These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit homesales.

Loudoun County

Bushclover Terr., 42015-Michael J. Lobue to Steven M. MacPherson, $369,000.

Byrnes View Terr., 42084-Andrew T. Rzasa to Michael M. Garrell, $408,000.

Nettle Mill Sq., 24692-Amber J. and Wilson P. Moody to Anthony Nguyen, $350,000.

Terrazzo Terr., 42231-Nicholas R. Burrell to Linda Wedmore, $255,000.


Ashley Terr., 20523-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Jennifer M. Ranft, $364,000.

Coleman Lane, 1-U.S. Bank National Association to Daniel E. Palicio, $393,750.

Drysdale Terr., 46628, No. 200-Stella K. Dumka to Andrew S. Fleishchman, $218,500.

Hampshire Station Dr., 46584-Gregory A. Wandless to Jason Clark, $490,000.

Lacroys Point Terr., 46848-Elizabeth C. Lee to Joshua Villarreal, $310,000.

Palmer Ct., 10-Loudoun Habitat for Humanity to Assefa T. Letta and Haymanot W. Abebe, $164,320.

Snow Hill Way, 46818-Bank of New York Mellon to John Glorioso III, $449,500.

Thales Way, 3-Philip D. Hines to James D. Balocki, $500,000.

Waltham Ct., 102-Dwayne E. Mason to David W. Culp, $265,000.


Acushnet Terr., 44284-Bich Diem A. Nguyen to Daniel C. Dowdy, $382,000.

Bethpage Ct., 19848-Paul W. Kirchgasler and Barbara K. Dix Kirchgasler to Mohammad Ghaus and Pimal K.K. Tailor, $729,900.

Blueridge Meadows Dr., 44385-William H. Wolfe to Marc T. Benezra, $555,000.

Chokeberry Sq., 43319-Jason E. Sullivan to Hector Sierra, $309,900.

Deer Run Way, 20972-Ronald C. O’Neill and estate of Phyllis O. O’Neill to Matthew A. Rosebush, $523,000.

Fitzgerald Dr., 21401-Joni S. Cook to Jignesh Gandhi, $605,000.

Grove Terr., 44879-Christian Driskill to Andrew Cypher, $314,000.

Ladyslipper Sq., 21787-Jacqueline C. McIntyre to Kapil Grover and Payal Sharma, $381,000.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44508-Ronald J. Kevelighan to Lawrence A. Mendelson and Linda R. Hallinan, $318,000.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21087-Kevin Hiatt to Felixardo Belleza, $330,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 19987-John R. Nemeth to Ronald F. Benetti, $460,000.

Strawrick Terr., 21006-Jacqueline C. Jackson to Jonathan B. Shallant, $299,900.

Wildbrook Ct., 20579-Toan T. Nguyen and Yen H. Ho to Vineet Mahajan, $720,000.


Auction Barn Dr., 22006-Patrick Cristofari to Jordan D. Price, $899,000.

Cardinal Trace Terr., 42605-Sachin S. Rath to Phoebe Lee and William Cui, $318,000.

Hickox Dr., 23253-Suzanne C. Karolchyk Trust to Katherine T. Shanley, $505,000.

Minerva Dr., 23200-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton to Matthew J. Rogers, $685,000.

Redeemer Terr., 42653-Centex Homes to Zachary N. Henry, $435,000.

Rockrose Sq., 42511-Maureen J. Ward to Thomas R. Eanes Jr., $170,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22741-Richa Katyal to Pushosh El Kashif, $282,500.

Winter Lake Ct., 22147-Nikhil R. Chopra to Yusuf Oncel, $585,000.


Summerstown Pl., 23416-Carolyne Vo to Zafar A. Khan, $762,500.


Piggott Bottom Rd., 39048-Ralph E. Anderson Jr. to Christopher Conner, $475,000.


Arcadian Dr., 13576-Sean McMaster to Aaron S. Grisham, $418,000.

Cattail Spring Dr., 18499-Mustapha Abdul Rahman to Craig S. Bittenbender, $555,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 402-Margaret M. King to Traudy M. Moldenhauer, $302,500.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 915-Norma L. Andy and Cynthia A. Lee to Bruce Bracebridge, $245,000.

Hallbrook Ct., 19035-David J. Boker to Derek R. Ellis, $825,000.

Kalmia Sq. NE, 546-Steven J. Sanchez to Girish B. Manchapanahalli and Megha Gowder, $285,180.

Market St. W., 406-Christopher M. Smith and Kimberly R. Freed to Kenneth L. Walker, $612,000.

Newvalley Church Rd., 14370-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael R. Cortijo, $200,000.

Rocky Ridge Ct., 43095-Sue A. Healey to Nishit Sawhney and Vnadana V. Jalakam, $556,900.

Smartts Lane NE, 603-Michael Altland to Nicholas K. Han, $450,000.

Vermillion Dr. NE, 721-Gurjit S. and Manjit S. Sidhu to William Weiss, $400,000.


Balch Springs Cir. SE, 143-James Kelly to Elmahdy K. El Shaer, $495,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 623, No. E-Aaron F. Liu to Yulia Pogrebnyak, $125,450.

Dorati Sq., 41062-Matthew J. Johnson to Andrew M. Chase, $400,000.

Hague Dr. SW, 1403-Mark A. Carberry to Lisa J. Taylor, $565,000.

King St. S., 303-Elizabeth Rasiak to PR Construction, $95,000.

Springvalley Lane, 41426-Venkatachari Samudrala to Kiran Aravelli and Sandeep Nerallapally, $626,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 506, No. 408-Toll Stratford Corp. to Joshua S. Ross, $256,995.

Town Branch Terr. SW, 259-George S. Arvantides II to Thomas E. Witchard, $345,000.


Parnell Ct., 38129-Geraldo M. Maroclo Sr. to Peter M. Strasser, $967,500.

Ropp Lane, 12023-J. Randol Bozarth and Melissa A. Mackimm to Andrew J. Norman and Holly A. Holt, $585,000.


Willisville Rd., 22128-VOC Profit Sharing Plan and Mary Pat Ubelhart to James Hennigan, $590,000.


E St. E., 411-Kelly J. Quertermous to Barry Dufek, $223,000.

Paxson Rd., 35953-Thomas Jackson and Erin McCarthy to Charles L. Baldwin, $300,000.


Kentsdale Sq., 17363-Brittani J. Blachford to Michael B. Jones, $233,000.


Bald Eagle Terr., 25251-John Pullman to Ramesh Balakrishnan and Deepa P. Ranganathan, $409,000.

Equality St., 42354-Louie R. Garcia to Babak Garakani, $585,000.

Interval St., 43453-Diane T. Moses to Amr M. Moustafa and Daila A. Mohamed, $167,480.

Lake Mist Sq., 25320, No. 104-Marvin T. Clark Sr. to Chad W. Clark, $214,000.

Latrobe St., 42690-William T. Forrest to Jason A. Miller, $405,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43627-Marco A. Balderrama to John L. Comey, $775,000.

Planting Field Dr., 25256-Dennis M. Chapman to Daud Nafey, $545,000.


Amelia St. N., 1806-Wells Fargo Bank to Motti M. Belete, $295,000.

Brownwood Sq., 46642-Ann C. McLaughlin to Subedur Rahman, $290,000.

Cottage Rd. N., 248-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Dooley, $241,050.

Gable Sq., 45408-Long D. and Khanh T. Nguyen to Quyen A. Chung, $240,000.

Howard Pl., 6-Yanira Lopez to Lonnie D. Gaddy Jr., $220,000.

Laura Anne Dr. N., 204-Larry D. Baker to Kenneth W. Duppstadt Jr., $345,000.

Margate Ct., 1035A-Noe Flores to Rhonald J. Trinidad, $180,000.

Rabbitrun Terr., 46868-Mark Gahagan to Luis A. Peguero Ramirez, $316,500.

Sherwood Ct., 210-Stephen A. Charity to Cuc T. Nguyen and Cuong H. Pham, $214,000.

Trail Ct., 215-William R. Chouinard Jr. and Nancee J. Niemiec to Krishna Murty, $465,000.


Britenbush Ct., 15600-Elena Dutterer to Steven R. Johnson, $609,100.

Fauquier County

These sales data were recorded for Fauquier County and provided by Lender Processing Services.

Aquia Rd., 1402-Citifinancial Inc. to Alizzi Corp., $106,000.

Bethel Dr. E., 7110-Diane Zehnpfennig to James Thornton, $310,000.

Cannon Way, 353-Charles P. Cardine to Steven M. Parr, $339,900.

Chappell St., 340-Robert F. Achor to Clifford M. Kemler, $332,000.

Depot Dr., 10864-Argent Development Corp. to Larry J. Beaty Jr. and Heather M. Peer, $176,900.

Green Rd., 9445-Donna J. Speidel to Damien Castro, $259,000.

Hollerith Ct., 6799-Michael D. Piedmonte to Daniel B. Ferrell, $439,900.

Lake Willow Ct., 7397-Brookfield Brookside Corp. to Kevin Gregory, $576,320.

Leeton Lake Dr., 8321-U.S. Bank to Thomas J. Rodgers, $470,000.

Morrisville Rd., 4512-Loretta J. Logay and Helen J. Grimsley to Thomas G. James, $130,000.

Pinewood Lane, 6532-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zaur Aliyev, $85,000.

Rogues Rd., 8231-Michael E. Hankinson to Danny W. Newberry Jr. and Christina M. Collat, $412,000.

Union Church Rd., 13518-Betty L. Lacy to Allen J. Hill, $108,000.

Wilson Rd., 7218-Robert C. Goode to Stephen C. Harmon, $292,500.