Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, go to www.


Benton Ct., 47-Kelly L. and David Hickenbottom to W. Laird Dunlip IV, $185,000.

Chelmsford Ct., 288-Ryan M. Shea to Shawn M. Beal, $272,500.

Marian Ct., 5-Bernadette C. Litchfield to Kelly E. Litchfield, $213,100.

Pryor Sq., 46379-Travis M. Lohr to Wen Kuang Chen and Pei Kai Wang, $250,000.


Black Diamond Pl., 20137-Samuel D. Chang to Raj Handa, $900,000.

Fullerton St., 43375-Daniel A. Beal to Michael B. Mcneme, $530,000.

Homeland Terr., 20428-GMWB Corp. to Sandra J. Spakoski, $288,000.

La Bete Ct., 19870-Cartus Financial Corp. to Charles D. Cannon, $629,000.

Natalie Terr., 44098, No. 101-Stone Financing Corp. to Sandra L. Caldwell, $160,000.

Starflower Way, 21020-Eric Deuhring to Jahan Monadizadeh, $630,000.

Trout Terr., 20450-Patricia V. Land to Andrew Hardman, $374,900.

Wintergrove Dr., 43172-David Goodwin and Brenda Giffel to Adam Boyd, $489,000.


Chatelain Cir., 42847-Stone Financing Corp. to Paul E. Hughes, $620,000.

Harvest Green Terr., 21540-BAC Home Loans Servicing to Rajib Chanda, $304,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 42901-Roberta A. Maynard to Patrick C. Tynan, $524,900.


Blackthorn Sq., 23158-Federal National Mortgage Association to Margaret E. Skaar, $238,000.

Joseph Terr., 21102-Mohammad E. Ali to Manoj N. Gandhi, $313,000.


Mandileigh Lane, 16646-William Wilson to John E. Keane Jr., $749,900.


Balls Bluff Rd. NE, 827-Jason C. Hill to Scott Duff, $365,000.

Cannon Ct. NE, 1204-Christopher S. Twiford to Randolph M. Michaux Jr., $399,990.

Crimson Clover Terr., 19046-N.P. Dodge Jr. to Dale Haugen, $515,000.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 212-Brian A. Dawes to Rahul K. Singh, $273,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44185-Chandra Gujjula to Venkateswarlu Kasu, $585,000.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 568-Nathan Myers to Joseph S. Gass, $276,000.

Warrenton Terr. NE, 618-Petraco Corp. to Balmori Prudencio, $253,000.


Caldwell Terr. SE, 300-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Houman Dashtizad, $418,000.

Foxborough Dr. SW, 211-Jon W. Thomas to Elizabeth Byrer, $340,200.

Kenneth Pl. SE, 808-Deutsche Bank Co. to Ismael Narvaez, $450,000.

Roanoke Dr. SE, 319-Donald A. Cooper to Ana E. Reyes, $146,000.


Rocky Lane, 39747-Bank of America to Keith A. Depoy, $261,500.


A St. E., 37489-Samuel M. Morgan and Catherine M. Falknor to Blake H. Edwards, $467,000.

Colchester Rd., 19804-Fletcher M. Jewett to Matthew L. Haws, $525,000.

Harpers Ferry Rd., 10966-JPMorgan Chase Bank to George D. Hefner Sr., $70,800.

Sagle Rd., 12908-Michael E. Sustek to Brian A. Huddleston, $419,000.


Cedar St., 8-Jason T. Graber to Robert M. Jackson, $300,000.

Greyfriar Dr., 35428-Kevin Doby to James B. Harrell, $713,000.

Magic Mountain Dr., 17192-Bank of New York Mellon to David Strickland, $330,001.


Center St., 42757-Darren D. Petro to Ajay K. Sharma, $423,500.

Justice Dr., 25202-Navy Federal Credit Union to Bradley Pollock, $474,000.

Longworth Terr., 42814-MBB Real Estate Investments to Eric Lasway, $285,000.

Rolling Rock Sq., 42680-Udayan P. Prem and Sinduja Velappan to Ann Nicogossian, $375,000.

St. Huberts Pl., 42269-Nicholas Hernjak to Michael J. Favole Jr., $340,000.


Argus Pl., 211-Cristian Marin to Carmen Bere, $130,000.

Beech Rd. W., 630-Helen J. MacIntyre to Amina Islam, $285,000.

Leatherleaf Ct., 21846-Benu K. Bhargava to Caroline J. Waugaman, $279,500.

Newman Ct., 310-John M. Scalzi II to Nicholas D. Smith, $300,000.

Stablehouse Dr., 22158-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Enrique D. Bouchot and Martha L.G. Villalon, $315,000.

Sugarland Square Ct., 54-Federal National Mortgage Association to C.N. Smith, $195,000.

Warwick Ct., 1002-Lee and Joyce Lamoreux to Blanca M. Diaz, $145,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.

Cedar Lane, 11156-Douglas K. Davenport to Cynthia E. Morgan, $130,000.

Dumfries Rd., 4730-UB Properties Inc. to Ambassador Investment Corp., $50,000.

Forever Lane, 11274-Stock Loan Services Corp. to Jefferson R. Lilly, $192,000.

Grays Mill Rd., 7079-Melissa A. Means to Henry W. Tarring II, $320,000.

Kettle Creek Dr., 7968-Kent A. Jefferies to Michael C. Ertz, $645,000.

Library Lane, 6186-Bank of America to Taher Rastad, $164,300.

Onyx Way, 235-Silver Arrow Corp. to Stanley Parkes, $265,000.

Reynard Fox Lane, 10783-Richard Quinn to John R. Rider II, $290,000.

Springs Rd., 9293-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Aaron Johnson, $200,940.

Waterloo St., 93-Matthew D. Richards to Adam C. Chiles, $305,000.

Winchester Rd., 4459-R. Barry Lavin to Ronald R. Early, $385,000.