. Smith to Shane E. Moses and Amy L. Smith, $705,000.


Clover Terr., 35896-Frazer & Clover Properties Corp. to Anthony R. Castriotta, $274,000.

Greenwood Dr., 17179-Craig A. Nagle to Susan M. Mason, $455,500.

Rosecliff Ct., 17213-Susan L. Hart to Kevin Engle, $370,000.

Yellow Schoolhouse Rd., 19355-William J. Slayton , trustee, III and the Slayton Family Trust to Donald P.L. Cox, $75,000.


Cedar Pond Pl., 43316-Erik Chow to Timothy M. Chabail, $835,000.

Center St., 43193-Kristoffer A. Featheringham to William B. Goff, $350,000.

Firefly Lane, 26004-Ryan E. Roberts to Matthew Tiede, $599,000.

Harris St., 42618-Joseph A. Cascio to Raymond A. Hromada, $480,000.

Herring Creek Dr., 25430-Robert Wisor to Charles H. Raderstorf, $398,000.

Kimberly Rose Dr., 26018-Ellen V. Rutherford to Stephanie R. Mayrant, $75,000.

Longworth Terr., 42761-Adam Ankers to Richard F. Valle, $325,000.

Murrey Dr., 26178-Nirav Mehta to Robert Thompson, $578,000.

Pine Forest Dr., 42524-Adam E. Schrade to Lampros Georgakopoulos, $467,000.

Sandman Terr., 42683-Brian M. Stewart to Byoung C. Lee, $395,000.

Talent St., 25280-Roger A. Frazier to Kunal Patel, $670,000.


Antioch Pl., 46914-Warren P. Bonorchis to Mark Noonan, $670,000.

Beech Rd. E., 1913-Jeffry R. Spencer to Thinh T. Nguyen, $495,000.

Cameron Ct. N., 226-Andrew J. Brown to John Cooper, $398,000.

Concord Ct. W., 119-Carina Leitao to Jose E.a. Navarrete, $226,000.

Dartmouth Dr. E., 302-Seyed A.s. Yasrebi to Nguyen Pham, $189,900.

Greenfield Ct., 238-Benedetto S.D. Agostino to David T. Kerns, $279,900.

Hickory Rd. N., 117-Dustin P. Dickinson to Heather A. Tomaszek, $338,000.

Irving Rd. S., 306-Michael A. Bell to Eduardo S. Vargas, $415,250.

Lakeland Dr., 130-Benjamin J. Bigelow to John F. Schiphorst, $740,000.

Pepperidge Pl., 114-Truong V. Nguyen to Giberto C. Menjivar, $405,000.

Seneca Ridge Dr., 158-Timothy J. Anderson to Stephen T. Vivian Richards, $4.16 million.

Summit Terr., 46729-Dineen C. Hoagland to Neris A. Camacho, $268,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46843-Mario A. Naranjo to Sishi Wilchek, $322,250.


Clover Hill Rd., 14777-Charles W. Lowe, trustee, and the Lowe Family Trust to Jeffrey C. Griggs Demmin, $975,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services.

Bee Ct., 4630-NVR Inc. to Christine Blevins Medved, $516,176.

Blake Lane, 10992-David Hawn to Noel Diaz, $253,000.

Cannon Way, 409-Kevin Plaisance to Luke J. Plemons, $420,000.

Chestnut Ct., 7255-Gary W. Farmer to Dominique J. Lipp and Katharine A. Ringdahl, $400,000.

Comer Lane, 14599-Jeremy S. and Carson L. Christian to Marc J. Bianco and Kate L. Deming, $300,000.

Courtneys Corner Rd., 5363-John Bourque to Penny Dionizio, $140,000.

Deborah Dr., 6059-Richard V. Gargagliano and Joan Hedgecock to Cassandra E. Hoppe and Meghann M. Taibl, $626,400.

Elk Run Rd., 12676-Catherine M. Wenk and Sheila A. Smoot to Harvey Brady, $385,000.

Free State Rd., 5940-Emil P. Denk to John D. Burns, $425,000.

Harrels Corner Rd., 3483-Independence Realty Corp. to Patrick J. Beitzell, $222,500.

James Madison Hwy., 10699-Lynn H. Gulick to Rogelio Diaz Garcia, $219,000.

Lancaster Dr., 6594-Patsy A. McCauley to Georgia A. Settle, $290,000.

Lunsford Rd., 8342-Winnie Poehler to Ann K. Anderson, $780,000.

Meade Ct., 11248-Ronald C. Smith to Ulysses S. Adkins, $257,000.

Mosby Dr., 7294-Argent Development Corp. to James P. Lewis, $425,000.

Old Carters Mill Rd., 7611-Walter D. Stackler to Gene C. Bates, $610,000.

Opal Rd., 8331-Camellia A. Westhoven to Tyler W. Reynolds and Shana N. Compton, $479,000.

Redturn Lane, 4435-Jeffrey A. Clement and Rhonda E. Liming to Jesus Tellado Nieves, $525,000.

Schoolhouse Rd., 6403, No. E-Jodee F. Rowe to Ilsa K. Lick, $139,900.

Sire Way, 53-Christopher L. Heine to Douglas A. Sherman, $272,000.

Suffield Lane, 6682-Peter Weslow to John Dunkin, $389,500.

Wemberly Dr., 5443-Dave and Lia Rensin to Colin M. O’Sullivan, $600,000.

Winchester St., 226-Michael M. Baldaue to Daniel and Jordan Zarwel, $424,000.

Zulla Rd., 4085-Zulla Corp. to Louis G. Nichas, $320,000.

Woodstone Ct., 7395-James M. Radigan to Chad W. Guthrie, $449,000.


Old Bust Head Rd., 6386-Dannie L. Smith to Seth J. Eye, $471,000.

Loudoun and Fauquier home sales