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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Foley Headwaters St., 42036-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin J. O’Rourke, $544,100.

Rosebay Terr., 24657-David L. Hinson to Pok T. Pak, $250,000.


Carnwood Ct., 20664-Edward N. Collins to Teresa J. Haag, $440,000.

Fallsway Terr., 20361-Joseph D. Stooks to Keith Bush, $395,000.

Millard Ct., 25-Matthew P. Doernfoefer to Raymond Cortes, $285,000.

Rock Falls Terr., 47327-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Michael A. McCormick, $395,000.

Westwick Ct., 105, No. 1-Lyra A. Epstein to Julie A. Challis, $135,000.


Beechwood Terr., 20271, No. 101-Sherif Said and Maryam Abou El-Fetouh to Brooke R. and Alfred Constantine, $215,000.

Bethpage Ct., 19812-Cameron H. Cathey to Mehrdad Hassani and Sue S. Sepehri, $790,000.

Brookford Sq., 43220-Monica M. Melvin to William C. Spath and Paula M. Larkin, $361,500.

Cheltenham Cir., 44030-David G. Kopecky to James Calderon, $580,800.

Clemens Terr., 43717-Kevin J. O’Connor and Kara E. Spencer to Nachippan Periyanan, $345,000.

Glenburn Terr., 20970-Allison G. Shaffer to Ousmane T. Dia, $375,000.

Huntford Terr., 20350-Kelly A. Segura to Martha A. Spath, $365,000.

Kentucky Oaks Ct., 20238-Todd S. Gordon to Philip Gale, $905,000.

Madison Renee Terr., 43415, No. 104-Shane Transue to Ilse M. Manner, $237,500.

Oakencroft Ct., 20655-Kevin W. Winter to William P. Jacob, $530,000.

Rising Sun Terr., 44073-Marc J. Boivin to Christopher J. Boynton, $419,000.

Winding Brook Sq., 21154-Mary Ansah to Gennadiy Gladchun, $318,000.


Airmont Hunt Dr., 22731-Michael W. O’Donnell Jr. to Anjani K. Kalahasti, $875,000.

Chelsy Paige Sq., 22051-Nitin Khanna and Gompa Gurucharan to Ramachandran Chatradi and Vishnu M. Makkena, $355,000.

Harper Manor Ct., 43256-Paul B. Crane to Brian C. Pritchett, $775,000.

Maison Carree Sq., 22442-Charles J. Murphy to Ryan P. O’Quinn, $415,000.

Parsells Ridge Ct., 21864-Kristoffer Collo and Elizabeth Paolicelli to Robert J. Coatney, $1.18 million.

Swallowtail Way, 42564-James Calderon to Robert C. Townley, $575,775.

Val Aosta Dr., 42952-Akim S. Alam to Neetha R. Nagareddy, $690,000.


Fontwell Sq., 23037-Jaswinder S. Rathour to Manjeet Kaur, $205,000.

Regent Terr., 22910-Tanya S. Kuhn to Leigh A. Sigrist, $212,000.


James St. S., 30-Michael L. Pullen to Sevan S. O’Hhanian, $247,500.


Baish Dr. SE, 326-Matthew D. Kerby to Andreas Schmidt and Arnold Greenland, $352,000.

Burt Ct. NE, 101-Keith W. Sorrells to Patrick MacCormick, $495,000.

Claude Ct. SE, 118-Fannie Mae to Shamus P. Ohara, $474,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 807-Richard G. Donaghy to William Mills and Caiying Guo, $258,000.

Edmonton Terr. NE, 597-Hamilton Investment Corp. to Robert L. Gross, $302,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 678, No. 910-Adam Smith to Mary Cook-Ferraro, $139,900.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 248-Jesus Burgos to Jonathan A. Cloud, $250,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1120, No. 101-Angela M. Paige to Rosendo A. Padilla, $137,000.

Lake View Way NW, 330-Robert Supcoe to Ryan Snead, $561,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 682-Paul W. Parmeter to Ritesh Jain and Sajan Patel, $315,000.

Newington Pl. NE, 619-Adrian Amado to James H. Higgins, $507,500.

Overview Pl., 43237-Mohammaed L. Kashmiri to Abdel Elbach and Ghoson Bach, $835,000.

Prince St. NE, 111-JAZ Construction Corp. to Stephen P. Smith, $340,400.

Riverpoint Dr., 43664-Candace Solhjou to Jeffrey M. Kruszyna, $625,000.

Springhouse Sq. SE, 624-Gertrude Goping to Joseph F. Dougherty, $300,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 514, No. 207-Toll Brothers Hmes to Evan Cook, $194,995.

Swiftwater Dr., 41601-Andy Persaud to Eric B. Howell and Melissa L. Myers, $950,000.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 596-Jaime C. Alvarez to Tamela J. Baker, $305,000.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 831-FFC Properties Corp. to Emily E. Gomez, $250,000.

Whipp Dr. SE, 335-Christopher A. Valleau to Michael Beard, $464,000.


Bronco Lane, 13905-Stephan E. Peterson to Toland Petraitis, $595,000.

Potterfield Dr., 16-Kellie L. McInnis to William P. Haley III, $310,000.


Adams Green Lane, 37066-Donna G. Draisey to Timothy L. Clites, $561,000.


Cecilia Lane, 37591-Ramona A. Pollock to Rachel Delashmutt, $400,000.

Jonella Farm Dr., 16111-Ronald A. Sims to Michael B. Eldredge, $605,000.

Manor View Lane, 14914-Thomas R. Kestler to David C. Svec, $1.18 million.

Shadowbrook Lane, 14601-Mete Sahin to Rutherford S. Poats, $1.15 million.


Harry Byrd Hwy., 34072-Bank of New York Mellon to Gerard L. Crawford, $270,000.

Tedler Cir., 17501-David K. Davoudlarian Jr. and Joanna W. Dempsey to John R. Enquist, $345,000.


Cedar Hedge St., 42794-Stone Financing Corp. to Michael E. Nette, $347,000.

Golf View Dr., 42851-Northstar Properties Corp. to Michael C. Robucci, $345,000.

Mcbryde Terr., 25125-Mark Porter to Joseph Ramagnoli and Nahla H. Antonious, $249,900.

Olander Sq., 42909-Ford Lee to Martin Leiboit, $399,000.

Savoy Woods Ct., 43495-Diane M. Cudd to Homayoon S. Bolooki, $736,300.

Turlough Terr., 25848-Lori Gheitanchi to Mary L. McVicar, $360,000.


Beech Rd. W., 400-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Rudys O. Fuentes, $221,000.

Charing Ct., 200-Natalie Jackman to Rajesh Sharma, $155,000.

Dogwood St. S., 712-Christopher Cicotello to Fernando A. Fernandes, $300,000.

Farmington Lane, 116-Leigh Anne Lehn to Frank J. Radkowski III, $335,000.

Garfield Rd. N., 102-Marc Palmieri to Thet H. Ko and Daw Nang M. Aung, $312,000.

Kennedy Rd. S., 306-Guillermo O. Fuentes to Jesus Rodriguez and Alejandro O. Escobar, $280,000.

Monarch Dr., 20-Richard Akel to Kevin J. Lemont, $245,000.

Saint Charles Sq., 129-Dustin S. Bergey to Oanh K. Nguyen, $163,000.

Stablehouse Dr., 22424-Christy S. Lormel to Justyna K. Bubiak, $219,100.

Summit Terr., 46730-Crissy Bellandi to Jamison T. Stiles, $207,000.


Main St., 40152-Christian Thornton to Mark A. Sutton, $445,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Office of the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Angus Hill Dr., 5563-Nely J. Bu Licona to Carl Romeo, $475,000.

Beach Rd., 6437-Charles Flint to Austin Bowie, $336,089.

Blantyre Rd., 6933-Sandra S. Lane to Jennifer S. Roberts, $249,900.

Brent Town Rd., 10594-Brenda G. Adams to Kirk Sackett, $124,000.

Crimson Lane, 13426-Fred W. Pope Jr. to Jonathan Leonard, $259,000.

Earlys Rd., 7264-Freddie Mac to Thomas R. Derco, $316,000.

Hals Way, 4500-Angela J. Musgrave and John W. Beatty to Jared A. Barker, $262,500.

Hollerith Ct., 6800-George S. Pettit to Craig Sturgill, $400,000.

Kettle Run Ct., 8061-David W. Emerick Sr. to David C. and Howard L. Walker, $240,000.

Mint Springs Dr., 6176-Jose N. Cavazos III to Charla K. Lewis, $395,000.

Old Bust Head Rd., 5572-Chester R. Olive to Chelsea C. Whitmer, $225,000.

Old Dumfries Rd., 9262-Carol Ashby and Carl Orndoff to Zachary S. Cooney, $162,000.

Riley Rd., 6760-Fannie Mae to Dannelle Shugart, $260,000.

Side Hill Dr., 8025-Richmond American Homes to Richard H. Saddler, $559,614.

Turnbull Rd., 9015-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mark Spence, $210,000.