These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to

Loudoun County

Angel Arch Terr., 42048-HSBC Bank and Option One Mortgage Loan to Adama Diagne, $379,900.

Fleetwood Rd., 24178-Doris J. Black and Sandra B. Channell to Aspen Land Corp., $1.24 million.

Onyx Terr., 42293-Patricia A. Baerwald to Zuhair S. Filemban, $175,000.


Benton Ct., 35-Angel and Silvia Untiveros to Walter A. Hernandez and Luz Paredes, $235,000.

Carrollton Rd., 43-David A. Leslie to Mark A. Richey, $490,000.

Clinton Ct., 4-George M. Bowman to Jose A. Nolasco and Maria R. Pineda, $237,000.

Hollow Falls Terr., 20731-Michael C. Wertz to Kathy M. Kelley, $420,000.

Markwood Dr., 213-Constance C. Donaghy to Bhupinder P. Singh, $480,000.

Muddy Harbour Sq., 20631-Andrew E. Taylor to Maureen A. Bornholdt, $505,000.

Riverbend Sq., 20419, No. 103-Jennifer M. Ranft to Shahriar Setoodeh and Valia Shoja, $219,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20919-Michael L. Fabbricante to Barbara E. Mackin, $439,000.

Watkins Island Sq., 47594-James P. Luke Jr. to Nicholas M. Sigalas, $376,000.

Youngs Cliff Rd., 20228-Wilbur D. Lloyd to Edgar L. Wotring, $435,000.


Augusta Village Pl., 19924-Hassan Sedaghatpour to Matthew R. Addington, $755,000.

Bowfonds St., 20383-Stone Financing to Robert N. Cicero, $400,000.

Cedarpost Sq., 20933, No. 201-Angela L. Payne to Priya Padmanabhan, $202,000.

Cripple Creek Sq., 21076-Bank of New York to Jianhui Liu, $255,000.

Glenburn Terr., 20958-Said A. Shah to Shahrokh Aramideh, $370,000.

Kings Arms Sq., 44001-John A. Craig to Lark Enterprises, $340,000.

Livonia Terr., 44482-Manoutcher Rahnama to Stephen Scholder, $344,000.

Natalie Terr., 44154, No. 201-Brendan J. Stewart to Margaret Anderson, $168,000.

Pioneer Ridge Terr., 20928-Erin R. and Michael P. Arnwine to Brad Juneau, $320,000.

Shady Glen Terr., 44222-Karin B. Howland to Abhinava Qazi, $280,000.

Sweetair Ct., 20713-Carlos E. Veizaga to Thanh D. Vu, $445,000.

Wild Meadow Ct., 20577-John S. Saling to Adrian M. Logue, $739,900.


Bronstein Lane, 23110-Nguyen D. Pham to Derrick Tillman, $540,000.

Eversole Terr., 22978-Robin G. Torres to Denver K. Durham, $392,000.

Hawksbury Terr., 21895-Jing Ning to Ronald Johnston, $355,000.

Milford Dr., 40421-Richard N. Machado to Stone Financing, $515,000.

Spice Bush Terr., 23415-Mitchell B. Rambler to David Westman, $439,900.

Verde Gate Terr., 22763-David Acott to Farinaz Haghighi, $290,000.


Iron Horse Terr., 45617-Federal National Mortgage Association to Takele K. Wassie, $296,000.

Summerstown Pl., 23401-Rama Chennupati and Vedavathi Seelamneni to Sumeet Muju and Nisha Munshi, $710,000.


Golden Leaf Ct., 16870-Brenda K. Sharp to Carol A. Thompson, $650,000.


Battery Terr. NE, 604-Ralph C. Klerekoper to Frank E. Hunter, $385,700.

Cambria Terr. NE, 1180-Marlin D. Edwards Jr. to Margaret Putland, $345,000.

Carnaby Way NE, 124-Theodore A. McCann III to Phimpha Chantharangsy and Chanthadara Saygnarath, $213,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 704-Rubin Grossman to Huber Family Trust, $195,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 1001-Marjorie Bergemann to Manfred Kory, $275,000.

Howitzer Terr. NE, 609-Azher N. Ahmed to Jose Ayala II, $368,000.

Kepharts Mill Terr., 19189-Jessica L. Suarez to Jessica Scalzo, $300,000.

Lees Mill Sq., 43728-Kimberly N. Fleming and Christine J. Miller to Felix Fischer and Olga Kosolapova, $410,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43929-Jennifer R. Azzolina to Nicole L. Leiter and Rodney R. Brown Jr., $740,000.

Silverwood Terr., 18814-Kevin Ash to Alia Jaghoori, $366,000.

Stallion Sq. NE, 344-Denny L. Fenner to Asim Islam and Nida Mazhar, $262,000.

Woods Edge Dr. NE, 1834-Michael G. Keeley to Robert J. Kohl, $591,000.


Burberry Terr. SE, 607-Joshua M. Sampson to John Mocello, $324,900.

Davis Ave. SW, 101-Stuart G. Bennett to Amatea Corp., $330,000.

Galloway Dr. SE, 706-Susan L. O’Dell to Charles M. Bongiovanni, $535,000.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 108-Samuel I. White and Oomer F. Syed to MBB Real Estate Investments, $228,000.

Loudoun St. SW, 252-Rock Spring Investments to Jordan J. Estrada, $217,500.

McLeary Sq. SE, 685-Patrick D. Todd to William R. Schroeder, $339,500.

Spencer Terr. SE, 183-Catherine A. Rosa to Larry W. Bell, $320,000.

Whipp Dr. SE, 313-Mark A. Illfelder to Adam T. Schrager, $324,000.


Purcell Rd., 11833-William A. George Jr. to Denny L. Fenner, $225,000.


Chestnut St., 104-Recontrust Co. and Daniel O’Connor to Atoka Road Partners, $153,181.


Charles Town Pike., 36982-Byron J. Farwell and Joyce A. Lewis to Curtis C. Vincent Jr. and Laurie Allison, $329,000.


Cedar Bluff Ct., 17312-Nicholas A. and Damien C. Allen to Daniel A. Eiynck, $349,000.

Main St., 41-Jay C. Smith to Gregory J. Fortunato, $519,000.


Appaloosa Trail Ct., 42830-Daniel W. Robinson to Adekunle Adeosun, $925,000.

Donovan Dr., 25904-Jennifer L. Hill and Kevin M. Baird to Mercer P. Longino, $420,000.

Hussar Terr., 25544-Fernando S. Nicolau to James W. Foster Jr., $280,000.

Lemon Tree Pl., 25441-Michael K. Seymour to Wilbert J. Schwinn, $675,000.

Planting Field Dr., 25805-Samuel I. White and Michael J. Bryant to JLG Investments, $283,701.

Tippman Pl., 42939-Douglas A. Cuenca to Dimple N. Bodawala, $450,000.


Argus Pl., 306-Shaleem Alam to John J. Qu, $170,000.

Buckskin Pl., 46945-Eric P. Gruber to Phillip Knicely, $582,000.

Gladstone Dr., 21022-Mark E. Ronlov to Shiful Islam, $325,000.

Oak Trail Sq., 45460-Courtney B. Christensen and Elton E. Sullivan III to Lawrence J. Popoola, $285,000.

Sherwood Ct., 928-Jorge A. Roca to Ernesto W. Camposeco, $79,850.

Sugarland Square Ct., 34-Jackie Swann to Rajinder P. Singh and Baljeet K. Virk, $221,000.

Wideoak Ct., 21366-Kent L. Smith to John W. Conte, $525,000.


Lastos Ct., 40850-Heather A. Mallory to James A. Keough, $725,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Fauquier County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

Balls Mill Rd., 5403-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Panalytics Corp., $127,380.

Bluff Turn, 4680-Soo Cho to Seth T. Jester, $249,900.

Cambridge Way, 150-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ann M. Popek, $323,000.

Constitution Way, 6580-Samuel I. White and John W. Pearson to Argent Development, $189,000.

Daisy Lane, 3812-Jerry D. Hughes II to Daniel R. Garza and Lachlan Leach, $437,000.

Duhollow Rd., 6297-Grover L. to David A. Cafini, $295,000.

Fiery Run Rd., 3937-Juanita H.S. Salyers and Douglas W. Napier to Elaine Limited Inc., $99,000.

Hillside Dr., 5284-Bank of America to BMDD Investments, $81,000.

John Marshall Hwy., 7323-Floyd Burke to Robert Hughes, $280,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 5194-Old Meadow Corp. to Efrain Chavez and Maria De Los A. Chavez, $50,000.

Morton Rdg., 50-Bank of New York Mellon to Louis B. Veney III and Ashley N. Redman, $205,000.

Primrose Lane, 9516-Edward M. Popek to Jeremey L. Selfridge, $339,000.

Stribling Dr., 4420-Pamela A. Holmes and Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Strathaven Investments and Argent Development, $112,420.


Old Goose Creek Rd., 6434-Judith D. Washburn to Cheree L. Nichole, $2.22 million.