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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Curiosity Sq., 25274-Matthew Eppard to Gene J. Currie, $337,000.

Mineral Springs Cir., 24966-Matthew Booth to Rebecca L. Martin, $465,000.

Terrazzo Terr., 42233-Michelle R. Wells to Mark H. Deangelis, $189,000.


Grandview Pl., 47316-Shane D. Madigan to Tyrone Hayden and Virginia Riley, $699,900.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46705-Karnik Karabetian to Marina Prodan, $429,000.

Paulsen Sq., 47670-Charles E. Baker to Robert L. Kumler, $655,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20871-John E. Chesley to Eric Copeland, $280,000.


Apollo Terr., 20721-Laura A. Spataro to Brianna L. Davis, $295,000.

Brae Terr., 45051, No. 105-Thomas Cumberledge to Tammy L. Svitek, $232,000.

Cavalier Ct., 21157-Brent J. Pickens to Adam M. Smith, $605,000.

Coppersmith Dr., 20578-Earl M. McKigney to Michael S. Draeger, $550,000.

Hardwood Terr., 20131-Timothy D. and Carrie E. Cline to Eric T. Proskey, $315,000.

Huntland Ct., 20954-Brian C. Pritchett to Josh Sanford, $515,000.

Kings Arms Sq., 44037-David L. Butcher to Paul L. Hank and Lindsay C. Morris, $340,000.

Middlebury St., 20573-William C. Spath and Paula M. Larkin to Harris Mahedavi, $609,500.

Pawnee Terr., 44304-Matthew R. Kramar to Soraya A. Gunnell, $364,000.

Silverthistle Ct., 20758-David R. Alison to Richard B. Gustafson, $645,000.

Twelve Oaks Way, 20604-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Srinivasa R. Rampalli, $485,000.


Foggy Bottom Rd., 18761-Ernestina G. Cousland and Charles P. Cousland to Mark A. Zurschmeide, $2.2 million.


Ayr Hill Ct., 22018-Soliman Mendoza to Kevin W. Winter, $785,000.

Gardenwalk Dr., 23408-Nicoletta Buonasera to John F. Hall, $499,000.

Houseman Terr., 20951-Thomas G. Pattinson to Asim A. Khan, $356,000.

Marburg Terr., 42998-Douglas I. Granzow to Charles W. Rosen II, $440,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 42985-Marwan A. Adas to Sasidhar Aadipudi, $675,000.

Tumbletree Terr., 43273-Wells Fargo Bank to John T. Jennrich, $425,320.

Vestals Gap Dr., 42881-Socrates E. Kulisch to Joseph D. Apecechea, $634,900.


Cypress Valley Terr., 21775-Carrie L. Sudac to Oliver Antic and Anna Nosova, $263,000.

Locomotive Terr., 21855, No. 101-Peter P. Bieniek IV to Bashir Chohan, $190,000.

Whitcomb Sq., 45574-FFC Properties Corp. to Jason W. McGraw, $272,300.


Orchard Cir., 113-Bruce E. Allder to Scheri E. Dowden, $277,500.


Black Branch Pkwy., 41157-Woodlands Neighborhoods Corp. to James A. McPherson, $702,990.

Connery Terr. SW, 181-Joanna M. Smith to Ainsly D. Rogers, $285,000.

Coppermine Sq., 19439-Leslie R. Egan to Jay Heiser, $451,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 120-Benjamin L. Frank to James R. Schmidtlein, $230,500.

Falls View Sq., 42750-Daniel W. Peyton to Fernando Perez, $372,500.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 117-Haeyoung Elasfari to Lydon C. Blood, $295,000.

Harlow Sq., 19273-Fairfax West Corp. to Christy L. Oglevee, $270,000.

Hunton Pl. NE, 738-Giovanna and Juan R. Rosado to Egal N. Roble, $475,000.

Muffin Ct. SE, 120-James L. Gray to Daniel M. Mercer, $530,000.

Pineview Sq., 18546-Gokmen Ozdemir to Christina Comerford, $190,239.

Red House Dr., 43705-Kevin Reichard to Shane D. Madigan, $595,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44209-Razieh Izadpanah to Shawn Dupuy, $790,000.

Rock Spring Dr. SW, 326-Michael W. Beard to Kathleen Posey, $236,000.

Silver Charm Pl., 17122-Charles E. Turnelle Jr. to Michael D. Brown, $1.24 million.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 102-Toll Brothers Homes to Deepen Patel, $189,180.

Tanager Pl., 20427-Harvinder Singh to Donald E. Scott Jr., $735,000.

Taylorstown Rd., 14048-Dennis J. Powers to Michael Zembrzuski, $358,000.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 841-Bradly Fairbanks to Yamina Ennaciri, $275,000.

Warbler Sq., 43676-Robert A. Wemm to Jennifer D. Cisneros, $540,000.


Armistead Filler Lane, 11710-Bank of New York Mellon to Khaled Alhussein, $258,825.

Householder Rd., 39038-Darcy R. Shayka to William Matthews, $500,000.

Quarter Branch Rd., 40217-Fannie Mae to George J. Bath, $310,000.


Forsythia Lane, 23360-Margaret B. and Deborah J. Tibbs to Brett Van Horn, $194,000.


Charles Town Pike, 37390-Fannie Mae to John T. Fitzgerald, $344,000.

Loudoun Valley Dr. E., 211-Justin M. Huntley to Jonathan M. Corbett, $308,000.

Millstone Dr., 38452-Michael H. Irwin to Donato P. Casucci, $575,000.

South Shore Dr., 18113-Eugene A. Perkins to Philip R. Browning and Barbara L. Wood, $510,000.


Legacy Terr., 17368-Robert King to Debra G. Eiynck, $237,500.


Ashbury Dr., 25340-William S. Kniskern to Scott B. Smith, $315,000.

Golf View Dr., 43030-Fannie Mae to Lenu I. Philip, $360,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43417-William H. Knowles to David J. Myers, $600,000.

Summerbank Ct., 25705-Capital One Bank to Ngoc A. Le, $620,000.


Alder Ave. N., 517-Eldon F. Evers to Roy Soltoff and Leman Demir, $310,000.

Aspen Ave. N., 109-New Spring Corp. to Maximino Ramos and Yunior Reyes, $360,000.

Cheshire Ct., 909-Oscar A. Cardenas and Marigza Alvarez to Lincoln Samuel, $150,000.

Essex Sq., 57-Cynthia A. Berg and Cheryl L. Bryan to Rajesh Verma, $165,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 121, No. 10-Beeren & Barry Investments to Mauricio A. Bonilla, $130,000.

Harding Ct., 414-James P. Farrell to Edelmira Maldonado, $270,000.

Maple Ave. E., 1022-James V. Alligood to Carmen Ramirez, $300,000.

Potomac View Rd., 21461-Earl E. Hampton to Reston Oasis Corp., $250,000.

Seneca Ridge Dr., 139-Richard Smith to Anh H. Vu and Hien Bui, $418,000.

Sue Ann Ct., 107-James W. Puckett Jr. to Jeffrey L. Baker, $307,000.

Winchester Dr., 46683-Fidel Yanes and Gladis Mayorga to Maribel Santos and Alvaro Acosta Santos, $275,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Fauquier County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

Ashby Ct., 8617-Fannie Mae to Lauren P. Goff, $98,000.

Bears Lane, 5416-James A. Alt to Daniel Friot, $289,000.

Boathouse Rd., 3330-NVR Inc. to Kenneth B. Abner, $443,190.

Casanova Rd., 5163-Edward Evans Properties to William R. Owens, $229,000.

Conde Rd., 10534-Stephen R. Brown to Weston S. Johnson, $558,000.

Denning Ct., 404-Nicholas A. Dooda to David R. Collins, $184,900.

Flag Rock Dr., 11693-Glenn M. Pazienza to Paul Jenkins, $190,000.

Greenville Rd., 7445-Robert Maldini to Robin Clement, $292,000.

Hickory Lane, 7405-Jill W. Lander to Courtney N. Watkins and David M. Marshallick, $381,000.

Hunt Pl., 10866-Sandra A. Ginn to Carlyn Wallace, $152,000.

Lakewood Dr., 4441-Cynthia Nelson to Kevin Fowler, $355,000.

Meadows Rd., 8689-James C. Sutherland to Jonathan Mitz, $637,500.

Mountjoy Rd., 9269-Roxie M. Dawson to Adam Green, $342,000.

Owl Lane, 6981-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul Spampinato, $347,800.

Riverton Ct., 12180-Valerie G. Huffman to Gretchen M. Crews, $220,000.

Waterdale Ct., 6395-Emmett Riffe Jr. to Jenifer D. Berry, $170,000.

Woodward Rd., 8684-Margaret L. Reid to James Iker, $370,000.