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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Balint Park Ct., 25622-Jorge E. Salazar to Mohan Kuriakose and Saramma Mohan, $526,000.

Eloquence Terr., 41761-Jagmanpreet Singh and Sheenan Dhillon to Sarah C. Couch, $312,900.

Peaceful Terr., 25423-Heather Mills to John H. Aziz, $151,234.


Brasswood Pl., 47178-Wells Fargo Bank to Dung Tran and Jacqueline Nguyen, $511,000.

Comer Sq., 47655-Jo Ann M. Mitchell to Matthew D. Beyhl, $355,000.

Griswold Ct., 4-Todd D. Traylor to Sharon M. Carroll Trust, $475,000.

McPherson Cir., 43-Jose Alvarez to David and Cheng Song, $342,000.

River Crest St., 47401-Nayla Chowdhury to Donald E. Jornlin, $565,000.

Scotsborough Sq., 47845-Scott C. Frye to Naveen Abraham, $365,000.


Baltusrol Terr., 43115-Surety Trustees Corp. and Lynn F. Gautier to GMWB Corp. and Equity Trust Co., $354,200.

Beechwood Terr., 20303, No. 301-Jose Diaz to William C. Simmons, $130,000.

Bonlee Sq., 43976-Walter K. Kraseman Trust to Bo Goodman, $285,000.

Brightcrest Terr., 20398-Stephen S. Collins Jr. to Vicki L. Jackson, $275,000.

Clancy Terr., 21329-William P. Jacob to Daniel M. Finn, $387,500.

Ferncliff Terr., 44055-Glenn P. Baldwin to Shehzad N. Khan, $269,900.

Hay Rd., 42780-Kyle Stephens and Amanda Monsour to Scott Stover, $358,000.

Ivymount Terr., 20888-Stewart S. Staton to David J. Wysocki, $342,500.

Livonia Terr., 44481-Rudolph Brewer to John A. Szajkowski, $344,900.

Millstead Dr., 20226-Renato G. Ayo to Vipul R. Prasad, $545,000.

Plantation Terr., 43595-David A. Forlizzi to Richard G. Kemp, $334,900.

Summerwood Cir., 43673-Edwin J. Fleischer and Valerie L. Weisman to Kyle Stephens, $552,000.

Whetstone Ct., 43469-Penny J. Wells to Noman E. Rajput, $515,000.


Snickersville Tpk., 34090-Paul S. Smith to Heather Henthorne, $307,500.


Bankbarn Terr., 21562-Edna M. Keener to Laurie Small, $349,900.

Grayling Terr., 23225-Shawn J. Tweedell to William T. Bristow, $466,000.

Lago Stella Pl., 42989-Deutsche Bank to Daneen Forlizzi, $741,750.

Mount Auburn Pl., 42732-Ahmad Nadeem to Enamul M. Haque, $660,000.

Rockrose Sq., 42481, No. 101-Stone Financing Corp. to Sanjeev Pulapaka, $167,500.

Val Aosta Dr., 42932-Jonas G. Manalansan to Ravi Singh and Deepti Dogra, $795,000.

Waterberry Terr., 22258- Michael A. Felder to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $407,706.


Evergreen Mills Rd., 24770-James W. Richards to Shirdi Sai Mandir Inc., $1.3 million.

Mornington Cresent Terr., 21787-Shelita M. St. Louis to Shuja A. Sheikh, $145,848.


Yorktown Way, 10173-Ellis A. Wallenberg to Ahmed S. K. Naji, $330,000.


Rogers St. S., 90-Richard C. Magurn to George D. Magurn, $110,000.


Canal Ford Terr., 43584-Shane A. Williams and Serihna B. Reed to Thomas Dolafi, $565,000.

Covington Terr. NE, 510-Christina L. Santa Cruz to Roberto A. and Julia A. Farro Mendoza, $277,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 922-Eileen M. Matthews to Beatrice F. Childs, $183,000.

Featherstone Lane NE, 1203-John L. Barrett to Stuart Rooney, $449,000.

Hartshire Terr., 43643-Linda M. Buhl Trust to Andrew P. Lissak, $530,000.

King St. N., 221-Laurel M.C. Homan to Derek Y. Sasai, $613,250.

Longfellow Dr. NE, 725-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Carol Labor to Federal National Mortgage Association, $386,243.

Northlake Overlook Terr., 43077-Kristina M. Harrington to David A. Nichols and John N. Uncapher, $430,000.

Plaza St. NE, 105-Jeanette J. and Gordon C. Herndon to Christopher J. Cicotello, $325,000.

Redbud Lane NE, 904-Joseph M. Timko to Gary Champ, $272,000.

Sandpiper Pl., 18549-Charles R. Faulkenberry to Robert C. Hauck, $870,000.

Squirrel Ridge Pl., 43491-Juan F. Alonso to Mark Brodsky, $800,000.

Taylorstown Rd., 14048-Dennis J. Powers to Zhongyuan Zhao, $290,000.

Wilt Store Rd., 13661-Claude Zein to Jaber E. Jaafar, $710,000.


Buchanan Ct. SE, 605-Richard C. Thompson to Brent M. Fitzsimmons, $539,000.

Kristin Ct. SE, 609-Christopher P. Treado to Vinson G. Cornejo, $461,000.

Salyor Way SW, 400-John P. Lynch to Ronald M. Capozzi, $570,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 203-Toll Stratford Corp. to Steven J. McNelly, $258,404.

Thomas Mill Rd., 40144-Scott S. Olsen to Joseph J. Roberts, $571,000.

Virginia Wildflower Terr., 306-Jonathan Lau to Adam R. Russell, $380,000.


Berlin Pike. N., 41-John E. Belcher Jr. to Thomas G. Angerman, $109,000.

Irish Corner Rd., 39166-David H. Moyes Trust to Irish Corner Corp., $405,000.

Red Bud Lane, 4-Guilford Drive Properties Corp. to B&L Investments Corp., $262,000.


Autumn Chase Ct., 417-David A. Farson to Thomas R. Andrette, $439,500.

Country Club Dr. W., 610-Bradley P. Geno to Barbara Wente, $315,000.

Orchard Dr. S., 230-Carpenter Bullock Properties to David Cowern, $291,500.

St Louis Rd., 20295-Hje Group Corp. to Justin K. Lamprich, $389,000.


Bell Rd., 35979-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kristopher R. Schuster, $174,050.

Lethridge Cir., 17518-David W. Hughes to Steven I. Rothenburg, $394,250.


Beachall St., 43026-Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia and Jeannette Gonzalez to Helmand Investment Corp. and Luberon Investment Corp., $254,100.

Flintonbridge Dr., 25961-Ronald C. Rush to Gregory Heeren and Johanna Landeryou, $440,000.

Golf View Dr., 43216-Michael E. Nette to Tan C. Quach, $555,000.

Nations St., 42627-Cynthia S. Giudici to Scott Richards, $544,000.

Providence Ridge Dr., 42253-Edward J. Palmer to Michael D. Skowrunski, $620,000.

Talent St., 25256-Charles A. Leonard to James E. Forgo and Teresa C. Altman, $569,000.


Amelia St. N., 728-John C. Rand and estate of Mady Marcelle to Heather S. Carlson, $205,520.

Barnswallow Ct., 9-Leo G. Doebel to Michael F. Lormel, $399,900.

Carousel Ct., 2-Michael A. Manning and Cheryl Zindulka to Jaime A. Argueta, $243,000.

Cornell Dr. E., 311-Zoya Investments Corp. to Sabahat Saeed, $202,000.

Evergreen St., 114-Matthew S. Grinnell to Dennis M. Scienski, $339,900.

Fox Rd. S., 152-U.S. Bank to Tahira Yasmin, $250,354.

Hickory Rd. N., 105-Marc Dudek to Richard Akel, $328,000.

Margate Ct., 1037C-Ernest J. Porter to Alice E. Prichard, $193,950.

Red Oak Lane, 115-Alan Ferneau to Lawrence Russo, $280,000.

Simeon Lane, 1-Pinnacle Real Estate Group Corp. to Jose E. Castro Nunez and Eulogio Camacho Alvarez, $223,000.

Sugarland Square Ct., 14-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Oswaldo Quintanilla, $210,000.

Woodgate Ct., 123-Phuong L. Vo and Hoang Doan to Daniel M. Venese, $239,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Fauquier County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

Acorn Ct., 727-Gary E. Weaver to 727 Acorn Court Corp., $165,000.

Battle Ridge Dr., 11742-Carolyn J. Blankenship and Joseph G. Brenner to Benjamin T. Haught Sr., $164,900.

Blackwell Rd., 7007-Stewart E. Shorden to Robert J. Mathers, $319,000.

Boathouse Rd., 3332-NVR Inc. to John Jerrell, $466,420.

Cemetery Rd., 11689-Lynne C. Omeara to David L. Lloyd Jr., $260,000.

Cotswold Way, 6456-Cheryl M. James to Michael A. Everett, $412,500.

Creels Lane, 3749-Surety Trustees Corp. and Jeffrey T. Neal to Robert J. Rill and Ferngate Investments Corp., $513,000.

Dominion Ct., 10385-David H. Jensen to Suzanne M. Corcoran and Scott A. Dougall, $460,000.

Frytown Rd., 7706-Glenn W. Smart to Franklin H. Potter, $499,000.

Hidden Valley Lane, 4072-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Donna J. Flora, $125,550.

Hunton St., 7341-Herman B. Neece to James D. Williamson and Dianne Bignoli, $265,000.

Kelly Rd., 7087-Gerald P. Christian to Lance A. Wine, $459,900.

Leeds Manor Rd., 6884-Becky W. Parrish to John J. McMahon, $290,000.

Meadowview Lane, 156-Nghia Le to Marvin T. Tugwell III, $425,900.

Prince William Rd., 2610-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Erik D. Sokolowski, $319,900.

Rogues Rd., 8983-Edward Evans Properties II Corp. to Michael A. Friedman, $390,000.

Sunrise Ct., 7185-Federal National Mortgage Association to April M. Rose and Joseph Beretz III, $276,000.

Whipkey Dr., 11354-Gary A. Hodge to Stefan S. Dedes, $270,000.