Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Beryl Terr., 41910-Matthew A. Hurley to Young J. Heo, $355,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24701, No. 213-Walid Zaman and Zainab Sirat to Jacqueline J. Byers, $225,000.

Kudu Ct., 42026-Kyu E. Rhee to Terry Drinkwine Jr., $660,000.

Silurian Terr., 25115-Thomas Gibbons to Andrea J. Snydstrup, $400,000.


Ashcroft Terr., 20331-Rochelle L. Perry to Sutapa Choudhury, $314,900.

Broadwater Ct., 20670-Graeme Clifford to Justin W. Ellison, $543,500.

Devon Ct., 15-J. Robert Brennan to Julio C. Ponciano and Georgina Sosa Zambrano, $260,000.

Ferguson Ct., 26-Andria E. Davies to Zachary D. Klares, $282,000.

Huntley Ct., 41-Stephen Safley to Megan A. Bride, $230,000.

Mason Oak Ct., 20520-Xavier Farragut and Montserrat Giovanni to Jonathan Markowitz, $725,000.

Paulsen Sq., 47647-Deborah J. Hunt to Patrick M. Annessa, $650,000.

Rafter Ct., 47753-Mark C. Lettman to Jadi S. Dubin and Lindsey M. Hoskins, $637,500.

Riverbend Sq., 20419, No. 303-Ann M. Cleary to Sujani Kamireddy and Mahendiranath Rangareddy, $225,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20948-Andrew R. Gibby to Ryan Parsons, $430,000.

Sulgrave Ct., 122-Fannie Mae to Sunil Sharma, $286,000.


Aberdeen Terr., 43998-Gerald L. Oar to Michael Freund, $298,000.

Baltusrol Terr., 43156-John M. Loehr to Mary C. Meyers, $479,900.

Blacksmith Sq., 43578-Michael Peterson to Amanda C. Anzalone and Christopher J. Hardesty, $333,000.

Breezyhill Dr., 20556-Peter Gruden to Kenneth Copeland, $562,000.

Championship Pl., 43905-Sean D. Carpenter to Terry A. Weatherford, $495,000.

Choptank Terr., 44011-Zachary W. Spritzer to Cale Pantke, $310,000.

Deer Chase Pl., 42948-Michael R. Osmers to Kevin E. Wetmore, $525,000.

Golden Meadow Cir., 43564-Robert W. Journey to Patrick J. Alsup, $493,500.

Hazleton Way, 20483-Thomas F. Skuce to Thomas Tempe, $440,000.

Ice Pond Dr., 43350-Wynelle R. Myers to Jason R. Rauch and Corinne E. Dagostino, $484,000.

Middlebury St., 20443-Debbie L. Ronemus and Peggy A. Sander to Scott J. Hempson, $485,025.

Oakencroft Ct., 20634-Arthur R. Myers Jr. to Shubra Chowdhury, $475,000.

Railstop Terr., 43288-Jared Smith to Oliver C. Cantada, $315,000.

Strawrick Terr., 20972-Christian Pernell to Muneeb A. Khan and Tahmeena Nousheen, $255,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20977, No. 104-Sivaprasad Venkatasubramanian to Elizabeth K. Eilers, $162,000.

Watch Hill Terr., 20379-Douglas A. Berry to Mary E. Callahan, $365,000.


Becontree Terr., 43224-Michael C. Southworth to Juan Bonilla and Consuelo D. Ayala, $348,000.

Bronstein Lane, 23098-Joseph H. Heidrich and Rachel F. Polsky to Carroll N. Harris III, $497,000.

Frame Sq., 21713-Dominic J. Donatella to Douglas R. Harrison, $345,000.

Hidden Pond Pl., 21297-William E. Irwin and Donna M. Wultich to Jerome D. Roberson, $575,000.

Houseman Terr., 20932-Ryan P. Weber to Richard H. Johnson, $355,000.

Magellan Sq., 42540-Bank of New York Mellon to Bindu Alexander, $324,900.

Olympia Dr., 22944-Frank P. Bostrom to Marc H. Smith, $442,500.

Rockrose Sq., 42427-Adam J. Snyder to Paula A. Dixon, $238,000.

Trajans Column Terr., 43802-Sean A. Albert to Lava K. Chaturvedula and Sridevi Yadavilli, $381,000.


Alberta Terr., 21095-James A. Fowler and Rowena Beatty to Homan Alizadeh and Arash Gharebaghi, $327,000.

Joseph Terr., 21106-Ramchandra Sugasi to Branden K. Lawrence, $346,500.


Falls Forest Pl., 10410-Yi Meng and Binh Luu to Tyler Onufer, $477,000.


Andromeda Terr. NE, 424-Fannie Mae to Jawad Ahsan and Fawad Hassan, $248,000.

Augusta National Terr., 43676-J. Robert Brouse to Ronald H. McCall, $562,500.

Bold Venture Dr., 16897-Gregory E. Williams to Vincent M. Gabriele, $1.25 million.

Callaway Gardens Sq., 18476-Southland Contracting Inc. to K.K. Bigelow and Marilyn B. Bigelow, $506,388.

Chartier Dr., 19182-Qi M. Smith and William Weiss to Ahmad F. Nusrat, $550,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 310-Karin Cowles to Joseph W. O’Dell, $228,000.

Eagle Point Sq., 18373-Mark T. Baugh to Duwayne Jones, $785,000.

Forbes Ct. NE, 1008-Eric G. Jegels to Oscar Camacho, $207,000.

Heaters Island Ct., 42228-Jennifer S. Cera and Arthur T. Harmon III to Michael L. Carver, $675,000.

Jernigan Terr., 43664-Steve D. Spear to Peter H. Dean, $532,000.

Lanier Island Sq., 18466-Scott W. Smith to Alfred M. Messina, $764,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19350, No. 401-William M. and Colin F. Burch to Hugo Arraya, $228,000.

Parallel Bluffs Ct., 19091-Robert S. Becker to Nicholas W. Sawruk, $575,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43936-Douglas E. Bond to Romy Bhojwani, $775,000.

Shinniecock Hills Pl., 18241-Robert W. Thomson Jr. to Yassaman Vahid, $820,000.

Stoneledge Pl. NE, 207-Donald W. Butman to Havard M. Whiles, $410,000.

Vista Ridge Dr. NE, 701-Schubert E. Magno to Steven W. Burgess, $425,000.

Winmeade Dr., 19201-Coelle Schott Merdler to Richard C. Wells, $310,000.


Connery Terr. SW, 244-Timothy M. Hunt to Sara E. Towne, $323,000.

Duvall Ct. SE, 209-Srinivas Tipirneni and Usha R. Idupuganti to Robert J. Johnson, $488,000.

Gaines Ct. SW, 311-Paul D. Barenberg to Daniel O. Letter and Robin M. Auchterlonie, $585,000.

Ivybridge Lane, 40541-Stephanie Irish to James B. Haug, $765,000.

Kenneth Pl. SE, 817-Troy A. Munford to David S. Wolovich, $550,000.

Monroe St. SE, 16-Linda D. Mullins to Dinora Torres, $200,000.

Prospect Dr. SW, 130-Paul W. Raflo to Donald J. McQueen, $308,500.

Shirley Sq. SE, 112-Fannie Mae to James M. Nagy and Linda R. Erbs, $275,000.

Tanager Pl., 20342-Deangelo E. Hall to William P. Shanahan, $1.18 million.


Barbara Ellen Pl., 3-Patricia G. Oliff to John Fuchs, $315,000.

Lutheran Church Rd., 12582-Jan Scott to Charles T. Pomeroy, $722,000.


Atoka Chase Lane, 34627-Brian L. and Deborah A. Lichorowic to John F. Burton, $1.02 million.

Stonewall Ave., 504-Quorn Corp. to James H. Roberts III, $260,000.


Colchester Rd., 20089-Daniel Luczak to Richard J. Gurdak, $625,000.

Hunting Hill Lane, 37328-William J. Wilkinson to John L. Davis, $625,000.

Main St. E., 321-James T. Wynkoop and Jill W. Schilling to Raymond S. Reed, $220,000.

Nursery Ave. S., 360-John W. Ward and Edith E. Ward to Charles W. McKay, $160,550.

Silcott Meadow Pl., 36416-Jae I. Bae to Gordon S. Chace and Karen M. McGovern, $680,000.


Falls Pl., 17534-Charles E. Beauchamp to Earl W. Cooke Jr., $369,500.


Bald Eagle Terr., 25245-Christopher Horvath to Ravikiran Velamuri and Sreedurga Prabhala, $389,000.

Cedar Hedge St., 42832-Janet M. Hendry to Brian Ngo and Danny Nguyen, $358,000.

Freda Lane, 25478-William G. Bell Sr. to Brian J. Maunder, $338,000.

Homefront Terr., 42655-Jose Del Mundo to Adam Gooch, $319,900.

Kirkwood Sq., 25863-Juliet Johnson to Christopher E. Mullen, $385,000.

Lands End Dr., 26206-Charles F. Zehner to Gabriel Comi, $440,000.

McIntyre Sq., 25260-William J. Hill to Michael W. Duffy, $375,000.

Orson St., 43484-Eugene L. McCargo and Teresa A. Jones to Michael Cha, $485,000.

Quits Pond Ct., 25545-Andrew J. Spellar to Matthew R. Card, $589,000.

Springdale Dr., 26028-William V. Miller III and Chi C. Lee to Shawn J. Peace, $432,000.


Argus Pl., 201-Deutsche Bank to Ilya Furman, $131,199.

Cambers Trail Terr., 45504-Neelmadhav S. Phadke to Yao Wang and Xiaoxi Cheng, $300,000.

Cypress Rd. N., 114-ML One Corp. to Nicholas A. Veliotes, $289,900.

Fireside Ct., 21123-William E. Masincup to Ganesh Nair and Thulasi Mole, $305,000.

Gladstone Dr., 21058-Israel I. Deanda to Lynn S. Ewald, $333,000.

Ithaca Rd. N., 135-KMS Real Estate to Paul J. Stets, $330,000.

Lincoln Ave. N., 307-Ranjan Pati and Tanushree Giri to Wilber Fuentes, $270,000.

Mossgrove Ct., 46938-Thomas W. Montgomery and Deborah M. Placet to Ryan Kirkpatrick, $617,500.

Roanoke Rd. E., 604-John E. Lyons and Richard A. Lyons to Oscar F. Farfan and Sandra E. Cantarero, $314,500.

Semblance Dr., 21067-Colleen Stutz to Yacoub A. and Narges A. Ibrahim, $310,000.

Sterling Bridge Pl., 45840-Sean Mohabbat to Ibraheem Darab, $500,000.

Vermont Maple Terr., 46839-Susan D. Porter to Imelda M. Murphy, $142,000.


Bankfield Dr., 14868-Joseph J. Kucharski and Pamela J. Beckman to Vincent T. Jovene, $679,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded by the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Ashley Brook Dr., 11168-U.S. Bank to Wanda Lawler, $269,900.

Bear Mountain Dr., 9199-Brian K. Knepper to Jeffery Nelson, $969,000.

Cattle Lands Dr., 3556-Derek Martin Tournear to Joseph Rose, $380,000.

Cobbler Mountain Rd., 3758-Gertrude Hall and Joyce McFadden to Michael Cevasco and Lynn I. Lawrence, $135,000.

Crest Lane, 11139-Freddie Mac to James E. Dickerson Jr., $142,000.

Eskridges Lane, 11418-Amos Lee Shipe Jr. to Daniel E. Mazurek, $265,000.

Fleetwood Ct., 7324-Jordan M. Franklin to John K. Enloe, $320,000.

Freemans Ford Rd., 11253-Molly E. Roberson to Jon Kevin Dyer, $435,000.

Greyfriar Lane, 4470-Charles Flint to Amy L. Miller, $271,967.

Highland Towne Lane, 519-Kathleen B. Herrman to Jonathan Smith, $205,000.

Hilltop Lane, 6946-Edward L. Marshall Jr. to Susan Lee Marshall, $162,500.

Kelly Rd., 7059-Vincent L. Barron to Alex S. Muensterman, $485,000.

Martin Dr., 13253-Deutsche Bank to Shawnna Marie Romero, $267,900.

Pellam Ct., 8576-Eric K. Neese to Karen Hensley, $128,500.

Rectortown Rd., 4072-Andres Cortes Arellano to Felipe De Jesus Arellano, $190,000.

Seaton Lane, 7267-George E. Clark to Jason Schroeder, $434,000.

Springs Rd., 9282-Kevin J. Gramer to John Burner, $275,000.

Tower Hill Rd., 12604-Melissa Smith to Tracey L. Dellibove, $300,000.

Zellas Rd., 8092-Sidney Rodgers to William Reynolds, $250,000.