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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Bowmantown Rd., 24097-Jacob D. Pilipski to David M. Savage, $345,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25131-Edward Sotootero to Nathan Tubbs, $399,900.

Greenstone Dr., 42065-Allen J. Catteron to National Residential Nominee Services, $450,000.

Moreland Mine Terr., 41904-Monica S. Deneale to Rahul Mathur, $389,990.


Alden Ct., 10-Lynn S. Ewald to Dejean Levenberry and Chauna C. Powell, $228,000.

Bickel Ct., 69-Joan I. Contreras to Jonathan J. Smith, $285,000.

Cutwater Pl., 20603-Gary S. Ibach to Jean Philippe St. Louis, $537,500.

Dunbar Way, 5-Yong S. Lee to Marco D. Cifuentes, $419,000.

Hidden Cove Ct., 47544-Duffin D. Newman to Robert M. Tarvin, $632,500.

Lawnes Creek Terr., 46792-Cynthia A. Chamer to Brian Ewens, $330,000.

Noble Terr., 20810, No. 421-Patrick M. Parker to Steven R. Lummer, $315,000.

Quincy Ct., 21-Fred M. and Jason Wagner to Suksompop Nimmanit, $212,000.

River Meadows Terr., 46505-Sarita Divakara and Arun Bhat to Steven Chong, $350,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47636-William J. Jewell to William S. Greenwell, $378,000.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47582-Christopher W. Sartorius to Shelby A. Dyer, $375,000.

Watkins Island Sq., 47575-Adrienne Provines O’Hara to Jon Bourdon, $385,000.


Beechwood Terr., 20322, No. 101-Lorraine S. Brower to Karey A. Richardson, $170,000.

Bowfonds St., 20306-John Hamilton to Kevin M. Chenail, $505,000.

Chloe Terr., 43890-Samuel J. Stange to Jason A. Lee, $285,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20602, No. 102-Kathleen A. Hall to Kristy Davis, $160,000.

Gala Cir., 44058-Neil Sheinbaum to Richard Fox Ventura and Sirirat Kongdee, $327,000.

Hartley Pl., 43852-Christopher Cowan to Jason Dufour, $700,000.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43935, No. 113-Danny Kim to Brendan C. Cornell, $240,000.

Leah May Ct., 19916-Richard M. Lennon to Kevin Wallen, $566,000.

Markham Pl., 43401-Barbara Johnson to Daniel G. Rhoades, $397,000.

Natalie Terr., 44090, No. 102-Nancy Riley to Michelle Lee and Sheldon Zhou, $139,000.

Paget Terr., 44124-Michael J. Loefflad to Abigail Adams, $330,000.

Postrail Sq., 43506-Jill Martire to Christopher D. March, $314,900.

Sperrin Ct., 43397-Jason Dufour to Michael M. Martinez, $475,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20950, No. 102-Gopi K. Kallepalli to Marystars Corp., $133,000.

Valley Falls Sq., 20433-Pulte Home Corp. to Francine J. Eglin, $426,890.


Blue Elder Terr., 22668, No. 101-Heidi T. Alt to Vimal Gandhi, $155,000.

Eversole Terr., 22942-FFC Properties Corp. to Karunakar Chetla, $425,000.

Hawksbury Terr., 21899-Krishnan Srikumar and Kamakshi Viswanathan to Steven B. Miller and Caitlin E. Auger, $405,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42420, No. 102-Koki Teku to Igor Sapotko, $221,450.

Magellan Sq., 42464-Steve L. Soltes III to Denise Martinelli, $335,000.

Marsh Creek Dr., 21365-Philip Ball to Michael A. Carey, $580,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 42781-Michael J. Mikuta to Daniel J. Capasso and Reema N. Patel, $545,000.

Tattinger Terr., 43775-Charlotte Thynebjerg to Tarun Sondhi and Nidhi Gill, $328,000.

Welborne Manor Sq., 22620-Georgiann M. Wilson to Gaurav Sethi, $377,000.


Oakgrove Rd., 22955-Naseem M. Kundi to Adnan Masud, $295,000.


Wadell Ct., 17576-David M. Mathis to Michael J. Crudden, $425,000.


Appletree Dr. NE, 502-Thomas J. O’Brein to Thomas Cancelleri Jr., $379,900.

Bent Creek Terr., 43801-Susan L. Ford to Tonya L. Sturgill, $595,000.

Bonnie Ridge Dr. NE, 804-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Michael S. Spencer, $575,000.

Catskill Ct. NE, 904-Astoria Savings & Loan to Evan M. Royster, $540,000.

Coton Hall St., 19147-William J. Gardiner Jr. to Daniel Fox, $575,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 522-Ruth E. Lassell to Albert R. Schlabach, $206,000.

Featherstone Lane NE, 1238-Rebecca L. Eddy to Darush A. Razavi, $445,000.

Habitat Cir., 43628-Robert K. Ditthardt to Matthew J. Darnell, $694,990.

Jackson Hole Cir., 43537-Michael M. Swenor to Phillip K. Feeney, $770,000.

Kipheart Dr., 18747-Boris J. Steffen to Brian Humphrey, $835,000.

Locust Knoll Dr. NW, 314-Mitchell S. Barney and Irma M. Jones to Harry L. Jenter and Barbara Jenter, $560,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 210-Jaleh Karim to Juan Rubio and Patricia Terrazas, $230,000.

Panorama Pl., 42154-42154 PP Corp. to Kevin R. Shaw, $558,700.

Revelstore Terr. NE, 841-Thomas A. Huffman to Kamal Abdelrahim, $325,000.

Shadow Terr., 43066-Fannie Mae to Sean P. Guy, $320,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 1028-Pamela K. Fulgham to the Good Shepherd Alliance Inc., $265,000.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 507-Fannie Mae to Kenneth M. Mowry, $275,000.

Wide Meadow Sq., 18469-Joy I. Sloan to Nicholas Soto, $362,000.


Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125H, No. 9-Geraldine Ballard to GNG Future Corp., $100,000.

Crestwood St. SW, 546-Amanda J. Liss to John S. and Karen A. Ebersole, $175,300.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 108C-Christopher S. Hill to Marystars Corp., $97,400.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 113-Cathy L. Harris to Melanie M. Chadwick, $256,367.

Janney St. SW, 1122-Sandra S. Fulton to Tammy K. Brock, $430,000.

Marlow St. SW, 148-HSBC Bank to Allan L. Mink II, $170,000.

O’Connors Cir., 40519-Veryl L. Darnold to Richard Wayne, $552,000.

Rhonda Pl. SE, 902-Cartus Financial Corp. to Mark Maguire, $535,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 107-Toll Brothers Homes to Edna R. Peterson, $192,819.

Warren Glen Lane, 40282-Paul G. McClung to Bert W. O’Neal, $785,000.


Bolington Rd., 38295-Richard J. Burnette to Middleburg Bank, $532,000.

Featherbed Lane, 40046-David W. Pritchard to James Cameron, $450,000.

Potterfield Dr., 47-Daniel McGrath to Daniel A. Abraham, $344,000.

Rickard Rd., 39616-James F. Ball to Gina M. Watkins, $360,000.


Marshall St. E., 306C-Timothy Sutherland to Michael W. Wipfler, $650,000.

Sycamore St., 100-Elizabeth S. Millikin to Michael A. Smith, $310,000.


Oliver St., 16923-Aimee A. Konrad to Michael J. Rohrmeier and Lana N. Arthur, $223,000.


Charles Town Pike, 34600-Freddie Mac to Azddine Elbouchti, $57,000.

G St. E., 410-Melissa P. Carangelo to William Howell, $275,000.

Harpers Ferry Rd., 12770-Ryan Spencer to Steven E. Taylor, $302,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 345-Raymond M. Latka to Michael A. Schoen, $471,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 365-Guy M. Merritt to Kevin L. Rettle, $430,000.

Misty Pond Terr., 129-Gary P. McKelvey to Judith F. Oelschlager and Elizabeth F. Durway, $324,500.

Norwich Glen Ct., 300-Harvest One Corp. to William M. Seebeck, $320,000.

Pickwick Dr., 17137-Ricardo W. Chambers to Bryan C. Lutz, $428,000.

Rosemary Lane, 505-Joan A. Canose to James J. Inabinett Jr., $362,000.

Swan Point Ct., 313-Christopher L. Kruchten to David W. Ramsey, $435,000.

29th St. S., 100-David J. Lafontaine Jr. to Rudolph S. Waldschuetz, $274,900.


Clover Terr., 35896-Kelly C. Smith to David C. Pfohl Sr., $232,500.

Dwyer Ct., 36428-Robert T. Burkhart to Janice L. Smith, $549,999.

Lethridge Cir., 17498-Lance Kalley to Joshua Mearkle, $399,900.

Mountain Orchard Lane, 16355-Douglas A. Payne to Robert E. Watts, $599,000.

Yatton Rd., 17864-Harry G. Hobbs to Christopher S. Musselman, $247,000.


Bradfords Telegraph Ct., 42668-William R. Zilliott to Jingping Yu and Jinyou Liu, $683,000.

Demerrit St., 43108-Jerome C. Robinson to Anthony J. Dobish, $390,000.

Golf View Dr., 43260-Jason E. Sfaelos to Trina Fongyen, $550,000.

Jubilee St., 43461-Santosh Anand to Lin B. Lai, $267,000.

Lands End Dr., 26170-Daniel Guadagnoli to William R. Davis, $417,000.

Lyon Terr., 25258-John W. Koons to Raghu B. Kamarouthu, $389,000.

Ocala Cir., 26219-Fannie Mae to Peter D. Fenske, $378,000.

Pine Forest Dr., 42608-Euichul Shin and Hyunsun Kim to Joseph E. Pilkus III, $327,000.

Shultz Terr., 25148-K. Robert Hagman Jr. and Charlotte L. Stephenson to Sean M. Bordwell, $268,000.

Virginia Pine Ct., 24996-Rod W. McGinn to Robert J. Swearingen, $580,000.


Brixton Ct., 1042B-BankUnited to Jose Alfaro, $173,000.

Church Rd. W., 122-Jason Evans to Christopher A. Duran and Alejandra Calustro, $366,000.

Coventry Sq., 258-Kathleen A. Coleman to Davy Sar, $162,500.

Giles Pl., 606-Bessie Kline to Ronald J. Wiersma, $135,000.

Ironwood Rd. S., 1017-Fannie Mae to Mohamed S. Ali and Celine G. Stein, $255,000.

Kennedy Rd. S., 307-307 Kennedy Corp. to Betty J. Smith, $340,000.

Meadowland Lane E., 108-Vito J. Monteleon to Ryan T. Wolfe, $305,000.

Rector St., 210-Greg A. Almond to Duc Nguyen, $343,000.

Samantha Dr., 309-Dennis Smith to Brandon R. Barnett, $365,000.

Silverleaf Dr., 244-Kurt E. Entsminger and Susan L. Brown to Joshua B. Pyle, $385,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 452-Fannie Mae to Douglas S. Crowther, $326,500.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Amber Cir., 163-Tiffany M. Gaines to Virginia Housing Development, $363,914.

Balls Mill Rd., 5337-Fannie Mae to Luis Roman, $219,000.

Beverlys Mill Rd., 6069-Aurora Loan Services to Brett Bornfeld, $411,000.

Blue Heron Lane, 6328-Brian L. Tressler to Tracey Ashton, $460,000.

Constitution Way, 6572-Jason D. Corbin to Ernest Brady, $279,900.

Eagle Ct., 11160-Kirk Sumpter to Paul Hugh Tronti Jr., $299,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11385-Donna L. King to Robert J. Mele, $300,000.

Fort Union Dr., 11703-Jarrod V. Batts to Tracey C. Pearson, $159,900.

Grays Mill Rd., 6564-Skyline Properties Virginia to Michael Haynes and Katherine Carter, $235,000.

Hillside Dr., 5212-Fannie Mae to Stephen A. Hambleton, $235,000.

John S Mosby Hwy., 6183-Richard L. Collette Jr. and Sandra Moore Humphrey to Civil War Preservation Trust, $540,000.

Lees Ridge Rd., 9359-Audrey E. Bruun to Thomas Richard Mezzanotte, $295,000.

Molloy Way, 9900-Brett R. Swanson to John Conway, $314,000.

Old Woods Rd., 3670-Daniel P. McQuillen to Ellis E. Wooten, $385,000.

Plantation Lane, 6605-Thomas Paddrik to Warren S. Lacy, $559,500.

Rugby Dr., 10898-Beverly Gayle Barland to Tony Gonzalez, $179,000.

Spring Run Rd., 4584-Jennifer Austell Wolfson to Michael S. Pettingill, $650,000.

Steven Ct., 7149-Robert E. Faylor to George N. Williams Jr., $400,000.

Tanglewood Dr., 6944-Silverleaf Investments Corp. to Theron E. Weimer, $629,900.

Valley Dr., 6540-Timothy F. Booth to Jenny K. Young, $520,000.

Willow Pl., 6185, No. 301-Waverly Station at Bealeton to Charles A. Lantz, $160,000.